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  • Merle

    I doubt that little wanker could grow a mustache……

    • JTC

      Be sure to click on Unc’s link about the ringleaders of that media circus.

    • Bill G

      Another excellent piece by Mr. Greenfield, and he makes an excellent point.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    And the left calls conservatives “Nazis”.
    Projection much?
    One has to wonder at the last time a Libtard was able to look into a mirror without a sense of irony……that is, if they can hold that concept in their power hungry little minds.

    • eon

      Nazis vs. “progressives”;

      1. Vegenism? Check.

      2. Hatred of technology except as it serves their ends? Check.

      3. Hatred of Christians and Jews? Check.

      4. Anti-tobacco, pro-other drugs? Check.

      5. Enamored of anything “Eastern’ and “mystical”? Check. (See “German Romantic movement 19th Century”.)

      6. Romancing radical Islam? Check. (See 3 and 5 above.)

      7. Believe in various “fringe” theories? Check. (See “Hörbiger Welteislehre” aka “Eternal Ice” theory);

      8. Deep-ecology? Check.

      9. Anti-gun (except for their own)? Check. (see “Thomas Dodd 1968 anti-gun law”, copied from German 1934 law.)

      10. Obsessed with ‘racial purity”? check. (See everybody from the Nation of Islam to la Raza.)

      I could go on, but put simply, Nazis and “progressives” are just two different flavors of fascists. And after all, both proudly claim the name “Socialist”.

      clear ether


      • Interventor

        Add, two all Muslim Waffen SS Divisions.

    • GWB

      Noooo. Keep in mind these folks are anti-fascists.
      IOW, they are communists. The anti-fascist leagues were almost entirely communist. And that fist salute is not the NAZI salute – it’s the communist salute.
      (Yeah, those are Birchers, but I think they’re right, here.)
      http s:// cdn-images-1.medium. com/max/1600/0*QE-RCIX0Stx55iLH.
      http s:// cdn-images-1.medium. com/max/1600/1*hUFekL-KbNlcjFpDn-MJdw.jpeg
      (Take the spaces out of the last couple to make a link)

      • eon

        The difference between the Fascists on the “right” and the Communists on the “left” (terms based on the seating pattern of the French legislature after the Revolution) are largely non-existent. Their conflicts in the 20th century were mainly due to each side deciding that there was room for only one lot of rulers on earth, and that it would be one or the other of them.

        Incidentally, Benito Mussolini, the man who essentially invented Fascism and named it (after the “fasces” carried a symbol of authority by Roman consuls) was a leftist political writer and newspaper editor before he became a “Fascist” politician. His father, an Italian Communist, named him for Benito Juarez, the supposedly Socialist president of Mexico. (I suspect Juarez would have rejected the characterization.)

        As Holmes might say, a difference, which makes no difference, is no difference.

        clear ether


        • Interventor

          Right vs. left for fascist (NSDAP) and communist is a result of bad translation from German to English. Both were left wing, communist were further left.

  • Peregrine John

    Hogg Heil!

  • JackDeth 72

    Is any one else hearing, “Ein Volk. Ein Reich. Ein Fuhrer!” in the background?

    Or is it just me?

    • Ditto.

  • JTC

    Wasn’t Pamela asking for mustache rides the other day?

    Somehow I don’t think this is what she had in mind. Ugh.

    • Pamela

      JT, I had something else in mind that included Don’t Stop

      • Interventor

        • Interventor

          Didn’t post well

  • NotYetInACamp

    The dude said on the air that he got on his bicycle and rode to the school when he heard something was happening.

    HE IS NOT A MASS SHOOTING SURVIVOR. Unless it is defined as wide spread as possible. I was in Florida and often travel through Broward / Coward County. Does that then make me a mass shooting survivor? I want my 15 minutes of fame on the air then, please. Is everyone remotely associated with the school now a mass shooting survivor. The Human Resource Officer that stayed armed outside the building must be a survivor also. Pension City for him. The neighboring town SWAT officers that responded, and were kept from entering the buildings by Coward County Deputy Sheriffs, were possibly reprimanded for responding at all.
    His 15 minutes has long past timed out. But, hopefully, like Hillary, they will keep their “Weekends with Bernie” lasting as long as possible. They have a weak radical leftist bench. Let’s see the commie regulation czar that resigned from the white house czar-doms and became a commentator with Pat Buchanan on their own political affairs show. he’s good for a lot of conservative votes every election.

    Hogg. Young 15 year old Rex Jones has responded to you challenging his father to a debate on the issue, and then rejecting his fathers answer of yes, with his own challenge to debate the Hoggg on this matter. You appeared to have emitted a high pitch Hogg squeal and run away. you are in the public domain now Hogg. A 15 year old is a “peer” accepting your challenge of entering the arena and is challenging Hogg back.
    The controlled paid media has refused to invite any Parkland HS students opposed to Hogg and the gun confiscation movement on air. A few have snuck in.

    • GWB

      No, they retracted that story, because it was not what he said. What he said was he got on his bike when he got home and rode back to the school.

      • JTC

        Yeah, retracted/redacted/rewrote, whatev…that’s what they do. And that’s why no other kid will ever be allowed to debate their packaged version; that would be way off-script and eff up the narrative. In no version did I see why the hairless wonder was at home to start with, but some conspiracy types might say he needed to stay at a safe distance until the deed was done.

