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  • JTC

    Go ahead and take Samuel along too Red…

    No, not the baby, the other one.

  • Too Tall

    Zed still has the touch, one shot several kills.

    Since Jo is going why do I hear a deep impresario voice saying: “Let’s get ready to RRRRRRumble!”

  • kadaka

    Time to break out the “Make America Growl Angry” hat and watch hilarity ensue.

    • Henry

      My wife calls it the “Make America Go Ape**” hat.

  • interventor

    Heard one of those, if not true, it should be stories. Man with a red cap was verbally assaulted. Until, the angry party saw the initials on the cap “NRA.” The loudmouth left abruptly.

  • WayneM

    Given the number of “incidents” involving MAGA hats, you gotta admire the restraint and good character of the folks wearing the hats.

    Can you imagine the ongoing media firestorm if someone knocked a “pussy hat” off of a soy boy? If someone threw a glass of water at a radical feminist wearing an “Not My President” t-shirt to see if she would melt? If someone deliberately used the wrong pronoun on a 6’4″ built-like-a-linebacker trans-person? Don’t get me started on wedding cake bakers etc etc…

  • Pamela

    Sounds like a hot time in the old town tonight. Pictures. Lots of Pictures.

  • Punta Gorda

    “Jo” … pure hotness in any flavor… until you trigger her defence algorithm.

  • Tag

    Juicy Jo… Heh heh heh heh heh.

  • eon

    It was once said that in France, at times picking your nose was seen as a political statement.

    In America today, sometimes simply existing is waving a red flag in front of a bull, especially where the progressives are concerned.

    It is very difficult to coexist with people whose entire being is focused around a resentment of anyone who is not exactly like them.

    “How DARE you not be ME!” is a statement with no rational answer. Or at least none the “woke” would not respond to with violence.

    clear ether


    • NotYetInACamp

      Ah! Now I don’t have to try.

      I AM A POLITICAL STATEMENT. (stop shouting idiot)

  • kadaka

    The definition of crisis is proggies are unable to keep getting their free stuff. This is not a crisis. Expect to be attacked if you falsely declare this is a crisis. If you would declare this will keep proggies from getting their free stuff then you will be attacked for manufacturing a crisis as even AOC knows the government can simply raise taxes or print more money.

    Border Patrol says apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley have already surpassed all of 2018

    Less than seven months into the fiscal year, the Rio Grande Vally sector has apprehended more than 164,000 migrants.

  • Virginian

    If Jo is going along, couldn’t she proactively take on the image of one of the FIB’s that touched her during the raid, complete with riot gear? I’m doubtful even the most ambitious panty-fa would make a run at the girls with that kind of protection on tap.

  • MAJ Arkay

    If they really are in Brewster County, it’s at least 128 miles to the nearest Chick-fil-a. In Texas, we call that a pleasant little drive in the country. Great girls’ day out for Sam and daughters.

    • Old Codger

      Good thing the girls don’t have to drive in the real world. It’s more than a tad stormy out their way. The nearest Chik-fil-a is in Odessa and one of them is closed due to the weather. They would not only be driving into the teeth of the storm but they’d be driving in pretty much the same direction the storm is moving.

      Also, I would not expect there to be enough SJW types out in west Texas to raise much of a ruckus. Even here in San Antonio – one of Texas’ own sanctuary cities {hock – spit} (Damn! but that phrase leaves a vile taste in my mouth!) – I have yet to have anybody actually say anything to me when I’m wearing mine. I’ve seen a few very thoroughly torqued jaws here and there but the only comments I’ve heard have been compliments. I’ve also had more’n a couple of thumbs up. Even had a few inquiries as to where I got my hat (it is red, has MAGA spelled out, scrambled eggs on the bill, U.S. flags on the sides and uses velcro and cloth straps for closure in back).

      • MAJ Arkay

        Ain’t been to El Paso lately? All kinds of SJW sorts there — just look at what they elected — one Robert Francis O’Rourke. No, I will NOT call him by his self-appointed nickname.

  • Spin Drift

    “What, all my pretty chickens and their dam
    At one fell swoop?”

