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  • KenH

    Should have kept your hands down, you silly bastard

    And Red? Stop being cute. So far in less than a week, you’ve pissed off Z, and gotten the other fella’s nose busted. Suggest you turn off the snark or your prog sister will be shipped back in a bag

  • Wayne

    Violence is rarely the appropriate solution… just the expedient one…

    • piotr1600

      And when violence actually is required, there is *no* substitute for it.

      Violence – righteous violence – preserves the weak, the innocent, and the incapable from the depredations of the evil, the twisted, and cruel criminal predators who move among us – those who would prey on their fellow men & women given the chance.

      • Bad Cyborg


      • pyrodice

        Righteous violence is DEFENSIVE violence. I don’t think ‘Toly instigated this. :-\

    • Paradox

      There are VERY few problems that cannot be solved through the proper application of force.

  • Earl Goudie

    Anatoly forgot who he was dealing with.
    Hell Zed once punched out a former POTUS for groping his GAL.

  • JTC

    Speaking of domestic violence, where’s Agamemnon when you need him?

  • Guitanguran

    Wimmin’…you can’t live with ’em and you can’t shoot ’em.

    • Hungry Joe

      “Women. Can’t live with ’em; pass the beer nuts.”

      –Norm Peterson

  • Gideon Reed

    Krav Maga can be some very BAD stuff.

    • Indeed, and indeed.

    • Sendarius

      From my (VERY limited) knowledge of Krav Maga, shouldn’t Naomi’s ELBOWS be sore?

      • Alan

        She was restraining herself…

  • Earl Goudie

    Married for 43 together for 45 yrs ’till I lost her to cancer. Never laid a hand on each other in anger, not even once. Almost never even raised our voices to each other.

    Lots of late night talks and those talks went both ways, which is why we have brains. Think twice talk once.

    Wimmin’, don’t have to live with ’em unless you want and only shoot in self defense.

  • Bill G

    Ah, not the ‘Hands on’ experience I was hoping to see.

  • JTC

    Agamemnon, Chrismuir, either way same fate for Iphie.

  • Unca Walt

    Poor ‘Toly

  • Wayne B

    So…did Naomi reset Tolly’s nose? Or do we find out what kind of medical plan Zed provides his pilot?

  • I approve; she damn well should have broken Anatoly’s nose for the bad judgement of sleeping with a woman like Skye. He’s lucky she didn’t bobbettize him.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    Regarding the wisdom of a government shutdown (my comment from yesterday):

    For 2013, from Wikipedia:
    In a Fox News poll conducted during the first two days of the shutdown, 42% of registered voters blamed Republicans for the shutdown (17% blamed ‘Republican leaders’ and 25% blamed ‘Tea Party Republicans such as Ted Cruz’); while 32% blamed Democrats (24% blamed ‘President Obama’ and 8% blamed ‘Democratic leaders’). The rest, 20%, said all sides were to blame.

    For the 1995 shutdown, again Wikipedia:
    A 1995 ABC news poll had Republicans receiving the brunt of the blame with 46% of respondents compared to the 27% that blamed Clinton.[15] Clinton’s Gallup approval rating stood at 51% in the early days of the December shutdown,[16] but fell significantly to 42% as it progressed into January.[16] Once the shutdown had ended, however, his Gallup approval ratings rose to their highest since his election.

    Given that the shutdown doesn’t affect anything truly central to government, why do it? Heck, why give the Border Patrol an excuse to stand down and let more folks in?

  • Gideon Reed

    Being “Kravi”.
    Anypart that allows what ever opposing part to be contacted with a
    desireable result is good enough. If it works,….it’s sufficient.
    Of course gym rules are slightly (MUCH) different from field rules.
    Naomi is angry and expressing her anger. However she is **not** homicidal.

  • Whatever else you may say about her, I like Sam’s taste in reading material! Thank you, Chris, for cameo’ing my latest book, A Case of Spontaneous Combustion, in today’s strip!

  • Bert Hernandez

    Naomi can follow up by playing “You always hurt the one you love” on the stereo. Maybe Anatoly will get the hint.

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