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  • JTC

    Taking a cross-country shortcut?

  • Too Tall

    350 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal?

    One could *almost* feel sorry for any threat that crosses their path.

  • Checking the back 40?

    • Punta Gorda

      Which makes me wonder… would a sports bra even be capable of holding her simula of TaTas in place? Does she have “independent suspension” of them? Since she’s a nit-picker on getting the imitation right,… her presentation of any of the girls would be lethal if it hit you in the face.

      • PaulS

        WhataWayToGo! 🙂

  • Fox2!

    Not sure if an Escalade is the first “SUV” I w0uld consider for breaking trail.

    • WayneM

      I’m fairly sure it would NOT be my first, second or third choice…

    • kadaka

      You have to remember how cheaply they acquired it. And as I doubt they were given a clear title, the registration has likely expired making it a “farm vehicle” that’s kept off of public roads.

      • Fox2!

        Right, that one is “GFE”, isn’t it?

        • kadaka

          Spoils of war.

      • JTC

        I had thought it was a sovereign import by Don P.? That would make it exempt from reg. etc. but I don’t remember for sure.

        Either way, terrible for off-road and a Gov Motors product to boot. Nothing produced by GM since ’08 will ever bear my name on title again.

        • kadaka

          Nope, I was wrong! It was some black SUV from ATF, originally driven by that peeping creep, that was included for Zed in a deal with The Company, back on 3/18/2015, gifted to Sam who gave it to Naomi and ‘Toly. Luciano dropped off two cars, which includes the Escalade, to help their new gentlemen’s club on 3/27/2015.

    • John D. Egbert

      I, for one, will never willingly own any Government Motors product, regardless of nameplate.

    • Epador

      I love the suspension in my FJ. In the parking lot speed bumps are smooth and in the arroyos the boulders are pebbles.

      • Epador

        And 500 pounds gear in back no problem. Can I borrow Jo?

  • cz93x62

    My trucks and Jeeps get DIRTY. A LOT. I cannot fathom the market niche for a luxury SUV. To each his/her own.

    • kadaka

      The “urban SUV” market is nuts with vehicles so low they couldn’t go over a branch and might bottom out on a rut.

      But it does lead to gems like a muddy Ford Escape being proudly parked like a woman would do it. And until I found this I did not know the garbage cans were digitally swapped in later to make this less “womanly”.

      • Browncoat

        I would wonder if she checked the front egress clearance of the larger, GM product she parked behind or will they have to do to the Escort what the Escort did to the cones in order to leave?

    • Needed to pick up a “business” vehicle, some were not a fan of my modified ’05 Rubicon LJ. I’ve kept the Rubi too.
      New business vehicle is the ’19 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with the 5.7 hemi. For a lux SUV, handles quite well on the trail. Not climbing walls like the Rubi, but handles some pretty rough trail.

      • JTC

        Couldn’t get the company to spring for the extra 20K for a new Rubi?

        Old GI’s would be stunned the new iteration of their GP would be 60K. Me too. My loaded Wrangler Sahara in 2000 was under 20. WTF eh? Ironically Jeep’s best rated for offroad after Wrangler is the cheap little X-Box clone Renegade.

        • Grumps

          I am the company. The clients and their employees were the ones whining.
          The Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with the toys is the same $ as the new Rubi. List on this was C$68K.
          In ’05 the Rubi LJ was C$45K
          I kept the old Rubi, you just can’t get an ’05 Rubi LJ anymore, and they are the best ever built.

          • JTC

            Nice. Sticker is kind of irrelevant on them here though.

            Real world a loaded hemi Trailhawk is mid 40’s US.

            New Rubicons with some adds are high 50’s.

            A demand thing. Huge discounts off retail on Cherokees, not so much on Rubi’s.

            But yeah, refinement for the clients is understandable for the CEO’s ride. 🙂

  • kadaka

    Finally, a woman to whom “You’re so dense!” is a compliment.

  • kadaka

    Breaking News, local TV just reported the campaign video just went up on the website, former Scranton native Joe Biden is running for President!

    Good, now the rest can give up and go home as the Dems will naturally pick the “humorously handsy” old white guy as their “safe choice” to beat Trump. They’d be crazy not to.

    • Delilah T.

      Biden opened his piehole about that a couple of days ago.

      • kadaka

        PONR, he’s committed now.

        First hour-long debate will be fun, all twenty get a minute for an opening statement, a minute for rebuttal, 30 seconds for closing, the rest will be hosting and commercials. It will be glorious.

    • Grumps

      Best line I heard was from a lefty radio host, Cosmo on CHEZ 106 in Ottawa.
      Biden was to make his announcement surrounded by the women he had not inappropriately handled, well not quite surrounded.

      • Punta Gorda


  • Warhorse

    I rather suspect that for CG purposes, Jo would actually be better in a front seat …

    • John

      Since “she” is amorphous she could leave a hollow shell in the front seat and distribute the bulk of her mass elsewhere. The hollow shell thing would also allow her to swim while heat exchange fins would allow her to extract heat from the water. She should be very fast either wet or dry.

      • Punta Gorda

        Fast or not. Good luck getting in those pants…

  • kadaka

    Plugs has had a good first day. Got Avenatti’s endorsement, didn’t get Barry O’s, declared he’s going to Make America Straight Again, and is creeping out the college students. A sure winner, guaranteed.

  • Pamela

    Well at least Jo never needs to worry about chipped nail polish 😉


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