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  • formwiz

    How the West was won.

    In honor of Debbie Reynolds

    • NotYetInACamp

      Ah. The Unsinkable Molly Brown, who has left to be with her child, Princess Leia / Carrie Fisher.

  • Poppa_T

    As it is open season on Coyotes in Texas year round all I can say is “Make sure you have a valid hunting license”.

    No closed season. These animals may be hunted at any time by any lawful means or methods on private property. Public hunting lands may have restrictions. A hunting license is required.

  • Pamela

    What’s a coyote skin going for these days?

    • thundercloud65

      In 2013 the four legged variety was up to $90 for one in excellent condition.

      The price of fur has dropped this year. The website I looked at was paying $30 for top pelts.

      I could be wrong on this. I stopped hunting about 12 years ago and quit paying attention to such things. However if the coyote population here locally gets to the point where our pets disappear I’ll take hunting back up again.

  • Varmint hunting knows no season, time of day, or phase of the moon.

    • Pamela

      Well here in Californication there would be some group of La La libs that would get a SPLC legal eagle to keep anyone from offing the little blighters even if they were carrying plague. Then they would be accorded “rights”. Until one of the critters used one of the La La libs purse puppies or mop dogs as a snack. Then they would go over board causing more havoc.

      • thundercloud65

        I have Google alerts set up to e-mail me news articles about Coyote attacks on pets. Just about every day I’ll get at least one article about coyotes killing someone’s dog.

        The strangest news usually comes out of California. The coyote lovers there will dogpile anyone who makes a negative post about them in the comments section of a on-line newspaper. They blame the pet owners for the attacks even claiming they should go to jail for animal abuse.

      • Sam

        Story time: Back when our daughter was going to school in the L.A. area, oh, 2000 or so, we were coming down from the Griffith Observatory the back way. Cruising past a long, narrow park, and I looked over and spotted a coyote slowly slinking casually toward a family having a picnic. Whether he was after their food or their kid I don’t know, as my brain didn’t process what I had actually seen till we were a ways past. So glad she’s gone from there and I never have to go back. No offense intended to those of you who actually like L.A. I hated it.

      • Unca Walt

        You are spot on, Pamela. Here in Floriduh, we have a MAJOR problem: Burmese pythons are taking over the entire swamp. They eat alligators, deer, turkeys…

        So what does the State of Floriduh do? Why, they tell folks:

        “If you want to help with this out-of-control situation, you must buy a special Python hunting license. But first, you must take a course. But first, you must have a GPS and a digital camera on you.”

        TINS, Pilgrims. I could hunt NVA in the SE Asia Games, but I cannot hunt a fargin feral snake on my own land.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Rules? What rules?
          I said those snakes were a danger too many years ago when I was a child. The “pet store” lobby had me beat. Those ass wipes finally caught up with what I was saying. typical propaganda ad fake news given out lik ‘Oh. Those snakes cannot survive here in Florida.’
          Same freaking environment as where most of them are from. Lying scum. And they don’t have to bother themselves with the mess.

          • And now, those same ‘pets’ make great purses, shoes and belts, don’t they? If I’m not mistaken, they are so bad that they are starting to go after each other. I don’t have TV any more, but when I did, the animal control people were quite willing to kill the big snakes with no compunction at all.

        • Pamela

          I started work at 5 a.m. at my former employer. At least once a month, there was a group of 2 to 3 coyotes that used the parking structure as a short cut. The cheeky blighters would stop in front of my car and refuse to move. Throwing a water bottle moved them on their way. An email to the safety manager and animal control about the sightings helped with tracking them.

      • RCPete

        I used to live in the SF bay area, and even after a mountain lion mauled somebody, the “cute kittie” crowd would keep control. At that time, it was old ladies in the Oakland hills; not so sure if the mommie-joggers got attacked.

