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  • GWB

    I saw the “signed body politic print” and my brain leapt ahead before I read “print”.

    I thought for just a fraction of a second I would get a signed body with all those markings on it. Almost had time to think “Damn, I hope it’s Sam,” before my eyeballs read the next word.

    • Mark Cleveland

      Still hard to believe Sam was the epitome of Chris’ former BFF! Chris, you ok?

  • eon

    Like the IJN in the Pacific from Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea and Midway, to Leyte Gulf and Okinawa, they have The Plan and would rather ride it down in flames than admit that it was a bad idea to begin with.

    clear ether


    • John D. Egbert

      Adding to the tragedy was that ADM Yamamoto never wanted to do it, counseled most strongly against it, and accurately predicted the outcome: ” If so ordered, I will plan and execute this operation (Pearl Harbor); thereafter, for six months I will run wild in the Pacific, bringing you victories beyond your wildest imagining. Beyond that, I guarantee nothing.”

      Pearl Harbor was 7 December 1941 – Midway was 4-6 June 1942.

      • eon

        According to The Reluctant Admiral, the 1979 U.S. edition of the Japanese biography of Yamamoto written in 1969 by Agawa Hiroyuki, Yamamoto stated on 8 Dec that the plan had already failed. Because the reports from the damage assessment recon showed that none of the U.S. aircraft carriers were in port. Meaning, they had only sunk or damaged the old battleships that had already been superseded by carrier air power as the primary striking arm of the fleet.

        The bill came due at Coral Sea and Midway, and payment in full was taken at Leyte Gulf and Philippine Sea.

        clear ether


  • Korblimee

    I’ve done my bit ✔ as much as i can afford anyway, keep doing what you’re doing thank you.

  • nonncom

    If I had a time machine I’d gp back in time and make sure pelosi’s dad used a condom….

    • Brent Dotson

      Probably be better and go farther back and make sure her grandfather used one also. You can never be too careful.

    • Pamela

      Forget the condoms…snip snip snip

    • Henry

      I’d make sure he used a Merino.

      • Pamela

        BaaBaaBaa. From what I heard is once they grab on OWWIE

    • eon

      The Grandfather paradox is a fallacy. You can’t be sure that Grandma’s husband of record is the actual biological father. Especially with the Free Love crowd on the left.

      You need to spay Grandma. Both Grandmas, in fact.

      clear ether


  • Michael A Crawford

    Help! I want to subscribe to one of the options for 2020 Day by Day – but I can’t find the info on what the different levels/options are and what they cost!

    • Bob in Houston

      Go back to the main page, scroll down, the 7 different options should be visible underneath the ‘Toon.

  • Steve S

    Chris: While I am a longtime reader and contributor, I cannot make out some of the merchandise. Some are certainly cards, one is a micro-wipe cloth and one is an alcohol-infused wipe. Can I suggest that you link a list of descriptions by levels or is that already coming?

    • Steve S

      Addendum, I see now what is needed. When I click on the level, the description of what is included does not come across nor is there the usual verbiage about including the ‘merch’ from lower levels.

      So I suggest just a text listing of the ‘merch’ when that screen is clicked.

    • Chris Muir

      Steve, keep scrolling down when u get to the levels page and you will see the graphics larger which show more. No written descriptions beyond what it says in the level, though!

  • John D. Egbert

    Just dropped my lot into the pot. Lessez bon temps rollet . . .

  • Old Codger

    OT (somewhat)
    I saw a graphic Saturday comparing New York State and Florida wrt covid-19. Not willing to blindly trust someone else’s numbers, I decided to look at them for myself using the numbers available at

    Here’s what I found:
    New York (#4 by pop) is #1 in Total Cases, Total Deaths, Active Cases, Total Cases/1M pop, Deaths/1M pop

    Florida (~ 2.5M more pop than NY & #3 by total pop) is #9 in total cases, #11 in total deaths, #6 in Active Cases, #36 in Tot Cases/1M pop, and #28 in Deaths/1M pop

    Moving on to a couple of other states I’m interested in:
    Texas (#2 by pop) is #7 in Tot Cases, #15 in Tot Deaths, #15 in Active Cases, #39 in Total Cases/1M pop and #41 in Deaths/1M pop. Not great but all in all pretty good.

