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  • JTC

    Boobehs! Giving the girls a little (heh) attention, as it were.

  • kadaka

    ‘Toly and Naomi’s second kid is well fed.

  • Punta Gorda



  • Too Tall


    I’ve never seen anything average in your cartoons.

    They generally start with excellence and improve upon that.

    • kadaka

      Two cans of gasoline, two containers of charcoal starter, two lighters. Obviously he was just taking a shortcut through the cathedral on his way to an outdoor bonfire and cookout. Those old pallets can be hard starting sometimes.

      • kadaka

        Funny note, ABC and other news outlets keep saying the guy had “lighter fluid”. You can see the bottles say “charcoal lighter”.

        Who knew learning to fill a Zippo could keep you from making such an embarrassing and possibly dangerous mistake?

        • Stephanie Osborn

          Back in the olden days, we called ALL of it “lighter fluid,” because it was intended to help SOMETHING ignite. So that is indeed a colloquial terminology.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Two DBD wemmin in next to nothing!? Yeah, I’d be stiff too. WOOF!!
    (down, boy, down! heel!)

    • eon

      The left is now determined to Save Holy Mother Gaia- from the reprehensible human race.

      Ms. Crazy Eyes neglects to mention the famines, people dying in the cold in winter north of 35 deg North or south of 35 deg South, the inability to get even medicines to where they will absolutely be needed, etc., that would be the inevitable result of the GND.

      But remember; to the deep-ecologists, exterminating roughly 99.5% of the human race is a feature, not a bug. They want the population reduced to the “carrying capacity of Gaia”, which they figure at between 50 and 500 million, trending toward the lower figure.

      And the rest of the “progressives” only want enough people around to be a controllable serf/slave population in their Bronze Age agrarian socialist/feudalist Eden. Which they figure at ten slaves plus two overseers (thugs) for each of the “enlightened”.

      The only real question is whether they really do think “Gaia” is a Goddess, or whether this is just the latest excuse for their pathological nihilism.

      clear ether


      • Pamela

        It will be fun to watch when Mother Gaia BITCH SLAPS Crazy Eyes and her acolytes.

        • cb

          They are so close to Mother Gaia if blindfolded and turned around 3 times in a city park they’d be completely lost.

      • Pamela

        I’m assuming the deep-ecos have their lairs all stocked up with everything they require prior to the Orchestrated Human Die Off commencing? Have they run their computer models on how to replace any of the technology and peripheral components once the knowledge and skills to create anything are no longer available.
        Curious minds want to know.

        • cfm56dash7

          I have a thing for the science fiction genre in which some event reduces the human population and the world struggles to overcome the loss of those souls. Intellectual and industrial abilities are lost. Advanced technologies go away and mankind is reduced to a medieval lifestyle because no one is making copper for wire, let alone silicon for transistors. Even a 10% reduction in the human population would topple the pyramid.
          At a consumer level, remember how dearly you hold the names and contact information of plumbers, mechanics or tradesmen who actually know their business, and can solve the problem without endless troubleshooting and parts replacement.
          It also makes you wonder whether we’d have Jetson flying cars and personal-spacecraft if we hadn’t sacrificed a couple generations of babies to the culture of death. Did we kill and dispose of the next Newton or Einstein?

          • kadaka

            “no one is making copper for wire”

            Landfills are storehouses of usable materials for when civilization collapses. There’s enough copper as old wiring and plumbing from demolition debris to sustain us for the rebuilding, and plenty of “how to” books covering things like making blades starting with iron-rich sands and making machine tools from aluminum castings you yourself made from scrap. If the info isn’t lost, we’ll come back reasonably quick.

          • Kafiroon

            Nope. We aint gonna do it.
            From my industrial past, very wide ranging, and recent working in a hardware store, Nope.
            With a population loss, too much skilled knowledge is also lost. Note the lack of understanding expressed by our younger adults. Believe it or not, I spend more time explaining how to hang a picture, change a toilet flapper, use a proper drill bit, and Please! call an electrician for that! (Just the questions on electricity scare me! and I was one at an airport for 15 years.)
            I am not sure the survivors would even think of a landfill. Digging in one around here would be similar to the Panama Canal. THEN, if they would have the knowledge to use whats found. Nope.

          • Henry

            I’ve always been of the opinion that the type of parent who would abort her own offspring is incredibly unlikely to be the type of parent who would have reared the next Newton or Einstein. More likely the next Lanza or Trayvon.

