Day By Day


  • JTC

    Beto Not!

    Or all semblance of reserve and civility may be abandoned.

    Do what you have to do, Domestic Warrior Dad.

  • Pamela

    Is that a Holley 4-Barrel Carburetor Sam is working on….

    • JTC

      I was going to say maybe a Quadrajet

      • AFB Carb, Standard fare on hi performance Mopars

      • Kafiroon

        Dunno. I thought Quadrajunks had different orifices for primary and secondarys. We used to replace them with what you pictured when people complained their water pump drive boats should be faster.
        I bought my GT350 from the old chicken farmer. He gave me a great deal and included the same double pumper Holley with the LeMons float bowls they ran there with smaller jets for the street. When that thing opened up and the cam came on…
        Hoo Boy! Hang on!

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      Yes, a 780… used to have one on that ’67 Camaro I had 40 years ago.
      Terrible fuel metering… Stomp on the Gas Pedal and it was like flushing a Toilet.
      Changed back to a Quadra-Jet and picked up 3 MPG

    • WayneM

      Carbs are like muscle cars… people have preferences, frequent tuning required, quality control was an issue and the new stuff is actually better despite/because of the tech. lol

      I’m a heretic; I started with Mopar, then Chev and now import.

    • The Chicken of depression

      Holley double pumper, CFM unknown but looks like an 1150.

    • Robert

      She’s got double pumpers on the outside and the inside of the T-shirt!

  • cz93x62

    Double-pump 4-barrel of some kind. Holley made most of them, and OWNED the aftermarket accordingly. Old School muscle car stuff from my youth.

    • Henry

      I guessed the 4-barrel carb. What I don’t understand is the collection of soapbox derby racers next to it.

      • Andy

        Sam has removed one of the float bowls so I would assume those are a collection of floats. However, they don’t look anything like the usual center or side hung floats that Holley used. Only floats I’ve seen that even closely resemble those are made by Edelbrock.
        But hey, it’s a cartoon and there is a thing called “artistic license”.
        I’m sure Chris has torn down plenty of Holley and other carburetors back in the day. Lord knows I have…

  • What are those mechanical bits to the left of the carb?

    • WayneM

      Accelerator pump assemblies.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    Any male worthy of the title “man”, is a potential killer.
    Given the right (wrong) provocations, any “man” who truly loves his family will do whatever necessary to protect them. Including killing.
    It’s a mind set as much as it is physical. I’m old(er) and no longer in top physical condition. So I’d just as soon shoot you.

    • Precision270

      agreed. Give any real man (or solid woman for that matter) a proposition where they really have nothing left to lose, they will likely attack like a cornered rat. Those sadistic ***** the progs are working diligently to put us all in a corner. I do not think they recognize the danger.

      • John

        The coddled idiots with bulldozer parents quite literally do not understand the concept of real danger.
        To them the world is no more real than their video games and they act accordingly and just as recklessly.
        Not to mention that they regard the inhabitants of their world with no more regard than they would NPCs.
        Which is ironic considering how they act.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    “God made man and woman. Colt made man and woman equal.”

    • Progressives made man and woman equivalent, interchangeable, and convertible.

      Trump just announced Conan is coming back from the Mideast and will be at the WH sometime next week. Therefore Shifty Schiff will expand his oh-so-serious impeachment inquiry to include endangering a covert military operative by leaking their name.

      Since Twitter is now refusing all political ads worldwide, does that mean they’ll refuse DBD ads?

      • Punta Gorda

        Funny that. Now I’m even less inclined to mingle with the twatheads.

    • If that isn’t a bumper sticker, it should be.

    • JTC

      “Colt made man and woman equal.”

      How contexts change.

      The new woke one would have ol’ Sam spinnin’ in his grave.

  • Josey Wales: You get those holes a-leakin’, I’m gonna whomp you with a knotted plow line.

  • Dr. Urchin

    No doubt Sam and Zed are like every other marriage: there are days when you have absolutely no effing idea why you stay married to your spouse, and only see the “bad and the ugly”. Sam is pretty strong to also acknowledge that it’s all three.

  • Bill G

    As H.L. Mencken is quoted at the top of Ace of Spades H.Q.’s header, “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” Beta O’Rourke has no concept of what he’s calling for. No one and nothing inside his bubble gives him a clue.

    • PaulS

      I’m cynical and have changed to thinking they do know what they are calling for. They want to destroy the country and say “see, I told ya all those people are bad.” The part they miss is that they are the domestic enemy, not the “Deplorables”,
      I still wonder exactly how far their heads have to be up an ass, to see shit the way they do.

