Day By Day


  • kadaka

    Well if you’re that upset about his two daughters, these days there’s a fix for that. Would you be happier with the mess from three sons?

    Beto has ejected. First deBlasio, then Beto. Are they going by height? I always though Yang had a great shot.

    Kamala the Cop is closing her New Hampshire field offices and going “all in” on Iowa. If it’s make or break on the opening round then it’s broke.

  • interventor

    I’ve theorized that the spinning of a dryer within an electric field might open a portal for socks to travel to and fro between dimensions.

    • GWB

      It’s the reverse of Asimov’s The Gods Themselves.

    • Chris Muir

      The rings of Saturn are composed of billions of old, missing socks-and not one matches another.

  • War Pig

    There was an episode on Ren and Stimpy about the dimension of missing socks.

    Boys – one outfit for three days. Girls, -three outfits in one day.

    • WayneM

      That’s only if the boy gets notified by either parents and/or local haz-mat team to change his clothes after three days…

      Likewise, that’s only if the girl isn’t chasing a boy… otherwise the outfits per day goes up in direct correlation to her hormone levels.

    • Randy

      I dunno my boys do three outfits in one day pretty frequently.

  • kadaka

    There shall be a device where barely-worn clothes are not washed but merely tumbled while misted with Febreeze. It can be hand-cranked, saving electricity and water and thus Greener than Shifty Schiff’s jealousy of Trump.

    • Wood

      Sounds like my brass/media separator. Would have the happy effect of cleaning the separator

      • PaulS

        LOL, exactly! I’m always a bit surprised at how loud it is, and of course it is too late for ear plugs 😉

  • Merle

    funny how the “responsible” parent changes along with your attitude at the moment…. 🙂

  • Punta Gorda

    “Space?” She’s already got an impressive gap.

  • Too Tall

    Note that at times like these, it is always “your (the Dad’s) daughter or son.”

    One of my favorite bumper stickers: “You can’t scare me…I’ve got two daughters.”

    • Wood

      Amateur. I’ve got 3!

      • Too Tall

        I am in awe of your survival and diplomacy skills.

        • John

          I’ll wait until I see Wood IRL.
          I for one am skeptical of Nietzche’s assertion that “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”.

          • MasterDiver

            Tell Nietzche that that which does not kill me had better run Goddam fast!

            Zar Belk!

      • cfm56dash7

        The extra kid, going two to three, is tough. Have to move from a man-to-man to a zone defense. Number four seemed easier, by comparison.

    • Punta Gorda

      It gets entertaining after they have kids. Always be ready to give the grandkids as much candy as they desire. Then sit back and enjoy the show.

    • James F Gemind

      Too right. The corollary of course, is never to counter with ’My Daughter!?’ That path is lined with Madness…

      …Plus, the wife will stab you with something… 😆

  • Too Tall

    Earth to Zed: Now would be a good time to take Sam out for a date.

    Put Mari and Kiko in charge of doing the laundry, cleaning up the mess, and taking care of Samuel for one evening. It builds character. Besides, their maturity easily exceeds that of their aunt.

    • Alex J

      Once Sam gets tall enough to be able to reach the back burners on the stove, he’ll be cooking up a storm. And probably doing the laundry too.

      Sisters are a curse & blessing at the same instant in time/space.

  • eon

    I’d say if they’re old enough to reload .45 ACP and 9 x 19mm, they’re old enough to reload the washer and dryer.

    When Sam gets to that age, though, with Javier’s influence, he’ll probably be dismantling both for components for a mass driver cannon.

    clear ether


  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Simple solution (as befitting an engineer).
    Mari and Kiko are making a plurality of the messy clothes? Make them do the laundry. They’re old enough to take responsibility for helping around the house. Teach them step by step; gather, sort, load and wash (this may need to be written or directly supervised for awhile – don’t want bleach spotted darks), dry, fold, and put away. Let them have direct experience with seeing how much laundry is generated with multiple unnecessary changes of clothes per day.
    Much work on the front end, but well worth the relief on the back end. (and Sam is well worth the effort at both front and back ends).

    • MAJ Arkay

      Yup. Just as soon as we were tall enough to stand on a stool and reach the controls, we were learning how to do laundry.

      Meanwhile, must be only town kids who do all that clothes changing multiple times a day. Us country girls did not have the clothes or the time to be messing around like that.

      On the Bar S, we (male and female chillens) were caring for the critters, generally working around the ranch, cleaning weapons, learning how to cook, clean, sew (fabric and leather), maintain equipment, garden — AND go to school.

      If Sam and Zed haven’t been doing that with their girls, they done messed up (and Wade would not be real happy with ’em, any more than my Grandad Tom would have been).

      Wade may have been based on Chris’ dad, but I sure do see my grandad and dad in him, too. Lord, how I miss them.

  • Halley

    The Outer Limits – one of my all-time favorite TV shows!

  • DogByte6RER

    We have taken control of your washer and dryer … for the next 60 minutes sit back while we take your laundry to The Outer Limits.

    • MasterDiver

      Sounds like they need to conduct a Feasibility Study that may involve the Production and Decay of Strange Particles that could cause a Cry of Silence along The Borderlands ;-)) (Please Stand By)

      Zar Belk

  • rickn8or

    Mari and Kiko aren’t already doing the family laundry??

  • JTC

    Well he done probed her inner limits so yeah, girl needs her space.

    That big ol’ barn not active right now is it? Helluva *Sheshed. In her case a combination of some cool “chicy” and some hot Girlcave stuff to include a rollup door for the old Detroit iron she’s always crawling under. A bar of course. Maybe a pistol range. Maybe a little private space. Giant TV optional.

    *Funniest damn commercial on right now. “That’s wonderful news.” Hilarious.

  • LowKey

    I did that with my sister’s child.
    She was quite upset when I bought him a set of bongo drums when he was five years old.


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