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  • armedandsafe

    Verrrrrry interesting.(The storyl ine is pretty good, too.)

  • JTC

    “Things come in threes, you know…”

    Glad that didn’t apply to the boobehs, I mean they are *very* fine, but that would be weird. Speaking of which, I just can’t imagine the purpose of that little shadow of a negligee Sam’s “wearing”…why bother?

    Oh wait, you say there’s a storyline here somewhere? Huh.

    • WayneM

      The purpose of the négligée isn’t to conceal the assets, rather it’s all about the feel… as in the texture against the skin… Both Sam & Zed benefit from that silky smoothness without disrupting the view.

    • Brodder

      Boobs do come in threes…well the Stooges variety did…

  • Grunt GI

    So I am also curious where this story is going. Or I could just be distracted by Sam’s mountains majesty. Wowza. Gonna be a good week for DBD fans.
    Makes some of the pain from shoveling all this snow better.
    Thanks Chris.

  • Spin Drift

    Unless the DD is/was on BLM Forest Service land then a land grab will take an eminent domain suit. I’m sure Sam’s dad has some good lawyers (hell with 10 billion dollars I’m sure he has a few Senators on speed dial). Hello, Senator fill in the blank, I’m going to fund your primary opponent with 10 million dollars. Are you going to help out my baby girl. Good nice talking to you.

    Molon labe
    War Damn Eagle

    • KenH

      That’s not Sam’s dad, its the other one’s father

      • PaulS

        Step dad, if I’ve kept things straight.

    • Ed Woods

      Several government agencies have been unsolved in these land grabs. Look at the border grab along the river in, hmm…Texas. The Texas-Oklahoma border dispute might heat up.

      • Ed Woods

        Damn. “Involved,” but unsolved just might work at that.

        • Bill G

          It’s perfect; the answer to the question “How in the &^%$ did those bureaucrats get away with doing that?”

      • Texas-Oklahoma border dispute??? Alfalfa Bill Murray, the Oklahoma Governor at the time, settled that one. The Oklahoma National Guard, 45th division “thunderbirds” chased the tejas troops way back into Burkburnet Tejas. The red river has been in Oklahoma ever since, except for a few, bought, modern Obama bureaucrats who are getting involved after 100 years. Bureaucrats never give up! The border is on the Tejas side, but the river may meander and change it’s banks.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Part of the law says that the government owns all river bottom and does not lose it as the river cuts nev courses. So the feds say they own wherever that river has gone since the federal government obtained that territory.
          All from memory.
          So as the river bank moved one way and people obtained deeds, fee simple, grazing rights, mineral rights, and otherwise, paid their taxes for over 100 years on some of the land, the federales say the land always belonged to them and that their prior federal claim was never extinguished.
          Texas should check their treaty with the united States of America and see if some of that claimed federal land may have a superior Texas claim to it. Texas relinquished quite a large amount of land when it entered the union. As it was not Texas land in the new state, maybe Texas could claim a prior constitutional right to it, seeing as the federal government isn’t supposed to own that much raw land or some other reason. GO TEXAS! GO LANDOWNERS in Texas and Oklahoma.

          • interventor

            Plus, Spanish land grants, which, by law, supercede any federal claim.

        • Actually, all navigatable rivers belong to the indians, as long as the water flows and the grass grows. Of course, this becomes problematic when there is oil underneath the land. However, I think in no case can the land go back to the feds by treaty (the constitutional law of the land. I think navigatable means a canoe can make the float. The mineral rights to the Arkansas river at Tulsa and Muskogee belong to the indians. Why? because in the early 1800, a steam boat traveled from Ft. Gibson to Tulsey Town. None have been able to make the trip since. There was a high level of uranium in the river sand, but the government couldn’t use it because the Creeks wouldn’t let them. Some of my history may be a little skew, but I know about the uranium, I once had a claim.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I say that we are going Japanese.

    Back to the USA and no more property rights. Hail BLM. Hail Tyranny.

    Hail for mountains majesty.

    • WayneM

      Frightening, indeed. There is one comparison between activism and standing your ground… When it was the Occupy movement taking over in the cities, there were very few arrests (only the most egregious criminal behaviour) and no-one was killed. Oregon? Two sets of rules.

  • B Woodman

    Hmmmm . . . I’ll have to see if I can find it tomorrow on my computer and post it (I’m on my kindle), seems to me I saw an article about ranchers tearing up and negating their BLM contracts.

    • B Woodman

      Found a couple of references. Ammon Bundy is urging ranchers to cancel their BLM grazing contracts, but so far, only one rancher from NM has done so.

      What I also find interesting, down near the bottom of the article, it says, “The BLM said that in fiscal year 2014, it spent $34.3 million on livestock grazing administration and collected $12.1 million in grazing fees.”

      W-T-F!!?? No wonder this Gooberment is going bust! Spend more in administration, then take in in fees??!! Oh well, it’s only paper and electrons, the Gooberment can always crank out more to make up the difference. Or raise other taxes and fees on us Little People.

      • interventor

        Grazing fees on military land are mitigated by keeping up roads and fences. BLM, the same?

  • B Woodman

    This is the BLM land grab division, a department of the Federal ass grab department, female and male.

  • M11

    Forgetful I am. What do the feds have or think they have on Zed and Sam?

    • H_B

      Failing to accept the government bribes/handouts, not voting Democrat, and excessive whiteness*. All capital crimes. (* Sam is half Japanese but disqualified from special-status as “white-Japanese”; see also: “white-hispanic”.)

      • MasterDiver

        Also, Being a combat veteran and a trained sniper with a Conservative viewpoint (automatically confers “Potential Domestic Terrorist” status),and holding a “less than divine” opinion of Da Wun.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Your timing is damn erie, Chris, considering the events in Oregon….one dead, Ammon’s brother Ryan Bundy wounded…

  • Subotai Bahadur

    IN RE: Oregon. That was a cluster. There is a reason that Oathkeepers were NOT there. The Hammonds refused any help, and chose to go the court route. Oathkeepers offered, and it was declined at the beginning, so they stood down. Ammon and Ryan Bundy are there, but with them came 3 “militia” who are suspected more than a little of working for the other side. Still waiting for details of what happened today.

    Now if Sam and Zed put out a call for help . . .

    • NotYetInACamp

      I am hoping that John brown’s action does not serve as a partial template.

      • H_B

        Wow, talk about your historical American zealots with a death wish.

    • Old Codger

      True but I agree with Mike Vanderboegh that the whole roadblock was a fed setup. Maybe to show us dumb peons who’s boss?

      “Land o’ the free an’ home o’ the brave.” Says so right here on the label.
      (walks away muttering to himself)

  • I’m sure the Oregon thing triggered Chris’ mind for this strip. Problem being, you can do as you wish in a cartoon. Where is the real situation leading?

    • B Woodman

      It’s not so much intelligence that the RNC lacks, it’s principle and spine.

      • H_B


  • chester arthur

    Just as an aside on the Oregon situation.Since when does the FBI do traffic stops?I’ll bet they’d look REAL cute in those meter maid skirts.

  • interventor

    Dr. Carson, the GOP requires a spine implant.

    • Pamela

      Wish you could implant common sense and honor.

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