      • John D. Egbert

        Part of their daily ablution includes cleaning their plexiglass belly buttons — so they can see where they’re going . . .

    • Pamela

      So can Beta be the stand in for the practice dummy?

  • ottersmith

    They’ve already been given many clues. “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see, none so deaf as those who refuse to hear.” Having your senses corrected can be wonderful … or a trip to an internal hell as you attempt to deal with the pain and damage you’ve caused others — and yourself. One can easily die of old age in complete ignorance of some parts of reality.

  • Scout706

    I’m just glad I could recognize “a carburetor”

    • JTC

      You’re not just being facetious there. How many years since you could pop a hood an find one of those sitting proud? Even with a nice breather hat on you always knew they were there and why.

      Unless they’re gearheads (and there are quite a few of them), most post-boomers have seen nothing like that when checking fluids etc.

      • JTC

        One of the last of the last. Yeah there’s a carb under there somewhere, not sure Sam’s 4 barrel could do that poor little choked down 307 any good though.

        A little sad for an old guy like me, but nostalgia or hobby is the only reason to hang on to them; a thread at a gunnie blog the other day about these being the good old automotive days had me both missing my ’54 Chev truck/rod with all its cool small block accoutrements, and then my amazement at the frickin’ 6 cyl in my F150 crewcab turning 91 in the quarter, making more hp and more torque than a 5.0 while delivering 18 mpg combined, and as an afterthought my wife ’15 Benz C300 with a twin turbo FOUR CYL sucking the doors off the truck with a 97 mph quarter and 32 mpg.

        Still love me some rumbling v8’s and hot rod parts though, especially in the hands of that hot ass red head grease money.

  • Redleg

    Beto, or not Beto? That is the question. I got your answer right here pal!

    I’m sorry, Shakespeare.

  • Spin Drift

    Sam, being an engineer, I’m surprised she isn’t holding a side-draught Weber. Your basic American 4 barrel is nice at the WFO Redline moments but that is not the real world. Dialing in a DCOE takes a fair bit of knowledge of the IC engine, fluid dynamics, thermo and a little black art acquired by doing. But once dialed in to that particular motor they will usually stay dialed in save for a minor adjustment to compensate for linkage wear.

    Doing the tuning is rather straight forward once you have all the other engine parameters squared away. This means that the valve seats are good, the rings seal and compression PSI cylinder to cylinder is 5% or less, good spark and advance curve clean plugs. If all that is good to go then you can tune the carb, if any is not up to spec you are wasting your time.

    She was running real good right up until she seized.

    • Pamela

      She could be tearing down Solex or Mikuni carbs…Those are fun

    • JTC

      Very cool, but I haven’t seen a rig like this there at the ranch. Takes a little dedication even -or especially- for an engineer.

      As referenced above, all now irrelevant except to the few.

      Note that we haven’t seen Sam tearing into that Escalade.

  • I like how there are more comments here about the carburetor Sam’s working on, than the subject of her conversation.

  • Buck

    That’s what happened to Joe Leonard when running his last Springfield Mile. Running away from the pack when the engine seized. But that was a Triumph probably running Amals.

  • Pamela

    At least Sam gets a fist full whenever she wants.

  • I see carburetors lots of times these days, on the lawn mower and tractor when I change them just about every spring. I got a cordless weedwhacker after the alcohol gas destroyed the carb lines on a gas-powered one and the primer bulb went stiff.

    The House just voted for the Witch Hunt on Halloween on laser-straight party lines but the propaganda arm of the Democrat(ish) Party knows the public is bored so they manufactured the next outrage as expected:
    Trump Tweets Meme About Hero Dog, Journos Lose Minds

    • John

      I thought it was telling of our “thought leaders” that they appointed themselves to be “angry on his behalf”.
      This is the very epitome of fake news.

  • Swansonic

    Hey Chris – Happy belated B-day. Got a nice package from you today as well. Thank you and many happy returns!

  • kadaka

    Donald Trump just announced his family and him are ditching New York and making Palm Beach, Florida their new Permanent Residence. They pay millions in taxes and get so much disrespect from NY politicians.

    Good bye, Schumer and Cuomo and deBlasio and AOC! Hello, Chris Muir!

  • JTC

    Makes sense, if you’re going to live large on the ocean and you can’t stomach the right or left coasts, Palm Beach ain’t bad. Some other strategic planning involved too I’m sure. Regardless, welcome PDJT!

  • Too Tall

    GBUs? Good, Bad, and Uglies?

    Somehow I keep thinking about Guided Bomb Units (GBUs) and the plethora of Designated Mean Points of Impact (DMPIs) that need servicing.

    So many Tangoes, so little time.