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  • “Human cockroach”? Smith?

    • Or, who do we know that might do Zed a favor such as this?

      • JSStryker

        Probably a large section of the CIA. I wonder where Smith’s body is, maybe a bin Laden style burial?

        • Pamela

          Maybe in Gitmo being the new girlfriend

        • JackDeth 72

          The end zone of any of one hundred different football fields across the US, ala Hoffa?

      • Texas is state of mine

        Someone practicing good spy craft. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Using a cut out of a unknown cut out delivery a message unknowingly to Zed. That only Zed would understand. One hope Mr. Smith swims with the fishes, or Mommy (a.k.a Sam) Bear (cubs and A) will have to do the deed.

  • Merle

    This tale has more twists than a soap opera……

    • Scotty Curtis

      I know.
      I hope itโ€™s not just me, but this is very hard to follow.

  • Merle

    IIRC, Zed’s old boss at “the agency” use to compare him to a cockroach, because of his ability to survive the impossible. Sounds like “the agency” may be helping to drain the swamp?????

  • Greg B

    Either that, or Smith is targeting the kids.
    Luckily they have Jeeves. I imagine it has some very specific programming in regards to threats towards the children.

    • Fox2!

      Hopefully true. Not sure if ‘Toly has the proper… killer instinct.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Well, the trunk was opened, and a cell phone was found. That knew. Just. When. To. Ring.
    Meanwhile, “Smith” is STILL nowhere to be found. And from the hint, will he ever?
    As for the child porn, I’m not buying it. Even thought Smith is a dirty rat bastard, deserving of whatever else happens to him. The FIBbies are too well funded, and have (employ, coerce, bribe, threaten) too many Gubberment hackers, to NOT be able to place ANY piece of incriminating evidence ANYWHERE they want, ANYTIME they want. And cover their tracks. And who ya gonna call to investigate?

    Ohhhhhh…………..shit. Waiting with baited (bated) breath on tenterhooks (eleventerhooks, even).

  • Deplorable B Woodman


    • Texas is state of mine

      Chris keeps missing this one. Sorry!
      I believers he means- (OPR) Office of Professional Responsible which is the FBI internal affairs office. J. E. Hoover claims that there was no bad FBI agents, only ones who forgot their professional responsible as FBI agents.

  • Ryk E Lee

    Office Internal B???? Sorry no help.

    • Ryk E Lee

      Office Inspector General?

    • eon

      Typo or AutoCorrect gremlin at work? “B” is right under “G” on a keyboard, and I often get the two mixed up myself.

      NB: I consider AutoCorrect to be the Devil’s invention, installed in OS by script kiddies who flunked English and want everybody else to look as stupid as they do.

      clear ether


  • WayneM

    Nice to see the “agency” is taking care of their own.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Nice truck.
    Good old truck, like a good old friend.

  • Pete231

    Naomi better be careful… she could put someone’s eye out with that unconcealed weapon…

  • Hardball

    Naomi’s ta is the best.

  • Bren

    Framing with child porn is a longstanding FBI model. To the point that, when they find evidence of it, I don’t so much wonder how the charged has gone about it as I do who the political enemies are who have access to the FBI.

    • JackDeth 72


      One of the original “Moldy Oldies” the ATF floated, along with evidence of a possible Meth Lab to get warrants before being out manned, out gunned and out generaled by the Branch Davidians down in Waco.

  • kadaka

    Error, image file name is for Mar 19, not 18.

    • TomZ

      I was just seeing that this evening.
      Should be interesting for the files on that end.

  • Tom Stockton

    Okay, I’m getting more confused…

    1) What happened to “Agent Smith” or the guy in the grey clothing (never saw his face) in the crowd, that I thought Naomi was drawing on? Had some gear attached to his belt, not sure what it was… And did he or did Quan drive the car in to the parking lot?

    2) What is OIB?

    Or do I just need to be more patient and let Mr. Muir draw out his mysteries?

    Tom Stockton

    p.s. Knock! Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Impatient cow.

    • JTC

      Answer: TBD

      One of the best things about this place is that much of what happens later is determined by discussion and speculation here and now.

      That makes the already incredible every/. single. day. production of one the the very best political cartoons I have ever seen even more so; this dude is producing this shit as we speak or type…very close to being live performance art of a quality I’ve never seen before.

      Thanks, CM. Gettin’ close to fundraising time innit?

      • Chris Muir

        June 1st as always!

    • Fox2!

      1. That was Ms. Q.

  • Daniel Schwartz

    The bumper sticker is a nice touch.

  • Big Jim

    Sales call, indeed. Once you’ve been in, you’re never really out. There’s a job waiting on Zed.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Yep. Thems the stories.

  • Ragutis

    On the 10th, Inspector Qwan stated she’s from the OIG – which I assumed meant Office of the Inspector General. But maybe that’s her cover story for her work in the mysterious OIB?

    Mr. Muir has us on tenterhooks, indeed!

  • Delilah T

    Phone’s ringing.

    Thanks for calling Joe’s Tackle and Fish Bait Shop, how can I help you?

    Where’s Zed?


    I want to speak to Zed. Is he there?

    This is Joe’s Tackle & Bait Shop, fella. If you want to know how to cut bait, we’ll show you. Just follow the signs along the road.


    Think they bought it?

    Of course not. They’ll be here in about 12 minutes and 35 seconds. Arm yourelves to the teeth. And bring along that roll of nylon 50# test line and the duct tape.

  • Bill

    Iโ€™m confused with all the cutouts.

    • Merle

      Yeah, somehow I don’t really know what a cutout is – somebody explain???

      • Texas is state of mine

        Cut out is person never see nor meet the person who left the message. Nor see or meet the person who will pick it up.

        • Merle

          OK, thanks !

  • the frumious bandersnatch

    Um, “…n’est-ce pas?…”

    PS Mr. Muir sir, you draw the finest cartoon teats I’ve ever seen. They are technically correct – the best kind of correct!

  • KenH

    Too much people trying to be smarter than they really are
    Find “Smith”
    Kill him
    And, sorry toots, you go too
    Kill any that show up

    • WayneM

      Another day, another KenH post advocating violence & murder against cartoon characters…

      • Merle

        Yeah, he must lead a very strange life……

  • JTC

    Quan’s telling way more truth than is expected of a FIB’er.

    And apparently paying for it by being thrown under the bus by her own.

    So to Q’s truthful agenda, we can add agents of Arkancide.

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

    With Travis’s shades, its kinda hard to tell if he’s looking at Suzy-Q or Mrs. Grishin’s boobage.

    • Chris Muir

      I’d end up wall-eyed.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        You don’t LOOK like a fish.

  • lurking

    Jeebous, just how tall is Naomi?

    • Fox2!

      I’d say 5 6ish, may 5 7. Less than 5 8.

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

      or how short is Suzy-Q?

  • Spin Drift

    Speaking of fund raisers and bumper stickers, it would be great to have one available for the Double D at a suitable donation level. It would go right next to my “You’re ugly and your mother makes you go to ‘Bama” sticker.

    War Damn Eagle

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I don’t usually bumper sticker my car, but I’d put a DD or DBD on her.
      My only other sticker is a mock of the Jesus fish, but with whiskers on the fish, and “CTHULHU”.

  • Pamela

    I want a bumper sticker that states “I’m what make the bump in the night run for cover praying for dawn and salvation. Better start praying.”

    • TomZ

      I remember a late night radio talk show host that went by the moniker of “The Big Bumper”. He always said that he was what went bump in the night.


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