Day By Day


  • Let her stay until she goes before the judge. I won’t pay to bail her out.

    • KenH

      Especially since you KNOW the very first thing this beast will do, is FLEE to mommy in Japan. No Way. Bail? Not me

  • H_B

    Red-beard is good people.

  • Mitch

    For Skye that barely counts as tipsy.

    • She seemed fairly under the influence.

  • Sam

    Saw the punch line coming before I finished the 2nd panel.

    Love the look on Zed’s face in the third panel.

  • Big Jim

    “30 days in the gas chamber. Next…”

    • Polly Cy

      [Spit take]. Ah, the classics never grow old. Thank you, Jim, for helping me finish up the day with a much-needed giggle.

      • H_B

        I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with this classic. Could you name it?

        (May I also say, I was sorry to hear about your recent joint trouble too.)

  • JTC

    Nice tribute to your friend Troy, Chris. Man was an American hero. And continues to be in the afterlife: “In lieu of flowers, vote Republican in 2016”. Nice. That looks like a real building, did his town honor him with that?

    And Skye? Pfft. Same as every other airheaded selfish irresponsible criminal prog…nail her with a dui, take her license, replace the Harley, and make her serve probation in a Vet Hospital. And I’m proud of Red Beard; even booze goggles couldn’t make him want to bag that pig.

  • Pamela

    She backed over his Harley because he wouldn’t boink her. OW
    She needs a 5150 slapped on her. That’s batshit crazy.

    • RegT

      You must live in Californica. 5150 is slang for the psych section charged (I draw retirement from CHP) that everyone in Cali law enforcement used for psychos. As a San Diego peace officer, I’ve had to put a few into county psych for a 48 hour detainment. AND had a few real twisters refused because there was no room at the inn.

      • Pamela

        Guilty as charged. Born and bred. Had to help a few friends over the years get packed and out of town when their other half got locked up. Amazing what you can accomplish in that amount of time.

  • Grunt GI

    Well darn Chris, yesterday when you said Sam got naked and was heading for the shower, got pretty excited…like Jayne heading for his bunk.

    Guess she had to go take care of family business and was in a hurry. πŸ™

    And yea, backing over a guy’s Harley in Texas? Do they hang people for that, like they used to horse thieves?

    Skye better hope not.

    • B Woodman

      “Do they hang people for that, like they used to horse thieves?”

      If not, they should. To ruin such a fine piece of American machinery. ..

      • Grunt GI

        Funny that all of us old codgers were thinking the same thing that Sam was in frame 2….
        Just sayin’

  • KenH

    The Beast needs to do HARD time. And quite honestly, her kid will be better off

    • Wow. Really? Throw the key away for some property damage? Ok, I know it’s a Harley, but still…

      I just can’t understand why some people have to be haters.

      • Tiger Tomcat

        Backing over the bike would be maybe 180 days to 2 years plus a fine up to $10,000.00. the .12 BAC is the one that will put Skye in County or State lock up for a while, if both the DA and Judge are up for re-election and they are on a anti-DUI kick.

        • Old Codger

          .5 – 2 years + $10K fine for the bike? State lockup for DUI?

          Where do you get your data? In Tejas DUI is a class B misdemeanor. That means 180 days MAX and/or $2k fine MAX and time served is in county lockup. Depending on prior DIUs – in TX – the fine could be pretty hefty but jail time for DUI is unlikely. License suspension is even unlikely without a couple of prior DUIs.

          Backing over the bike would not be a felony so could not include any time in state lockup. Absent a felony conviction, max jail time is 1 year and even there people can qualify for early release.

          I find it hard to believe that Skye was the doing the “propositioning” – or that she was turned down by some half lit biker. My guess is that they started to get chummy at the bar (or outside in the parking lot?) and something the biker said or did (grabbing/fondling a tit maybe?) set her off and when she stormed out she accidently backed over the bike. How would she even know which one was his? Blitzed as she was how could she hit the right one – unless the bike happened to be directly behind her truck?

