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  • David M

    Something seriously stinky went down outside of Baker OR and it sure seems quiet… So glad Chris that you call a spade a spade, or a banana as it may be…

    • Ed Woods

      Yes, something smelly occurred. Hard telling if all of it will come out. At least one Sheriff is probably in bed with the feds. At least on of the people inside has proven to be a Judas. More to come.

    • formwiz

      If it’s quiet there’s a reason.

      Any other time, this would be front-page.

      • David M


  • Grunt GI

    Yup, Chris your timing is impeccable.
    Something is indeed rotten about this.
    Oh, and Sam’s backside is impressive.

    • B Woodman

      Something is indeed rotten.
      And it’s in Washington, District of Criminals and the state of Oregon, not Denmark.

      • GWB

        Well, there’s plenty rotten in Denmark, too. And Germany. And France. And Holland. And England. And……

        • JTC

          “…there’s plenty rotten in Denmark, too.”

          Like this?

          Yep, she’ll be charged for fending off a rapist. And while many women have reported being threatened by “asylum seekers”, it’s not known if this attacker was an asylum seeker or refugee. Right.

          And in today’s MSN headlines, a pic of Trump in full scowl (funny how that’s the only pics they have, right?) on a story by a global publication about him saying how when he was in Brussels 20 years ago it was a beautiful place but is now a “hellhole”. The story was all about how the response was a twitter campaign of Brussels “hitting back at Trump for his rant” and showing just how beautiful the place is, or referencing why Trump said what he did.

          In a side by side story, another global publication speaks about Sweden furiously working to expel 80,000 of the “asylum seekers” who they had welcomed with open arms and open hearts, but now realize what they had actually opened themselves up to as those thousands of animals wreak havoc on their gentle nation and their economy.

          One story is by our own Newsweek. The other is by Al Jazeera. Can you guess which is which? This world is turning upside down, and we are fast approaching the bottom of it. And yet when we are warned to look to those heretofore most peaceful and gentle places on earth as a microcosm of where we’re heading, it is met with hate and scorn by our own media while being reported in a fair and balanced manner by the erstwhile mouthpiece of the muslim world. I wonder why that is?

          • JTC

            Should be “…without mentioning or referencing why Trump said what he did.”

          • Old Codger

            Damn! When those people disarm the populous, they do it with a will! So what are women supposed to do when attacked; say “Please don’t do that, kind sir.”?

            When I worked armed security, I got my certifications in OC (pepper) spray and tactical baton. I wanted something between “Please don’t do that, kind sir.” and “Say good night, Gracie.” Oh, it’s a good thing she was able to run the guy off with the OC. According to crime reports, about one in five attackers shrug the spray off and keep coming. That’s why I used my off hand to spray and to swing the baton (plus I have cartilage damage in left shoulder and I swing better with my off hand) and keep my gun hand on the weapon. Easier to drop the OC or baton, draw and do what needs to be done. Never actually drew down on anyone but I did pop the thumb break a few times.

    • formwiz

      Sam’s everything is impressive.

      Nice to see a woman with some flesh on her bones.

      • Grunt GI

        Yup. Sam sideboob is pretty awesome.
        But I always was a T&A guy.

    • Regarding “Sam’s backside,” has anyone else reading here ever encountered an explanation of how the expression “Hooray for our side!” came to exist.

      One source traces it back to Coventry, England, and the men lining the street applauding their respective perspectives on Lady Godiva’s sidesaddle ride.

      • Browncoat

        Sounds legit… Hell, even if it’s not it’ll be the explanation I’ll tell folks for the rest of my life.

      • S Hooks

        Does that also account for “Hip! Hip! Hooray!”?

  • JTC

    More of a lettuce republic really…him that gives, lives.

    Same as it’s ever been.

    • H_B

      “Arugula.” You know; what everyone’s so concerned about the price-of?

  • Swansonic

    They may have been bought – I would not trust them to stay that way….

