Day By Day


  • Calvin

    I hate to sound heartless but don’t they own a backhoe?

    • kadaka

      Sure they can dig trenches and there’s water nearby, but where do they get the gators?

      • John M.

        There’s bayous and swamps in the Eastern part of Texas, maybe they could get Live-catch licenses from the Texas Dept. of Fish and Game.

      • Delilah T.

        No need for gators and swamps. Just plant poles spiked end up in the trenches and make the trenches too wide to jump across.

        • kadaka

          They hack tunnels through thick underbrush and pull children through razor wire. They would laugh at your punji sticks and might deploy such traps themselves to dissuade trackers.

          • Punta Gorda

            Well, there’s always napalm…

          • Delilah T.

            There’s always Bouncing Betty. And I didn’t say what size the trenches were, did I?

  • TomZ.

    First panel, first balloon: “orders most be released in towns”?
    Shouldn’t it be must?

      • Fronk!

        But you meant USCIS, not USCIC, right?

        • kadaka

          What’s wrong with US C&I Command to designate the orders come from up high?

  • kadaka

    Well, only one good thing to do now. Pick a southern corner of the ranch, build a shoe factory, pay in pesos, and call up Nike and Reebok for contracts. Buy Made in America!

  • Never hurts to try…

  • WayneM

    The question is… Trump ran on securing the border and has been fighting an uphill battle on this from day one… and declared a national emergency… will he shut the southern border or is this just a bluff?

    It’s getting to the point where even the weaselly Dems are going to have to acknowledge there’s an issue…


    • Roland Deschain

      The dems still think hildebeast is President. It’s hard to convince crazy people of anything they don’t already believe. Facts don’t matter to those people.

  • T Paul

    Once upon a time, the word meant ‘happy’.

    • Fronk!

      Happiness is getting harder and harder to come by these days…

    • Bill G

      Yeah, all the way back to the time of ‘The Flintstones’. The show, not the stone age. Usage changes quickly. Around that same time someone asking “Anybody got a fag?” was asking for a cigarette.

  • Bill G

    Two kids, but he’s gay? Well, if they wanted to try that they could claim she’s his beard and he put his mind elsewhere to do the deed and plant the seed.
    OTOH, don’t they have a friend in a funny-shaped office in D.C. that might put in a good word for them?

  • Tagg

    Libs call the border crisis a manufactured crisis. They should know. They manufactured it.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Ah. Stating the obvious truth that no Lib would ever admit.
      The Libs have eyes, but they cannot see.

      Or Gas-lighting is their life. An Alinsky Rule.

  • Calvin

    Perhaps we could take a lesson from Ramses II of ancient Egypt circa 1300 BCE. There was some kind of cataclysm in the Mediterranean and the sea people invaded Egypt. From where they came, they don’t know exactly. Maybe the Minoan, maybe Crete, or maybe some place that disappeared into the ocean. Anyway, the first invasion was warriors. Ramses led his army to victory and collected many thousands of foreskins as proof of his victory. The second wave was a colonizing force with craftsmen. Once again, foreskins were collected. The third wave was children, women, and old men. Better to be slaves in Egypt that face whatever was at home. Follow that example and Trump could have a condom named after him.

    • GWB

      The progs would only allow that if the gov’t paid for them.

    • kadaka

      Condom names lead to otherwise-humorous mood-killing moments. You say “This Is Sparta” or “I am Spartacus” yet you have Trojan. After the 87th annual showing on ABC of The Ten Commandments you have Durex-made Ramses.

      Who wants to hear a woman say “Yes dear, Trump that!”?

  • Viking-Piper

    The Sea Peoples: The Ragnarok of the Achaean North would be during the 5 years of Winter 1177-1172BC as recorded in the Irish Bog Oak studies. The clues include the Philistine tag, which would be the proto-Greek sea tribes worshiping Pallas-Athena and Felice Vinci identified them as located on the high North of Finnish Bothnian coast based on analysis of the Iliad.
    > Of all the Mediterranean Bronze Age civilizations, only Khem of the Pharoahs remained as an empire, All the others fell before the ravages of the violent refugees fleeing climate change.
    > Think of the Sea Peoples as illegal immigrants and you see the dilemma.

