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  • Merle

    Sounds like a great idea to me….. 🙂

  • One would hope that the Gitmo trip would be very short lived, and then the bodies given to the sharks.

    • John T. Block

      Hey, cmblake6, what have you got against ocean life, talking about open pollution like that?

  • NotYetInACamp


    But weren’t all of the early mosques built facing Petra?

    Fueling stations were one reason why the USA expanded to small islands around the world. Coal, water, and food being the necessary fuels for a while there. Kind of like finding Petra in oceans of sand while staying on the trade route.

    (snork! She fell for it.)

    • Old Codger

      But weren’t all of the early mosques built facing Petra?

      From what I can determine online, the original qibla (direction to face during prayers) was towards Jerusalem . Several years after that was specified, when Mohammed was living in Medina, Mo received a revelation and turned towards Mecca. Looking at the map, Jerusalem is north-northeast of Medina whereas Mecca is almost due south. That meant the pederast, – excuse me, prophet – made a 180 degree turn in the middle of prayers.

      • PaulS

        “180 out“
        Sounds familiar.

        Went from being Godly to Satanic, hmmmm?

      • JJ cooper

        No, you were right the first time. I was in a class where the Prof was praising Mohammed to the skies and I asked (innocently?) ‘But, wasn’t he a pedophile?” I left the class shortly thereafter!!

      • markm

        Mohammad began by drawing from Christianity and Judaism, mixing the parts of these that were most appealing to his people with a bit of his tribal paganism. So he began by praying to the Holy City of the Christians and Jews. Then he figured out what his new religion was really about, and reversed 180 degrees to pray to his own birthplace…

        • Pamela

          never trust a horny guy religion

          • JTC

            Better stay away from them Catholic priests then eh?

            Those vows of celibacy are dangerous to little girls and boys alike. At least they leave the goats alone though. I think.

          • NotYetInACamp

            In the eastern Rite of the Roman catholic Church the priests marry. It’s only normal.

            Celibacy was to prevent the bastards and wives from inheriting the priest’s and church property at death.

            Follow the money.

            Who benefits.

            Medici’s and others have been priests and bishops and cardinals and popes, all with children through history.
            Humans are horny.
            Look at the pedophiles in elite power positions around the world. Unbridled lust breeds unbridled actions taken with impunity.

            And Goats are a Muslim think. fatwas have been pronounced as to the use and disposal of those goats alluring bodies.
            like one said to sell the meat to the next village after the goat lover has been dispatched. Poor goats. Treated as adulterers and dispatched.

      • Interventor

        Per Gibbons, Decline and Fall, Mo’s last words to the faithful were of his impending demise. The only response was, “you can’t die, you owe me money.” Thanks to his child bride, the debt was paid. Ayesha was a successful business woman, who kept the family out of debt, Besides his many other failings, Mo was a wastrel.

    • eon

      Coaling stations were what marked the end of the British Royal Navy as the 800-pound gorilla of the seven seas. The Admiralty resisted going from sail to steam for anything but shallow-draft “coast defense” ships until the 1890s, by which time the U.S. Navy had completely converted to steam with the French Navy not far behind. The USN and French established coaling stations in “distant waters” a decade before the RN got around to it.

      The German Navy had the same myopia, focusing exclusively on attacking or defending against the British Home Fleet. It’s worth noting that the inconclusive “major” sea battles of World War One between those two navies, such as Dogger Bank and Jutland, were basically fought in the European littorals less than two day’s steaming from the respective fleets’ home bases.

      By comparison, everybody else had figured it out long before the battle of Tsushima between the Japanese and the Russians in 1904.



      • markm

        Did the Brits ever have to abandon a military plan for the lack of a coaling station? They controlled ports all around the world before the steam era, because although a sailing ship could stay at sea for a long, long time, it operated more efficiently with periodic barnacle-scraping, fresh food, and a steady supply of sails, spars, cordage, and tar. (And they learned the importance of a nearby supply of powder and shot as far back as 1588 – no one had anticipated how quickly the new tactics of the battle of the Spanish Armada would run through ammo, but the English ships could run home and be back in a few hours.)

