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  • Jeff Talbut

    MMmmmm…they got the Hot Fish too??

  • H_B

    No, no, I want to hear about this chicken…

  • zoltan Newberry

    Um…. isn’t this a bit obscure.
    You could really make a difference if you could somehow replicate Trump being turned into Bill the Cat of course in some way unique to you, Dude!

  • Th30 Moore

    Warning ! Alert ! Warning ! KFC Red chicken does not match Nashville red chicken.

    • Chris Muir

      I know,I just had KFC it was…meh.

    • S Hooks

      I tried the KFC Nashville Red today. I would describe it as “hot” in the way that so-called Bar-B-Que potato chips are hot. IOW, it tasted kind of “artificial”. Here in Carolina Bojangles is far better.

      • Dear Lord, there you go mentioning Bojangles. I’m drooling right now.

        • Mockingbird

          To hell with the woman-we’re talking Bojangles!

      • Chris Muir

        Or, Popeyes!

  • Vorlonagent

    Sam, you can stop do-depending your sister anytime now….

    • Vorlonagent


      • Unca Walt

        I dunno. I rather liked “do-depending”. 🙂

    • Bill

      Is that a diaper?

  • JTC

    So Red Beard pulls his bike up behind her car so she won’t drive off drunk, she backs up anyway, smashes his scooter but at least that stops her.

    Boy saved her life, or better yet somebody else’s. Sam better give him a big ol’ Red on Red hug, thank him profusely, and assure him he’ll get his HD fixed or replaced, and maybe give him a lifetime gift certificate for all the red chicken he’ll ever want, whatever the hell that is.

    Chris you do have a gift for interesting and obscure minutia…I love it.

    • Tiger Tomcat

      From the look of the bike that can be seen prob was just a knock down, so maybe a class C misdemeanor mischief charge if Travis decides to press charges.

      • kevin

        Doesn’t matter. A 0.12 on the alcohol breathe test is gonna be enough of a problem in Texas. Hopefully it’s number 3

  • billf

    Off track a little bit, the header on today’s strip (at least my own version) is an ad for a book on amazon titled “breakfast with the dirt cult”,supposedly a semi-autobiographical story about a soldier in Afganistan.Anybody here read that one?
    I respect the opinions of everybody here better than the Amazon critics.

    • Kevin L. Davis

      I read and enjoyed the book. It was a while ago, so the memory is fuzzy, except I liked it.

  • Tennessee Budd

    Haven’t tried KFC’s version yet, but I’d bet it’s nowhere near real Trashville Hot Chicken.

  • KenH

    NO Sam, we may NOT
    Here’s the Deal:
    The BEAST is on her own
    Or you are as far as she goes. Anything involving bail, jumping bail, and legal consequences? Go ahead. All yours

  • B Woodman

    Learn something new every day. Red chicken with pickle chip? Never heard of it. I either don’t get out enough, or that particular recipe hasn’t made it out to my neck o’ the woods (SLC, UT).
    Seems that Sam hasn’t heard of it either, the way she was about to go off on Redbeard the biker hero. But Zed obviously knows, and seems interested.

    Anyone care to elucidate, illuminate, and educate?

    And Sam, your sis is in a jail cell. She’s not going anywhere in a hurry. She can wait. The red chicken can’t.
    And I note that Redbeard is Southern polite. “Yes’m”, and”Yessir”, indeed.

    • H_B

      Yup. From the look of him, ten-gets-you-one he’s armed; from the classic style bike and riding clothes, probably something in .45acp.

      And I was serious above, I haven’t heard of this “red chicken” before either.

    • bob in houston

      Looks to be some sort of Nashville thing where they murder a perfectly good piece of chicken with enough cayenne pepper paste to choke a cave troll and then throw it on a nice piece of bread with those little corrugated sliced pickles, hot fish is the same thing but with a murdered piece of fish instead, yeah, not a fan of overly spicy!

      • B Woodman

        Ahhhh. . . but I AM a BIG fan of hot and spicy. (up to the level of habanero – then it gets HOT!)

        • Try the Ghost Pepper Jack from Glanbia Cheese. Oh my, that stuff is good!

        • steveb919

          If it gets passed Jalapeno I don’t want it. I Really like Jalapenos as they add just enough spice to a dish without overpowering the flavor of the food. I’ve seen these macho dudes trying to out do each other to see who can eat the hottest pepper. Looks stupid to me. I enjoy my food. I’m from Louisiana and have eaten Jalapenos and Tabasco all my life, nothing better. I turn 73 this year, so that a lot of hot things.

        • Morgul Lord

          If you want hot, try the Carolina Reaper chili. I”s just about off the Scoville Scale. If you want to grow them, you can get seeds at

      • Jeffersonian

        You can’t murder an animal. You can only kill it. preferably humanely. Then you season it as you desire and eat it. Mmmmmmm. Hot. If god hadn’t meant for us to eat animals, he wouldn’t have made them out of meat. And I loves me some ghost peppers.

        • GWB

          And, remember: If you’re cold, they’re cold. Bring them in and heat them up. 165F internal temp is preferable.

          • bob in houston

            Indeedy!, plenty of room for all of God’s creatures…right there next to the mashed potatoes and gravy!