          I’m betting a fine and deferred adjudication for the DIU and if the biker was a known trouble maker (as bikers are occasionally known to be πŸ˜‰ ) and it got down to a “he said, she said) the judge could throw that out entirely. Hell, Sky could go to a JP and swear out a criminal complaint for sexual assault against the biker. My guess there is “disorderly conduct” with a fine and no jail time.

          • Tiger Tomcat

            Old Codger; Would be Felony criminal mischief, if the damage to the bike is more then $1,500 and if he decided to press charges, if less be the Class A with a year and up to $4,000 in fines.

      • PaulS

        The bike may have been occupied at the time.

  • B Woodman

    Had to gigglesnort laugh out loud on the third panel. Glad I didn’t have any comestibles to spew.

    And it’s good to see Zed open carrying. Looks good on him.
    There was a time when open carry was the norm, by everyone, everywhere. (except women. they had their hand-warmer and purse pistols) If you were concealed carrying, it was presumed you were a perp up to no good.

  • Ozymandias

    Mr. Travis apparently thought twenty dollars was too much

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    The oldest, junkeist Harley out there’s worth 5K or more. Make the wench pay.

    • RegT

      Yeah, she should, but it will probably be Mommy who pays.

  • Is it me, or does the sheriff look like a young Burt Reynolds?

    • GWB

      Where you been? πŸ˜‰
      That was mentioned frequently when he first showed up at the ranch. πŸ™‚

      • Bob in Houston.

        For some reason I didn’t see Burt Reynolds but Sean Connery in “Darby O’Gill and the Little People” and with the face ferret, “Zardoz”

  • capn

    Quoting NotYetInACamp from yesterdays posts:

    “The FBI stages an ambush of morally correct but tactically incorrect protesters.
    The FBI fires upon a car with people holding their hands outside the windows in submission.
    The driver moves the car away from the gunfire. The car crashes. A protester exits the car and β€˜angrily’ walks towards the massive force of armed and armored FBI troops and unarmed with his hands over his head says something about them wanting to shoot him, so go ahead. They comply and drop the unarmed protester with a head shot, then 3 shots while he is on the ground.
    Rather different circumstances if the personal accounts are correct.

    It appears that the driver of the second car has stated that the man shot (I seem to have blanked on his name Tinicum? I really need a new memory.) was “charging” the blockade officers.

    So now we have three stories from “eye witnesses”.
    1 he was standing with his hands in the air
    2 he was on his knees with his hands in the air
    3 he was “charging” the blockaders (no mention of hand position.)

    You know the feddies had cameras rolling. The films/digital copies will all wind up in the same hell as Hilldabeasts server.

    The reason for the protest is/was(?) a good one. The location and strategy employed in and the protest site were … uhm … less than sterling choices. IMO.


    • Cliff H

      Helicopter video shows him exiting the driver’s side of the truck in the snow with his hands up, then for some reason he lowers his hands and falls to the ground. Unclear if he lowered his hands because he was being shot or if he was shot because he lowered his hands.

      Video also does not show ANYONE holding their hands out the windows during the initial stop and it is not clear if any of the police shot at the vehicle at that time.

      • GWB

        It will take some digging to get the real story. It seems that video isn’t definitive. But it does hit the credibility of the first stories from the ground.

    • Wood

      If no “suspects” (citizens the gov doesn’t like) were actively aiming a weapon, then it was murder. The trigger man just joined the illustrious list of gov sanctioned vicious killers with Lon Horiuchi. FBI is the enemy of all citizens, just depends if you rate individual attention/extermination.

    • Old Codger

      Capn, the reports I read were that the deceased was walking towards the Fibbies, unarmed and hands in the air demanding to know what the hell they were doing. Supposedly the deceased was shot once in the head (center of mass? I think not) and then shot numerous times while on the ground. The reports also indicated that the Feds initially fired on the vehicle whereupon the vehicle surged forward out of control and hit something. At that point the deceased exited the vehicle.