        So all the Brits needed to do to have the densest worldwide network of coaling stations was to realize the need and send out the colliers and equipment needed. Everyone else first had to acquire many islands – and then defend them from the Brits. The USA had an advantage there, in that our tiny navy had gained the respect of the Brits in the War of 1812, so if we gained a title to an island that could survive their lawyers, they wouldn’t resort to brute force.

        The Germans were not only starting from scratch after all the good islands and colonial lands had already been claimed, but lacked a navy that had any chance of defending remote possessions – not only against the Brits, but even against Japan. Japan declared war on Germany in WWI for the sole purpose of snatching their islands in the Pacific before the Brits could get around to it – and the German far eastern fleet of only six cruisers was no impediment. That left them without any refueling options but trying to transfer coal from captured ships at sea, or temporarily capturing a British coaling station. And that was how the Brits trapped them at the Falkland Islands – but these half-dozen ships did immense damage to British shipping before then.

        • Interventor

          In the 18th century, US naval frigates carried 56 to 60 cannons. Whereas, Brit frigates carried about 28 cannons. So outgunned were the Brits, that they were under orders to never engage US frigates unless there was to 2 to 1 advantage.

  • Halley

    Not to mention all the extra padded cells that will be needed for the enemedia once the Deep State indictments start raining down…

    • eon

      The One would need one of the mirrored rooms, not one with a qila. To worship Allah would require him to worship something other than himself, and that just isn’t going to happen with him.

      clear ether


      • JJ cooper

        Great! Not only a historian but a wit!

      • JTC

        Redundant in his “view”.

        To us, he is mockingly “The One” .

        To him, he is seriously THE ONE,

  • Fox2!

    Will the Clintons have adjoining, communicating suites?

    • Old Codger

      Not if Willy Jeff has anything to say about I suspect.

      • Interventor

        Wouldn’t adjoining cells be considered torture?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    A one way trap. “Come for the fueling station, stay for the luxury prison cell.”

    Puts me in mind of a segment from a later RAH novel (Cat Who Walks Through Walls? To Sail Beyond the Sunset?). Critics could enter a bar, all the free beer and food they could want………but they couldn’t leave UNTIL THEY LEARNED HOW TO READ.

    • jim

      IIRC that was from the afterword to The Number of the Beast. Jubal to Lazarus.

      • Halley

        or Lazarus to Jubal….?
        I believe the critics were also given typewriters, but no ribbons.

        • eon

          The punch line was that any of them could get out at any time. They just had to be able to read something as written without “interpreting” it.

          Every “journalist” flunked the test. Meaning, no, they couldn’t even take an EXIT sign as written.

          clear ether


    • TomZ

      Number of the Beast

  • Old Codger

    OT Question for the good folks here at DBD.

    My wife and I work in the transportation Dept of a school district near us – she drives and I am a monitor. One day last week I was monitoring on my wife’s bus. The Middle School (6th, 7th & 8th grade) kids are predominantly Black. Many of them are way beyond merely have no respect for authority; these kids display positive, active CONTEMPT for authority – and in the current climate they pretty much get away with it. The regular monitor wants to be their friend so does absolutely nothing to keep order. Any way, last week, while I was on my wife’s bus, two of the students – one male and one female – stood up and lead most of their fellows in five minutes of chanting “FUCK WHITE PEOPLE!” at the top of their lungs. I am about 3/4ths deaf and generally disable my hearing aids to shut out the generally loud noise of the middle schoolers and so did not hear their chant. I heard them chanting but could not tell what they were saying. It was only after we had finished all three runs (elementary, MS & HS) and were walking to the office to turn in her keys that I found out what they had been chanting. It was a seriously discomfiting moment for me. I am a big guy and still pretty strong but, as Stalin so sagely phrased it, “Quantity has a quality all its own”. Some of those kids are damned big. In the confined space of the bus they could do some real damage.

    Was I wrong to feel more than a trace of fear? Besides my wife and myself, there were fewer than a half dozen other European-Americans on a bus carrying over 50 people. It could have gotten nasty there. Was I wrong to be concerned? When we told the head of transportation (an Hispanic) about the incident his initial reaction was along the lines of “Well, kids will be kids.”. To date I am not aware of ANY action being taken against the students despite their being video of everything which goes on while the ignition is set to “run”.

    Was I wrong? You folks tell me.

    • Norm

      Letting them run wild is what was wrong. That’s how they got to where they are.

