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    • Jefferson A Selvy

      You always pick the worst time for this. Here in the high desert the time the time of year for power bill increases. Can I donate sometime in November or February?

      • JTC

        Always in June JAS…
        Maybe lay a buck or fifty aside when it’s available for next go around?

        • Jefferson A Selvy

          I’m just absent minded. I always forget

  • caved1ver01

    Yes, blame the U.S. evil white male for advocating the 19th Amendment and tolerating everything that ensued thereafter…

  • Peregrine John

    Yes, at fault like an adult first over-empowering already privileged children, then letting them run crazy for a while.

  • (Sigh) Dammit, Chris… just when I think Skye might get a couple of brain cells online, she goes left stupid on us….

  • JTC

    “Truth be told, guys like me let this happen over the last 100 years.”

    Truth and consequences.

    That’s a lot to fix…wish I was as confident as Zed.

    • WayneM

      Same, JTC… and it’s not a comfortable feeling…

      Hard times create strong men
      Strong men create good times
      Good times create weak men
      Weak men create hard times

      Luckily there’s enough outliers to keep society moving.

    • JTC

      And I’m not sure white men can actually “fix” this (as opposed to controlling it)…

      But good black men can. Where are they?

    • Jefferson A Selvy

      May need to raze and rebuild. Something went awry in the foundation. Maybe no penalty clause in the constitution. I would like an amendment that makes infringement on the liberties of citizens by officials, elected or appointed, a capital offence. An offence where the is no preference as to whom, state or citizen, executes the death penalty. Call it the “Shoot the Scoundrels” amendment . Stole the idea from “Lonestar Planet” by H. Beam Piper.

      • You may have heard of the “he needed killing” appeal in Texas, yes? Hard as I try can’t find it in print. But I’ve heard it was a truth. AND, my OATH had no expiration date. “All enemies, foreign AND domestic.”

  • DogByte6RER

    Zed needs to get a bit more forceful with Skye … moochers and looters are just one step away from involuntary servitude.

    Zed should go Zod on her.

    • interventor

      Zed have that ping pong paddle around. Not, as a surprise attack, but as as the cost of remaining aboard.

      • JTC

        I would volunteer to wear that ass clad in flimsy panties out with that paddle.

        Serves a real rehabilitative purpose and almost as much fun as banging it but a hell of a lot safer.

  • Pamela

    They float through life and get pissed when the bubble gets broken not admitting they broke the bubble.

    • Henry

      “the bubble gets broken…”
      “the gun went off…”

      I just found excerpts from Minneapolis’s initial police report of the Mohammed Noor shooting of Justine Damond:

      “Upon police arrival, a female ‘slaps’ the back of the patrol squad. After that, it is unknown to BCA agents what exactly happened, but the female became deceased in the alley.”

      Nobody shot nuthin’. The woman just “became deceased.” Likely she just got distracted and forgot to keep breathing.

      • JTC

        “Accidental discharge.”

        No such thing.

        • interventor

          Exception, clueless hunters climbing over a fence with the safety off.

        • JTC

          “Negligent discharge.”

          There are no exceptions.

          Took me a while to accept that, being as with 40 years as a firearms broker and a good estimate of 20,000 buy/sell transactions handled, I’ve had three acci…I mean negligent discharges. I’ll link the first one from the old dead blog sometime.

          Hard, hard lesson but a critical fact.

  • steveb919

    I see that Amazon donates $10 million to organizations supporting justice and equity and the Red, Black and Green flag flies proudly on their web page. WTF is happening to America these days. I thought the equality thing was settled back in the 70’s. Now it seems that the black Americans want more. Well get off your ass and work for it and you will get more. Your taxes will also help out the welfare queens who are not all black by the way. I am really pissed about this shit as I came from a not so well to do family. Went in the military and spent 28 years there. Then got a job with an aerospace company and retired again. Work for it and you shall have it. Lazy bastards. Better quit now before I really get upset.

