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  • kadaka

    You know, even at his age he might learn to behave himself if they’d use the shock collar. On the higher setting for negative reinforcement, not that light touch they use to jolt him back to the prepared lines during speeches and interviews.

    • PaulS

      Sorry for the pedantic, but a shock collar (in context you are using) would be positive punishment. Any “reinforcement”, positive or negative, would increase the likelihood of the behavior.
      Of course we don’t know Joe’s proclivities, but it could turn into a positive reinforcement if he’s inclined a certain way. Doesn’t seem to like handcuffs much though. Start getting used to them pal!

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Really, I’m surprised that no one (female) (the sheriff) has slapped Biden’s face off or kneed him in the balls for his molestations.

    • Bill G

      Nobody is allowed close to him without it being certain that they will not react to anything; even their child being groped in public. As a democrat in power, the True Believers in the democrat message will tolerate anything from him.

      • eon

        It’s the Piranha Brothers syndrome;

        Criminologist; It is easy for us to judge Dinsdale Piranha too harshly. After all he only did what many of us simply dream of doing…(tic…controls himself) I’m sorry. After all a murder…a murderer is only an extroverted suicide. Dinsdale was a looney, but he was a happy looney. Lucky bastard.

        -Monty Python’s Flying Circus, ep. 14.

        People tend to vote for leaders who are at least somewhat like what they wish they were. Good grief, I wish I had half as much money as the President; a wife like Melania would be a gift on top of that.

        Considering what progressives vote for, ranging from The One to Hillary, Kamala Himmler and now Biden, if this doesn’t make you wonder what they have in their heads, it should.

        clear ether


        • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

          What they have in their heads……
          “Snakes…….why did it have to be snakes……..?”

    • interventor

      I assume you mean, Mitchell.

      • JTC

        The only One with balls in the family.

      • rolanddeshain

        I heard the one refer to him as Michael in a speech.

    • Bill

      I gotta believe the AOC crowd eventually walks away from both these guys and says “fuck it”.

      • eon

        I expect them to be too busy making Molotov cocktails and throwing them to vote.

        clear ether


        • GWB

          Oh, the sweet joy of a bit of condensed kinetic energy striking a fascist/communist revolutionary just as they rear back their arm to throw a molotov cocktail! It warms my cockles.
          (It also warms everyone else in about a 5-10′ radius……)

          • NotYetInACamp

            In n many jurisdictions that is according to law. And I do not mean Sharia.

            Concerning the emotive content, it’s OK also. WAIT! Did I make that forbidden hand sign right then? Is it the same if you w write the sign? Is OK written also verboten as a cod word hidden sign? Oh! MY! I’m in a new pickle now. Where is real comedy now? Is it locked up with the jailed saluting cute dog? Was teaching our dog to growl when we asked it “What do you think of Castro?” also a forbidden action to be searched from my past that now the word Na….AHHH I almost used another forbidden word! I gotta go ………..

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “Feelings, nothing more than feelings
    Trying to forget my feelings of love…..”

    • WayneM

      Oh that’s good… very good… Bwahahaahaaa!!

      Of course, in the case of Uncle Joe, he also has that odd sniffing habit in addition to his feelings…

  • Pamela

    Er, I think a personal force shield in needed for the Hands Man.

    • eon

      A Humane Restraints straitjacket is a lot cheaper.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they put him in Segufix bed restraints at night to keep him from “wandering” into women’s rooms in the hotels.

      clear ether


      • Pamela

        But he needs shock treatments for aversion therapy.
        Hmm. Klingon Pain Sticks.

        • Delilah T.

          Cattle prods are cheaper and more available.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Wheel Uncle Joe everywhere strapped to a hand truck and gagged until it was time for him to talk, just like Jack Nicholson’s character was in that disgusting movie cute Jodie Foster was in.

        • JTC

          You mean Hannibal the Cannibal as I referenced down below?

          Anthony Hopkins. Even Jack can’t do scary like that.

  • Too Tall

    Creepy Joe is so warped and stupid, he probably got the best “tingle” from feeling up the house plant.

    Too bad the house plant wasn’t oleander or poison ivy.

  • Lon Mead

    BIDEN 2020!

    He Feels You!

    • Wood

      Oh snap!

    • JTC

      Slick Willie beat him to it…

      “Ah FEEEL yer pain…”

      Unca J could change the last word to just about anything as he did the grip n sniff thing.

  • Delilah T.

    Geez the creeper factor and I haven’t even swallowed my breakfast!

    Someone should have punched out Joe the Gropester a long time ago. Kneeing him in the nuts would be a pleasure, except he doesn’t have any.

    So there’s always this, quietly, with a Big Smile on your face: “Any part of you that touches me, you won’t get back in one piece.” And never EVER shake hands with that creature. Something might rub off on you.

    I think I”m going to gag.

    • Pamela

      That would need to be Bill, not Joe.

  • JimK

    You can always tell ol’ Creepy Joe, but you can’t tell him much.

    • I don’t know, that could be the theme song for Biden’s run! Like The Donald and God Bless The USA. It would fit perfectly!

  • Tagg

    Touchy feely democrat politics… Gives you a warm snug feeling eh? Scary as hell!

  • JTC

    I knew the sicko reminded me of something when he gets his feelz on and does the deep hair breathing thing, but I’m too lazy and/or dumb to find the scene…

    Remember Hannibal Lecter when he goes into a fluttery closed-eye nirvanic state, deep breathing in his recall of one of his meals I think, classical music playing…

    Well the doctor was a brilliant monster and Joe is just a common perv, but yeah, like that.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Who? Did you mean Beta?

  • Halley

    To me, the “hands on” part is really no big deal about BarackHussein’s bad choice for VP. The creepiest turn-off about BarackHussein’s bad choice for VP is that he’s a Democrat.


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