Day By Day


  • Merle

    It’s going the direction I expected…. 🙂

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I can think of many DC Swampers that deserve helicopter rides.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I thought Johnny Cash was dead (Man In Black).

  • JackDeth 72

    Curious to see how everyone else reacts to Zed, Naomi and ‘Toly grabbing their “Go Bags” and lighting out to who knows where?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Maybe it’s Will Smith (Men In Black).

  • Amazing how certain rooms can look a lot like many other rooms in the dark.

    • JackDeth 72

      “Because the Dark has a Life Of Its Own!”

      *Kirk Douglas channeling Val Lewton in ‘The Bad And The Beautiful’*

  • WayneM

    As the swamp slowly drains, all kinds of unusual critters are being exposed.

    What say you, gentle readers of DBD… will a day of reckoning arrive for the Clinton crime syndicate? How many of them will see the inside of a jail cell?

    • JackDeth 72

      *In My Best Orson Welles Voice*

      “Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts of Man?…
      Only The Shadow Knows!”

    • Old Codger

      will a day of reckoning arrive for the Clinton crime syndicate?

      Sure. Right after pigs start singing grand opera.

      How many of them will see the inside of a jail cell? Of the ones actually bearing the name “Clinton”? Somewhere between zero and none.

      (But I WOULD like to know what you were toking when those questions occurred to you. Musta been PRIMO shit!)

  • Pamela

    Who’s the Godfather?

  • John T. Block

    Zed’s old Rabbi high up in the Company. The side of the House that has a sense of honor, and pays it’s debts for loyalty.

  • Bren

    FHRC is failing fast. I suspect she’ll drop dead before she sees the inside of a courtroom. FBHO will seek asylum somewhere if anybody gets really close.

  • lurking

    I don’t think HRC recognizes that all these little mishaps is an effect of karma knocking on her door.

  • Dienekes

    People are funny about the justice thing.

  • GWB

    So, ummm….
    Does this mean Suzy Q won’t be getting nekid?

    You know, with four of them now, you could do tag team at the mudhole……………

    • Tom Stockton

      GWB, I like the way you think! Only instead of mud, it would be Jell-o — cleaner, more visibility.

      • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

        Dude, giant kiddy pool and a few gallons of J&J’s finest baby oil!

    • GruntGI

      Hear, hear!

      I think that’s a splendid idea…mud, jello, baby oil…hey didn’t we see two outta three on Stripes?

      John Candy was so awesome in that scene.

      • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

        I just remember PJ Soles, the magic spatula and the Aunt Jemima Treatment.

  • Arkelk

    I think others will take the fall for the Clinton syndicate. HRC will be “too frail” (maybe legitimately) and will remain an unindicted co-conspirator. The self-proclaimed messiah will also escape, although not his true believers, from the demands of true justice in this world.

    It may take many years for the prosecutions to happen (next dem President?) as the press will howl bloody murder that Trump is trying to destroy his former political opponent.

    • Redleg

      I don’t particularly want HRC to go to jail; I just want a 100% seizure of the Clinton’s phones charitable funds and see the Clintons living in a double-wide in Arkansas.

      • Old Codger

        I just want a 100% seizure of the Clinton’s phones charitable funds and see the Clintons living in a double-wide in Arkansas.

        Never happen. Too many monied people on whom the Clintons have dirt for that to happen.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          Vigilante ninja assassins………

      • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

        I’m a horrible person, I’m hoping sHrillary has a very very long life, all while suffering the indignities of a drooling, debilitating stroke, able to see and understand everything, but physically and vocally able to do nothing.

        • John

          In other words, a prisoner in her own body.

          • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

            Ok, maybe just a little bit of motion in her left arm, just enough to still be able to chuck empty gin bottles and convenient lamps at Billy Jeff on occasion.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          Ahhhhhh…….where did I see that, the three worst curses……immobility, immorality, insomnia.
          With these, I hereby curse thee, Shrillary


        What did Arkansas do to you?

  • Bill G

    By the time any indictment might arrive, all these incidents that have been blown off as insignificant by the DMC and their bosses at the DNC will be put together as showing that she is unfit to stand trial.

  • Tagg

    Thinking about what coulda been if the cat fight had continued… damn!

  • Old Codger

    Saw where Putin is upset at the sanctions being put on him and Russia. It “inspired” me to write some alternate lyrics to a formerly popular song.

    Vlad boy, Vlad boy
    Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do
    When He comes for you?
    Vlad boy, Vlad boy
    Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do
    When Trump comes for you?

    • JTC

      OT of OT

      Where now the leftist sheriff of coward county is doing such a self-described “great” job of popo’ing, Sheriff Nick Navarro once reigned, the original teevee whore and founder of reality law enforcement.

      In the late ’80’s he engineered a taped ride-along program that when televised was so popular it became the first season of COPS, and that year all the shows centered around his department. And it was pretty raw and good, a lot goes on in the county formerly known for Ft. Lauderdale and that was before “producers” ruined it.

      • NotYetInACamp

        RENO 911 has nothing on coward county
        coward is pro compared to Reno comedy

  • Lithgow42023

    There’s a man comin’ ’round takin’ names… (Johnny Cash)

  • JTC

    All this discussion of any charges ever for the Clintons or Obamas presupposes:

    1. That this divide between good and evil in the swamp has anywhere near the amount of good required to survive and defeat the forces of evil/leftism (redundant) that has so permeated our security bureaucracies. This has come as something of a surprise for me, that such purchased partisanship infects the highest levels, and has such sway over what does or does not get accomplished in any branch of gov. It is a greater threat than the rot in congress and must be drained with even greater urgency.

