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  • kadaka

    Well then, that Biden/Abrams ticket will be just fine then, if she doesn’t mind stepping down from her governorship while running. She’s quite a handful!

    • JTC

      Creepy Joe will be prez in the same places that sow Abrams is gov…
      Only in their hallucinations and our nightmares.

  • James F Gemind

    Gropey Joe Biden, the best the Democrats can field…

  • JTC

    Media ragging on DT for a couple of hells and damns at the Realtor convention…what are they gonna do with Big Fucking Deal Biden?

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    That’s Mr EX Vice President!

  • Halley

    Michelle O is waiting in the wings, and no Dim could possibly resist the chance to put another Oh Bomb-a (crusher of bitter clingers) in the White House. It’s hers if she wants it, and she’s probably plotting her election fraud of a campaign with the Enemies of the People right now…

    • Old Codger

      Michelle O is waiting in the wings,


      [whispering](And so is Hillary) :O

  • Pamela

    Might want to break out the ball gag and leather mask

  • Gropey Joe was gropin’ again just yesterday.

    • GWB

      That was his wife no less!
      (Wouldn’t be a thing, except she pulled his hands away. Hillaryous!)

  • NotYetInACamp

    Are they arresting the orcs yet?

  • Bill M

    Needs a clamp on his nose also.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    This popped up on overnight, “Biden takes credit for the booming economy; Trump inherited it”.

    Is Biden Jewish? For a goy, that’s one hell of a lot of chutzpah.

  • interventor

    Joe, to bad, that orange really doesn’t go with your complexion. But, its what you’ll be wearing for a decade or so.

  • Kafiroon

    I figure they will forgive Anything Creepy Joe did, does, and will do to keep hip running.
    Of course they will do that for whomever they decide to go with,

    My prediction has been expressed here before (JTC?).
    Hillery takes over at the convention.
    I would accept that Moosechelle does that.

  • DogByte6RER

    Creepy Joe Biden May be an ex-Vice President, but he will ALWAYS be the President of Vice …

  • Some how some one will play this thing to be the D challenger. Some how, some way, he will actually do quite well in vote numbers. The only thing we must hope for is that America gives The Donald a voting record like RR’s second term, if not better.

  • JTC

    @Halley: “Michelle O is waiting in the wings…It’s hers if she wants it…”

    That is a chilling prospect, and almost certainly true. And very bad for us if that should happen. That simian is almost universally adored, was no doubt the evil brains behind the Zero, and would not be the empty suit that he was.

    Hill’s time is past but Moonkey is the black version of that Beast…in many ways worse. And that gaggle of empty empty suits (and skirts regardless of gender identification) now running would become instantly irrelevant.

    Worst thing for us is that it would have the immediate money and support of all of them plus that sickening influencer AOC…and also -many- on “our” side of the aisle. And you think media is brutally partisan now? Not only would their legs be tingling but so would their veejayjay’s. Even The Donald would probably have to pull back on the nicknames etc. or face a lynching.

    A Moochelle Democrat ticket would not be a good thing at all. And absolutely devastating for America and the world if it became president.

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