    • eon

      The definition of an honest politician is one who once bought, stays bought.

      As a former government employee, I can assure you that bureaucrats are like blackmailers. They believe they are entitled to regular “installments”.

      clear ether


      • Old Codger

        I am of the opinion that the phrase “honest politician” is an oxymoron. I also once heard a joke that went something like this:
        Q: What do you call a dead politician?
        A: A statesman.
        Q: What do you call an honest politician?
        A: A statesman.

        It also occurred to me that you could answer the 2nd question above like this: Beats the crap outta me. You find one, you get to decide what to call it. But I’m not holding my breath to hear what you name it.

      • Swansonic

        Ahhh. They aren’t bought – they’re just rented….

        That makes it b sooo much better…

    • interventor

      Doubtless Don Portego has a video of the transaction. Got’me by Los cojones.

  • B Woodman

    And the companion song to that is,
    “I’ve got a love-ly bunch of coconuts. . . ”

    And Sam does, indeed.

  • B Woodman

    “. . . we fully back up your property rights. . . ”

    Back of where? No, don’t stand back there.

  • B Woodman

    Third lesson learned.
    Ruby Ridge
    Now Malheur, OR.

    When does the revolution start?

    • Malatrope

      If the same type of lesson is applied to Donald Trump.

      • H_B

        Dear lord… That would signal to everyone that no politician can be trusted. The life expectancy for any government official who’s name wasn’t “Cruz” would be terrifyingly short.

        The thing about the Oregon affair? I still don’t understand what they were “occupying” about, and it wasn’t really in the news. Everyone is watching Trump and knows what his stated campaign themes are.

        • NotYetInACamp

          It was about people’s land rights being unjustly extinguished by the federal government.
          Like the Bundy’s land (grazing rights) was on public plans as the area to be returned to natural in order for a public loan backed solar power plant to be built. Chinese were involved until that was publicly made known. 50+ ranchers had already been forced off their land rights by the BLM force of rule making to destroy.
          Harry Reid’s family money interests were involved. It is Harry’s state, you know.

          Then the entire Sagebrush rebellion where western States were deprived of their state land in bills in Congress that made them states. Most land in Western states is usually owned by the federal government. The US government has clauses limiting the amount and type of land the federal governemnt can own or hold.

          “Welcome to the reservation, white man.” – Russel Means of the American Indian movement

          Maybe Wounded Knee is a better characterization of the Oregon Wildlife refugee than Harper’s Ferry?

        • NotYetInACamp

          Also those two ranchers that refused their help (A BIG SIGN TO LEAVE RIGHT THEN) were re-sentenced to the minimum five year sentence by a new prosecutor and as new federal judge for lighting a backfire to save their land that burned 270 acres (?) of federal land in a fire that was hundreds of times larger.
          The federals have done worse and never been prosecuted. The feds have burnt private land and never been prosecuted.
          The prosecutor filed the charges as terrorism arson. The jury should have found them not guilty based on the terrorism part. But juries do as the judge says most often.
          The two ranchers (a 79 yr old father and son) had already served the time the now retired judge said when sentencing them below the minimum mandatory sentences.

          The occupiers meant well. But anyone with strategic knowledge would have seen, and did see, that this would end poorly. They may be right, but they are also wrong in strategy. Then they got duped into thinking that they could travel to talk to neighboring communities. They did it once last week. A federal spy informed the federals when they traveled again.

          • “The occupiers meant well. But anyone with strategic knowledge would have seen, and did see, that this would end poorly.”

            Hm? It hasn’t ended yet. One guy murdered in the feds’ inimitable “Ruby Ridge” style of dealing with the hobbits, a bunch arrested on a “conspiracy to commit obstruction” charge (are only White private citizens considered capable of cohering conspiracy, or can federal bureaucrats get in on the action?), but the Malheur Refuge – a bird sanctuary that hasn’t worked at supporting avian wildlife as well as has the Hammonds’ ranch over the past half-a-century; a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey in 1975 had established that) – was still under “occupation” per most recent reports.