    • Wood

      You’re not wrong. Back in the day you could have ass whipped them all, and society would have expected it. Then their parents would have done the same when they got home. We’re just breeding the next gen of thugs. I got my kids into a charter school, small classes and parents who care enough to try to get into the school. I figure that’s the first sign of parents with a pulse, and hope that translates to home involvement and actual parenting.

    • JTC

      What, no gun? I mean, it’s Texas, right?

      • JTC

        Srsly though, GTF out of there. Even when -especially when- you aren’t toting, always follow the first rules of self-defense; situational awareness and situational control. You already know where that situation is eventually going and the way to control it is to get away from it. The best way to win any fight is to not get into one.

    • WayneM

      “Well, kids will be kids” is actually code for “I am unwilling to take appropriate action consistent with the authority of my job because I am afraid of the potential backlash of leftist group-think zombies.”

      And, yes, this kind of thing is very, very common.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Too bad you don’t get copies of the bus ride recordings. They are public records. Maybe a USB would help to download them. Your own recording device would not be a bad idea. The union should demand them. As well as demand those recordings to defend thir members for when the next level is reached.
      They would make great public interest youtubr, vimeo and other fare.
      People who choose sides against me, have done exactly that.
      Further advice for them I sayeth not.

    • Kafiroon

      You did the right thing. 50/1 is terrible odds at close range, no escape while bus is moving and no belt fed auto. That chant is Not the hill to die on. Now at your home, with some high speed backup, yeah maybe. You saved yourself and more importantly, your wife.

      • NotYetInACamp


  • Randy

    I think the “Don” (Portago or Trump) should enable a Kickstarter for this idea. I’d donate without hesitation!

  • M. Mitchell Marmel

    Well, we can dream, can’t we?

  • JTC

    Papa sent the Bentley for the young ‘uns and kept the Caddy at home for himself?

    And from the looks of the back seat and the nature of the conversation the kids are elsewhere? Or did Javie figure out the secret to the Jetson magnetic flying car and fly on ahead?

    • JTC

      Or maybe Mama Jan is just taking Mother’s Day off.

      And best wishes for great and happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies of the DBD, on both sides of the 4th wall….many more to come God willing and the swamp don’t rise.

  • JTC

    Liking the Hotel Gitmofornia idea, soundtrack by the Eagles of course.

    We can save some dough on the Beast’s accomodations though and still give her a nice compact soundproof chamber with thick (oak) walls and lush (velvet) padding, then enhance the effect with six feet of good sjoil overhead. I mean, bitch is dead anyway, just bury her. And I’m sure ol’ Bubba Bill will be happy too.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Confine enemy combatants for the duration.

      Sharia defines the duration to be until Sharia and Islam is the only religion in the whole world.

      We can put every single follower of Sharia in an isolation camp away from human civilization.
      I do not define their alleged civilization or culture as human. And I have as much right and more to define ideas as they do. They attacked my culture(s) and people(s). (My DNA and cultures have great diversity, though on appearance alone I am pigeonholed and judged by the racist haters.)

      • MasterDiver

        I’m sure there are some very nice facilities left over from WWII in Alaska, say Attu and Kiska Islands. Nice little DIY remodel project for the “guests”.
        Zar Belk!

    • Fox2!

      The problem would be defining her “home earth”, to comply with or deny that requirement. Chicago? Little Rock? DC? Chappaqua?

      • JTC

        The bowels of Hades?

    • Interventor

      Most likely, Lucifer has a nice room for both of them to be together for eternity,

  • JTC

    Just realized I’m off about something…

    Well, I’m off about a lot of things, but I mean DBD things;

    So Don P is married to Skye’s mom Kimiko, and was formerly with Sam’s mom…

    But how is he also Jan’s Papa, or is this a different rich Don?

  • Fox2!

    Don P is Jan’s father. Kimiko is Sam and Skye’s mother. Yes, it is (DBD) incestuous.

  • Fox2!

    Just to be clear, Don P. is not Sam and Skye’s father. He was a red-headed airman named Flannagan stationed at Kadena.

  • James Flanagan


    Be sure that Bill has fresh towels

  • David Grimes

    Once again I am reminded why DBD is the ONLY free stuff on the web I pay for.

  • armedandsafe

    I like Damon’s idea better.


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