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  • The Basseteer

    The Art of the Deal!

    • James Gemind

      It’s juft Fu@#ed uo enough it could work…

  • JTC

    No you wackjob bitch, PDJT is right and you are so far left you make regular leftists look almost normal…hmm, is this bitch a plant?

    Nah, she has the brains of one though. Nobody over there is that smart.

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Is AOC a plant? Dunno? Yes, she has the brains of one. Ivy? Poison ivy? How often do you water her? Fertilizer? Weed killer might be more appropriate.

      • JTC

        Ganja, mon.

        • JTC

          @TDBW, meaning in this context a shill of course…

          Or in common gunnie parlance a false flag operative.

          But yeah, back to the ganja for brains, they ain’t that smart.

          • JTC

            DJT OTOH, is…and such would fit his AOTD MO.

            Could be a sign…

            “Imagine that, huh, me workin’ for youuu…”

            That would be fucking awesome.

          • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

            Check your legs. See which one is longer. That’s the one I was pulling.

          • JTC

            Swing and a miss, bro…had to be wacky weed.

    • interventor

      The Children of Darkness are more perceptive, in their time, than the Children of Light.

  • Delilah T.

    Careful. She might bite. Is she still rising to her level of incompetence, or is there more to come? Please stay tuned to this station for more on this subject… And be sure to tip the bartender/waitress on your way out.

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Might bite? Sounds like she’s a Venus fly trap.

      • Punta Gorda

        With teeth like that is there any question?

      • kadaka

        Watch out boy she’ll chew you up
        (Oh here she comes)
        She’s a maneater

      • Doggo

        I don’t want her anywhere near my fly.

    • PaulS

      I see no limit to her incompetence. Oh no!!

  • kadaka

    But no matter how many times Chuckles Schumer and Bitter Nancy kept repeating it ad nauseam, Trump stopped asking for a concrete barrier and went with steel slats as the border security professionals wanted. The bullets might go right through to Mexico.

    Which would discourage would-be illegal crossers from getting near the wall. Never mind, carry on.

      • JTC

        Cesspools have walls don’t they?

        • John M.

          But with a cesspool, I want to be outside the wall…

          • NotYetInACamp

            That is what walls around the cesspools will be for.
            Was it “Escape from New York” with Snake?

            A wall to keep them in.
            A wall to keep the others out.
            Two walls.
            And a Constitution to bind them.

            Just enforce the US Constitution and US code and get rid of these non citizens. Then AOC could be relatively alone.
            Tom Perez. You were not born subject to the jurisdiction of the USA, I have heard. Nor do you have allegiance to the USA even now. Easy decision. Apply the law. Chuck him over the wall.
            I wonder when the country will understand this and ignore the gaslight by the MSM, then demand actions.
            The problem with having certain problems solved, is that politics is the Art of the Possible. It is not the Art of the Correct. Hopefully, all in its time. In time.

          • JTC

            The whole point of course…San Fran, LA, NYC, Seattle, Miami…give ’em the sanctuary they so desire!

          • NotYetInACamp

            JTC. I just want to expel or deport 20-30,000,000+ of them to their own nations. AOL, like commie Rep Gutierrez before her, is Puerto Rican, and a citizen of the USA. They keep voting to stay a Commonwealth.
            I remember when San Francisco and Miami were beautiful and filled with many kind and pleasant people.
            As a small child I called this with the 1965 immigration act. written sponsored by one senator, and spearheaded by Senator Theodore Kennedy, a controlled person who followed orders.
            Everything said back then about the bill was a lie, and no one listened to my logic about what was real. I really was very young. And I was right.

          • kadaka

            NYIAC (sounds Russian), Puerto Rico is over $123 billion in debt total and bankrupt thus many people want them to become a state so the federal government will bail them out. The extra two Dem votes in the Senate are a bonus, wanted since it’s a lot more complicated to make DC a state. I don’t see why Republicans would really want them to be a state anyway.

            But perhaps Bezos and Branson and the Trump kids could work a deal for it to be a transportation and distribution hub that’s a nice place to get laid over a few days.

          • GWB

            @ Kadaka (we can’t reply over one deep now?!)
            it’s a lot more complicated to make DC a state
            It would be un-Constitutional to make DC a state and have the federal gov’t remain there. (If they don’t want taxation w/out representation, then they should work to repeal the 16th Amendment.)

          • kadaka

            GWB: With the deeper comment nesting on a smartphone it can get down to one word a line with lots of scrolling.

