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  • Fox2!


  • Henry


    • JTC


  • Shonkin

    And it’s ambiguous. It can mean “Good for you” or “Go copulate yourself.”

    • Pamela

      Babies are always welcome

  • JTC

    Can’t stop a shadow.

    Speaking of which, how cool is that?
    Nice work Chris.

  • Bren

    Now that Americans are taking a do-it-yourself stance on these things, it’s a response they should be prepared to hear a lot more often.

  • ses1066

    Shadow indicates vertical sun. Colloquial term for that is ‘high noon’.

    ‘High Noon’ movie is about a Man standing tall when his town/country turn coward!

    Great symbolism here Chris!

    • Norm

      If that’s a vertical shadow, that airplane has the shortest fuselage in the known world! More likely, it’s flying into the sun. That would keep the wingspan and leave a fore/aft shadow shorter than the airplane. It would also change the proportion of the wing, chord vs. span. Oh well, can’t have everything.
      No shadow under the front of the Escalade, either.

      • Pamela

        Where are the Air America Guys? They flew STOL in and out of really hairy Op sites

  • Oldarmourer

    Must have used a rough strip outside of any cities so they didn’t get held hostage on the runway like the rest of the planes are today…just when you thought they’d hit bottom, they start to dig…

    • Pamela

      Take the Jab that gives you a dis-ease then take an anti-parasitic that kills, or maybe controls it. Cloning/Reverse Engineering an inexpensive proven medication into something REALLY expensive and call it NEW!

  • Pamela

    The Berlin Air Lift keep popping into my head

    • Jammygrammie

      The Mariel Boatlift pops into mine, when I think of those already ‘rescued.’

  • Polly Cy

    Yep, pretty much says it all.

    August 1984, I turned down a State Department appointment in favor of grad school. Best decision I ever made.

    • NotYetInACamp

      You chose well.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Weapons included?

      Is that why the Afghan fugees get the Ivermectin. and the mericans get the jab.
      Kill one off and replacement military age men ready and raring ta go jihad are brought in..
      PresidentActualValerieJ must still be taking care of The one’s work from 2 miles away from the Resident Clown in Chief at the White Retirement House.

      99+% Sharia followers costing 100.000 or so a year. Wise destruction of our culture by hijrah, and jizra. All Muslims are supposedly owed jizra from the infidels by allahs words
      Just another day waiting for Paradise.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Those people who say that they are ready for the opposition to start something like a shoot em up should find keeping tabs of votes and campaigning (asking people to vote and sometimes saying why) should find the effort an easy task. It also will result in an education about the lay of parts of the land. Use your free speech while it is still easy to do before the Sharia followers do what they do. Sharia is full of surrendered enemy heads piled so high that they could not be seen over while on a horse.
      What David has been showing us while few looked over the past many years is what this outcome was likely to be. Sharia must always be isolated if not completely cut out. Sharia has acted the same since the 7th Century. It has been manipulated by others for their own purpose, but it is always consistent enough with its allowing all acts against no Sharia followers.
      Our Junta with the Pretender as its leader will do the same again if not stopped. If everyone sits on their ass and lets “George” do it we may get to the shooting war without the basic moral high ground we actually are on. Each person must make a personal decision to act. The voting method should be changed to no electronic use in counting, only hand counting of actual votes. It won’t be. Voting methods must be improved to ensure the truth of the votes. Other things wont happen, but they need to be fought for. All states are important as they almost lost while stealing just 6 or so counties nationwide. They did a long set up to do it. It takes people getting into the struggle of the honest vote to beat them. The light of truth and reality, a small light, reveals much.
      It is nice seeing many more people saying what I have said, and doing what I have done mostly by myself for a very long and lonely time. Many minds can see and set right what I cannot. Many is good. I am always wonderfully amazed at what more people than myself alone can get done. It is worth it. No guarantees except the fight.

  • Buck

    Or not –

  • Sendarius

    Uh, Norm? I don’t think that’s how shadows work.

    Anything other than sunlight perpendicular to the Earth’s surface will stretch a shadow – ie The shortest shadows occur at “high noon”, and those are near as spitting actual size given how far away the light source is.


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