Day By Day


  • interventor

    Ruh Roh, to infinity and beyond!

  • Too Tall

    Javier, it’s not flying, it’s not even going to be falling with style….

  • Pamela

    Dayum! What’s going to happen when he gets interested in girls…

    • Kafiroon

      Pam, you probably have a better idea than anybody here, but…
      That boy will drive all to drinkin’.

      • Kafiroon

        US, all. And I want a copy of his phone or whatever he is holding.

      • Pamela

        Yeah, once that other head gets going, all common sense and rational thought go out the door.

        • JTC

          Somebody else said he oughta be noticing his “kissin’ cousins” but I’m thinking that boy’s upper head is pretty jaded with fine female forms around him…unless the mamas and the papas okay the nudist version of the toon of which there is a prototype (Chris says he just likes to clothe the women after drawing them). Nothing wrong and a lot right about a natural lifestyle among close friends and family.

          It is somewhat antithetical but totally natural that at that point Javi’s lower head will start rising to the occasion.

    • Redleg

      He’ll build a “Jo” with skin temperature of 98.6 degrees F.

      • John

        That one would be too hot, literally.
        Normal skin temp is about 72-75 degrees. _Core_ temp is 98.6 or thereabouts.

    • Henry

      A Jo recall?

  • Petey

    ‘Boy, you’re [you are] mom’s worried.” Grammatical error, Chris? Or am I missing something? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the latter.

    • Pete


  • Miker-SMO

    Variation of “Wat Chu Doing?’ or “Wat Chu Thinkin’ ‘Bout?”; “Oh, Nothing……”

    KISS so the Mother Unit will relax. Wifey Unit also. Above all, don’t giggle or throw a s***-eating grin. Unless, of course, you like eating doggy kibble and sleeping behind the water heater with a grumpy dog. Although, if you got a tablet/laptop and a good Wi-Fi signal, and the dog will share, there are times……

  • JTC


    • PaulS

      Man O Manaschevitz!
      We need a strong finish!
      Fellow Day by Day..ers!

        • JTC

          Well that’s just cruel PaulS…

          Absolutely we should all be scraping up our change, digging under the couch cushions to add to the Do or Die Deadline, but linking those levels left me feeling inadequate as I let my gaze drift down to the Portago level…the Don (both of them!) mocking me as the piker that I am, using up way more than my share of the bandwidth at the Ranch than my two-stage (half on first day and half on last day) meager contributions add up to just a Skye (but not sky high) level.

          Oh well retirement sucks but good to keep in mind that if we don’t support the resistance by any and all means necessary, from sharing thoughts here in cyberspace to taking up arms in meatspace if we are left with no choice. I hereby pledge to do both to the best of my ability, even though neither ain’t what they used to be.

          • MasterDiver

            I’m trying to scrounge up one more shot, but Dominion Power just announced a rate increase, nearly doubling our electric bill. Still not as bad as VT, but they are closing in. I may have to bring it down to the wire, but I should be able to skip a nite out and donate the proceeds. C’mon DD’ers, give till it hurts!

            Zar Belk!

          • PaulS

            No cruelty intended, just hate to see Chris have to do it. He knows we appreciate his efforts. I’ll do some extra digging to support those that are struggling in these crazy times. PDJT should probably step up too, considering the good press he gets here. 😉

        • Browncoat

          Get the oil prices back up, and let (Un)common sense reign re: COVID-19 and the plants open back up and I’ll be glad to donate again when I get a job. Till then, just trying to keep the lights on and Shiner in the fridge. 🙂

      • JJ

        If you are going to use our drink spell it correctly.

  • Spin Drift


    Check should be there by now. Same level as last year. Wish I could do more but TPTB decided to furlough and fire the old guys. I was one who was caught up but I get to semi retire (work full load but at half pay). To all who meet here daily keep on keeping on.


  • Hoodude

    Context grok tackyons…innit.

  • Hoodude

    Tachyons..fat fingers,it was.
    See,if Javier was on the job I didn’t need to waste another comment

  • John

    Javier is way out over his skis here.
    It’s not for nothing that the Mad Science trope includes the destruction of the mad scientist by his own creation.
    Usually immediately after an impassioned declaration of “I am your creator!”

    • NotYetInACamp

      How about transfers to the people?
      Any surplus A-10 Warthogs out there for us?

      • Pamela

        OH! OH! Do they come in Candy Apple Red Metallic

        • Doggo

          Not from the factory but if you buy it you can paint it. I’d suggest keeping the shark mouth on the front though. They’re kinda cool in a historic way.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Candy Apple Red Metallic with the historic shark mouth it is, for all of us.
          You have to buy your own ammo, gas, and maintenance.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Yer right, JTC, Barney still only gets his one bullet.

      • JTC

        Poor Barn would have stroked out on the spot to see small-town popos decked out and stacked up at the wrong front door for this week’s installment of “We’ve got all this cool mil shit, let’s use it!”

        BANG!BANG!BANG! “Whoops, sorry about that Fido…”

        Save all that battle rattle for DHS street wars!

  • To put it most simply, oh shit. Glitches have their own information value.


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