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  • JTC

    Such significant detail even in the most insignificant scrawl…

    She joyously walking on air, buoyed by her full heart and her anatomical correctness…and he striding so confidently as he leads and protects and provides for his family.

    At least that’s how I see it; how does Muir do that?

  • WayneM

    A woman who appreciates her man… does it get any better?

  • kadaka

    Passing off young Samuel’s work as her own! Is she pandering for Democrat votes?

    Hey, with Trump and family moving to Palm Beach, will that leave the anti-GlobalClimateWarmingChange crusaders conflicted? ‘Cause if they hold off a bit until Florida gets flooded then they’re rid of Trump so…

    • Too Tall

      Come to think of it, Samuel is an expert on Sam’s hooters.

    • eon

      Over on his T account, the trolls are saying he wants his family to be closer to where he’ll be in prison.

      If that were true, and Schiff and Hillary get their wish, it would be Florence ADX in CO.

      Hopefully, in the end, those two plus Swalwell, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Strozk and Company will be on the same cell block there.

      clear ether


      • PaulS

        I’m really more in favor of construction of the gallows that will be used to apply justice to the Treasonous Bastards!
        Room and Board? FU!
        Or firing squads, which positions could be applied for with a lottery system, I bet we could put a dent in the National debt along with the pay per view.

      • interventor

        Typically, high end federal prisoners end up at the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.

    • Punta Gorda

      Less tax revenue for cuckoo land Como.

  • Pamela

    For Sam and Zed…because they have one another

    I felt you…slip in
    thought I wouldn’t
    didn’t you?
    felt your heat
    mixing with mine
    felt your kisses
    tender featherings
    on cheek, nape and nook
    felt your blood race and roar
    trying to keep up…reaching
    for the sweaty sweet treat
    felt you collapse
    saying I had worn you out
    yet again for the umpteenth time
    felt your snore against my neck
    as we dozed back off to sleep
    felt you leave me with a smile
    that you could face the day
    because you have me

    • GWB

      Nice, Pamela. 🙂

      (My other comment was too short, I guess. They keep saying size doesn’t matter, but then this happens…….)

    • JTC

      “I felt you…slip in thought I wouldn’t didn’t you?”

      Hey, that’s a small dick joke ain’t it?

      Either way. To be followed by thirty seconds of bliss and the the Deep Sleep. Just different ways of looking at it, as God intended. But yeah, ready for manana afterwards.

  • NotYetInACamp

    It is very nice that they think about and act that way with each other. Do the positive.
    That’s my interpretation.

    Now for a view from the left, or rather the Fifth Column, Let’s talk about buying a gun.
    educational. as to guns, usage, alternate info, similarities.

  • Punta Gorda


  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    For being a decent engineer, Sam is a terrible artist. I don’t expect a daVinci style Mona Lisa, but better than a two year’s old scrawl.

    • JTC

      As the greatest artists know, all the greatest art is the most basic, inspiring and requiring the participation of the beholder to achieve its greatness.

    • PaulS

      Pretty sure the implied artist is their child. 😉

  • GWB

    Wait, that’s a picture demonstrating her love because he protects them? If so, where’s the rifle, the scope and the ghillie suit?

    (Me? I would have left his side of the card blank, except for this short straight line – just long enough to be a barrel poking out from under the camouflage….)

    BTW, Chris, I got the goodies this week. Thank you!

  • Tagg

    I can remember when this would have been a hohum statement. In a society where normal elicits OMG’s… Well something’s out of kilter.

  • DougT

    Take away the red hair and nice boobs, add an iron cross and Katie Hill would be after you for circulating “misogynist revenge porn.”

  • Halley

    Zed was going to say “I love you for your posterior”, right?

  • John M.

    So, I just read where Beta-male is dropping out… who’s next, Bootie-judge? (or did he go already –I can’t keep up…)


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