Day By Day


  • Slorty Bortfort

    Sam keeps wearing that dress, we’re all going to have Boehners.

  • epador

    Sam seems to chop a lot a vegetables when male anatomy is being discussed.

    • Chris Muir

      I laughed out loud at that!

  • Wayne

    Like I said before… an interesting story arc… 🙂

  • B Woodman

    I got nuthin’.

  • The subtleties of that may escape some, but the thought is definitely there.

  • Bill G

    Zed got a Boehner, we got the shaft.

  • It all became clear when I realized They Lie ALL the time. It really is like viewing bizzarro world. This CIA document dump scares the crap outta me, as a pretext for what the politicians are going to do to we citizens, all the while claiming “we wouldn’t do anything like that”. They all knew, they all approved, and now they act as if they didn’t. What was that the Chinese said about “interesting times”?

  • Spin Drift

    “may you live in them.” It’s a curse actually. At regular intervals the Tree of Liberty has to be watered with the blood of patriots. How else are you going to have limbs strong enough to hold all the scoundrels that should hang from them. Rope, tree, tyrant some assembly required.

    • wermet

      Fortunately, there are many more trees in this country than *all* the scoundrels. There are really only two main problems: (1) procuring an adequate quantity of rope; and (2) transporting the tyrants to the trees.

    • Patriots and tyrants. It’s not just the Patriots that must bleed to feed the tree. We have quite a number who must be introduced to that reality.

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