      • Delilah T.

        I’m waiting for the Lemming Parade from them.

        Always used to tell myself no one could be that gullible or stupid. I was wrong. So wrong. In so many ways.

        I stand corrected.

  • Pete231

    Hmmm…. Looks like it’s a good day to get in a little spear fishing…

  • GWB


  • kadaka

    Duke Nukem Swalwell said on the 14th “You can’t own a bazooka, you can’t own a tank. You can’t own rocket-propelled grenades. We should put some limits in place and I think the American people are with me. I’m no longer intimidated by the NRA.”

    Yep, he’s an idiot.

    How to Buy a Tank…Yes, Really!

    The tax stamp comes if it has a gun on it. Small ones without might be able to be made street legal. That’d be fun for running to the tax office.

    • Bill G

      I can recall an episode of ‘One Adam Twelve’ where they stopped a wheeled and unarmed armored vehicle. The driver opened up with papers in hand, saying “Sorry, chaps, but it’s completely legal”.

      • eon

        The only problem with a disarmed tank, as far as being on the road, is that (1) it’s an oversized vehicle, (2) it must be licensed as an Historical Vehicle (not a problem in most states), (3) it must have proper safety equipment (headlights, taillights, turn signals, horn, rearview mirrors, Slow-Moving Vehicle placard on rear), and (4) the tracks must be of a pattern that does no damage the road surface (rubber-coated, IOW).

        Most tanks prior to about 1955 weigh less than 40 tons, so they actually do not exceed the maximum allowable wheel and axle load for bridge and road surfaces rated for commercial trucks (maximum 80,000 pounds load). And yes, this was a deliberate feature of the design of such WW2 era tanks as the M4 Sherman.

        The only problem with wheeled vehicles other than (1,2, and 3) above is that “combat-pattern” tires cannot be used, because they don’t meet modern-day NHTSA safety standards. So, standard tires (usually truck tires) are to be mounted instead.

        (I used to do this for a living, and there’s a military vehicle museum about 20 miles from where I am as I type this.)



        • kadaka

          After seeing a piece some years back on the Hummers that are reworked to be bulletproof and bomb-resistant with reinforced run-flat tires, for celebrities and others (Bill Cosby got one after his son was murdered), I think our definitions of “street legal tanks” are not inclusive enough.

        • JTC

          Not a tank exactly, more of an AMV but an acquaintance I did a lot of gun business with had a Brit Daimler Ferret, almost identical to this, fully street legal, even had all the crew equipment, and not expensive at around 20K. He let me drive it around a bit and park it in front of my gun and pawn shop on a 45-degree berm out front pointing that dummy MG to the sky. Like I said, not really a tank but a lot of fun and it sure brought in the curiosity seekers and quite a bit of business. 🙂

      • interventor

        Guy in California had one years ago. The MG turret was remote control with a barrel, but no MG behind it. Tailgaters were warned off.

    • Old Codger

      There is a place not that far from me here in Texas where you can drive a “tank” (tracked, armored vehicle mostly) around on their property. They offer different packages to let the customer drive more and different vehicles even including an honest-to-goodness tank! That along with flying simulated air combat in actual aircraft is on my bucket list.

    • Delilah T.

      Thanks for the link. I will pass it on.

    • NotYetInACamp

      In Germany, some progressives got their panties in a bunch over a nice man and his possessions in 2015. A WW2 Panther Tank, and an AA gun. He helped people in 1978 East Germany when no other vehicles could get around.

      ” The mayor of Heikendorf, Alexander Orth, who was present at the tank’s remove, said the discovery came as no surprise, telling the newspaper that the owner “was chugging around in that thing during the snow catastrophe in 1978”.

      Mr Orth said the man has a “a certain fondness for particular things”, adding: “Some people like steam trains, others like tanks.” ”

      His lawyer ” told the newspaper there was even a note from the responsible district office from 2005 stating that the tank had lost its weapons capability.

      Mr Gramsch now wants to take legal action against the seizure and also for compensation for his client. “

  • Bill G

    Gasp! Damon just has an average stiff?

  • Grunt GI

    Wowza, as she said “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

    Hope Naomi has plenty of sun screen…wouldn’t want to over cook any sensitive parts.