    • Old Codger

      WTF is happening to America these days. Short answer is “entropy”. You know? Entropy is the cosmic principle that, sooner or later, everything turns to shit. Hell! All we are is just so much walking worm shit.

  • Halley

    I am seeing much commentary to the effect that the zombie-like “Woke” half of the population with terminal TDS is now beyond any hope of redemption, utterly impervious to any rational thought and focused solely on revenge and destruction. This seems accurate.

    There seems, also, to be much Fog Of War in the air, and I’m reminded of PDT’s admonition to “never tell your enemy what you’re really up to” and that in terms of The Long Game, the now openly criminal Left has no chance in hell to outsmart him…

    Skye – you’ve seen that up to 20% of attendees at Trump rallies are WalkAway Democrats…

    • eon

      The country is “self-selecting” for sanity vs. insanity. Rather the way it did between November 1860 and April 1861.

      clear ether


      • Halley

        Rhett Butler trying to convince the Confederates that they are absolutely going to lose if they choose war…

        The Dims are about to choose war, aren’t they?

      • JTC

        Comparing the insanity of these vermin who seek only destruction and it’s spoils with Southern Red State Americans declaring independence from control, oppression, theft and taxation is its own version of insanity isn’t it?

        “Liberty or death” worked out well for Patriots throwing off oppression in the 1700’s, not so much in the 1800’s, prayers to God that we will understand that direct parallel and apply history’s lessons to the very different but at the same time identical threats we face today if we are to maintain our freedom and self-determination in the 2000’s and beyond.

        • Halley

          The Left and language: “Oppression” = the refusal of free Americans to let us be their malevolent dictators in a one party socialist utopia. Same goes for every other English word they invert and pervert, including the commas, periods and space between the words.

          • JTC

            The response to their hijacking of our words and language is to reject and correct them often, using them in their correct meaning and context (started to say dictionary meaning but Webster has already begun to change and add usages based on emails from the leftists so…).

            Chris, right there with you on the hopefulness but I gotta say I just don’t see fully shaking off the marxists when anything and everything now and in the future is and will be weaponized to prevent it…

            …unless and until it becomes necessary to do some weaponizing of our own…and I don’t mean (just) words. Exactly like the Patriots of the Revolutions of the 1700’s and 1800’s alike.

        • Chris Muir

          Maybe it’s a time when humanity finally shakes off the Marxist virus and kicks butt into the Future.

          • Henry

            We will never shake off the Marxist virus, for the reason that living one’s life comfortably on the backs of others who do the actual work has always been a bedrock part of the human psyche, as well as many other species. For the same reason, Marxism will never actually work, because it requires changing another part of basic human nature, specifically the drive to acquire and retain property and territory.

  • Paladin

    I am seeing more TRUMP 2020 flags flying under the American flag. I have mine, but I do not have a flag pole. So it’s hanging in my garage along with the Gadsden, and the cannon “Come an Take it”. I do live in fly over America.

  • Bill3542

    Worthless parasites wanting everything for free. I hear there’s a nice third world shithole country called Liberia… perhaps we should do air drops over Monrovia without parachutes.

  • Shonkin

    Zed sounds like John Galt. Someday we’ll go back and fix America.

  • Punta Gorda

    Skype loose her knee pads?

    • Punta Gorda

      Damn phone.

  • Old Codger

    Sorry, Zed, but I categorically do not accept responsibility for the “blue flu” which plagues the republic to which I gave a decade of service in the Armed Forces. Stretching as far back as when I was a member of “Colts for Goldwater” at Crockett Junior High School, I have done all I could to fight the left. The only time I ever voted Democrat was when I voted in a Democrat Primary to support a lawyer I knew personally for District Attorney. I am only one (old) white man so I only ever have one vote. I cannot see how the actions of some traitorous white men makes us all guilty. Even when the choice was between purple (Songbird and Mittens) and deep blue I refused to vote blue. Tell me where I screwed up. Where I could have done more.

