Day By Day


  • Damn! I learn something new every day with these characters!

  • Wayne

    Sam makes peace; ‘Toly grabs a piece. It’s all good.

  • formwiz

    I know how he feels.

  • Earl Goudie

    Somehow I prefer Naomi sunbathing topless with a sub-machine gun hung off the back of her chair or half-naked and taking out bad guys with a sniper rifle.
    She is a Mossad colonel, so don’t take her for granted or treat her in an off-handed way but with the respect she has earned and you won’t have anything to worry about.
    Strong, tough, complicated women do not scare me one bit.

  • Slorty Bortfort

    This is building up to be one hell of a Christmas! Keep it up Chris!!

  • How’s he going to work a taser with a broken hand?

  • Just remember, Naomi, Karma can be a bitch. Although you and Toly make quite the pair.

  • chud85

    Tazer? I’m thinking full riot gear and one of those things that shoot sandbags.

  • Bill G

    The grope that springs eternal, as long as there are breasts.
    Ah, wait, I don’t think Shakespeare wrote it quite like that…

  • Unca Walt

    Chris: I get such a kick out of this comment section you’ve added. 🙂

    Makes your strip even more fun.

  • What does “kharasho” mean? google translate says its somail for expenses.

  • Earl Goudie

    Fine as in “Fine have it your way” is the translation I found.

  • I’ve always seen it as “Harasho”. It literally means “good” or “fine” but the meaning carries a lot of gusto with it. Colloquially, it’s probably closer to “hells yeah!”

  • Gideon Reed

    Too early to begin to speculate on what faves are wanted at the ranch for the upcoming Christmas and Chanuka holidays?
    Arce mas rapido for Naomi’s Chanuka matan.

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