            The “Liberal” fascisti are all over the ‘Net gloating about how “the head of the snake has been chopped off” and there’s nothing left among the ranchers and other “militia” guys except mindless writhing, but so far….

          • NotYetInACamp

            There are good people in there with the fed moles.

            We shall see.

            Some now know what they were talking about.
            We can hope for better resolution. Always. I have explained the situation to many people and i did not get to the details until long after it started.
            It sounded bad, it sounded indictable, what the FBI did at the roadblock. We shall see. I hope others outside can better explain why they are there than those left likely can.

        • NotYetInACamp

          HLB. even more about what Oregon is about.

          Cattle ranching in Harney County predates the 1908 establishment of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, with some cattle trails, including those used by the Hammond family, dating to the 1870s. Disputes between cattle ranchers and the federal government over management of the MNWR have gone on for “generations” and the situation has regularly deteriorated to taunts and threats directed at federal officials from ranchers since at least the early 1970s.
          Just a little background about the situation there.

    • CitizenOutkast

      Hmm….about the time people stop going on Facebook and the Internet to complain and start rising up in masses to forcibly throw out government leaders.

      So, like, never. This country has far too many stupid government-loving sheep in it for a revolution to be of any effect. How many morons cheered having this guy killed? How many wished them all dead? People sent fake care packages to them in mockery. These people have a deep-seated hatred for anyone who doesn’t obey Big Daddy Gubmit. If they just disagreed with the militia, they could have just ignored it. However, to wish death on people and/or actively go out and mail something useless to them is a step further and shows real hate.

      So, until these people are either educated (ha!) or die off, no revolution will be possible. They will side with cops shooting people down, side with government troops lining people up against a wall and shooting them in the head, side with martial law being enacted to deal with the “domestic terrorists.” They will rat you out the minute they think you’re “one of them,” they will help the cops hunt you down, and they will cheer when you’re caught. No, the best option which would never happen would be to split the country and let the leftists rule themselves without us, so they could suffer under the full weight of their asinine and idiotic policies.

      • David M

        Agreed. Unfortunately…

    • Shonkin

      Sorry to bring discord into this unanimous conversation.
      Waco was mass murder by the Clinton goons. Ruby Ridge was an attempted murder by same that resulted in the death of an unarmed woman. But it’s quite a jump in logic to conclude that Finicum’s death was murder. All the noise the “militia” is making reminds me of the anti-cop hue and cry after a thug named Michael Brown was shot dead in the act of attacking a police officer in Ferguson. The Finicum death could just as easily have been a case of suicide by cop.
      Okay, now you can ostracize me for disagreeing with the Greek chorus.

      • “All the noise the “militia” is making reminds me of the anti-cop hue and cry after a thug named Michael Brown was shot dead in the act of attacking a police officer in Ferguson.”

        Yep, don’t it? Except, of course, the official Social Justice Warrior meme here is that #WhiteLivesDon’tMatter.

        Heck, there’s lots of us “Ice People” around yet. We’re not an official minority, and therefore considered to be in “endangered” status. I’m sure there are lots and lots of folks on the left (and in the Red Faction “establishment”) who are looking forward to the wonderful days when we will be.

      • GWB

        You might be right – except you generally don’t see this “greek chorus” spouting off untrue memes and ranting without reason.

        There’s good reason to question the gov’t actions (and their claims of action) in this case. And there was good reason to have an investigation in the case of Michael Brown, as well. The telling difference here is that, while the cop in Ferguson was held to account, the feds almost never are – especially under the sorts of folks 0bama (and the Clintons) appoints.

        We shall see what info comes out about the incident in Oregon. But I’m betting we’ll have to dig for some of the truth.