        • bob in houston

          heh, my bad, I meant it as more of a waste thing rather than PETA thing, I am all in favor meaty goodness of all kinds, in fact am eating a venison cheddar jalapeno sausage omelet at this very moment!

          • B Woodman

            PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals.

    • Ozymandias

      Both Skye and the chicken can stew in their own juices for a while.

  • pyrodice

    Ain’t no COMMIE chicken crossin’ MY road! 😉

  • Shonkin

    Chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, and thyme, simmered with onions in tomato sauce (not fried — browned, then simmered in the sauce for 45 minutes or however long it takes). I bet it would be better with some chili peppers added to the sauce.

    • H_B

      You have my attention, stop teasing me. Gimme specifics. (I cook.)

      • GWB

        Good Lord! The paste is three parts pepper to one part lard?!? No wonder it mentions the cook prepares it wearing gloves!

        That sounds yummy.

        • bob in houston

          sounds more like eating straight greasy pepper that has the texture of chicken! ah well, more power to you folks that like it though, Like that guy Steve used to say on the internet, eat what you want and die like a man.

  • bob in houston

    Hell at first when I saw him previously, I thought it was Karl.

  • epador


    • H_B

      Feel free to chime in with a recipe.

  • Pamela

    I don’t do fast food. Haven’t in over 20 years.
    I do like the look of Zed’s holster. The way it settles on his hip.

    • Sam

      The only “fast” food I do is harvested with a hunting license and copperclad lead delivered at high velocity.

      Didn’t even notice Zed was packing. Sharp eyes there.

      • Pamela

        That type fast food is ok.

    • Nashville red chicken is anything but fast food.

      • Pamela

        It does look right tasty and I love the crispy spicy look of it, but no amount of tequila will kill the burn of that once it hits home.

        • GWB

          Lime. Lime will keep the mouth from burning. Suck on the lime, then eat a bite of the spicy food. (Or, you can cut up the lime really small and pop a bit in your mouth just before the hot food goes in.) Learned that trick eating peppers in Thailand.

          • Pamela

            Thanks for the tip GWB. A good reason to plant a Lime tree along with the Quince going in the ground today.

  • Spin Drift

    Hells Bells, you people like hot food, well my Mama, God rest her soul, used to make a spicy chicken only in winter. The reasoning on this was that a day later you’d be wipin’ your keister with a snow cone. Gave new meaning to the cliche of “burning your candle at both ends.”

    The Galloping Gourmet of Gastronomic Gutbombs
    War Damn Eagle
    Molon Tums

  • This “Red Beard” needs to be adopted into the family. Just sayin’, I like this guy.

    • Unca Walt

      Jeez. Thinkin’ the same thing.

  • even with those sunglasses on, you can tell just where red beard is looking…not that I blame him at all.

  • Cliff

    I need some interpretive assistance.

    • H_B


  • GWB

    Huh, spicy fried chicken on white bread, with pickle chips? That sounds like CFA’s spicy chicken sandwich. I love those. (Though they aren’t outrageously spicy, they are nice enough to get a little warmth in your mouth.)

  • Bill G

    Skye needs to stew in her own juice for a while.
    With regards to cooking, everyone to their own. For me, Tabasco is a tasty but mild condiment yet habaneros are past my range.

  • Iconoclast

    OK, I get the allusions to the lava torture ‘food’ from the comments. Never heard of the specific dishes & damn sure I don’t want to even imagine how painful it must be to have in the mouth. I’ll stick to my lobstah & New England clam chowdah – dishes for civilized palates!

    • JTC

      Rather iconoclastic attitude there, ya dayum yaankeee! 😉

      • JTC

        (but yeah okay, born 30 mi. so. of Nashville (Columbia), raised in rural FL, but can’t stand HOTHOTHOT -don’t know what that says about my Southron bonafides-, while they can’t make it hot enough for Georgia girl wifey…but we both love that lobstah so we compromise)

  • War Pig

    We called it mahogany chicken. Same thing. One part lard, three parts cayenne, heated together to make into a paste/sauce, used to coat the battered and fried chicken. Served with white bread and dill pickle chips. It’ll open your sinuses. A few places put the sauce on the chicken before the batter, then pan fry or deep fry it in a broaster. The hottest is sauced before batter and broasting, then has additional sauce on it after being broasted. However, a mandatory part is to marinade the chicken in buttermilk to retain moisture during cooking. You don’t want dried-out mahogany chicken. The best is also deep fried or broasted in lard, but that is becoming rare these days. Lards is best, but peanut oil is also good as the fry oil.

  • Kafiroon

    Years ago had a BBQ pizza in Mumbai in a little back alley joint that was very busy with customers and a 20+ motorbike delivery.
    Dang near took the top of my head off from mouth up. Hot does not even come close.

  • Vulcanrider

    OMG…hot chicken, Wonder bread, pickle chip with deep fried pickles on the side…gotta get my butt back up around Nashville, that’s all there is to it!

  • Pamela

    With that amount of hot peppers in the mix, could a person use that for de-worming bratty teenagers when they get all sass mouthed and bigger than their britches?
    Hey use it on Skye…

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