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    • WayneM

      One of my online friends pointed me to that. Interesting to say the least…

  • Too Tall

    The second panel is one of your most powerful, Chris.

    • Swansonic


    • Robert McCloskey


  • Mike-SMO

    I suspect that the summary would be “Family”, although a more general concept would work. At least “Family” might guide the use of relatively limited resources.

    Looks like a moral lesson is in the works. Depending on the background, the lesson (sermon, explanation) could be more difficult than an artificial intelligence update.

    First: Clear Datum.

  • Pamela

    We know who are the Good. We know who are the Bad. We know who are the Ugly.
    What are We the People going to do about it…
    Deed Not Words needs to be practiced.

  • cz93x62

    Mr. Muir–

    You have presented some powerful and iconic imagery over the 18 years I have read your webcomic. That second frame surpasses excellence.

  • Mike-SMO

    That “look” suggests that Zed is in for a tough time. New child and “Mother” is a hard dance, especially with Sam in the picture.

    • Robert McCloskey

      I think you underestimate Sam. I think she will welcome Mia with open arms.
      Mia is from Zed’s past relationship Naomi, before she even knew Zed.
      I think Mia is in for a massive culture shock, in a good way.

    • Definitely do not underestimate Sam.

      Or Zed. He’s held up under duress most can only imagine.

      If a part of that resulted in a love-child then it meant survival for him and the Mom. Lots of unknowns about the last twenty plus years, but Mia made a life and a family, got good genes.

      And yes to the culture shock…starting with getting that damn rag off her head!

      Amal…a Frog? A Gerry?

  • Mort

    Train wreck

    The injury that Benedict Biden has inflicted on the United States
    will not be healed in my lifetime.

    The Taliban is now holding several planes full of Americans and
    Allies’ hostage, and demanding full recognition as the legitimate
    Government of Afghanistan.

    This is only the beginning of the many advantages the Taliban
    has over the US. Expect to see many more demands the Biden
    administration will try to sweep under the rug.

    Benedict Biden at any of his few muddled press conferences
    continually, (while looking at his cue cards) says that THEY don`t
    want me, or do want me, to say something. Who is THEY?
    He`s the President of the United States, he can say anything
    he wants.

    He is a perpetual liar, and the fact that he is working with a
    diminished mental capacity is the only reason he is not held
    up as the Traitorous scoundrel that now most of America
    knows him to be…..He is in office only because superficial
    thinkers did not like Donald Trump`s demeanor.

    • Oldarmourer

      Correct but for one thing, ‘diminished thinkers’ did indeed have a lot to do with the ‘selection’ last November, but it came about not because of Trump’s demeanor, but because he posed a threat to those who seek to rule the entire world. I still believe that if he had won and he stepped a little too hard on their toes, then there would have been an ‘accident’, maybe a helicopter crash. I still also consider the idea that the puppet currently in place is completely expendable and when the time comes that he either says something he definitely shouldn’t, or there’s a need to quell a possible uprising, then he’ll be ‘martyred’, probably with a .50 rifle so the already planned door-to-door confiscation of all weapons can begin. Just about every single dictatorship has started by disarming the people, suddenly or slowly, and this one will be no different, all they need is an excuse for the media to trumpet as being ‘for your own good’, this fake flu is just a test to see how far they can go and how many sheeple will actively support such a process and so far it’s looking like they’ll do whatever the man on the televison or the heifer with the purple hair says to…

      • cb

        To your point. From the web: Why don’t the Amish get covid? They don’t have TV

    • steveb919

      Don’t forget the F-ing Dems in congress. Some if not most of congress men and women are just plain trying to overturn our wonderful document called the “Constitution of the United States of America”. I served 28 years in the USAF to defend it. Just to see it being torn up in my own country. Enough to make you shed tears.

  • Bill G

    Powerful, indeed. Words nearly as scary are the wanna-be socialists saying “This time, we’ll do it right.”
    Both lead to someone trying for a “Final Solution.”

  • DogByte6RER

    • John

      Just another sign the Powers What Is are not the big brains they think they are. This fish is rotting from the head and they’re too willfully stupid to see that our system can’t be controlled from the shadows. The barely managed chaos that is the United States of America _requires_ transparency in order to function. Secrecy has to be the rare exception rather than the rule. By the same token government has to be conducted at the lowest possible level for the sake of that transparency and “efficiency” be damned.
      Ronnie was Right.
      I doubt “our betters” are actually intelligent enough to recognize when they are wrong, indeed they should have read the writing on the wall back when Donald J. Trump got elected. The People are catching on to their machinations. Instead, just like the intransigent children they still are, the Cathedral will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future and won’t get their ice cream.
      The Ongoing Blunder that is the present Administration is paving a way to a new beginning, and it’s not the one the Deep State wants.

    • Ironiclly, that meme is completely wrong.

      The “country” is indeed what the government says, does, and is.

      The Republic, such as it is/was, is the people, completely irrelevant to gov. and completely defined by the Constitution. Which is why…

      Time’s Up for the country by and for gov…

      And the time is now for The Constitutional Republic of America; the CRA.

  • Richard

    New Slogan, “The Democratic Party has outlived its usefulness and must die!”

  • Nancy

    F*kk Joe Biden.

    Not sorry. I’ve been burning here in Texas ever since this catastrophe went down.

  • Buck

    Regarding the 780 mind changing military and bureaucratic ‘leaders’, their careers need to be snapped off, as well as any retirement. A similar situation presented itself in the USSR – about 90 years ago. Stalin fixed the situation but he was already the head of state. His politics lasted another 60 years. Our situation requires a change as drastic or we’ll end up with 60 years of ineptitude. Won’t last as long as that, will we.

    • steveb919

      Bet they are Democrats.

  • Pamela

    Are Zed and Naomi doing to be Grandparents?

  • interventor

    Please, don’t let Zed address Mia, “Mia, I am your father.’


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