  • John

    It is a shame that, in granting Women’s Suffrage, we unknowingly opened a whole new can of worms. Sadly, the first instinct of the distaff is to treat everyone as they would a child, and we are paying the price of not preparing our population to become Adults.
    At any given time police forces are operating on the knife’s edge of social stability, mainly due to the mistaken belief that society only needs a bare minimum of that stability. This is especially true of Blue cities that already have a high tolerance for misbehavior and notoriously low LEO funding.
    When something happens to upset the balance, such as the Covid 19 lockdown, it should surprise no one that rioting in those Blue cities ensues the moment the “children” see an opening.
    The real irony of the situation is that rather than using minimal policing in high crime areas the proper policy would be to saturate high crime areas with foot patrols of well trained officers to act, not just to catch wrongdoers in the act, but become surrogate father figures.
    I would argue that the added expense would pay for itself handsomely by making those areas productive rather than a drain on the public coffers.

    • DogByte6RER

      You’re describing CompStat, the NYPD’s operational program to implement James Q. Wilson’s and George Kelling’s “Broken Windows Theory” to policing and crime control in cities and neighborhoods.

      Rudy Giuliani pioneered this method in NYC with incredible results saving the lives of countless people (including especially minorities) as well as uplifting the economy and living standards of everyone.

      There should life-sized bronze statues of Wilson and Kelling in front of countless police HQs and courthouses memorializing their contributions to improving American lives and enacting real justice.

      Such statues would most likely be quickly vandalized and destroyed in this current sick mob atmosphere …


  • Pamela

    Their version of a game plan.

    and then there is the pussy lord in the zone that thinks demanding and taking sexual favors from the various females is ok and they are being passed out like party favors.

    • Too Tall

      To Pamela and Halley, my version of Rhett Butler’s speech today:

      If the Dims choose war, it will result in a minimum of 40 million dead, 80% of them in densely populated areas. On the other hand it could be as high as 100 million dead, and our cities would be essentially depopulated.

      The Dims are concentrated in interior positions unable to produce their own power, food, gasoline, diesel fuel, and lubricants, or dispose of their garbage. With a couple of exceptions, such as Chicago, they lack access to fresh water and are unable to process ( or more likely dump) their own sewage.

      Most are served by fewer than 10 major lines of communication which can be easily cut well outside city limits.

      The only upside is that Dims will be extinct.

      • What I’m seeing here is the perfect answer. Cut. Them. OFF. Let. Them. Starve. And. Freeze.

      • interventor

        Rather like Mao’s swimming among the fish, Except, the rural and small town people aren’t communists.

  • interventor

    The universe tends to chaos. Order is the exception.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Marxist are fodder to bring about the rule of the Technocracy. The Technofascists of the globalists and next wave, as partially desribed by Zbignew Brzinski in one of his boot are just about online.

    The Marxist will be discarded as the brown shirts were, and as all revolutionaries are discarded.

    6 videos discussed about where we just may almost be there.
    My Maygar tribal background of warrior gives me about 20-25 good years left. I am already past peak. But I out debated and argued Bill Ayers when I was a 17 year old Freshman when he was recruiting for people to join him in using violence to change America. change America. I have reacted to riots, looting, attacks, mayhem, violent Yippies, and more. If it is necessary, or called for by the President I will act in the nation’s defense. I am limited to my smaller AO, and the few words I send forth into the ether that may have a useful bit of information that may add to a good resolution. I just say what I observe of truth and hope that it helps.

    And the people of America need to receive bailouts of multi thousands of dollars of a taken over and forfeited Fed fiat to alleviate their being stripped of wealth over the last 60 years to benefit the few as the fed and laws, job export, invader import, and regs helped moved the wealth curve away from the majority of people and into a few hands. The people did not want their country used that way. There was inequity and lies which demand fiat be used to jump start the economy so that businesses can capitalize themselves. The banks were bankrupt, but were bailed out to enrich those power broker tyrants who have contempt for those not using that same bullying power. The Fed, corporations, and Congress broke their duty. Such requires equitable and other remedy. Recreating an innovative nation can be done. The banks should work to actually benefit the fiat receivers in order to survive. There is much more. Then later maybe the gold standard can return.


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