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  • Too Tall


    I prefer the version from Genesis: “In those days there were giants….” Some of us still range freely.

  • KenH

    How precisely, Red???
    She’s a SKANK
    She dresses like a 5 buck WHORE
    No Way

    • JTC

      Well I wouldn’t bang it, even with a doctor’s note.

      But I’d pay $5 for a drink just so I could ogle it.

      In fact, I did:

      You know I’m gonna say it…I’m an Ass Man. “Believe” that.

  • Pamela

    When I see my Man ‘splanning, I consider that an open invitation for
    “affectionate attentions”

    • NotYetInACamp

      Good woman.

    • MAJ Arkay

      Me, too. And Spousal Unit is dinosaur enough to instantly respond to affectionate attentions.

  • Physically, she’s definitely a breeder. Mentally, sew it up.

  • Henry

    Evolve, revolve, it’s all good.

  • ASH

    Love the comic and been reading for years. Was wondering if you can make it a little bigger. @ 4k resolution it is a little small at times 🙂

  • Catbert

    Contrary to most here, I’m more entertaining by bad Skye than good. Bring back the bad angel!

    • Catbert


  • eon

    Evolution is a slow process. I wonder if Skye realizes she made a Billy Budd reference in addition to the Thomas Paine one?

    If you look at Skye’s background, once you subtract Zed, Don Portago, Damon, and the Sheriff, virtually all the males she’s even had contact with were little more than savages (irrespective of ethnicity). When she has been outside that small “family circle”, she has been treated like meat, and come to expect it.

    From all indications, it was the combination of ending up in domestic service to her mother, and then being turned loose with $50K only to end up a “street person” that finally woke her up, and not in the antifa/prog sense.

    Sam could easily survive and even thrive “on her own”, although she would probably never want to minus Zed. She has the skills, and more importantly the mindset for it. Skye has neither one, and has always depended on “the kindness of strangers”.

    Skye is finally realizing that that only rarely works as intended.

    clear ether


    • WayneM

      Spot on, eon… Successive ‘waves’ of radical feminism is making women more and more miserable… and they think the only way to make things better is to add more feminism?

      • Pamela

        And they will be alone, not even remembered as a whispered memory forgotten in the night.

        • Too Tall


          Beauty and tragedy in the same line.

          If you would, please share the rest of your poem.

  • Grunt GI

    So I predict this will be the next great wymyn’s crisis that men will get blamed for…

    As all these “I don’t need a husband or children to be fulfilled” harpies get old, and lonely, and sick, then it will once again be society’s responsibility to use our tax dollars to take care of them.

    Sadly, their “Employee of the Year” plagues and their 4 cats won’t be up to the job.

    My wife and I joke about who’s going to be taking care of who as we get older, but as we go through the task of caring for our own parents with our siblings, there’s no doubt that this will become a crisis in the next 20-25 years. I thank God we have each other.

    Actually I think this article should have been titled:
    No Spouse, No Kids, No Caregiver: How to Prepare to DIE Alone

    Cuz that’s what many of these embittered old shrews will do.

    However, on the upside, clearly Sam and Skye are taking this global warming thing seriously by cutting down on the amount of laundry they do–going commando probably saves a load or two, eh?

    • MAJ Arkay

      “However, on the upside, clearly Sam and Skye are taking this global warming thing seriously by cutting down on the amount of laundry they do–going commando probably saves a load or two, eh?”

      Why, yes, yes it does. Going commando also saves one from any number of yeast-related unpleasantnesses. Give the area enough air and all is well.

      Going commando is just plain healthy.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I hope these Libtard metros and harpies saved up enough from their much-vaunted careers to be able to afford a long-term caretaker to replace the children they never had. Yep. Caretakers that will use you, abuse you, and rob you blind. Yep. Sounds like a good life choice trade to me. Yep.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          I would have blown a big smoke ring in her face, and told her to fuck off. Then moved back one yard, and asked her, “this far enough away?”

        • JTC

          That was beautiful Miz P. I couldn’t help making this (246th!) comment there:

          “Excuse me. Do you mind not smoking that in front of the kids?”

          (responding with an up and down glance and barely concealed disgust)

          “Excuse *me*. Do you mind not exposing *that* in front of the kids?”

          Posted by: JTC at August 09, 2017 10:57 PM

        • Z-man51

          I had a LIBTARD bitch tell me to “…put that f**king thing (cigar) out before she kicked my ass!” Only problem: I was an Alabama law enforcement officer. I told her to back off as I was smoking long before she decided to sit down and make a scene. Long story short, cop came by and told her to leave, she started cussing and screaming at him, resisted arrest so I assisted in restraining and cuffing her! That was FUN!!! 🙂

      • eon

        If they actually had children, those children would be used, abused, and treated like slaves until Perfect Mother died. And then any remaining aunts would discard them like garbage. Especially if they were male.

        Think of Chinese tradition minus the “downward manners”.

        I don’t believe “feminists” are capable of even understanding the concept of “love”, much less feeling it, except perhaps in the form of extreme narcissism. And if they did understand it, they would reject it as a “weakening” emotion. Only rage and hate are allowable, as those are defined as “strengthening”.

        Living with ultra-feminist aunts is sort of like living on the same island as an active volcano with no way off. You can never tell when the eruption will occur, but you can be sure you’re going to be badly burned every time.

        And even a loving mother is not necessarily a sufficient shelter.

        Feminism, like most of the -isms of the 19th and 20th centuries, has not really outlived its usefulness. It just never had any to begin with.

        clear ether


        • JTC


          “And even a loving mother is not necessarily a sufficient shelter.”

          Not supposed to be. It takes two. “Nurse and nurture; protect and provide.” God’s plan.

          Even worse than the solo harpies and feminazis are those who would inflict that shit on children, but even worse than that are the “men” who inflict their inadequacy and psychopathy on the women and children that depend on them to protect and provide.

          I feel your pain when those personal anecdotes come out. But don’t blame Mom, if she nursed and nurtured as best she could she fulfilled her role. And she was as hurt and scared as you were. You made it through. I hope she did too.

  • epilitimus

    Skye it’s called the law of unintended consequences.

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