    New Mexico (#37 by pop) is actually pretty consistent. NM is #37 in Total Cases, #34 in Total Deaths, #34 in Active Cases, #23 in Total Cases/1M pop and #21 in Deaths/1M pop.

    New York’s case rate (Total Cases/1M pop) is 3.5 TIMES the national case rate. Florida’s is less than HALF (.47 times) the national. For comparison, NM’s is .66 national and Texas’ is a measly .4 national.

    Looking at the death rate (Deaths/1M pop), NY’s is almost FIVE TIMES (4.8 to be exact) that of the nation as a whole! Florida’s death rate is a tad over a THIRD of the national (.35) with Texas at a measly .18 and NM at .53 of the national.

    All in all, 14 States (plus DC) have higher case rates than that of the nation as a whole while 11 States (plus DC) have higher death rates than the national average.

    Interestingly bit of trivia; the STATE of Rhode Island has fewer people (1 million vs 2 million) than Bexar County, Texas (where San Antonio is) but has suffered over FIVE TIMES as many cases of covid-19 (14,928 vs 2,825) and almost TEN TIMES THE DEATHS (718 vs 73)! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on?!?!

    • ses1066

      To add to your New York / Florida comparison, Gov.Cuomo has made references to NYC being THE Port-of-Entry for the East Coast which is a true statement.

      However, Florida is THE Cruise Port capital of the Nation and has ported multiple CV19 infected ships both before and after the pandemic declaration. Gov.DeSantis took the heat of ‘slow response’ for several dockings to get proper protections working.

      Comparison between the two is to Cuomo’s disadvantage EXCEPT for his fawning MSM!

    • JTC

      Yes one of the cartoonists made a funny with DeSantis shown as failed inept bungler and Cuomo as an agressive decisive lifesaver…with those stats shown below each of them. Media doesn’t even pretend at truth.

      OC, that’s a lot of good comparison info but it is all so fatally flawed and gerrymandered that it is all meaningless.

      Only one number really matters, state by state as well as national total…the number of dead traced and proven to be directly due to Commie- 19 (is a more effective Commie-20 soon to follow?).

      How to get that number? Simple. Just ignore all of the “official” tallies and find the little chart that lists total deaths due to the top 10 causes for 2018, total the figures for the first five months, and then do the same to the reported numbers for 2020 including the KungFlu.

      It’s about 20% higher, meaning as a very reliable average, only 20% of the deaths attributed to C19 could actually be proven to be. What are they claiming now, 110,000? It’s more like 10,000 and the rest were stolen from other risk causes of death.

      Why? Well the report I saw said something about each covid corpse being good for 39,000 in federal aid to the state (no WONDER the crooks in NY “found” another 10,000 a while back). ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY!

      Also with the of their propaganda arm they can use the numbers to scare the bejeebus out of the blue people and keep everybody home from work and the work places locked up to cause as much carnage as possible before the truth comes out (as it is in places like FLA) and their next phase or next created crisis like burning the whole motherfucking place down while pretending to give a shit about a murdered dude while hundreds die at the hands of their own every week…anyway, sorry for that part of the rant, but to reiterate, the published numbers may be accurate for some places but are highly inflated in others rendering the whole exercise moot.

  • Pamela

    Well Nancy, the BOOM!! BOOM!!! are headed your way

  • grunt GI

    So threw my pennies in the pot. Crappy first half of year thanks to all the lockdown bulls**. Definitely looking forward to the new toon, however…a nice bright spot at the midpoint of the worst damn year I can remember since my dad died.

    Had lots of interesting conversations with the +1 about all the conversations she’s having with her middle-aged woke guilty white women friends. They are all a bunch of virtue signaling white liberals that either have wealthy husbands or have made their own money. WTF do they feel guilty about? If they want to donate all their money to BLM approved “charities” then go ahead. I’m getting tired of their crap….