    2. That the DNC and its puppets in the DMC -or is the puppeteer the DMC and the DNC the puppets?- can be effectively countered. Trumpster is tough but old and it has got to be grueling and gut-wrenching to see every good that you do and every bad that they do turned into an attack against you. Their attacks and tactics are unrelenting and I think they are having their effect. There is a presumption that the new normal society is the abnormal shit that has been shoved down our throats since ’08 and more fervently since ’16. I don’t know if that’s reversible or even stoppable.It’s a process with unknown ending. The Deplorables, in a tidal wave borne of a “hidden preference cascade” rose up in ’16 when they realized what was going on -and that they themselves had wrought- and the perfect point man came along in the guise of a badass streetfighter/deal artist. Quite a bit has been accomplished almost unilaterally, but the herd of rinos and other leftists in congress have made it hard,

    So, the Beast and the Zero prosecuted? Jailed? More likely they will be enshrined, even mummified if she isn’t already, and both it and the shining zero will be feted and praised and worshipped when the Final Leftist Apocalypse begins in ’24…or ’20…or ’18? I sure hope it’s “24. I’ll be seventy and about ready to shuffle on off by then.

    • pool dog

      couldna said it better……

    • Kafiroon

      Unless your health is in the toilet, at 70 you will just be more disgusted and POed. Especially when you realize you could not make a sniper stand on someone that desperately needs killing and escape, evade. Any thing you do is a last stand.

      • JTC

        More pissed? Hard to imagine, but yeah leftist return to control would probably do it. Also likely to result in skirmishes or outright war. At that point I’ll be ready to go. But I won’t go quietly.

        • JTC

          And of course DT is 70 now as I will be in ’24. I really don’t know how he does it. And I can only imagine why. His reasons must be pretty close to those of Reagan, if handled quite differently.

          And even Ronnie never faced the raw hatred and ends justifying whatever means the left uses against the Donald. He must sometimes feel like eating his gun. Or feeding it to someone.

          • John

            DJT came to Washington with a rather interesting dilemma.
            Being a true outsider he wasn’t compromised by political favors, the overwhelming reason for the Never Trump movement. The Powers that Be simply did not have a handle on the man.
            Of course this was to Trump’s (and our) advantage, but also came with a price.
            Washington also hosts a huge reservoir of practical expertise The Donald did not have access to until he became POTUS and he has spent the last year plumbing the depths of that reservoir. I believe the latest round of firings and replacements reflects his newfound knowledge.
            I pray for his continued success in this endeavor.

          • JTC

            Well…business conducted at his level and with his methods necessarily can be compared or even combined with politics…it’s all about money/power, power/money. Point taken though…he’s far from virgin but not ragged and whored completely out like his pure politics brethren.

            Because in biz, ultimately, you have to show a profit of some kind or else your capital is eroded and lost and your investors are gone. With politics, there is a free and bottomless source of forced funding. And therein lies the rub and the reason that many of even those good and experienced Washington hands may choose not to enter the fray of this new world of in your face conservative politics and negotiation against leftism as usual…it is very risky for their long-term more circumspect entrenchment.

            Patriots -true patriots- are few and far between. I have come to believe that Trump is one. I feel certain that I am one. But I don’t know how many will be next to him when he needs them…or for that matter next to me when I need them.

          • Merle

            I vote for feeding it to several someones – make a list……

    • JTC

      “…it has got to be grueling and gut-wrenching to see every good that you do and every bad that they do turned into an attack against you.”

      To wit:’s-lawyers-have-turned-over-documents-to-mueller-with-hopes-of-limiting-interview-scope/ar-BBKrskR

      Voluntarily handing over docs in advance of voluntary debriefing…but somehow the first three paragraphs are all about how it’s a ruse to limit and protect potus from himself?

  • Interventor

    FWIW, WashPo reports new employment is significantly down in metro DC area.

  • lurking

    …so Smith is dangling in a box under an H-53 being delivered where?

  • lurking

    Buahah! Desert Duck airlines! He’s sitting on the pier at Mina Salman, Bahrain.

  • lurking

    He could always go over to the Gulf Hotel and check out the Saudi princesses strutting around in western apparel with their entourage of bodyguards.

  • Delilah T

    “FHRC is failing fast. ” That’s an understatement. I saw a news video Saturday of her appearing on a talk show: entire lower body swollen like airbags, an unbelievable onset of edema indicative of congestive heart failure. She couldn’t sit up straight, either. She is not just failing fast. And please remember that BJC is the same age as DT, but has cardiac health issues, too. There’s nothing coming up behind them.

    I found it interesting that Rep Suozzi (D-NY) thinks it’s okay to encourage people to attack the sitting President by invoking the 2nd Amendment. There is a sense of desperation there and in others, and there is an undertone of violence in some of them that they will not admit to.

    We can’t afford to take our eyes and ears off these people. They are losing and they know it, hence desperate measures and flagrant mendacity in the media. They have to lose, lose badly and never recover. They have to get a taste of their own medicine.

    As Obi Wan said “There has never been such a hive of scum and villany. We must be careful.”

    Thanks for keeping this going, CM.

    • Interventor

      Insurrection Act!

  • Lyle

    Bible prophesy says they’ll all be completely exposed. It’s a good read, especially for times like this.

  • Precision270

    so is smith getting the Pinochet helicopter ride? Fitting if slightly easier on him than I would be considering his designs on Zed’s daughters.


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