    • John

      The Greenland ice cores identify three global warming episodes in the last 5000 years. What you cite has been identified as the end of the Minoan warm period. A second was what can be termed the Roman warm period, the end of which led to the Empire’s withdrawal from Britain, Hadrian’s wall at one time marking the furthest north one could cultivate grapes. The third was the Medieval warm period, ending in the Little Ice Age. All of these warm periods started with a spike in temperature, so what makes ours different?
      Carl Sagan was fond of saying that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If we know for sure that the prior three warm periods did not have an industrial cause, what proof is there that this one is any different?
      The answer of course is none. The panic is Political Theater cooked up for the sole purpose of grabbing power.

      • kadaka

        When the world wasn’t seeing the great heating predicted by the models, Climate Science luminaries like Kevin Trenberth who talk about Earth’s “energy imbalance” proposed around 2013 that about half of the extra energy absorbed was being stored in the deep ocean and would return someday with devastating effect. This is convenient because we have virtually no records of deep ocean water temperatures.

        Lately the TV and print sources have thrown around 90% of the excess heat as being stored in the oceans.

        Meanwhile the more-practical Dr. Roy Spencer showed that about a mere 1% change in cloud cover could account for the “energy imbalance”, we’re not getting the heating because the “excess” solar energy never made it to the surface and went off into space.

        • NotYetInACamp

          So let the Libs suppress the clouds at night like they suppress free speech. Then all that excess heat the Libs scream and wail about can radiate off into space. As I hope the Libs would also do.

      • Delilah T.

        The Sun has been in a solar minimum since 2006, when it burped a Big One and shut down for 18 months. Then it came wobbling back to life, but didn’t meet expectations, then it shut down again, and it’s been like that since 2006. Now we coming right up against officially naming this The Start Of A (take yer pick, warm or cold; I choose cold) Period similar to the Maunder Minimum.
        We are not doomed. It is the people who have Short Memory Deficit Disorder (no brains, no headaches) that will suffer the most because they won’t see it coming.

  • Brent Dotson

    He’s a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. That counts, right?

    • kadaka

      He sometimes lets his feminine side show, which makes him a part-time transfemale. Don’t judge!

  • Alaska Paul

    I think President Trump is playing the long game here. He will use the inundation of illegals to modulate the dems as they have to start receiving hell from their constituents on all the trouble going on in the border states. Remember that is not just the dems that are opposing border controls. It’s the RINOs too. He is making them accountable, and being the slimes they are, can eventually be turned when heat is applied, like hot cigarettes’ radiant heat to ticks.

  • AuVox

    You know what’s cheaper than a fence? Minefields.

    • pyrodice

      man, I dunno what merch you’ve been buying, but nooooo…

  • interventor

    If, they have to dump the illegals somewhere, start with LA, Frisco and Sacramento. Portland and SeaTac to follow.

    • Delilah T.

      Typhus is loose on the streets of Los Angeles. Rats carry the fleas that carry typhus. They pick them up wherever they go. And the fleas – well, they bite.

    • JTC

      My attorney for many years (not one o’ them what needs killin’) just now emailed to let me know he’ll be delayed on a contract he’s reviewing as he’s leaving in the morning for a week…as it turns out to Cali.

      When I responded that there’s no rush on the paperwork and to have a good time, I also commented, “Cali? Beautiful but…?”

      He answered he agrees but his son is working at a church camp near Santa Cruz. What a perfect illustration of what I told him and what interventor alludes to above…a little google-fu shows just what a gorgeous gift from God the scenery there is, but you can’t get much more hard by SanFran and Sacramento than that.

      What a crying damn shame that such glorious natural beauty has essentially been transformed to a no-go zone for people like me, and him if it wasn’t necessary. I was actually a little shocked that they allow such a thing as a church camp there.

      Given the chance, leftists and their imported entitled/enslaved minions will transform the rest of America the Beautiful in just the same way. May God and Deplorables forbid it.

      • interventor

        I was stationed at Ft Ord for six months before I shipped out to Nam.

    • cb

      Hawaii has to be given the opportunity to enjoy open border diversity as much as anyone else.

      • CactoBlaster

        Isn’t there a need for ‘skilled’ labor in Puerto Rico ? That would be an easy assimilation.

  • I’ll go back to the typhus quote above. Can’t nature be wonderful? God’s little critters everywhere, doing their jobs.


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