Day By Day


  • JTC

    Feelin’ froggy, actin’ more like horny toads.

    Best not jump though…’specially you, Skye.

  • Polly Cy

    Squee squared

  • WayneM

    Now that’s quite an admission from Skye… Maybe she is trying to get her shit together after all?

    • MasterDiver

      Or maybe she’s just looking for a man who will “keep” her in a style to which she would like to become accustomed.


  • JTC

    But that is one haughty little hotty in panel two…

    The culture machine won’t show them to you Skye, but the Deplorable Cascade proves there’re real men to jump or be jumped…just not the one you’re gulping about right now.

  • Yeah, I’m thinking that Skye is seeing the truth, want to or not.

  • Halley

    Skye is going to feel great about herself and her femaleness once she definitively frees herself from Blaming Men For My Bitter Resentments And Ridiculous Emotional Problems, er, I mean “feminism”. Seems to be well on the way of doing so.

  • GWB

    Seems a good free market incentive for learning how to clone………

  • Unca Walt

    I love squee.

  • noncom

    My favorite comment from Maureen O’Hara was “I made John Wayne sexy”….seems Skye would like to experience a little of that….

  • “Squee” should be a new entry in the dictionary.

  • Allen

    I went back to Day 1. Read it all once again. Took me better’n a month. Daym but you tell a good story Muir! Really enjoyed seeing how your narrative and your art have evolved over the years.

  • Pamela

    Alpha Males have it every single time.

  • John Trauger

    You shouldn’t need anyone or anything outside yourself to Keep you in line” Skye.

    It’s good you’re recognizing that you need to be kept in line however.

    The next step is learning good judgement and self-control (when to use them, when NOT to…)

  • ensitue

    Studies have shown that by the time a person is 14YO their beliefs are set and it takes a world changing event to change those beliefs and even then there is a high percentage of back sliding despite the evidence to the contrary

    • Interventor

      Good thing I became a conservative in 4th grade.

      • Halley

        Took me till the 40th grade, but it’s still all good.

    • JTC

      “Studies have shown…” HAHAHA. What a crock of shit, like most “studies”.

      “…evidence to the contrary” Like a lifelong third generation yelladog Dimcrap who had the scales ripped from his eyes in the Reagan Revolution, and now clearly sees the evil intent of leftism worldwide? That kind of world changing event?

      Politics and worldview are products of experience, logic, and reason; they are not part of the DNA of a 14 year old or a 64 year old…people learn and change. It’s happening for Skye, may there be many more like her in the near future, for the sake of the Republic and the world.

      • Pamela

        Adapt. Overcome. Improvise.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          Semper Fi!

  • JackDeth72

    To which the Ghost Of Wade turns to ske and says.

    “Get In The Kitchen And Make Me A Sammitch, Woman!”

    A guy can dream, can’t he?

  • That third frame gulp is an indicator of why she tried what she did a while back. Zed is that alpha male that, authorized to deal with her or not, she has the hotness for.

    • Pamela

      Look, but DO NOT Touch.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Some people learn by reading.
      Most people learn by watching.
      The rest learn by peeing on the electric fence.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Now, after all this buildup, I HAVE to see what young Marshall Wade looked like. A mans man, for sure.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have no respect, nor much compassion for the liberal beeotches who demanded all of the wrong things. They have their cats, dogs, occasional porkings, They do not have me. Some know enough to regret it. I regret that there were so many of them that they covered the landscape and drove the others off.

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