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  • JTC

    A matchup made in Deplorable Heaven.

    As to records, that oughta set one.

    • nonncom

      “Gaffy Duck” is at it again….

  • Kafiroon

    That record is a killer.

    For him.
    Old. White. Male. They hate you too Slow Joe

    • Warhorse

      The social media dems hate him. But they’re only about a third of the party. It is by no means clear that they will be able to bully the rest of the party into doing things their way.

  • Too Tall

    The visuals on this will be amazing.

    The memes will create themselves.

    A target-rich environment for Chris.

  • Too Tall

    Skye, can we talk about Biden’s record of NOT paying the property taxes on his lavish waterfront home in Delaware?

    • Henry

      And the plagiarism charges that cratered his first run?

  • Too Tall

    “Slowhand Joe’s” candidacy is going to make the Titanic and Hindenburg look enormously successful by comparison.

    • Chiang Rai Jay

      Very good one !! BZ !

    • Kafiroon

      OK. If this works. I used TinEye Reverse Photo look up.I had saved a pair of photos about Heather. Now most of these that were out there, Twitter has black holed.
      THIS is Heather. NOT the one they want you to see. Like they did with Trayvon.
      See is the one in black with the wide strap from her left shoulder. Semi-blond haired guy in greenish top w/white stripes behind her right shoulder. Article said she died of a heart attack.

          • kadaka


            The Imgur photos are posted by some “yazurr” rando who otherwise has no posts or comments showing. Yazurr is a Canadian pot company.

            The heavyset white woman pictured in a black top has a large braided ponytail, of a darker hair color. From the side view, bottom of nose to front is 90°. The nose and hair color are different than accepted Heather pics.

            In the Daily News pics, the yet-another heavyset white woman in a black top in the crowd has an unbraided small bun.

            Back to Imgur, the heavyset white woman on the stretcher has a different nose than braided-hair with a more bulbous/rounded end.

            How many heavyset white women in black tops with dark hair do you think are in Charlottesville?

  • Random Internet Guy

    Chris, this may well be your best cartoon title, ever.

  • WayneM

    I can’t believe Creepy Uncle Joe Biden chose that particular incident to run with for his opening salvo… The memes just write themselves…

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig

    Lmao. Home run! Thank you. I hope our president gets to see it.

  • Pete231

    Gropin’ Joe = Low hanging fruit….. This’ll be like clubbing baby seals…..

    • Punta Gorda

      But maybe just as strange as baby seals out clubbing… rave style.

  • Bill G

    Love the ‘Slowhand Joe’ title; his survival is devastating proof that political power, er, trumps Feminist ideology. So many have been destroyed by one careless touch, yet his decades of grabbing are ignored.

    • MasterDiver

      “Political power, er, trumps Feminist ideology”. How many Feminazis not only gave serial rapist Bubba a pass, but proclaimed their willingness to fellate the Bent One?

      Zar Belk!

      • Henry

        I still want to hear the recording that Muller said the Russians have of Bill and Monica having phone sex. If Russia would just put up a pay-per-view website, they could retire their budget deficit in six months.

  • Punta Gorda

    Groping Joe the grouper might make for a good cartoon character mascot for a fish restaurant.

    • Henry

      “All our fish are guaranteed fresh! Just sniff us!”

  • eon

    I suspect the main purpose of having Biden and Buttigieg in the race is to make Kamala Himmler look more “attractive”.

    Not to mention making her look more-or-less lucid.

    Oh, and of course to make Bernie look…older. If that’s even possible as long as he’s breathing.

    clear ether


  • Tagg

    The dems have been reduced to creepy old white guys that tout socialusm while living justaposed lives, and looney radicals. What’s sad is that their base seems to be made up of the same ilk, and represent a sufficient segment of the population to pose an electorial threat. God help us!

  • PCNot

    See the resemblance between the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and his character Walter and Joe Biden? Now that’s funny. You have to laugh at the lack of character many of our so-called leaders possess. I do not think that’s an accurate reflection of America, only a segment of America bent on telling others what they should do or not do and that, well that is almost in-American.

    • JTC

      Not very talented or imaginative folks over there…most of their product is pretty unfunny. In this case the only thing that is, is the last one on the list, because it is true.

  • JTC

    Y’know Hillzabeast has been piping up (and propped up) again lately…

    • kadaka

      She’s bored. Huma hasn’t been much fun lately and would rather spend time playing with her mini-Weiner.

  • kadaka

    Are you ready for The Great Washing in less than 12 years?

    “A picture of LA if all the world’s ice caps melt away.”

    Now do San Fran, where the streets are covered in plant nutrients.

    • Delilah T.

      It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and Sunday where I live, and I’m NOT in the Arctic circle. The panic attack attempts at scaring people about allofthattwaddle are starting to wear thin.

      • AlexJ

        In our part of the country, the STORM WARNING proclaims 4 to 8 inches of SNOW. The forecast says little to no accumulation. Who to believe?

  • billrla

    “Hands-on an no convictions.” A most excellent desciption of Creepy Joe.

  • Delilah T.

    Wasn’t he the Veep under someone else a while back? He’s such a creepazoid. And does anyone (besides me) remember that photo of him with his hand on some sheriff’s knee? And the look on the sheriff’s face? We need to keep that in front of people. 🙂

    I keep hoping that someone whose hair he tries to smell coldcocks him so hard he falls too fast for the Secret Service guys to catch him.

  • JTC

    “All pertinent footage” is gonna take a while with this pod.

    Just be sure you have his gun control vid handy for when he opens his piehole about that…shotgun blasts through the front door, shooting into the woods, warning shots,’s a treasure trove of stupid, ignorant, deadly, illegal use of deadly force tools. No convictions? That oughta get him one or three right there.

  • kadaka

    The electroshock obedience collars had side-effects. From his The View appearance. (clip at link)

    Joe Biden says he and Obama were asked what they were most proud of from their administration: “Not one single whisper of scandal…and that’s because of Barack.”

    Joy Behar: “I know. He’s amazing.”

    • JTC

      And a leg-tingling hush-hush media that would make JFK jealous…

  • kadaka

    CBS looked up and saw something brand new.

    Female gun ownership and the rise of fashionable “carrywear”

    * The number of women who own a gun is rising — an estimated one in five women in 2017 — and the firearms industry is taking notice.

    *The new generation of firearms for females are not just pink, but designed for a woman’s frame to be lighter, slimmer and have less recoil for women with license to carry.

    NOW they’re suddenly designing guns for smaller hands and weaker wrists. I don’t know how these journalists keep up with all these newfangled world-changing concepts.

    So why do the Democrats want these women to be more vulnerable to attack?

  • interventor

    Mayor Pete Buttigieg claims he is a turnaround artist. Gonna make for so many dirty jokes.

    • Punta Gorda


      Pete ReachAround.

  • merlie e.

    At Biden’s college, all the sorority girls called him “HANDS”. H thought it was because of the way he could dribble a basketball.

    • Punta Gorda

      Just dribble. Or drool depending on the age.


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