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  • JTC



  • TomZ.

    Sam’s top rode up that much between the first and second panel?

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Not sure if her top rode up, or her pants rode down. Either way, I’m enjoying the view.

    • Tom, if you continue carpIng on details, your comments will be trashed.

      • gafling

        Thank you, Chris. That trend was something I had noticed but as my Momma said “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.”

        • Joseph Meyer

          My Momma said “If you don’t have something nice to say, come sit by me!”

      • Old Codger

        If he doesn’t like your artwork, why the fuck’s he here?

        • Chris Muir

          He’s ok, but anyone can get into a habit without realizing it, I think.

      • Roland Deschain


    • WayneM

      Easily explained… Sam was leaning forward to pick up the gas can in the first panel and then straightened up in the second panel.


      • Larry

        Bend and Snap…just like in Legally Blonde! Sam does it better though.

        • tom ploszaj

          Funny mentioning bend and snap… as I just saw a Legally Blond musical last night in Bristol, CT

    • Old Codger

      Sam’s top rode up that much between the first and second panel?

      And you’re complaining? Priorities, man!

    • Christopher Cole

      Looks to me like she is bent over slightly in panel 1 and that the top is hanging a bit lower as a result.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Lovely disguise. I defy you to get a fingerprint hit from her.
    And, as old Bill Shakespeare said, “The first thing we do, lets kill all the lawyers.”

  • PaulS

    Why does that make me laugh every time?!?! 🙂

    • interventor

      On my coffee cup, every day in the morning. Courtesy of Alabama Shakespeare theater.

    • Too Tall

      BLORP and SQUEEE. Best comic strip “sound effects” ever!

  • John M.

    I see that Jo has figured out how to include clothing in her “BLORP.” I worry that, what if the preggers manifestation includes the fetus, etc. and what would happen if it came to term while she’s in that disguise?

    • John M.

      I wondered why Sam wanted gasoline, so a backed up a couple of days in the strips and the comment about busloads of lawyers caught my eye. Don’t do it Sam! It’ll ruin the flower beds!

      • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

        Flowerbeds you can move and plant anywhere.
        Burnt lawyers you plant immediately where they are. Use ’em for fertilizer. I understand bone meal is a great soil supplement.

  • Delilah T.

    Hmmmm… So how many WofMD might Jo hide in that baby bump?

    • Delilah T.

      Oh, wait – the DNA that Jo got from all those other people… Oh, noesss!

      This ought to be good….

      • Pamela

        *giggle snort* break out the Tequila, sit back and enjoy

  • Badger

    Whrere’s ‘Flounder’ s “This is gonna be great!” After flushing the inbox this is STILL my first stop EVERY morning. Chris, literally makes my day – thanks. I think there’s a group of invading pests about to have a problem amongst them.

  • Wotan

    Good Morning MUIR-ET-ALllllll !!

  • Henry

    Took me a while. I read “illegal copy,” my mind immediately flies to pirated movies. 😉

  • JTC

    Speaking of artwork, how amazing is it that in the span of a few months DBD time Same goes from the efficient baby machine BLORP’ed so well by Jo, back into that drop-dead gorgeous, top-riding-up, jeans-riding-down, points-all-her-own-sitting-way-up-firm-and-high, hot-as-a-firecracker, red-headed arsonist-by-proxy? Pretty damn awesome however she does it.

    And speaking of habits, referencing those “points” I mentioned up there, Jo might have developed her BLORP from the back of that old Chevy…is it a ’60? I mean she did say it’s “everywhere”. Night moves baby!

    • JTC

      “Same”? Sam.

      Also with apologies to Seger I will have to edit his inspirational line to

      “Points (and buns!) all her own sitting way up high…
      way up firm and high!”

      No apologies for my “habit” though…I hear the words of my 60’s-70’s yoot rock n’ roll serenade in damn near everything it seems.

