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  • Too Tall

    Creepy, Gropey, Slo Joe just had Beta O’Rourke on stage at a rally in Texas and said he would but Beta Boi in charge of confiscating all guns. Judge Cardinal Amy will be charge of ruling that the Second Amendment is unconstitutional.

    • interventor

      If, it were Torquemada, I might be concerned.

  • Pamela

    Where’s Vincent when you need him…

    • Punta Gorda

      Vincent Vega bought it in the shitter.

      • Pamela

        I meant Mr. Vincent Price. The Master of the Macabre.
        A true Gentlemen especially in his One Man Show.

        • John

          “Prince Albert was the goodest man…”
          God I loved that show, and you’d never guess he was originally from Missouri.

  • JTC

    No one ever expects it, let alone expects to *be* it…

    Good luck to Amy; she should check the numbers on fed judgeships over the last few years, paying special attention to Cali’s 9th Circuit… hope she enjoys her last gasp.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

    (Thank you, Monty Python)

    • WayneM

      Cardinal Biggles, Cardinal Fang & Cardinal Ximénez did fine work with the comfy chair…

    • Damn, stole my line. 😛

  • Paladin

    I am starting to get a little worried. It looks lie all the forces are coming together. With Bootyjudge, Steyer, and Amy dropping out since Sunday. They are still on the ballot, why shut it down ASAP? See where you stand after Super Tuesday, then shut it down. Then all the “True Conservatives-Never Trumpers” and GOP-e getting behind Slow-Joe. All the forces of Evil are getting together to 1st, derail Bernie. Then go after Trump unified.

    • Halley

      The String Pullers certainly realized long ago that no one in the Clown Car had a moonbat’s chance against MAGA and Trump. So I assume their real now-to-November game plan is something far more devious and sinister than just putting B. Khrushchev or Dementia Joe out there to get demolished by PDT Street Fighter. They’re acting like wounded, rabid beasts, which feels extra dangerous given their connections with the underworld…

      • interventor

        Resurrecting She Who Should Not Be Named or the JFK solution come to mind.

        • Old Codger

          Or nominating she whose name is reminiscent of bovine vocalizations.

          • JTC

            Not a nomination so much as a coronation, but yeah.

            Zero has of course been waiting in the left wing to pounce…now it’s down to the crazy commie perfesser and ol’ Slow Joe…it’s almost time.

            BO has said he will burn down Bern, and you know Unca would be relieved to stand down in exchange for maybe a ambassador job, say to Ukraine?

            Anyway, the dark horse is waiting to step in as vice under a prearranged deal with Daddy Gotrocks Bloomberg to head the ticket and abdicate sooner or later so the African Queen and her Muzbro handler can have their way with all the worshippers in the world.

            And if you think Bernie is Communist, you ain’t seen nothing like the unmasked and unrestrained hatred of the capitalist republic that has lusted to bust out for these last dozen years.

            This scenario would work, they would win, and we would be devastated to the point that a shooting war would not be far behind.

          • Halley

            As to nefarious election fraud activity, I was thinking more like how serendipitous to their dark cause it would be should a Sirhan Sirhan slide out of the grass, or an arkanicide strike the White House.. (D)s today are fully capable of arranging such, and how many are already drooling over the prospect.

            Or devilish Economic Collapse plots (“Hello Mr Soros, we have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it…”).

            The unlikely scenario “Yea! Let’s run Biden or Sanders!” can only mean they’ve totally given up, and I’m not feeling that.

    • Doggo

      I noticed that too. Seems strange that the also-rans are all suddenly dropping out on the eve of Super Tuesday, and then immediately endorsing Gropey Joe. Somebody with clout has been making some phone calls.

      • Pamela

        Follow the $$$$$

        • John

          That’s the key of course.
          I have made it a habit to remind people that the MSM is quite literally owned by the Corporate Elite who also own the Democratic Party. We’d still be snake-fascinated by them if it weren’t for the alternative voices on the Internet exposing and cataloging their lies.
          The power they have left is still considerable considering their capacity to brainwash people using their previously implanted prejudices as bait.

        • WayneM

          If Creepy Unca Joe offered high-ranking positions to the also-rans in exchange for their endorsement, would that be examples of Quid Pro Quo?

          If Creepy Unca Joe offered Andrew Cuomo a job in exchange for his endorsement, would that be a Quid Pro Cuomo?

  • GWB

    Can’t be the Inquisition. We all expect this – the political bias, the activist rulings – of judges. And nobody expects the Inquisition!

  • Kafiroon

    In relation to judges making decisions above their authority I think Andrew Jackson had the best solution. “has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”
    There is also Stalin’s reference to decisions without power:
    “How many divisions does the Pope have?”
    Democrats have no problem ignoring the law.
    Note: Clintons, Brennan, Comey Etc. Etc. Etc….

    • John

      It is our dedication to sticking to the rules that is our strength, even if it seems at first to be a disadvantage. Without this dedication DJT would have been sidetracked out of his nomination just like Bernie was in 2016.
      Hard and imperfect as it is, at least for the time being the Republican Party is the Party of Principle, and we have profited greatly because of it.

      • JTC

        Got the facts right but the order wrong John:

        “…at least for the time being, the Republican Party is the Party of Trump, and it has profited (and is still alive) because of him.”

        Fixed it.

  • Old Codger

    Well, it’s “Stupid Tuesday” and hopefully I get a rest from the more aggravating aspects of the “Silly Season” at least until after the conventions. I have grown SSSOOOOOO tired of ads telling me “Mike will get it done.” and Bernie ads telling me Trump is the “most corrupt president in history” (reckon whose ass they pulled THAT one outta) and Liawatha ads with one of the Castro twins I live in San Antonio) in the background. I’m looking forward to a break.

    Kinda puzzled by all the dropouts (cue Queen) Saturday m’self. Shed load o’ names on the DemonKKKRat ballot for POTUS. Reckon what it’s gonna take to get “the Bern” to and Faux-cahontas to call it a game. I also wonder why nobody has called her on her faux “Native American” heritage. Wouldn’t be surprised in Bernie doesn’t have a stroke or coronary.

  • nonncom

    Just think, if Biden were elected he could be the first “Silver Alert” president….hopefully, Americans have more sense than to elect “Big F’n Deal” Joe…..

    • interventor

      Add, that Ukraine announced an investigation into the Biden crime family.

  • I’m looking forward to the slaughter.

    • Pamela

      So..Who gets to Loot the Dead?

      • John

        As per custom the Family will cannibalize their own.

    • JSStryker

      You know you can’t have a slaughter without laughter!

      • Punta Gorda

        Looks like Fraudahontas can’t even win her own state.

        This is better than a Python video.


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