          • NotYetInACamp

            – hub that’s a nice place to get laid over a few days. –
            When I was about 10 in one of Puerto Rico’s best hotels I wondered who all of these hot attractive 11 to 15 year old girls were around the hotel. I couldn’t talk with them as I did not speak Spanish well at all. I was told by a hotel employee that I had asked that these girls were prostitutes from the Dominican Republic. It has been an industry of DR for quite a long while. The employee also said that they were supplied all around the Caribbean and it was considered normal for many in the DR. It was a big income maker, I suppose. No one with responsibility for such things being prosecuted ever did anything over the decades that I told this story. I also say these young prostitutes in other hotels around the Caribbean and thereabouts over the years. Sad.
            Epstein and Bill Clinton are partakers in a long tradition of underage sex. I wonder if Epstein gave Mueller his tapes and evidence to use as blackmail in exchange for Epstein receiving an illegally short sentence?

  • interventor

    Crazy Eyes Cortez requires a wall, Preferable, down range!

  • NotYetInACamp

    AOC’s behavior is that she was exposed to the ideas she holds constantly (or even just regularly) from age about 4 onward. The later years reinforcing her earlier learning. With repetition it becomes hard wired. Eventually, what has has been told is true with no factual basis, can only be true in her mind. She cannot accept facts as even existing when presented to her that refute her now ‘hard wired’ beliefs.
    So her and millions also educated in Marxist theory controlled schools have been lost to reality and are now Marxist stalwart revolutionaries charging the “oppressors” defensive positions, again, with petards hoisted high.

  • Pamela

    A high wall. With bars. And a lovely jacket for her to wear.

    • WayneM

      Long sleeves to wrap around her like a hug?

    • Itsspideyman

      I’ve seen those eyes in every Hitchcock picture.

  • NotYetInACamp

    And they will line their former allies up against the wall and ………..

  • John Block

    Damn, Chris. Wierding me out with the phycotic look there….

    • Delilah T.

      Is it a “psychotic look”, or is it something else?

      • eon

        She looks like that in practically every photo of her there is. She’s the psycho gang member who can’t wait to tie someone down and start killing them slowly, one cut at a time.

        CM is just being accurate.

        clear ether


        • PaulS

          You noticed that too?! And that is with a media that wants to make her look good, probably hiding the truly whacked images.

      • John Block

        Lust for power, too….

  • Bill G

    Oh, Occasional-Cortex wants a wall, all right. She’d probably be among the first to go to it, after someone who’s faster to violence than she is took over, though. Or does she have her Beria already lined up?

  • kadaka

    Dang, been forever since I thought of the name, but, I really have to admit the resemblance is there. What do you think?

    • GWB

      Nah, the skeleton’s eyes aren’t nearly buggy enough.

  • William Henry

    she has that look in her eyes of Pennywise The Clown from the Stephen King movie ( It ) with a glint of madness thrown in from Charles Manson.

    this one is dangerous and could start the next civil war… even with her being dumb as a post.

  • Redleg

    AOC has a list of 24 names of democrat traitors which she will give to activists for punishment in the next primaries. She should be careful: I’ll bet that there will also be more than 24 lists with her name on them in the next cycle.

    • kadaka

      AOC will have retribution on those who go against The Party, which will be surprising to those who thought they were still old style “loyal opposition” Democrats.

    • JSStryker

      It would be hilarious if the 24 dems she threatened would say “You know what? We don’t need to be involved with this kind of crazy, so we are all changing to the Republican party”

    • PaulS

      Hold The Onion…. 🙂

  • cb

    OTOH give her enough rope…

  • rickn8or

    Looking forward to the day whey AOC doesn’t swing nearly as big a stick as she think she does.

  • kadaka

    Uh-oh, Socialists are Socializing again. Buzzfeed shared in doing some journalism. The WWF, when not chiding us like AOC-lite about surrendering sovereignty to avert the climate crisis, has basically been funding mercenaries as anti-poaching forces. Who act worse than UN 3rd-world blue helmets and torture and kill villagers and drive the natives from ancestral lands, all to protect animals over people, as they are paid to do.

    Just imagine feudal lords employing platoons of thugs to run roughshod over the peasants and drive them off their newly-declared royal lands and aggressively pursue all who would steal from the lords by poaching etc, and you know socialism in practice. Which the WWF has covertly embraced “for the mission”.

    WWF’s Secret War: One Of The World’s Biggest Charities Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People
    The World Wide Fund for Nature funds vicious paramilitary forces to fight poaching. A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals the hidden human cost.

    • GWB

      Which sortof proves the point conservatives make about actually owning the animals, and it providing an incentive to protect them. Of course, done in totally the wrong way……

      (And, yeah, I won’t jump up and down on this because it’s Buzzfeed.)

      • Punta Gorda

        Buzzard feed being what it is, concider the source.

  • Punta Gorda

    As for the representation of AoC, looks quite a bit like Tuco’s wanted posters with the same shit eatin’ grin in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    …only Tuco didn’t have stripper curves and was an ex cocktail waitress.

  • Los Ojos Locos is about as crazy as they get.

    • Punta Gorda

      I wonder if that gender case might hide an unpublished thing about “her”.

      Los -masculine
      Las -feminine

      • kadaka

        Only means that ojos is a masculine noun in el Español. Like with el vestido (the dress).


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