  • WayneM

    Herr Hogg must be obeyed or he will turn his brownshirted minions on any foolish enough to disagree with him!!

  • Bill G

    Red State has this update on the ‘bicycle ride’ comment:
    So it seems he was there. That does not give him free rein to condemn everyone disagreeing with him in the worst of terms after sliming, er, climbing onto the public stage and then claiming he can’t be attacked because he’s just a kid.
    Meanwhile, his female counterpart’s “Yeah, we bullied him because he deserved it” shows just what the left’s elites are made of.

  • Norm

    King of the Snowflakes.

    No offense meant to real snowflakes.

  • Tagg

    Have you noticed how closely Camera Hogg resembles Rachel Madcow? I bet she’s his father.

    • Delilah T.

      He’s a Twig space alien.

      What? You knew they’d get here some day, didn’t you?

  • Delilah T.

    Censoring of conservatives…. hmmm…. I’m conservative and no one has censored me so far. Arguments, yes, but then the loser of the argument falls back on hate speech verbiage and tries the false angry accusations.

    Weak and willing minds are following their own paths to destruction. Fortunately for all of us, this isn’t the 1920s or 1930s and we ALL have access to solid information that countermands their rhetoric. They do not want to hear your side, because they know, deep down inside, that you might be correct and it scares the living daylights out of them.

    • I’ve been banned from twitter, google ads, and Facebook.

      • John D, Egbert

        Congratulations. You’re obviously doing something right — also correct.

      • Pamela

        Seriously. Wow. Who’s pee pees did you stomp into smithereens ?
        Or is TRUTH too hard to handle by the Autocrats these days.

      • eclark1849

        Honestly, I don’t even know why Conservatives are on those services. Someone explain it to me please?

      • Interventor

        I’ve been thrown out of better places than this, said W.C. Fields.

  • Jon

    This little pip is going to compete with King Barry the Poof for “Salesman of the Year” for firearms, magazines, and NRA memberships. I think he may have a lock on 2018!

    • JTC

      Heh. Another comment of mine at gunnie blog SayUncle when it was mentioned lefties might like to, you know, drop that pesky 2A and that February was the second biggest NICS month on record:

      Dipshits like that Louisiana twit and that former justice talking about rescinding or re-writing the Constitution always brings buyers out of the woodwork. Free Americans will want and buy any piece of crap if you tell them they can’t have’d think they’d have figured that out, but not.

      That explains that bump in NICS, and speaking of bumps, God only knows how many “bump stocks” got sold in that same period (no records, they’re just a crappy accessory).

      I don’t think we need to worry too much about keeping the troops motivated when you’ve got them doing it for us. Obama was gun salesman of the century, but all these grabbers are pretty good for the gun biz, the NRA, and the “movement” too.

      • John

        I’ve come to respect Scott Adams (the Dilbert cartoonist) for his insights. He’s definitely not a conservative, but he is a trained persuader (he called the Trump victory almost as soon as Trump announced his candidacy by virtue of his recognition of Trump as a Master Persuader).
        According to Adams, the Left has virtually guaranteed the Right will at least hold its ground in the November elections owing to the renewed threat to the Second Amendment.

  • Evocatus

    Hogg does bear a resemblance to Horst Wessel…

  • Bill

    Or get a hardon. Doubt he’d know what do do with it.

  • lurking


  • JTC

    Have to comment on just how perfectly Chris has captured that little beady-eyed troll in that caricature…looks exactly like him, how does he do that?

    And he/it does evoke that Hitler’s Youth vibe too doesn’t he? The drawing has that down too…gives me cold shivers.

    • Kafiroon

      What seeing that weasel face without even hearing his puke causes a certain finger to twitch.

  • Pamela

    I’m a bit on the cranky side even with medication for the nausea and pain from the radiation so please forgive me if I come across as terse. I sent this this morning regarding Laura taking a week off.

    Good Morning and I hope this day finds you well.

    Why are You, as in the management of Fox News, caving to the “bow down before me and submit to my will” David Hogg?

    Over a comment regarding colleges, the advertises jumped ship? Seriously? What a bunch of Wimps. Remind me to not buy their products.

    Never willingly give a child power to control anything outside of when to use the bathroom and dress themselves until they can prove they are capable and competent to make rational decisions for themselves. Allegedly that is now the age of 24 years.

    The Students of Parkland will either be permanent victims or they will be Survivors.

    I’d rather have them be Survivors.

    Survivors find the strength of will to rise above the trauma.

    Survivors find the wherewithal to be rational and learn to protect themselves.

    Survivors Stand. Victims cower. And some Profit from it.

    Fox needs Laura Ingraham and David Hogg needs some extended time with a therapist.

    He may be eloquent is his delivery, but so were Hitler, Castro and Stalin.

    Who is behind him? Who is feeding him his talking points? Who is writing his speeches?

    Follow the money. Who profits? Some one will always profit to the detriment of others.

    • Doggo

      Not terse at all. Much closer to eloquent. Good points all.

  • David Grimes

    As if I needed another reason to not ask advice from High School students. They only THINK they know everything. In reality they are barely house broken.


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