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  • Neither, Libertarian! Just as were the founders!

    • OO-FRIKKING-RAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vince

    If only the bureaucrats would leave the average citizen alone, we might find better ways to do things and OH NOsssss be greater. Shhhhhhh

  • WayneM

    It’s a shame the name “Libertarian” has been tarnished by Gary “Aleppo” Johnson… and the name liberal has permanently muddled by progressives & collectivists.

    The reality is most of what is called conservative nowadays is classic liberalism… laissez-faire economics with constricted but relevant government.

    It’s been asserted by Dr Jordon Peterson and others than those who wish to undermine western society in pursuit of a fictional Marxist utopia modify language in order to take and keep control of the narrative… and so long as we don’t object strenuously to their modifications, they will remain a step ahead.

    There is much to like about DJT but there’s also much to dislike. One thing is certain tho… I’m not tired of winning yet.

    • eon

      The last time a “libertarian” ran for Mayor around here, his platform consisted of “you’ll have to elect me to find out what I’m going to do”.

      He lost, and when he began ranting about how effing stupid we rednecks were for not supporting him, everyone found out he was really a gun-hating, drug-loving, pro-abortion-on-demand-and-execute-anybody-who-disagrees Dem from Toledo. So much for “libertarianism” today, at least here in OH.

      As for Trump, first and foremost he’s a businessman, a successful one. And as such, he has to be smart enough to recognize a “business model” that won’t work in the real world.

      His Great Sin in the eyes of progressives wasn’t just “leaving the plantation”- it was telling them that their “sustainable”, “globalist” Grand Plan for Utopia was one such non-viable business model.

      Telling the gurus of “sustainability” that their cherished Brave New World is absolutely not sustainable is roughly like telling them that Karl Marx was an idiot in addition to being a demagogue. Most of them reject the statement out of hand; the few who know damned well that it’s correct don’t want to admit it, because that voids their ticket to Absolute Power Forever.

      In many ways, Trump is another Winston Churchill. Who, I’ll remind you, was a “voice crying in the wilderness” for two decades between the wars, and even when in Parliament and later as First Sea Lord and then Prime Minister, faced as much opposition from his own party as he did from Labour. Not to mention his own Deputy PM in the “unity” government, Clement Fucking Attlee.

      Trump at least has a Vice President who’s on his side. That’s more than Winston ever got.

      clear ether


      • Old Codger

        “Sustainability” is another of those castles-in-the-air that modern-day liberals construct in the air and then seek to force us “lesser beings” to live in.

  • lurking

    If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, there a pretty good Chance that it’s Carl Marx.

  • OldGoat36

    Someone, though I forget who, said Trump really doesn’t quite fit in any true party line, in politics he a a pragmatist rather than any formed ideology. I think that is probably the best way to view his actions and deeds.

    FDR is the earlier politician who pushed for changing the meaning of the labels to confuse the masses and keep power. Liberal was swiped from those of his persuasion and had lost momentum because of failing policies under their brand of socialism. Progressive became the label they adopted as a means of cover from their brand of liberalism.

    Libertarians are a tough group in that they are all over the place when they try to form some kind of cohesion in a platform. It is a label which seems to mean everything to everyone and nothing to everyone. Under libertarians you have the full spectrum of economic stances, at least as far as those who run for office under that banner. They stand for big and small government, loose regulation and full regulation. In the true origins it is not close to the platform that the politicians claiming it represent. Because they seem to form from those disaffected from Republicans and Democrats they adopt almost all platforms, rendering them a confusion and un-viable party.

    I find those now loosely forming as Constitutional Party to be closer to what Libertarians in theory are supposed to be. Till either the Libertarians shed the leftists who bring confusion to the coalition it won’t attract those who desire more freedom and a move back toward the vision of government the founding fathers had.

    Progressives/current Liberals, while they have their true Marxist base, need to relabel themselves over time because their belief and stances run counter to freedom, and when they get exposed the label needs to change to something they haven’t ruined as a brand. Its why liberal has fallen out of fashion – again – and become progressives – again. Wash, rinse and repeat…

  • JTC

    As the excellent commentator Mychal Massie “labeled” DT prior to the election…

    Look at his site and then search for his piece on Trump the Pragmatic…

    Or Pragressive to be cute but accurate about it. Mainly I think he’s someone you can’t slap a label on in terms of his actions and performance, it is/was only uselful to adopt the Republican mantle in order to control to some degree the established structure of an established party and to keep someone else from running on it, not to mention it would be almost impossible to win the Presidency with a third party under our current electoral system. He’s first and foremost the leader of the America First Party, I’m down with that based on what I’ve seen so far.

    But yeah, pragmatic or prag is a pretty good general descriptor of how he runs his business, and our business.

    • JTC

      Lots of people think Krauthammer coined that usage in reference to DT because of this…

      Let’s be sure the good black men get credit where due, not because of some token value but because I believe there are a lot of closet black Trump pragmatists who may be encouraged by the wisdom and words of someone like Massie.

  • Halley

    I love the way Samantha Owens thinks

    • JTC

      I like the way she sits.

  • writeby

    Americans despise a phony. In Trump they sense a genuine man, whatever his faults, shortcomings, etc. Blue dog Dem, Repub Prez, he’s always been what he’s been. (Yup, a Blue Dog Dem today *would* be a Repub.)

    “I’m going to do it fast and it’ll be amazing!” Even when he exaggerates for effect, you know he’s winking at you, letting you in on the joke.

    We could–and, frankly, should (given the stupidity of many Americans)–have a worse President.

    PS. Our Founding Fathers were most decidedly *not* Libertarians–Anarchy isn’t a political system–“competiting governments” is worse than an oxymoron–it’s a politcal epitaph. Our Founders were, in the strictest sense, constitutional republicans (& I might add, most were deists or in the case of men like Paine, atheists).

    >State legislatures were assigned by the Constitution to elect U.S. Senators
    >Only those who owned property could vote

    A democracy is tyranny by the majority. The only minority is the individual.

    See: _The God of the Machine_ by Isabel Paterson

    • gruundehn

      While some anarchists claim to be Libertarians, Libertarians are not anarchists. Claiming that Libertarians are anarchists is a tactic of authoritarians everywhere. Libertarians are small government people who are socially tolerant. Too often people claim to be Libertarian in order to harm the label. Too often authoritarians claim that Libertarians are something that they are not to harm the label. I suggest that before you claim to know what Libertarians are, or stand for, investigate the website and see the principles Libertarians stand for.

      Christopher Cole
      Pima County Libertarian Party

  • writeby

    PPS. “The ragged relic and the antiquated precedent, the monk and the monarch, will molder together.” ―Thomas Paine

    And the sooner, the better.

  • JackDeth72

    One thing I’ve admired about President Trump/ Like Mc Arthur. He focuses his attention where hi enemy isn’t, or is weakest. As opposed to where they are.

    And his opponets always look silly during the whole affair.

  • NotYetInACamp

    President Trump has stated and follows ideas that the vast majority of the country have agreed upon for ages. A good person espousing the ideas that Trump supports would have been elected in elections for the past 40 plus years.
    as a matter of fact, they have been. Then the politicians went their own way.
    PGTOW, for short. (PiGTOW?)

    Trump is doing much of what he said. (PiGTOWs never do what they say)
    America notices.

    Trump loving it.
    Trump is winning it.
    Trump is his ever loving self.

    “YA THINK?”


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