Day By Day


  • JTC

    Well I can think of some groups that “matter” that I might be invited to join, but “hot” is pretty certain not to be one of them. 🙁

  • Tim

    Are we going to learn that Zed has… siblings? Half-siblings, maybe?

    • Were it not for Wade’s honor, I’d bet multiple.

  • Again, per Larry the Cable Guy, I don’t care who you are,…

  • Pamela

    Please tell me he wasn’t a centerfold for a U.S. Marshals Periodical

    • GWB

      Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  • WayneM

    There are worse legacies, I suppose… lol

  • Too Tall

    For some reason I keep thinking about Maureen O’Hara’s response when she was asked what she thought was her greatest accomplishment. Her response:

    “I made John Wayne sexy.”

    As Pamela would say: “The power of a redhead.”

    In this case, I’ll go with Wade’s honor, and Zed’s mom as the primary causes for those “Squees.”

    • Grunt GI

      Heh. Yes. Yes she did. She was one Hawt redhead.

    • Halley

      Hmm. Maureen O’Hara, redhead, and the timeline fits. I’d always wondered whose looks Maureen Johnson Smith Long was modelled after and may have just made a connection…

      • MasterDiver

        And any woman that can drop Lazarus Long in a dead faint is a Force of Nature to be greatly respected.

        Zar Belk!

    • Pamela

      A Wedding Day picture of Wade removing Clara’s garter…

  • Bill

    If that’s their reaction to a picture I can’t imagine what their reaction will be when his look-alike son appears in the flesh.

    • MasterDiver

      A lot of 911 calls for “females, faint and non-responsive!”


      • GWB

        Not sure they’d be “non-responsive”…….

  • Itsdeplorablespideyman

    Salute, Marshall.

    • JTC

      Eww, spidey…

      I was assuming all those squees emitted from females.

      Catch a boner in the direction of the Marshall and even his picture might shoot it off…wait, shoot it off? Eww again!

      • Pamela

        I’d expect that to happen if the Museum were in San Francisco.
        Wait, a Museum dedicated to Law and Order would not be found in Funny town.

  • JSStryker

    All the ladies went squee, squee, squee all the way home! 🙂

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