      • PaulS

        Please don’t overlook the boy at Ruby Ridge. (or his dog)
        “you kill a man’s dog in these parts, he buries you in the woods and tells the sheriff in a few weeks, he understands.” – B Swagger

        A local radio host is going with the logic of “what cop would risk his career by killing this guy in front of witnesses”, which sounds reasonable as long as you know nothing about Lon Horiuchi. They did say “exchange of gunfire”, apparently the exchange rate was unfavorable. Does a “communications” guy really seem the type that would suicide by cop? That doesn’t sound logical to me. YMMV

        • interventor

          More over, don’t forget the mother – shot with babe in arms.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Re: Brown
        A bullying aggressive thief attacks an officer in his car and tries to take his gun. He breaks the officer’s bones in his face.
        The officer gets out and demands he stop.
        The large thug rushes at the LONE officer. The injured officer drops the guy after many shots.
        The FBI stages an ambush of morally correct but tactically incorrect protesters.
        The FBI fires upon a car with people holding their hands outside the windows in submission.
        The driver moves the car away from the gunfire. The car crashes. A protester exits the car and ‘angrily’ walks towards the massive force of armed and armored FBI troops and unarmed with his hands over his head says something about them wanting to shoot him, so go ahead. They comply and drop the unarmed protester with a head shot, then 3 shots while he is on the ground.
        Rather different circumstances if the personal accounts are correct.

    • Jorge_Banner

      Never. Sheep don’t shoot back.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Too much truth in that.

    I will need some reflection.

    So our rights are bought now.

    A fine kettle of fish we are in now, Stanley.

    Socialist and other totalitarian systems do get to where the basic tenents of the social contract must be bought.

    We have a long road home. Best start the journey. Each to his knowledge and area of power. Educating others and votes are one of the means to get home. not the only means, but in a tyrannical system that is set up on central power, there are few to overwhelm to remove that tyrannical power. In my conversations with committed progressives and others of that type, they look to that central federal control to overwhelm all of the formerly independent systems such as states, counties and municipalities. Wrest the little ones away and, like their Cloward-Piven plan but different, they cannot handle all of the massed force against them.
    Be no.
    Then the reconstituting can commence in earnest.

  • epilitimus

    Chris, Why exactly did Sam remove her nighty to talk on the phone? I’m not complaining mind you just trying to understand the motivation in case it might come in handy someday.

    • billf

      Chris,you are a modern day Vargus.
      We all appreciate your drawings and commentary,but you’re wasting your skills on us. Thanks.

      • Chris Muir

        Knuckle-dragging hetero ‘murika fustest alphas like me are my demographic.No wastage there!

      • Swansonic

        I, for one, savor both every day. It is very much appreciated, Chris!

  • Chris Muir

    It’s now morning, she’s gonna shower,natch.

    • H_B

      Well, she’s showing the rest of her too… *rimshot*

    • Grunt GI


    • GWB

      And her negligee got much more opaque once it hit the bed. Interesting. Is it like those tan-through bikinis? 😉

      • Gus Bailey

        Actually, Chris is right on that, and you are too; two layers of “sheer” woven fabric will invariably obstruct light in a geometric progression.


        On, off it’s all good from here. My beef is I read this first thing at work; very distracting for the rest of the day.

      • Old Codger

        Actually those tan-thru swimsuits don’t block anything. The print on them obscures the eye with extraneous detail thus fooling the perception centers of the brain. You cannot “see” something if you do not know what you are looking at. You perceive the object but do not really see it. Once saw a gal built like Sam in a black one-piece. She was fully covered and you couldn’t really see anything until she was in direct sunlight. Then you could see all the (quite lovely) flesh illuminated by the sunlight shining down her (ample) cleavage. Gal was built like a valkyrie. About 6″ tall, tig, tig bitties, wide hips, strong but shapely hips and quite pleasant features. Talk about made for making babies.

