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  • John M.

    Damn, I need new glasses – for a second I thought Jan said GRAB! and I’m thinking Damon’s a lucky guy! …then I re-read it…

    • Doggo

      The gift of GRAB!

  • WayneM

    Kancel Kulture Klan need to go away. Their brigading & doxing tactics are disgusting and cowardly.

  • JTC

    Much more related than it seems…

    Today Nascar removed and banned Confederate flags from all their events and properties. DJT pledges there will be no removing names of military bases.

    Nascar has been dead to me for years, and I hope this sickening signalling of virtue kills them off entirely.

    And going beyond hope, I pray that the President will remain rock solid in rejecting this destruction of military history and all of the other absurd “demands” that will come…even if it does indeed lead to his and our electoral defeat in a few months I prefer to lose with honor than to win with disgrace.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Dang! They got some good info there. I always was unsubscribed from them. But I have read them over time.

      Free speech is a wonderful thing.
      We are in war mode to simply protect the nation, and world, from further being pushed into a dark and evil age with petty tyrants ruling the day.
      Bad move, WordPress. I used to like you. You were seemingly good people in the past. There was much free speech there. Return to the light.

    • steveb919

      The WRSA sounds serious. Hope so.

    • Chris Muir

      Awesome, Pamela! Thanks!

      • Pamela

        You are most welcome Good Sir 😉

  • Buck

    Been a awfully messed up first half of the year. You’ve put the proper resolve on the second half JTC.

  • Ralph Gizzip

    I’ve tried Gab but don’t see much on it except Stephan Molyneaux.
    I’ve had better success on Parler and there’s a Smartphone app available.
    Project Veritas, Michelle Malkin, and Gateway Pundit all post on Parler.

  • GWB

    This is why you should go ahead and pay for the hosting if you run a website. It really isn’t that expensive (and you can adjust your plan up as your traffic ramps up). Oh, and pay the tiny bit extra to hide your involvement in the registration.

    Some day I’ll actually write something on mine….

    • Henry

      Nah, that just means that the cancelarios will call your hosting provider instead. If you’re worried about cancellation, make sure to find a foreign hosting provider that will tell Karens to FOAD.

  • Spin Drift

    “We am Locutus, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated into the collective and what is your yesterdays, todays and tomorrows belong to us, Borg Lives Matter.”

    • Pamela

      It’s more fun to watch them short circuit and meltdown from internal non-logic errors.

  • JTC

    Following the cancellation of COPS after 35 years, Live PD is permanently cancelled by A&E, highest rated and earning show on cable, a sacrifice to their gods.

    To be replaced by Black Lives Matter 24/7, the story of the takeover of the master race, based in our Perfect Organized city of Chicago and…BANG!BANG!BANG!

    Our apologies, we interrupt this promo our narrator being shot dead live for not paying his dealer on time…

    BUT watch for our new take on the long running Actual Reality show, Black Lives Don’t Matter To Blacks Much At All.

  • DogByte6RER

    The Gift of Gab … free speech and eloquent speech.

    Legend has it that kissing the Blarney Stone rewards the kisser with great oratory skills; the gift of gab.

    Erin go Bragh.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      I prefer Erin go Bragh-less.

  • Special_Ed

    I have decided that instead of saying BLM [Bee-Ell-Em], I should pronounce their name as:

    BLow Me.

    • Pamela

      That’s part of their induction ceremony

    • CuriousB

      Ed, what you are beginning to describe is a “Middle Finger Confederacy”. I think we should form an organization that when government officials and gullible social justice warriors start initiatives that are designed to humiliate and cower the rest of us, we should give them the middle finger.

      I never put on a mask, nor limited my lifestyle to conform to the latest panic(demic). And I’m in the prime vulnerability group being a member of the elder generation. Fortunately, I wasn’t as affected by this absurdity due to I work at home and the business that I’m in is still quite vigorous. I’ll feel sorry for the poor people that have lost their entire lives over a “man made” disaster.

      We should never have shut any part of this country down.

      • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

        There is a meme, with the upraised middle finger, the entire hand done in the Confederate Battle Flag, the bottom caption “BFYTW”.

        That ought to give the Libtards something to stroke out about.

  • WayneM

    The BLM manifesto reads like a fusion of Marxism & Intersectional lunacy…

  • JTC

    I said upthread that I pray for President Trump his resolve to refuse to let our military history be spat upon, manipulated, and disrespected, changing names of Army bases.

    But. He needs to cancel his first campaign event in three months. Already terribly ill-advised to hold on June 19, some kind of celebration day for blacks, in Tulsa where they burned the place down in their 60’s riots. Now the PD Major is being mid-quoted out of context saying more OTW’s need to be shot. Even untrue that is a bomb.

    Not a matter in this case of resolve or courage, just prudent right now, I don’t want to place our largest asset at risk right now. And it’s a campaign event, important but not critical as to timing.

    What dumbass in his campaign let this dumb shit slip through?

    • formwiz

      Juneteenth, the day when blacks in TX found out they were free (TX was surrendered by Gen Simon Buckner on May 28, but the commanding general, Edmund Kirby Smith, didn’t officially sign off until June 2*) is celebrated in Texas. OK, as Indian Territory, never left the Union.

      We’re also talking Texas vs MI or NY. I think it will be fine.

      * And you thought the Civil War ended at Appomattox.

      • JTC

        The what and where of the date are irrelevant to me except for the added risk of my President being targeted by the current crop of slaves trucked to Tulsa just for the purpose by their handlers and the lackeys in media.

        The civil war ended? There’s been a lull, but we’re just entering a new phase with different geography and different loyalties but the exact same reasons.

        And campaign planners should be fired for providing just the optics the criminals need.


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