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  • Turn us PATRIOTS loose, and look away. Deputize those who will operate in those conditions, and look the other way. Been a while, but I think I remember how to operate in those conditions. Potential legal option, just saying.

    • John

      Although it is conceivable this could actually come to a civil war I think it unlikely, simply because the Snowflakes are surrounded, outnumbered, and outgunned by people who don’t play-act their way through life. They actually work for a living and get things done by their own hand.
      This is the “Silent Majority”.
      Or as others have pointed out, the Sleeping Giant.
      We allow the Elites to gambol their way through life simply because they represent the good life we all aspire to.
      But the Elites have a problem when it comes to real power.
      They are Elites. Pampered, clueless, and totally lacking the numbers it takes to actually take control without permission.
      And they are quickly running out of that permission.

      • Patt Carr

        “And they are quickly running out of that permission.”

        That’s a very good way of putting it. Sort of like about to be put in the corner with your nose touching the wall. With Emphasis, if you know what I mean.

      • WayneM

        I’m starting to think the “Silent Majority” either comatose or surrendered. Seriously… the leftists are looting, burning and destroying any symbols of western society which aren’t protected by armed guards (and a few that are) but I don’t see much legitimate outrage…. just the manufactured variety being pedaled by the media.

        What does it take to fire up normies nowadays? Perhaps this is a consequence of the constant leftist propaganda… normies just tuned out past the point of no return?

        • Henry

          The silent majority doesn’t care because the loonies are damaging nothing but their own loonie neighborhoods. Some of us (like me) actively encourage this apathy — when your enemy is making a mistake, don’t stop him.

          There have so far been several attempts to export the violence out beyond loonieville into America, and every one of them has been met with the appropriate level of *ss-kicking.

          We’re not comatose — we’re just focused.

  • Bren

    We won’t be allowed. Hell, if the authorities weren’t complicit, we wouldn’t need to.

  • Pete231

    I hear a lot of bug-out bags being packed and plane tickets being bought to non-extradition countries. FBI needs to start pulling passports and practicing frog marching perps up the steps. “Time has come today”…(Chambers Bros.)…

    • Paladin

      THE F.B.I !?!?!?
      HAHAHAHAhahahah *gasp* HAHAhahaha! Good One!

      • Patt Carr

        Now THIS is the aftermath of the fake Russia Hoax. Those people have caused distrust of the Justice System in our nation.

        For that reason, I’d see them all prosecuted with sentencing to follow. Heaven forbid they face a jury. They’d be doing time – a lot of it – if that were to happen.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Anchor babies are not real according to the US Constitution as amended. The United States needs one more true US Constitution following US Supreme Court Justice to ensure a solid 5-4 Constitutional majority on that decision.

    Wishing all of the US Supreme Court Justices well.

    Es verdad, Don.

    As for myself, I am mostly dealing with what is right in front of me.

    My previous comments about what is happening and will happen are still accurate.

    Do not be the retired police and military in the capitol of Russia during the Russian Bolshevik Marxist Revolution who if only a small number had joined the military academy cadets who had engaged the Bolshevik Red Army in a battle to control the city were only barely defeated by a larger force. The police and military retirees had made an agreement with the Bolshevik Red Army that they could keep their guns if they did not join the cadets and if the retirees brought in and registered their guns after the battle.

    The retired military and retired police came in to register their guns after the Bolsheviks barely won the battle for control of Moscow against the cadets. As the retired police and retired military brought their guns into the registration locations, they were stripped of their weapons, taken away immediately, and executed. No muss. No fuss. What hill will you choose to risk dying on? Will it be with honor? Will it have meaning?

    • formwiz

      RBG is back in the hospital after her “infection”. No matter who likes it, Trump makes another appointment

      • Patt Carr

        Good. It’s been stacked the other way since the 70’s. It’s about time.

        Consider the truly important decisions from the 70’s to now. It’s not exactly what your grandparents would have wanted you to believe about your nation.

    • eon

      Morton Grove IL 1980; “Register your guns, we won’t take them.”

      Morton Grove IL 1983; “All registered handguns must be turned in, but you can keep your rifles and shotguns.”

