Day By Day


  • Pamela

    Sam~ it’s in and out, in and out, in and out. Just get the rhythm and you will be fine.
    I’d say you need to hit the range.

    • Grumps

      You are talking about breathing, right?

      • interventor

        Heavy breathing!

    • Fronk!

      Here’s the bottom line:
      Your odds of being in the wrong place at the wrong time just went way, way up!
      Our country will never be the same…

      • ExNuke

        The Country will be fine, there are a handful of dark blue cities that are committing suicide with their self destructive behavior. Diversity and the universal franchise instead of assimilation and owner involvement will be the death of major cities. They brought the barbarians into the cities thinking they could hold power by renting their votes and paying them to pretend to be civilized.
        Despite the apparent size of the “protesting” crowds they are a tiny percentage of the affected cities populations. Those crowds are providing the conditions leading to the looting, vandalism and arson. Those are crimes of opportunity that the individuals involved would not attempt with out the safety of the numbers to disappear and hide among. If the people who have voted over and over for the status quo want it to change they are going to have to suck up their media imposed “white guilt” and get off the streets.

        • This.
          My elderly mother is convinced that it’s the end of the world because “they’re burning down the cities”. I keep telling her to stop watching the news. In almost every case, it’s a few city blocks within a relatively few cities… but we see the same video over and over and it seems to be everywhere.

        • We need and “UP” button.

          • GWB

            And an edit function. 🙂

        • interventor

          Mao’s fish swimming in water — the looters and arsonists.

      • formwiz

        We survived the 60s, we’ll survive this.

        • Punta Gorda

          It’s the same batch of harridans and shysters trying to capitalize on it to get the black vote back on their plantation.

        • interventor

          This is much better organized. Infiltration larger within the halls of power.

  • caved1ver01

    Isn’t multi-culturalism wonderful in all its glorious insurgent violence? (sarc/off)

    • The Basseteer

      A comment worth saving.

  • Buck

    Yes – almost a week of chaos and it’s wearing thin. Used to live in the neighborhood of Mpls. it all started in. Three story houses, 1st and 2nd floor porches, tree lined streets in the 60’s n 70’s. Watched the country change from 4 states in 40 years. Today I cleaned the PT 745 and went back to a .45 for EDC.
    I agree – need to hit the range.

  • Rokas

    I feel the exact same way. It all just is driving me insane, seeing all of this backwards, Bizzarro-World madness.

  • WayneM

    Apparently Kanye West changed his profile picture to a blank white non-image as a response the virtue signal du jour (profile pictures all black in support of rioters). Snoop Dog doesn’t appreciate Kanye going off the plantation and declared West to be a white man.

    The more important point, however, is who gives a rat’s ass about either? I wish entertainers would stick to their knitting.

    • steveb919

      Most entertainers are dem’s. When they make a ton of money something changes their outlook. They seem to forget about the rest of us who want to be free of the yoke government is strangling us with.

  • Bill G

    I was cheered by reading a headline about a measure introduced to end qualified immunity. Further reading showed it was introduced by three dems, and only for LEOs. None of the rest of the scum that hide under it; I guess the left wants their protection to continue.

    • Henry

      There is qualified immunity, absolute immunity, and sovereign immunity. The last two shield most of the big players (feds, states) from liability. Qualified immunity typically applies to low-level governments — towns, cities, counties — and even then the executive branch only (e.g., judges are shielded by one of the others). So there really aren’t many people other than cops covered by qualified immunity.

  • Paladin

    Well, ANTIFA came after a medium size city in the south, Huntsville, AL. They showed their hand, when a pallet of bricks showed up on the street yesterday morning. Officials were ready. The Washington Times has the only article I have found on it so far. No mention of the pallet. That’s their plan, they are coming to flyover country next. It is getting sporty out there. Stand Ready.

    • GWB

      I think we should use the pallets of bricks like some hunters use salt licks. A few guys in hides on rooftops….

      • PaulS

        Just remember to send the very best. 😉

      • Henry

        Or IED the pallets.

        Lazi bit*s can’t even bring their own damn bricks. Like the bowling alley rental counter.

    • interventor

      WE caught four hiding four pistols on the county courthouse grounds. Sheriff was on them like a robin on a worm.

    • MasterDiver

      There has to be a paper trail on those bricks. Purchase receipts, shipping documents, security camera footage. Not to mention all the cell phone calls used to coordinate the riot/looters. These things have been WAY too organized for random violence. Hell, a store employee in NYC used his cell phone to document a blow-by-blow description of a team of looters hitting his store in a string of luxury SUVs. And the Police/FBI/NSA don’t have a clue? COME OOOOONNNNN!

      Zar Belk

      • John

        Twitter is the communications channel of choice for at least a portion of Antifa. They dare to censor PDJT for his opinions while allowing Antifa to spew both their hatred and their plans with nary a peep and have done so for years in direct defiance of their “terms of service”.
        It seems Jack Dorsey _is_ Antifa and is following their rules against calling attention to his goals while serving the Cause.

      • interventor

        Add, security cameras.

      • Punta Gorda

        Berkshire Hathaway from what i hear. And Billy Gates. ACME Brick

  • Paul

    Im just appreciating the thin material Sam is wearing allowing us to truly enjoy the curve of a Lady !

    • WayneM

      There is something glorious about side boob…

    • John M.

      …but the speech balloons are in the way of the side-view!

  • DogByte6RER

    In order to enunciate the words “I can’t breathe” one has to … surprise, surprise, breathe. These leftist slogans are all out of breath!

    • John M.

      Every time I see one of those face masks with ‘I can’t breathe’ screen-printed on it, I think “Well no damn wonder – you plugged the pores of that mask with your screen print!”

