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  • Merle

    Reminds me of “the smoking man”……

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      All we need is a pack of Morleys.

    • Jman

      I wish we could still have G. Gordon…

  • Too Tall

    Seems like there is going to be more than dinner involved. The Human Cockroach is it, or is it Paladin?

  • TomZ

    Zed should have told him to come on down anytime.

  • Pete231

    Hmmm… The newest singing sensation : “Deep Throat and The Swallows”……..

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Oh, goody, a new character to add to the DBD troop.

  • JTC

    Well we won’t have Quan, she’s heading out on a couple day road trip to turn her car in at the DC swamp motorpool…

    Or maybe she’ll just tool on over to Austin, the feds have a big meet-up going on there right now.

    • Jman

      yes, the feds are holding bomb making classes but they are not going too well

    • NotYetInACamp

      Is Travis busy? Maybe a road trip for old times or new times sake? Maybe some sake along the way? Two old buds out on a road trip, sound fun, and responsible. Getting her back to HQ in one peice in these times is important. I’m still seeing that possible fun aspect.

  • WayneM

    Does this mean Suzy Q will be disappearing or now that she knows she was being played by Smith and whoever was “handling” him, will she develop an abiding affection for bbq & the blues? It would be nice to see what’s under that singlet…

  • Bren

    I don’t think she was being played by Smith et al. I think she was sent by friendlies to deliver a burner phone.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”

  • What Bren said.

    • Do hope she gets to be a regular though. And i.e.d.s in Austin? *AHEM*

  • Delilah T

    The Austin bomber is following the Unabomber’s footsteps. No “pattern”, switches method at will, etc.

    What’s the Double D recipe for BBQ sauce? (There is no recipe. There is only sauce.)

    I am intrigued by this trail of scattered clues.

    • armedandsafe

      I saw a news report online yesterday that said the pattern was 6 days between each bombing. It had a picture map showing the bombings labeled 03/02, 03/12, 03/12 and 03/18.
      So much for reliable news and proper editing (says the fellow who first edited newspaper content in 1949.)

      • Jman

        that is correct, using Common Core math. ;o)

    • NotYetInACamp

      Be one with the sauce.

  • Spin Drift

    Isn’t it surprising that Austin is the liberal commie capital of Texas. I think that this false flag is to frame an unstable and highly medicated member of the alt-right and blanket blame all conservatives. It looks like the children meme is playing out. Their picking the repugnant hog kid as the face for the movement was a mistake. Should have gotten a pretty girl with ample assets to be the face but you take what you get.

    Note that the original narrative of the Vegas shooting is falling apart as confirmed ties to ISIS keep popping up. Expect the MGM to declare bankruptcy this summer.

    The Parkland narrative will also fall apart as multiple shooter eyewitnesses start to have highly coincidental accidents. It’s enough to make an actuarial’s heart sing with glee. Also note the moment of event helicopter tape that showed a large black duffle like bag being removed from the crime scene into an unmarked SUV by agents in black.

    To quote the long range shooting expert in “The Sniper,” “if you think you have it figured out, you’re wrong.”

    “still got the shovel.”
    Good Men Must Stand
    Hold Fast

  • Spin Drift

    Oh yeah, the name of the new meme: “White Terrorism.” You’ll be seeing it a lot very soon.

    To combat the word play, if someone starts talking about “white terrorism” strawman them over to Mao’s terrorism on his own people and ask if this is “yellow terrorism?” Or if the African American attacks on the general populace (see Chicago) are “black terrorism.” Or are the drug cartels beheading people down on the border “brown terrorism.”

    Use their words against them
    Good Men Must Stand
    Hold Fast

    • NotYetInACamp

      We already have Maoist Red guards. Antifa.
      All f the centuries old cut outs will continue. Methods do not really change.
      They must be defeated again just like in the past, but now.

  • lurking

    Too bad “Leslie” only came in second in Austins mayoral race. Would have been the first transvestite homeless mayor. “Keep Austin Weird”

    Per a freind living in Tejas; “Sometimes the freaks overdo it”. Being a card carrying redneck myself, I can fully understand.

  • lurking

    And an update for my comment of yesterday. I don’t think Desert Duck uses the H-53. Every one I saw was an H-3. A welcome sight when your stuck tooling around the Gulf and haven’t seen mail in a while. The 53 is typically used for heavy lift. Same hook capability as the H-46 on the AOEs… dunno how the Osprey is gonna play into it. IMO, wrong bird to use.

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      H-3 Sea Kings wern’t they?

  • PaulS

    NO Badge, No Gun, SuzyQ has been effectively pansed, though a strip search could be fun. 😉

  • lurking

    @Bob in Houston

    Yep. But the most impressive pilots I’ve seen were the H-46 guys. Saw one drop into a hover over our deck with one wheel on the deck to stabilize for package offload/onload. Since the 46 exceeded our deck rating, our XO was going apeshit trying to wave him off from the missile deck. Hopping around waving his arms.

    • John

      Quite a few chopper jockeys are One with the Machine.
      In Panama I witnessed a medivac using a Huey with the main rotor clipping leaves off the trees 360. This was while we passed a man with a broken leg into the chopper by way of a 5′ tall tree stump. The pilot’s hand was so steady you could have sworn the whole scene was some kind of static art display.

  • lurking

    UH-1 or the modern AB-212?
    (Roughly the same, just a modern build)

  • Craig

    I am puzzled by who is currently who in the strip. 🙁

    • Texas is state of mind

      First panel is “Zed old CIA boss.” of pre-strip days.
      2nd panel is “Suzi and Zed.”
      3th panel is “Syke and Sam.”
      There Will be pop quiz later 😉

      Hope is Helps

  • Craig

    Thanks Texas!


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