      Morton Grove IL 1986; “All rifles must be turned in but you can keep your shotguns.”

      Morton Grove IL 1991; “Nobody but the police need guns.”

      It’s worth noting that the Second Amendment was generally “safe” from the GOPe until after Operation Desert Storm in January 1991. After it, the enlightened elite’ on that side concluded that with precision-guided munitions and etc., they no longer needed infantry riflemen to fight their wars.

      They learned differently ten years and eight months later.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Best part of the Commie edicts in Morton Grove were the American Patriot ones passed in Kennesaw Ga. in direct response.

        Hilarious, and so much truth that you will never see the story or the stats in the “media”.

    • Patt Carr

      Did you notice, as I did, yesterday’s opening comment by Barack Obama at John Lewis’ funeral? He said this:

      “We citizens are born with our marching orders: to make a more perfect union.”

      That would indicate that all born here in the USA are born with those orders. Illegal entry persons are therefore not citizens, their children, if born here are, to Obama’s mind, magically injected with the knowledge of ‘a more perfect union’.

      Do you realize this settles that DACA fight – by OBAMA’S words?

      The DACA kids have a pathway to citizenship as they were born here but their parents and extended families do not.

      Doesn’t help with ANCHOR BABIES though – their magic it seems.
      Perhaps that’s a step in the safety of those deplaning at our airports. They should be held and returned so the magic ‘don’t get ’em’.

      Visa Holders should simply be returned once their time is up.
      (Ohh, that’s a Bill Clinton saying, isn’t it?)

      Seems like the Democrats do agree with the Republicans on immigration issues after all. That is if they listen to their leaders.

    • JTC

      “I am mostly dealing with what is right in front of me.”

      As you should be NotYet…as we all should be.

      What was it Sheriff Judd said about the pantifa’s coming through your door? Something like, “My people have guns. I encourage them to have guns. If these thugs bust in my people’s doors, they will get busted back out real fast.” Same for your local businesses. Protect what is yours one masked dirtball at a time.

  • formwiz

    State Dept pulls passports.

    If they get pulled.

  • formwiz

    If this stuff is coming out, it’s game over.

    The Demos’ worst nightmare.

    • Punta Gorda

      Nah, they’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

      Not A Damned thing will happen.

  • Punta Gorda


  • Kafiroon

    So ohh wise ones, I need a few opinions since people here speak up.
    After the election. Imagine Joe’s handlers are running the country and things he claimed to do like: Open the boarders, let in all Muslims, etc are occurring.
    Do the riots and destruction still continue trying to force all of us into their whim of the minute? Have all Whites register themselves?

    • JTC

      Irrelevant Sir. At that point it is Game Over, no redo’s.

      I tell that to other people even as militant as me…and they just nod.

    • Patt Carr

      I can see several camping sights erected as a swarm of folk will ‘come down to watch the crossings at the boarder’.

      Then think Mount Carmel.

      Won’t be pretty and I doubt a civil war will ensue. If the Feds come down to stop it, and we have barrel facing barrel, all of a sudden there are no crossings taking place.

      Imagine that – problem solved.

  • Punta Gorda

    “Royal enemy” or “real enemy”?

  • Halley

    In my vicinity, since 2016 I know many who have moved into a seriously mental Cuckooland, and a precious few who, surprisingly, have chosen MAGA and sanity. But the lines are now drawn with ferocity. The enemies of the people will not win, but they desperately want blood.

  • Robert

    China also got into America through the universities. All the leftists love the cold hard cash that China gives them.

  • Old Codger

    Democrat Party of the USA – attempting to use the courts to overturn national election results (at lest) since 2000. Coming soon to an election near you.

    • Halley

      Al Pregnant-Chad Gore tried to steal the election in broad daylight, and won a Nobel. Today’s me(D)ia are prepared to back far, far worse criminality…

      • Doggo

        The D party were successful with the game plan for Al Franken in Minnesota. Somewhere on the order of 5 recounts, each with more (D) votes “found” in select districts. Don’t stop until you get it right.

  • Punta Gorda

    Democrat – “Mierda Política”


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