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  • JTC

    “Working” AND “working it” at the same time. It’s genetic.

    Man, they grow up fast. Up to Zed to be sure not too fast.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    People just can’t get away from genetics, no matter how hard they try.
    “But my boots match”

    Saaaaaaay……… this supposed to be an object lesson in LGBTABCXYZ gender silliness?

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Even real working cowboys AND cowgirls have to babysit when necessary.

    • And there you go.

  • “momma, don’t let your babies grow up to be cow-guuurlz….”. Willie talkin’ to Sam?

    • John D. Egbert

      Think that was Waylon, not Willlie, although they did a duet of it on their “Together Again For the First Time” album. Good stuff . . .

  • Pamela

    Girl Stuff. Learn to properly care for the young and they will care for the elders.
    Jeans, chaps, gloves, sunscreen, hat, knife and 357 SW. Proper PPE for anyone.

    • John D. Egbert

      Ah, you’re familiar with the “Seven ‘P’ Principle:” Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Smart Lady . . .

      • Pamela

        Always carry two knives too.

        • JTC

          “Two is one and one is none…”

          • JSStryker

            “and three is better!”

    • MAJ Arkay

      Here in Texas, sunglasses are just as important as a wide brim hat and the sunscreen.

    • Capn Jack

      You forgot a nice big bandana.

  • WayneM

    Since I’m fairly new to Texas and much to learn, I’ve been reading and watching youtube channels on foraging, identifying critters etc…

    One particular video kind of hit home. The guy harvested prickly pear fruit (inexplicably called tuna in spanish) and quietly pointed out the diamond back sleeping at the base of the cactus, a few feet from him.

    I’ve walked right up to similar cactus often enough but I never thought of looking for snakes. Ugh. And I don’t have the right kind of boots to deal with such.

  • JTC

    “Working” and “working it” at the same time. Good genes.

    They grow up fast. Up to Zed to be sure not too fast on both counts.

    (The above went to moderation and then disappeared the first time?).

    • Chris Muir

      yup, just saw it now. no idea why it goes into the ether…

      • JTC

        Pretty sure it’s AI taunting us about things to come… 😮

  • Paladin

    One of the things I have always loved about fall & winter is women in jeans and boots. Always a great look.

  • nonncom

    I recall a statement that defines fake cowboys…..”All hat and no cattle”….

    • interventor

      Before that, they were called “drugstore cowboys.”

  • Halley

    I imagine there are more than a few of us who are irredeemably, inexplicably attracted to “tomboys”. Weird how those hormonal cock-tails work…

    • Too Tall

      Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, and biking are a lot more fun when your wife is as enthusiastic about them as you are.

      However, when one of your daughters grows up with the same passions, and then routinely pushes both of you, you often end up worn out.

  • Too Tall


    Nice touch with the manicured and polished nails on Mari. Don’t think they are going to last long doing real cowgirl work.

    • Pamela

      ARRGGH! Her nail polish matches her boots! Time to get her some muck boots and something to muck.

  • Brent Dotson

    I don’t know about the Texas terrain that they are in, but in Idaho working out in the range, you don’t want bare legs much. A lot of ticks out there.

    • MAJ Arkay

      Some parts of Texas have ticks, most parts have plants you do not want bare skin to come into contact with…

      • cb

        A sock full of sulfur powder hung by back door used to dust self on way out – old fashion way of dealing with chiggers/ticks. Been spraying yard with Lilly Miller brand with good results.

        • MAJ Arkay

          We have various insects that eat ticks, so we haven’t had to spray for ticks in ten years. As long as the giant red-headed centipedes don’t come into the house, they’re welcome to be outside, eating all the ticks and scorpions they want.

  • JTC

    Posted last night after hours…

    Trump’s getting longer, if not Mr. Johnson…have to start a new page.

    Real deal Middle East Peace Plan presented Tuesday based on three years of hard work…best chance in many many years to quiet one of the most unstable powder kegs in the world, and with Bibi in attendance.

    And two more big ones;

    El Paso court judge is overruled , releasing 3.6B in mil funds for the wall and,

    SCOTUS green lights green card revocations for bloodsuckers coming for freebies.

    All in a day’s work. Yuge.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      “Real deal Middle East Peace Plan presented”

      It’s been offered before, under other favorable circumstances (Carter? Clinton?) with Yassar Arafat. BUT……even with all that was offered back then, the Arabs whined and bitched and moaned and asked for even more, no compromise.
      Someone (at that time) pointed out that the muzzies don’t WANT a “peace deal”, or a compromise. They either want it ALL, or they want to play the poor pitiful victim. But that was in the days of the jellyfish, spineless, crawdad politician presidents. Now the muzzies will have to deal with President Trump, and “homie don’t play them games”.
      This will be an interesting new scenario to observe.
      Pop the popcorn, open the libations, relax in the chair sit back and watch a master at work.
      (PS, Netanyahu ain’t no slouch either)

  • Arkelk

    In ranch country on the island of Hawaii there was a legendary ranch owner, Anna Lindsey Perry-Fiske, who was really something. Not only in ranching (I think she was the first to use trucks out there), but also in social things (she helped run two major charity events a year in her town). If I remember correctly, she said that her mother made her the woman she was, and he father made her the man she was.

    Someone for Mari to emulate, perhaps.

  • Those kids. SIGH. Genetics?

  • Chiang Rai Jay

    Love the A. Lincoln bas relief on the base of Sam’s pants leg !! Very furtive and cool ! Reminds me of the hidden dynamites and pie slices in the Bizzarro cartoons. Well done !

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      ‘Tain’t Sam, that’s Wade, “Dad”.
      But the rest is well played. I had to go back and look close to see it. Missed it totally the first half-dozen times I read it. Thanks.

      • JTC

        Not Wade either. The Daaad in this case is Zed, as whined by Mari.

        Rino One on the pant leg? Ugh. Looks like the Joker to me. But come to think of it…

        • Henry

          I was torn between Easter Island and NH’s Old Man of the Mountain.


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