      Guess the Feds showed us who’s boss.

      • NotYetInACamp

        FBI helicopter video. Edited.
        Extended version available there.

        I was going to comment, but look at it yourself.

        That one officer almost killed himself. He s lucky. (OK 1 comment)

        • steveb919

          Kinda looks like the deceased was reaching inside of his jacket at the 6 min mark. Did he have a gun? I don’t know.

  • She’s an idiot, educate the cow. Physically fine, mentally on the cattle level.

  • Bill

    Hah! First open carry I’ve seen in Texas. In a cartoon. Go figure.

    • Old Codger

      Don’t know where you live but I do it pretty much every time I leave the house.

      • Bill

        Austin. Need I say more? LOL.

  • David M

    I hate to say this, but who is watching the homestead? There are Evil Feds with evil plans for that land… And the best operator/asset is off property…

    I gots a Bad Feeling…

  • Dear lord how can they do that? I mean there she was, minding her own business, no one has a right to do that to a poor defenseless motorcycle. Throw the book at her!

  • Unca Walt

    I am amazed time and again how every possible nuance, background/foreground/middle distance object is minutely examined by Mr. Muir’s fans.

    (*snork) As I read the comments, I find myself scrolling up to see stuff like:

    Zed open carry (I missed that)
    Dedicated Po-Po station (ditto)
    Burt R. (caught that)
    ENDLESS speculation as to what is next and what should/could/might happen.

    Fargin masterpiece of a cartoon strip. Unique.

  • Lee Caffey

    Thank you again for the lovely tribute to my beloved husband. He was looking forward to open carry. In the Navy for 30 years, 5 years in SouthWest Asia with mortars and rockets raining down and a d*mn hornet takes him out. We are carrying on the fight. The ranch goes on…

    • Chris Muir


  • Ron

    How can Skye pay a fine? Does she even get paid for working at the DD?

    At least if she gets put away for a while her kids will get a break from non-stop communist indoctrination.

  • Spin Drift

    Glad to see that Zed is not only a Parker man but a 1911 fan also. Hey who made the holster? I just started shooting a Gold Cup and have found that I can put 7 in the head at fifty feet. Much better than my M92. Can anyone make a recommendation for both an IWB and OWB for that Gold Cup.

    Member of the Ray Charles Shooting Team
    Rubber Biscuit Alabama

    • Chris Muir

      “Member of the Ray Charles Shooting Team” LOVE it.

    • Wicked Duke

      Don Hume OWB thumb break for my 1911 (Mine is so old they don’t make it anymore!) I prefer thumb breaks for 1911’s carried OWB, but YMMV.
      It’s been a fantastic holster.

      Galco King Tuk is what I’ve been running for IWB carry the past few years – it’s a *great* holster, but seems to be causing WAAAAY too much finish wear on the pistol, so I’m sort of in your shoes: looking at options for a better IWB rig right now.
      I think I want to go with an all-leather IWB rig if I can find something that isn’t too bulky AND doesn’t collapse, but at this point I’m still looking through the sea of choices…
      Oh well, it keeps me off the streets & out of trouble, eh?

      • Spin Drift

        Thanks for the info, I’ve been looking at Dragon Leather Works but they are expensive. Also the GC sights are real pointy and I really don’t want to wear a hole in my rib cage so its been a slow process.

        Molon Labe
        War Damn Eagle

    • JTC

      Spin, you didn’t ask me but I would consider using your GC and nice leather for your Sunday gotameetin’ OC gun and a nice used Glock or some such for carry. That Colt is a grand or better, and carry is harsh on them. The plastic bullet squirters are tough, resilient, reliable, and cheap. IMO.