    A consideration that those who berate, taunt and harm us will not entertain. It is going to take a stern backbone to beat the smiling uppityness off their faces. The puppeteers are the ones who must suffer but it will take marching through the puppets to get to them. Be strong of mind and sure of hand for there is much frightful violence ahead. I wish it were not so but a rabid animal cornered is dangerous indeed.

    No quarter asked, no quarter given.

  • Capn Jack

    Play the Deguello.

    • cfm56dash7

      Always good advice.

    • Stephanie Osborn

      Hath it come to that…

      • Stephanie Osborn

        Tangent: Given I had a cousin at the Alamo (yeah, okay, some generations back, but hey), I have always been curious about what that call sounded like, but have never been able to find even a description of it anywhere. Do we still know what el Deguello sounded like?

      • JTC

        Yeth. Yeth it hath.

        I wouldn’t know that if it weren’t for a young Duke and Rio Bravo.

        Feels a lot like that now.

  • Delilah T.

    Speaking of MAGA, is the syllable/word “mag” going to become a triggering device for the lefterds?
    I was thinking of MAGpie, MAG wheels, MAGnificent sunset – that sort of thing. If it does, will someone please let me know? Thanks!!!

    • kadaka

      They can get upset when you talk about standard-capacity MAGAzines. It would improve society if we can teach people to stop saying “clip” and use the natural shortened version “maga”.

      “Is that a gun?!”

      “That’s my church piece, 7-round maga.”

    • Too Tall

      I prefer MAGpul. Lots and lots of them, fully loaded.

  • Near as I can tell from Google maps, the closest Chick-Fil-A to the Owens spread, if I’m guessing its location right, IS in San Antonio, or at least the outskirts. Or possibly Laredo, if I’m guessing wrong. Still, this is a parallel universe where sapient, shape-shifting gynoids are a thing so anything’s possible.

    • Old Codger

      Sorry, Scott, but Odessa and Midland are WAY closer than S.A and there are a total of 5 Chick-Fil-A restaurants in those two cities.

  • kadaka

    Way past time for sane people to evacuate the Left Coast. These problems keep getting worse over time, a clear sign of Climate Change.

    Rantz: Activists may use buyback data to target and dox local gun owners

    Washington lawmakers banned the bump stock after it was used in a mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017. Last month, the Washington State Patrol offered $150 to bump stock owners to return their devices. In doing so, the WSP collected personal data of approximately 1,000 people so that they can mail them their checks.

    Now, that information may be used against the gun owners who participated in the program.

    It’s spring house maintenance season. For safety’s sake check the flooring in the attic, depending on construction there may be open places where things can quickly fall down into an interior wall and be lost. Not too long ago the news mentioned a new house owner found the long-missing former owner that had fallen into one. Be careful.

    • Delilah T.

      Not all that difficult to hide stuff in plain sight, you know. Or even better, have a hidey-place that looks like part of a lovely 5-drawer chest of drawers, but will hold important things like cash and bumpstocks and other silly things.

      • Too Tall

        I love the way you think.

        I’m sure yours is complete with lace doilies, and a nice tray of pot pouri on top.

        And contains enough weapons and ammunition to outfit a squad (reinforced).

  • Tag

    Dont ever voluntarily participate in any government anything! No good will ever become of it.

    • Indeed.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Like churches being desecrated in France , and like murders, rapes, theft, and violence happening in London, it’s the new normal our politicians have brought to us to help line their pockets, and further their cause of the destruction of the USA. Marxist theory develops.

  • Presbypoet

    When we cleaned out my wife’s father’s house after he died, we kept finding guns hidden in the books. When you have 20,000 there are a lot of places to hide things.
    Imagine burglarizing a house and try to figure out which of 10,000 books has the loot.
    He was a Marine. In the first division on Guadalcanal in 1942. He would never talk about it.

    • Doggo

      When my father-in-law’s barn burned down several years ago, none of the firemen would go near it because they were concerned (rightly-so) about the ammo cooking off inside (and because they knew what he COULD have had in there). Fortunately, there are still other outbuildings on the farm and several hundred acres of land, though we have no idea where all the stuff is. Former navy, farmer, railroad man, volunteer fireman, and NRA Life Member. I miss him.


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