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  • JTC

    Not sure about the whole fingers/Johnson correlation, but there is no denying the man has giant swinging brass ones.

    • RBMcCloskey

      He certainly does, he clangs when he walks…

  • JTC

    And here in teh fla….

    “Florida’s unemployment rate hits 3 percent, lowest on record. Nearly every major job sector posted gains from a year earlier. The state’s unemployment rate dropped into record territory in December. For the first time since current records began in 1976, the rate hit 3 percent.”

    That in a state with one of the highest percentages of minority population; when the Dims go begging for their votes this year, that stat will be irrefutable fact instead of smoke, mirrors, and more empty promises for the price of their vote.

    • interventor

      Alabama hit 2.7 percent, its historic low. See lots of help wanted signs around.

      • JTC

        Yep, lots of sub- and near 3’s even in states that were in the malaise of unemployment, drugs, and violence recently and down from the 10’s a few years back.

        What sets Floriduh apart is its teetering R/D ratio and election-maker status as all the clowns have been sure to note including Bloomie yesterday, targeting Tampa and Orlando, “I’m convinced that whoever carries Florida will win!”)

        That has been historically pretty accurate and that’s why they’re courting and promising more/better freebies to the burgeoning Hispanic population here.

        And that’s why I specified that above…at what point do these people stop buying into the lies and start realizing they are now upwardly mobile, living the American dream by their own hand, building a life and a family rather than continued reliance and decay on the dole and a life of generational servitude?

        Let’s hope that point is now, as it should be. Eligible various Hispanics are the key for the foreseeable future, and it is up to them to see and understand that freedom isn’t free and help stop the invasion of replacements lured by the old socialist promises that will destroy what we’re building now. They almost did before and this is surely our last chance to stem the red tide by growing the red electorate.

        • JTC, what you just said needs to be a campaign ad.

    • caved1ver01

      Dems will just give credit to Obama and the usual suspects will believe them.

  • Pamela

    Well Sweetums…when your Johnson starts shooting Willy Pete, then will talk.

    • Too Tall

      Willy Peter will make you a believer!

  • Craig

    Laughing…… Excellent.

  • NotYetInACamp

    And yet ‘they were afraid’ were afraid to speak of or arrest a known pedophile moving among them doing his business, because he had so much on so many of them. Shades of J Edgar who had so much on everybody, and Comey who has so much of Epstein’s blackmail material. Could it be called “Walking Around Information?” Better than 8 Large in the pants possibly?

  • NotYetInACamp

    In passing, I hate Windows 10!

    • Dread

      Compared to win 8 its wonderful. Having a lot of alternative ways to organize, navigate, and get things done is confusing at first. There’s definately a learning curve and not very out of the box friendly. Still I’d call it the best, most flexible, most stable windows yet. I once threw a win 8 machine against the wall. Tried Apple. Tried various Linux. I wont use Chrome for moral reasons. Nothing’s perfect, but wintendo is my prefrence of the choices available.

      • eon

        Just FYI, if you’re using Win 10 (as I am now forced to) you’re using Chrome, only now it’s called MS Edge. Same architecture, under a different name, and it starts automatically on bootup.

        AFAIK only Auslogic BoostSpeed (a freeware disk cleanup utility) has a provision that can actually turn it off.

        clear ether


      • Old Codger

        Dread, if I may ask, what are your “moral” reasons for not using chrome?

        • JJ cooper

          I second the request.

        • Swansonic

          I won’t use chrome because it will log everything you type, search for and browse & then monetize that info to the max.

          I realize that both Apple and Microsoft do similar things but google is very in-your-face about it.


      AGREED !!!

  • Physics-Ninja

    GOOGLE CHROME!!! You Ol’ Codger.
    Google, nemesis of all liberty. Financier of f@c!$t dems, Chi-Coms,!
    … grumble, grumble, darn youngsters.
    … The Grouch
    (I’m in training to achieve Curmudgeon status)

    • Pamela

      You forgot the $$$$ behind fake/lab grown meat

    • John D. Egbert

      All true. I threw Google overboard the day they grabbed ankles and spread cheeks for the Chi-Coms — providing a gov’t-run trap door in all Google software, allowing said gov’t to spy on its subjects. I use Safari exclusively.

    • Coeurmaeghan

      But do you know the meaning behind ‘curmudgeon’, P-N?

      • Too Tall

        Heart of the Pearl? (Couer = Heart) (Maeghan = Megan = Margaret = Pearl)

        The sand that irritates the oyster into producing the nacre to cover it and make the pearl

  • Jim Smith

    Ta-da BOOM! Good one, Chris! :o)

  • cz93x62

    Trolls everywhere, even here.

    • JTC

      Reluctant to send him any attention, but if you don’t care about leaving a footprint there, to see an awesome illustration of obsession and mental illness, click his handle before Chris vaporizes it.

  • JTC

    Have to start another page for the list, today brings two more entries;

    El Paso court judge is overruled , releasing 3.6B in mil funds for the wall and,

    SCOTUS green lights green card restrictions for people obviously coming here to suck blood.


  • Trump’s impeachment is revenge for Bubba’s in the 90’s, and Hilda-beast losing in ’16. Plus the continuing leftward drift of the party…..


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