    Here’s what I predict. ONE more night of this shit, and all the inner city dwelling white liberals are gonna be BEGGING their wussy mayors to let loose the cops and National Guard. It’s all fun and games as long as the rioters are burning their own neighborhoods, but when they start heading uptown to eat the rich—well, law and order is gonna seem much more important than woke platitudes.

    AND just wait and see…what’s gonna PISS me off more than anything else–after all the lunatics burn down their cities, they’re gonna DEMAND that Trump print TRILLIONS to rebuild.

    I say FU** em…you burn down all the small businesses, run out the big box stores, and generally turn your neighborhoods into Sadr City, then suck it up and rebuild it yourself.

    Maybe the Hollyweird stars will all join in rebuilding…who knows….

  • Oldarmourer

    When in panic, when in doubt…point a finger, scream and shout…
    If the media pushes something, or as in this case, starts something…
    see what they’re trying to distract you from…
    weren’t the Senate hearings into ‘bamagate supposed to start today ?

  • JTC

    Obama has kind of taken on the role of Grand Poobah of the lefties, emerging from the shadows from time to time with a sage pronouncement. This time it’s about the riots…and requested people “not excuse violence, or rationalize it, or participate in it.” right after doing the first two immediately before. Still good that he said it for whatever minimal impact it will be have on hired thugs. But then he went on to inadvertently embrace a solution that I have espoused since the St. Louis riots.

    As the typical wailing and blaming went on pretty much all coming down to RACISM!, with a little checking on the demographics in some affected areas (my discussion at that time was referencing Memphis, home to a very sharp young black female college student convert to the fun and function of shooting and concealed carry I was chatting with. Another quick search gave me the number of sworn officers by race to get the ratio of cops to peeps. It was pretty bad, if pretty predictable. Starting with Memphis and going through another half dozen, many of the same places getting torched this time, it was out of whack bad…like typically 80/20 white to black on the force and 20/80 in the population served. Am I advocating choosing leo’s on the basis of racial ratio? Fuck yes! If that Chauvinist dick and his crew was black would we have heard a whimper? No. If every time a street thug got profiled and shook down it was by a cop who looked like him, would there be an uprising? No! Now back to Barack:

    Obama then addressed the importance of participating in politics and voting in every election, saying that “the elected officials who matter most in reforming police departments and the criminal justice system work at the state and local levels….reform agendas will vary from place to place but should be tailored to each community and that it’s up to organizers to educate themselves of what strategies work best.”

    Organizers. He said that several times. And a reform agenda/strategy that they will lap up like like a spoon is one that gives them racial veto over law enforcement and administration officials to meet the requirement for equal representation based on the racial makeup of the populace. None of these damn black-and-blue enclaves would be torn up right now if this policy was in place in all of them.

    Then our smarmy, effete, empty suit of a former president made another true statement, but not at all like he intended. He said “…the next moment in American history can be “a real turning point” if “we can channel our justifiable anger into peaceful, sustained, and effective action.”

    I’m pretty sure he was addressing us Deplorables with that one. 🙂

  • PaulS

    Jumped in as quick as I could, wanted to get the FR kick started (see what I did there) so Chris won’t have to hold out too long on the fun in the sun! What the hell we gonna do with the money that was returned to us anyway? 😉

  • I paid mine this morning early. Would have loved to be able to go Don Portago, but no. Did my normal Naomi. Not as much as I wished, but it’s something to support my favorite cartoon.

  • MasterDiver

    Just put in my contribution. Went Sky High, wanted to upgrade to ‘Toly, but we have some remodeling planned and want to pay cash. Might be able to swing it later during the drive. Dig deep, folks!

    Zar Belk!

  • Pamela

    I added my bit.

  • JTC

    I usually break it up, half up front and the balance at the end to help get the bar to the end. Explains why I have doubles of some sexy swag.

    Planned to drop my buck and a half at the stroke of midnight EDT but somebody neglected to get the toon up at the regular time, so off to bed. Done later today.

    Hopefully the same amount around Independence Day. Symbolic for me to git ‘er done by then.


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