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  • Too Tall

    Congress consumes infinite amounts of time, energy, and money with no discernible output. It’s the original Black Hole.

    • Punta Gorda



    • Kafiroon

      Congress is a specific in that it not only sucks in our money, it also sucks in money from every other country that has any to “lose” AND
      prints it’s own to disappear to no discernable effect.

      • cb

        Our money… backed by absolutely nothing. A do nothing Congress playing with nothing.

        • Poppa_T

          The Creature From Jekyll Island

    • Wood

      I’d rather they produce nothing than the dems control everything. The only thing the Republicans seems to do with a majority is squander it and capitulate to the dems- basically the repubs are only any good when fighting as a minority. So I choose gridlock, as in , don’t make it worse. I’m tired of The kind of “compromise” where dems eventually get the whole thing they want while we lose rights/control. Our Founders would have shot them all by now.

    • interventor

      Add, anything entering it emerges in an unrecognizable shape.

    • Pamela

      So Congress is a really bad porn flick with no happy ending.

  • PaulS

    Nice kick DBDers! Kaboom!

  • Punta Gorda

    Please, no piercings.

  • JTC


    We have full fuel payload and all systems are go!!!

    Good job y’all. Now the icing we spread on Saturday will be like, you know, a tip!

    • MasterDiver

      Just tossed in an extra $50. Turned out the dental plan paid more than expected. God bless Delta-VA!

      Zar Belk!

  • Pete231

    Time to head to the ol’ swimmin’ hole !!

    • Grunt GI

      I’ll second that!!!

    • JTC

      Swimmin’, ice skatin’ (if Jo comes along won’t that pond freeze over right quick?) I’m good with either one, as long as it involves a Sunday multi-panel extravaganza of nekkidness… 🙂

  • Bill G

    Javier’s work is likely to have useful results. The same cannot be said about the legislative branch of our government. Another kind of congress does have results; not always pleasant or desirable.

  • Halley

    One does remember what the Roman senators did to Gaius Julius… yesterday’s version of the Lincoln Project, perhaps… One also surmises what has to be, must be, the cruel pervasiveness of actual – not metaphorical – Mafia(D) methods inflicted upon our elected officials as they enter the DC swamp. In time, all is revealed…

  • Wood

    Trump has done more to reveal the true nature of the swamp. And managed to get things done. I don’t hunk any other president could withstand the same constant onslaught he has; he seems to thrive on it. Now it’s time to call in napalm.

    • Wood

      Arg. hunk = think

  • PaulS

    That first statement of Damon’s reminded me of meeting my wife, though there was definitely an effect, and it might also explain how the last 22 years has seemed like a blink of an eye. 😉

  • We’re there!

  • WayneM

    Meanwhile up here in Canada, the PM got caught doing sole-source contracting to a “charity” whose main benefactor seems to be the founders of said charity…

    • John

      Meanwhile, down here out-and-out corruption gets labeled by the Left as “Crony Capitalism” just to lambast Capitalism in general rather than point out the second greatest fault of Socialism, the first being Slavery to the State.

      • Bill G

        Crony Capitalism, aka Phony Capitalism, is a flaw of Big Government, not capitalism.

  • CuriousB

    Speaking of napalm, why did they stop using it? It was quite effective in a close air support situation in a broad area of the battlefield. Okinawa could have lasted much longer without it.

    • Merle

      Oh, didn’t you hear? It’s inhumane……

    • interventor

      My dad complained that napalm wasn’t used in the Hurtgen Forest. As it wasn’t triple canopy, unlike Nam, I agreed. Toured the areas he fought. with him and my mother. I was working in West Germany at the time. Great memories.

  • Pamela

    First Rule… Who profits from anything that is done, whether in the full light of day, or in the smoke, drug, drink and sex fueled darkened back rooms? Go from there.

    • JTC

      tl;dr…Always follow the money. Always.

    • Punta Gorda


      And history is on his side. The evidence is overwhelming.

      • JTC

        Quite a shadowy past, Fauci. If you haven’t you should read plague of Corruption by his “discredited” contemporary Dr. Judy Mikovits whose research and papers on HIV treatment she says Fauci stole and then withheld from implementation. A short movie banned by youtube and an interview with her on the parallels to the contemporary condition are astounding.

        (I’ve said it before…Fauci is Sessions or Sessions is Fauci, beady eyed little trolls the both of them, or maybe the one of them?

    • JTC

      Fun to tweak them with the delicious irony of that.

      But it’s a slippery as hell slope when the truth is that virtually every one of those bullet points have direct parallels to today, but with all of the letters after the names changed to protect the guilty.

      • JTC

        God that is written so obscurely that even I can’t grok what it means.

        But what it means is, the R’s of the mid 1800’s are the D’s of the 2000’s.

        And those bullet points in Pam’s link are features, not faults.

  • CaptDMO

    Quantum tunneling ain’t gonna’ keep that time nexus shell there forever…..
    Eventually, E=mc2…’s THE LAW! So…um….


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