    • kadaka

      I hope we get to see Jan make sure that Naomi has her sunscreen on all needed places, because we sure know Jan won’t let Damon do it.

      • Grunt GI

        Well, the great thing about DBD is how easily you can mix boobs and politics.

        Like tomorrow, as Jan makes sure Naomi has everything well oiled we could have Damon make snarky comments about
        A) Joe Biden and his wandering hands


        B) Jan giving the only kind of universal coverage Damon could approve of.

        It’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

    • John M.

      Naomi is a “Sabra.” I’m sure she knows haw to protect her skin, even as fair as it is, from excessive Sun…

  • Gus Bailey

    … and it’s not even June yet!

    Of course in BA it’s like mid October; but still quite nice (2x entendre).

  • WayneM

    Fun in the sun… always appreciated…

  • Tagg

    And now, so am I…

  • Fritzchen

    Down boy! Just imagine Hillary BUTT NAKED!

    • kadaka

      Wrinkled white prune strapped into a back brace, like spoof bondage pics done with produce.


  • Pleasant surprise to open the page to. Nice. 😀

  • Pamela

    I would not even attempt sun bathing. There is not enough sunscreen to keep me from burning.

    • kadaka

      I think I remember Conan O’Brian one night on NBC mentioning that: ‘I’m Irish. We don’t tan in sunlight, we spontaneously combust.’

    • JTC

      Miz P, yeah I think our virtual redhead here has a virtual sun forcefield. 😉

    • Punta Gorda

      Sure there is. It’s called concrete framed with steel.

      Best sunscreen in the world.

  • Old Codger

    OT: Humor
    Two guys are sitting in a bar having a beer. One guy turns to his buddy and asks, “Do you ever feel all alone in the world?”

    The buddy replies, “NEVER! I come home to the sweetest brown-eyed devoted love anyone could ask for!”

    First guy asks, “Is she also a good cook?

    The buddy responds, “Are you kidding? Dogs don’t cook!”

    ba-dum bum bum {rimshot}

  • Will

    I wonder why we see so few drawings like this recently, that used to be available almost every day. It is nice to see such, along with political commentary.

    • JTC

      Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the other organ harder.

      • cb

        Abstinence makes…. /fixed it for ya/

        • JTC

          Absence makes the heart grow fonder,

          Abstinence makes the head grow harder…

          A whole new and thoroughly accurate truism…I like it!

  • kadaka

    Illegal Migrants Walk Right Past Group Of Congressmen As They Cross The Border

    The three women and a kid then stopped at a nearby house, asked for water, the homeowner gave them a bottle then pointed the group to a Border Patrol truck. They were happy to get in the truck.

    “In the past several months, it’s getting to be more and more,” Barbara, Dennis’ wife, stated. “It’s pretty much like a sieve right here because all we have are vehicle barriers and the river is very shallow right here. You can just wade across.” Dennis guessed that around “50 to 500” migrants cross the area a day, and Barbara said almost all them are families.

    So nice and normal, could be millions coming in every year.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Every one and any children born here as the foreign citizens that the law states that they are must be deported or expelled. Follow the law.

  • Roland Deschain

    Proudly stiff here! Gorgeous! My wife looked like that about ten years ago. That is what I see now when I look at her. Don’t get me wrong, she is still hot, but gravity has taken its toll.

  • James Gemind

    Fuck Colorado…

    Colorado HB19-1032.

    • kadaka

      Ah, what’s the issue? The kiddies already have hundreds of Hollywood-provided shows showing them how to have healthy bisexual and homosexual relationships, but they’ll be taught there’s more than two genders so it’ll be opened up to trigender, quadgender, etc.

      And the rest is just basic biology. Didn’t you see that bit in Jurassic Park, how in all-female populations you can have individuals who spontaneously switch to male? Human transgenders are just like that, totes.

  • Delilah T.

    Poor Nancy and Chuckie. They had to suffer deep disappointment today, and issued a statement saying how disappointed they were, because TRUMP!

    Here’s a very small piece of their ‘statement’: “Attorney General [William] Barr’s regrettably partisan handling of the Mueller report, including his slanted March 24th summary letter,…”

    I don’t feel so sorry for them. I really don’t. The disappointment must be mind-boggling… or do they actually have any minds at all?

  • interventor

    AG Barr is beginning his review of the start of the collusion fiasco. DoJ IG Horowitz’s report will be out in June. Pay back is a female dog.


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