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  • LifeofTheMind

    If they strike oil they’d be the Princes of Pits. They could open a rattlesnake BBQ stand, and get it listed in the Michelin.

    • RooftopVoter

      I’m thinking more along the lines of DHS trying to gather “Intel” on them and a great big Texas Sam and Naomi SAAAALLLLUUUUUTTTE to them!

      After Don Portigo makes the ranch an Embassy of course.

  • B Woodman

    They could always BBQ rattlesnakes in the ‘pit. Uummmmm. . . . . .

  • John M

    Over the years, I’ve found that if you don’t use the BBQ pit regularly, it becomes a snake pit.

  • Pamela

    BBQ snake with tequila in the sauce and all those skins into boots…

    • Wayne Brownell

      I love all the ideas for flavoring and recycling rattlesnake. I bet Wade has a killer rattlesnake receipt.

  • I’ve had crawdad, turtle, gator, goat, rabbit, deer, ostrich, bison, and kangaroo. Never had rattlesnake. Gonna have to try it some time.

    • RegT

      Don’t believe anyone who tells you it tastes like chicken.

      As the kid said in Crocodile Dundee, “You can eat goana (a lizard Down Under), but it tastes like sh*t.”

    • Don’t listen to Reg. Garlic butter, gentle saute. Or marinate in Italian dressing. Or deep fry, Or… It can be very good indeed.

    • armedandsafe

      I’ve eaten rattle snake. Not my favorite but, cooked properly, is pretty good. At the end of a hard day climbing, it is QUITE good. 😀

  • interventor

    Snake meat is all muscle, but not much of it. I’ve lightly boiled rattler and served with cocktail sauce.

    In Hong Kong, at Snake and Ale, they milk the cobras and include the venom in a martini. Then, skin the critter. The liver and meat is lightly roasted in a skewer. Don’t know the sauce, but it was tasty.

  • KenH

    Dont tell Naomi she has access to a rattlesnake pit…

    Not right now ….

    • RooftopVoter

      HEHE, great minds think alike.

      Doesn’t Skye need a few more piercings?

  • Wayne

    I don’t know whose idea it was (Wade, Zed or Sam) but getting Naomi and ‘Toly a few miles away before Skye arrives is brilliant.

  • alan

    A ranch that size can’t have folks in one place too much. When my uncle rode line for some of the big ranches tween WWI an II he said he’d go for months fore he saw another guy. Usually someone he didn’t all that much care for anyway. When he got bored he’d re-up with the army or skin mules for them along the border. Said, tho, that was more danerous than WWI where he got shot a few times an left fer dead. While riding border patrol he had five mounts shot out from under him.
    I suspect he an Wade probably traded tales when they were in Laredo or Reynosa in those days. Probably even cut down some of them poor black dudes as got themselves lynched in Laredo.
    Anyway, them ranches have a lot of room to strech out an be yerself in.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Rattlesnake pit? How about a rattlesnake moat along the border?

    • “How about a rattlesnake moat along the border?”

      Nah. Too torpid during the winter months.

      • KenH

        Make the 2nd moat a sea of fire, so they stir things up when the jump back…

    • B Woodman

      How about ANY moat along the border? It can be a dry moat. About 20 feet wide, 20 feet deep, and 20 miles long (or longer)

      • RooftopVoter

        How about Marine snipers every 2 miles with Barrets?

        Much more effective than a moat, and we could have the best trained snipers in the world, target rick environment.

  • “…the business of running the ranch….”

    Dunno about Texas (which might as well be five or six states rolled up in one), but insofar as I remember, until the winter gets hard (i.e., not yet), grass-fed beef cattle don’t need much supplemental feeding, though somebody ought to be riding the fencelines, checking on the tanks, and such.

    Might could be that Zed’s dad had been leasing out some (even most) of his land to neighboring ranchers, which elderly farm owners in my corner of the country regularly do, keeping the land in productive cultivation when they’re not spry enough anymore to get crops in. Heck, my grandfather went for a long-term arrangement with one of the younger guys in town resulting in a pretty nice peach orchard on a patch of his property. Grandpop worked it into his will that his lessor got a pretty good option to buy that acreage when he and Grandmom had passed away.

  • OpenTheDoor

    Here in the deep South, we have more fun with Yankees and snakes/gators than should be allowed by law.

    • Boobie the Rocket Dog

      I remember Lewis Grizzard doing a bit on that topic. Thanks for the memory.

  • Bill G

    Furriners, eh? ‘Most bad as Yankees.

  • itsspideyman

    I hope my two favorite characters (and Sam Elliot look-alike) strike oil and get stinkin’ rich….watch Sam’s sister come flying in to ‘Toly then!

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