  • Pamela

    Please tell me Jo doesn’t have a real “Bun-in -the-oven”

    • JTC

      Pamela, hope you got your normal-capacity P-Mag order in quick, the judge who ruled the law against them unconstitutional stayed his own order as of 5pm Friday but orders made before then are outside the purview of fake felonies. Eff’ing progs got to him I guess.

      • kadaka

        There’s a five day window where the apparatchiks can’t prove a random new mag just found wasn’t bought during that period. Due to unexpected demand it may be weeks until some paid-for orders actually ship, some with handwritten invoices from private sellers showing an acceptable purchase date.

    • kadaka

      She’s ejected and recalled bits of her mass, indicating great control. ‘Bout the only things stopping her from making a “backup copy” would be a programmed software limitation, as certain and effective as a politician’s promises, and a lack of source material, but it’d be a poor maker who didn’t allow for regenerating/replacing mass after battle damage.

      As she is now, I’d be surprised if she can’t split into two Mini-Jo’s to accomplish her mission.

  • Sam

    I think, and that could be my first mistake (thinking in the first place), that Sam’s comment means “awesome copy of an illegal”. And the “where” in the question refers to where did Jo get her source info.

    At least that’s how I interpret the last panel.

    • Chris Muir

      exactly right.

  • JTC

    What now? That ain’t a copy of pregnant and slightly disheveled Sam?

    Okay, cue the old Gilda Radner bit where in character as an old biddy getting her say on a public access teevee op-ed she goes off on something that turns out to be completely irrelevant to the subject at hand…

    “Oh…well then, okay, never mind…”

    Still, Jo picked up the random illegal DNA from somewhere, but it’s “everywhere”/

    And again to that I say…Eww.

    • Chris Muir

      Illegals are everywhere on the border and across it now.

      • JTC

        But I thought she came from the other room in the dang house!

        Everywhere. Like cockroaches.

    • JTC

      Not the first time I’ve had fun with the old Gilda thing, again with the Old Dead Blog from over a decade ago

      (and if you want to piss away ten minutes hit that link to Marko Kloos original post; it and the comments are great. Marko is a big fancy sci-fi writer now but back then he had a great blog that was a comment magnet, much like what Mr. Muir so magnanimously provides here and now, with a bit of a different crowd…

  • kadaka

    During the American Revolution, about 9% of the colonists served in the Continental Army although never more than 2% at any one time.

    With 2017 estimates of under 22.1 million non-citizens for 317 million total US population, 7% are non-citizens. There’s an estimate of 11.3 million illegals currently, so about 3.6% of total population.

    By the 2017 estimates, California has just over 5 million non-citizens of 38.7 million total population, and with representation based on totals, they have around 15% more representation in the US House than if only citizens counted, with likewise additional federal aid etc.

    • Pamela

      Stop with the FREE Stuff. My People came here with nothing except Faith and an yearning for Freedom, not stuff.

      • kadaka

        There’s enough of them here for a revolution. The wrinkled old Dem dinosaurs are going away, DNC chair Perez sees the enthusiasm going to the more openly-blatant and often-ethnic younger crowd, so he has little reason to stop with any of that.

        If we tried to stop with the free stuff, would they let us?

        • JTC

          Simple question for the herd of leftist/socialist “candidates”…

          What is your immigration policy?

          It will never be asked, let alone answered.

  • This WILL rock. Bring it on.

  • Oldarmourer

    You really need to put up a link to the TopWebComics voting page, seeing this on the front page would blow so many liebral minds it would take a week to mop up the tears from their hurt feelings 😉 You can search the comic out to vote now but it’s a pain and would be a lot easier to just click a button right under each day’s strip. When it comes to reminding the howling left that they are NOT in the majority and what they say doesn’t go, every little bit helps.

  • Van

    Good stereotypical caricature for the most part, but the mid section needs to be thicker……the starch gene would have kicked in by that time, around puberty.


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