    • Y’all are bringing back memories. Back in the Army days We had a lot of 1911 carry in standard military issue holsters. The popular thing was to pull the 1911 and cock it at the same time by engaging the slide on the holster. Ya did this by pulling partially out then pushing down to cock it. When you pulled the rest of the way you had a cocked automatic ready to fire. Unfortunately, over a few years period, I had two NCOs shoot themselves in the leg because they did this with the trigger pulled when they finished the draw. I also had the Bn commande’rs driver return his 1911 to the arms room, cleared the weapon then proceeded to blow a hole in the ceiling. (at least he pointed it at the ceiling). I and the BnC, on hearing the explosion arrived at the same time. The BnC asked the armorer what happened. He pointed to the driver. The driver proceeded to demonstrate to the colonel exactly what happened, while blowing a second hole in the ceiling. By the way, the ceiling and only about 7 ft high in the bunker. I showed the new/private ex-driver that he was supposed to remove the magazine before clearing the weapon. Hows that, all you experts? Can you beat that?

      • JTC

        Don’t know about beating it, or the expert thing ( my daddy always told me an ex is a has-been and spurt’s a drip), but if you handle enough used guns like the 10,000 or so that went through my hands in 30 years in gun & pawn biz, you’re likely to have a few um…unintended discharges.

        One of my three involved a beautiful Smith 645 that I wanted to show off to one of the many deputies who were regulars; this particular deputy had one glass eye, why I mention this you’ll soon see. I had loaded that big ol’ flashy .45 with some hot defense rounds to use temporarily as a safe gun. So I grabbed it and brought it back to the counter to show Dep. OneEye, all the while yakking I went through my automatic clearing motions; drop mag, rack slide, click at floor. Except this time the click was a boom like a bomb went off. I froze for a second, checked to be sure I still had my hands and feet, and glanced up at the deputy, who was also frozen but with eyes as big as saucers and man did that glass eye look strange.

        There’s a cell phone store where my old shop was and I stopped in a while back and felt around for that silver-dollar size crater in the concrete under the carpet, and yep there it was.

        To this day I don’t know if the extractor malfed and I didn’t notice, or if I reversed the procedure and racked before I dropped…probably the latter because the extractor worked fine afterwards. I’m not proud of this story, but of course that’s why you click at the floor in a safe direction when clearing a semi auto pistol, so that worked as it should. But believe me when I say that shit will get your attention and make you pay more attention when handling a hand-canon instead of the chitchat. And that deputy? I see him around town now and then…he gets quiet and watches me real close with that one good eye.

        Thirty years of handling thousands of OPG (other people’s guns) is pretty certain to include a couple of stupids, and I have two more, one very early in my career and another about five years before this .45 incident; that is the one that still gives me the willies to think about and I wasn’t even holding the gun (a vintage hi-standard .22 mag derringer) at the time. Stories for another day if I can make myself tell them and not bore everybody to death.

  • Duke of URL VFM#391

    I hope you actually meant .012%, NOT .12% – she’d not only be dead, she’d be embalmed!

    • Old Codger

      Sorry, but at .12% BAL she would NOT be “embalmed”. The legal limit in Texas is .08% so .12% would be high but not dead. I don’t know where you get your figures.

      • RegT

        Same in Cali now, was .10 when I worked there (back in the late 70’s through ’95. Arrested a Mexican (legal) one night who blew a .25, and he did the FST better than I could, cold sober. Of course, his weaving in his lane was just the start. Don’t know what machines are being used now, but talk of “toxic” at .12 is just silly. Close to .30 was getting toxic, although I’ve seen guys in that range who were alcoholics and were just sloppy drunk.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Skye blew a shot at a real Alpha Male and the reality that can go with that.

    No comment on similar situations I experienced.
    0.12. Question the testing machine. (Skye’s increased tolerance!) That evidence may be thrown out. That is what today’s lawyers are for, besides just extracting cash. Will she take responsibility?
    But the Harley! Sad damage. But a Harley shop should get some much needed work.
    Nice truck.

    Very nice tip of the hat to an Alpha Male.

  • interventor

    Zed should persuade the sheriff to go for long sentence in his jail. Afterwards, make her work at DD for room and board — all wages to fine and bike damages. Keep her on a short leash — real or metaphorical.

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