    • Swansonic

      Were I Zed, I would help her…

      just to make sure everything gets clean….

  • KenH

    Assassins R Us and liquidation is likely a lot cheaper….

  • Jeffersonian

    Lon Horiuchi just stained himself a little.

    Friggin’ assassin.

    • “Lon Horiuchi just stained himself a little.”

      Hardly. Hasn’t he become the F.B.I.’s poster boy for their policies in community relations among us hobbits?

  • Kafiroon

    So BLM learned from Hillary?

  • Treadhead 2/69

    I hope we find out what happened in OR a hell of a lot faster than the “biker shootout” in TX.

  • Let’s see how long that bunch of bananas last, eh? Drag out the M40, Zed.

  • Grape

    Are we playing hide the banana?

    • Grunt GI

      I’m pretty sure Zed would like to play hide the banana?

  • Bill G

    A business politician stays bought. A reform politician, given a new line of ‘It’s for the People’ will geek. (Heinlein)
    But these are bureaucrats, and if ‘business’ type would need regular payments, just like any protection racketeer.

    • Old Codger

      At the most fundamental level, all government is really nothing more than a protection racket.

  • Uncle Dread

    Maybe your greatest art week yet Muir! Political acuity isn’t to shabby either.

  • jimdew

    Time to let the states administer their land.

    • Old Codger

      Actually, for the most part, Texas does just that. About the only land in Texas that the FedGov owns outside of the land on which Federal buildings sit (and a lot of agencies just lease office space) is a couple of national parks/forests.

  • Big Jim

    Samuel Clemens, 100+ years ago:”The trouble with politicians is they won’t stay bought.”

  • interventor

    Definition of honest Chitown politician — once bought, stays bought.

  • Spin Drift

    Nice perspective on the problem at hand, how to show a characters assets in the best possible light.

    On the Oregon standoff, remember that Officer Friendly is not your friend anymore. The gang in blue is just that a gang. I grew up in NYC in the age of Serpico. We lived between a numbers runner and a NYC police sergeant. Every Friday night neighbor right dropped off a package for neighbor left.

    It didn’t contain bananas unless they were really really unripe to the point of being totally green. My father explained it as being how the world works. Ah the lessons of youth.

    Molon Labe
    War Damn Eagle

    • Old Codger

      Spin Drift wrote:

      The gang in blue is just that a gang.

      Precisely. In fact I have read/heard the police described as “the world’s largest criminal street gang”. Appropriate, don’t you think?

  • interventor

    Even conservatives say they were concerned if the cop who saved their daughter from rape was on the take. But, not much.

  • rooftop voter

    Not to question Don, but wouldn’t it have been cheaper and cleaner to just pay off the CIA to whack his opponents back in the home country and not only take care of the DD, but his opponents and holdings as well?

    Sorry, took me a bit to get my head back after seeing Sam’s backside……….

    Chris, you do have a way with that pen.

  • Old Codger

    Politician jokes:

    Q: why don’t mosquitoes bite politicians”
    A: Professional courtesy. (same for vampires)

    Q: What is the difference between a politician and a leach?
    A: One is a spineless blood-sucking parasite; the other is an aquatic invertebrate.

    Q: What do you call 500 politicians at the botom of the ocean?
    A: Greenpeace’s worst nightmare.

    Q: What do call 500 bureaucrats scheduled for execution?
    A: Too little, too late.
    Q: What do call 5000 bureaucrats scheduled for execution?
    A: A start. Not an especially good one, mind you but it is a start.
    (note: the above applies equally to politicians)

    Mullins’ Maxim: Those who can, do. Those who cannot go into government so they do not HAVE to.

    Have you ever encountered a civil servant who was either?

    Finally, Edmond Burke updated: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing fail to shoot the government official(s) committing it.”.

  • RJL

    If they called themselves “Occupy Wall Street” all the laws would be forgotten and the government(s) would be sending all kinds of supplies to Oregon.

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