Day By Day


  • A friend

    I hit the tip jar again. Anyone else?

  • interventor

    Kicked in another $25. Come on folks.

  • Kafiroon

    I’ll shade What I can scrape up to go solid.

  • JTC


    Counting it down for nekkid launch on Sat. prior to launching my pay-to-play second installment.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Wish I could put more than 25 but money’s tight this month- I blew $600 on restoring another old Mauser… it’s a sickness..

    • Saaruuk

      Yes, but a “GOOD” one. ;-D

    • JTC

      600 for a tomato stake???

      Sorry…recalling the days when they sold them at CDNN by the ton for 50.00. Also reminds of buying China SK/AK’s wholesale for 700 for a crate of ten still slathered in the stinkingest cosmolene…them days are done, and from a historical value perspective, gimme those tomato stakes. 🙂

      • I paid $12.00 for mine at roadside Truck Stop near Steele, Missouri in 1967. AND they threw in a box of ammo

  • Punta Gorda

    Retired USN and ponied up another $25. My retired work is as a sub contractor in IT and haven’t seen a call since Covid19 started.

    I know you guys can beat my contribution… if you have the balls…

    • Punta Gorda

      Yeah… I’m a squid. I wanna see Sam or Jo says cloth…

      • Pamela

        Hey my Dad started out as a boot recruit and retired a Full Commander. Would have retired as a Captain, but he threw some Congress Critters brat off his Ship for trying to start a mutiny.

        • John

          For the sake of the defense of the Republic it was worth it.
          Now if only that was SOP instead of exceptional we’d be in great shape.

  • John M.

    I dug as deep as I could, maybe deeper than I should have… it’s worth it!

    • PaulS

      Ind, well done!

  • noy fub

    Alright, you shamed me into another 25. how about the rest of you?

  • MasterDiver

    I’m still digging under the cushions. Hope to have at least another $50. Maybe I’ll skip the range this week, and use the Crossman in the garage.

    Zar Belk!

  • John D. Egbert

    Third hit – 25 – to keep the ball rolling . . .

  • Rob in CT

    Mr. Muir:
    I am one of your many long-term fans and truly appreciate how your artistic skills have developed over the years. Until now (sadly), I have not been in the position to help you financially. At long last, I have a relatively sound financial footing and can contribute to the cause. Please keep up the good work. The envelope has gone out in today’s mail. Cash is King.
    Rob in CT

  • Coeurmaeghan

    My third installment of a C note each will not reach you by the end of your fund raising as my first arrived too early(I think it did arrive too early), but no matter, it all spends, right?

  • CuriousB

    Another $100 dropped in the bucket. Is everyone on board – at least the regular readers?

  • Halley

    While the TDS-infected are in their Celebration of Crime late-stage decline, some most interesting posts from Sundance…. FYI.

  • PCChaos

    Just gave and boy did it feel good. Skye’s the limit. Thanks for being the voice of reason in this strangest of seasons.

  • JTC

    So I did the Jan/Damon thing on Day One of this years honor system billing here at the Ranch. That is payment for services rendered at the upper-head level as Pam would say…or as guys used to lie about Playboy “just reading it for the articles…”

    That of course leaves us with the influence on the other head which is not only significant but right or wrong is almost certainly the main reason people came here to begin with and come here as it were on an ongoing basis. Which in turn exposes us to the upper-head stuff. That can be a bit of a circle-jerk too, but the insights incite a level of discourse and depth of experience that is very reassuring to share perspectives and convictions makes every discussion unique and wide-ranging.

    Which brings us to the countdown and my fervent hope that the Women of the Ranch find this upcoming (heh) sweltering late summer Saturday the perfect time to escape the madness and gather at the pond for some cooling R&R. And my Jan/Damon will become Skye High on that very day…again, payment for services shall we say “rendered”. Love for it to be Portago, but, you know…

    *Srsly, the creator here does not seek to live large, just cover the bills for another year. Spending a day with him I know that he loves his Country, his Florida, his daddy’s home that he bought back to keep it for his own, and the Freedom to do what he does, may he continue to be able and willing to do it for us for many years to come. His influence and this venue is yugely needed. Appreciate it with whatever $ you can and let’s put this pussy to bed…I mean puppy to bed this Saturday.

  • Pamela

    Well, this coming year Chris can draw me anyway he wants as long as I’m dressed.

  • Doggo

    As was said above, Cash is King, and easier to hide from Mrs Doggo. Already Skye High, but the US Mail will be delivering a Sam/Zed for ya. Keep up the good work!


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