      ON a side note, a person in positional asphyxia – a ‘large’ man on his stomach with a knee in his back for example – can draw in enough air to complain about an inability to breathe, but not enough air to properly oxygenate his blood. Ask the guy it has happened to… fortunately, mine was in a training situation and the instructor recognized what was happening and got my ‘assailant’ off of me in a hurry!

  • JTC

    That word does NOT mean what some think it does…

    Those thugs and sheep are NOT feral.

    (especially of an animal) reverted to a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.

    Far from escaping their domestication, it is their lifeblood, and they could not live or riot or demonstrate without their owners and handlers. Being released from the control purchased with free shit and free money is the very last thing they want.

    • John

      I have no doubt that some of them would do it if actually presented with the opportunity.
      In this day and age to be a Socialist of any stripe one has to be either willfully ignorant or an outright nihilist because of the Socialist (especially Communist and Fascist) track record. Indeed the American historical landscape is littered with smaller scale attempts of the same and, with the possible exception of the Shakers (who are slowly dying out) all have eventually rendered themselves extinct one way or another.

      • Punta Gorda

        It’s right out of the Weather Underground play-book.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Can we go hunt them, mommy? Please!

      • Pamela

        What are the statutes for hunting varmints and rabid animals?

    • John M.

      Illinois has some really difficult gun-control laws that even apply in the rural areas…

      If they really want to try their luck, they should come to “guns-loose” North Carolina and see what happens in the rural areas…

      On Tuesday, a member of the Democrat Party Committee in Taylorsville, our county seat, that she was holding a demonstration at the County Courthouse. Not asked for permission, TOLD the mayor it will happen,

      The local Democrat Party disavowed her actions and told their members to stay away; the local office of the NAACP (yes, she is) disavowed her actions and suggested THEIR people stay home. The local Republican Party asked their members to let it go.

      The Sheriff has asked everyone in the county to voluntarily lock themselves down and close their businesses at 6:00 PM (the demonstration is set for 7:00)

      I live about eight miles away from there, on what is normally a fairly busy State Highway. Traffic is DEAD tonight, one car every five minutes or so, no trucks and no motorcycles. So far (10:15 PM) the Sheriff, City police, Fire and EMT radio channels are all routine traffic.

  • Capn Jack

    Carry an extra magazine.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The sheriff of the county that I live in has recommended that any home invaders related to this rioting and looting be repelled using the homeowners guns.
    He has recommended the legal ownership of guns and the knowledge of how and when to use them to everybody in the county.
    He will not tolerate rioting or looting. He has protected peaceful demonstrators when they have gathered.
    Quick action by the leftist traitors that run many cities and states would have ended the insurgency quickly. They have outed themselves. They must be corralled and prosecuted.
    This is the way Soros has overthrown man nations’ governments.
    Soros is a man who as said that the most exciting time of his life was the time that he was ferreting out Jews to be captured, and their loot to be confiscated and given to the captors. Soros earned a lot of good money as a young man doing that. The Jews were taken to the railway and sent to National Socialist concentration camps. (Hillary Fun Camps. Bill Ayers Capitalist Reeducation Camps.)

    Soros gets excitement from entering a situation and then destroying it so that he can make money on the destruction. He is a criminal in so many ways. Soros is an enemy of humanity. But these times worship and bow to the money that he has accumulated destroying others lives. He is one of the bullies destroying the world peace.

    • JTC

      Linked Sheriff Grady’s statement yesterday…the best part (the part you quote) is toward the end. His somewhat affected twang and his taste for teevee cameras is a little annoying, but as I said then we need a lot more like him.

      At least he didn’t invoke one of his favorite redneck quips this time…”If you attack us (or in this case good citizens) we will kill you graveyard dead!” 🙂

    • “Quick action by the leftist traitors that run many cities and states would have ended the insurgency quickly. They have outed themselves. They must be corralled and prosecuted.”


  • Halley

    The Left – deranged, terminally TDS-infected, conscienceless, now openly lawless and pro-violence – is desperately determined to remove PDT from both the White House and the earth, and preferably not via the ballot box. Those who predicted the Trump presidency’s continued existence will ultimately hinge on the loyalty/integrity of the military and the courts may be proven right sooner than we’d wish.

    • Henry

      Communists with idle hands — a predictable consequence of closing Bernie campaign HQs across America.

  • Kafiroon

    I guess since I got rid of my two guns, the chain saw will have to do.
    But it only has an 18 inch bar.

    • John M.

      Who got rid of what? I’ll just make sure I use one of the ones they already know about…

      • GWB

        That was beautiful.

        As so many have said over the last several years: they really don’t understand what will happen when they get what they’re asking for. This video was a harbinger of it.

      • JTC

        Meanwhile in another Kalifornia town…

        Two extremes, both of which could have been handled with a few good men with a few good guns. But they are both Kali.

        “Nobody came to help us.” the lady said. Get used to it. How long have we been telling you that when seconds count, the cops are just min…well, in this case, just days away. Will this wake them up? Maybe some, but probably not most.

  • Halley

    All this mass hysteria over George Floyd (and Candace Owens’ epic twitter rant about who he was and why the Left is idolizing him is a Must See) reminds me of another recent mass hysteria… now what oh what would it be…?? oh yea, the Covid Apocalypse Forever mass hysteria. Golly, what a strange coincidence!

    Is it that brains rotted out by TDS and trained to substitute Climate Apocalypse Forever for reality and common sense are going to demand a never ending chain of mass hysterias, at least until November 3?

    • Henry

      Today’s Internet-winning headline over at Legal Insurrection:

      Whitmer Lifts Stay-at-Home Order Now That People Need to Go Out and Riot

  • NotYetInACamp

    Welcome to the party, pal.


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