        I now live in southern Oregon (State of Jefferson country), and the tell for those who don’t think the 4-legged variety are cute is the pronunciation: if it’s “Coy-yot-tee”, the question is open, if it’s “Kaiy-yoat”, it’s open season. (Not many of the two-legged ones around; we get the influx, but the local city doesn’t want to go the sanctuary route–they don’t much care for the recreational weed dispensaries, either.)

        I don’t have enough property to legally hunt on my land, but the local ranchers try to keep coyotes under control. I suspect that the attitudes are similar in the non-coastal Jefferson/California counties, law or not.
        “Shoot, shovel and shut up”. That happened to a wolf around, here, too. Nobody knows nuthin’.

    • The western and eastern coyote can both crossbreed with wolves. In Canada, they’ve crossed with the red wolf, been doing it since 1907 or earlier, called the Tweed wolf or bush wolf. I occasionally see them around here, brindle coats with red hair on muzzle, legs and tail, the size of German Shepherds, and just as mean as coyotes can be. They are pests, nothing else. And they will leap a fence to get at your dogs and kill them. They’ve slammed right into glass storm doors to try to get at the dogs in someone’s house.

      Unfortunately, the urban coyote was brought into the cities to kill rats and other, worse pests, and is now out of control. A female coyote on a lazy night of hunting can cover 90 square miles.

      My cats are only allowed outside with me, and only for a few minutes. Raccoons occasionally show up, too. If the wildlife isn’t hunted, it loses its fear of humans. That makes the varmints far more dangerous than they would be otherwise.

    • JIMV

      Unless one goes hunting in DC…

  • eon

    In case you were wondering;

    The powerful Russian word zakhvatchiki is translated a little imprecisely here as “aggressors” (Aggressory is also a Russian word.) The word Zakhvatchiki was much used in propaganda documents and slogans, especially “Death to the German aggressors!” “Occupiers” would be an alternative translation of zakhvatchiki, but it is more neutral, and there is a direct Russian equivalent, okkupanty. A closer but silly translation of zakhvatchiki would be “grabbers”.

    Thunder in the East: The Nazi-Soviet War, 1941-1945 by Evan Mawdsley

    I’m guessing ‘Toly and Naomi are using it in the “grabber” sense. Distinct from the “coyotes”.

    clear ether


    • I’m thinking that’s the one.

  • WayneM

    There is a certain magic in how a shoulder strap falls… Sorry, distracted…

    Were the coyotes coming north or headed south? It’s hard to imagine they would seek entry when they know the rules are about to start being enforced again for the first time in…. well, too long to acknowledge politely…

  • JTC

    What is the value of a coyote pelt (aka scalp)?

    Let’s figure one of ’em brings in 100 invasive species specimens per month or about 1200 per year. Multiply that times the projected direct and social costs for each one at a very conservative $10K yr. and we get a figure of $12M yr. of theft from the American treasury.

    Shoot to kill. Whatever the bounty, it’s worth it.

    Or, you know, build that fookin’ wall.

    • Those figures, I must say, are extremely “conservative”.

    • GWB

      One of the problems with our society today is the lack of bounties. What with being “kinder” and “gentler” and such.

    • MasterDiver

      Remember when shooting “Coyotes”
      -Shut up

      Zar Belk!

  • My brother-in-law was a sheriff’s deputy in El Paso County. I was with him one day when we found the work of a Coyote on one of the Mexican women he was supposedly guiding across the border. She must have been attractive, before.
    I was 18.
    Evil walks on two legs.
    Shoot the Coyotes on sight.

    (He pronounced it Coy-oats).

    • I guess I wasn’t clear. The Coyote I was referring to was the two-legged people smuggling guide.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Oh, it was clear. The 4 legged variety generally don’t “guide” anyone across the southern border.

  • This may be related to the “self deportation” discussed at another time. Simple enough, return fire for effect.

  • And I’m very sure “the dogs” will do a fine job on that stretch of land to help control them.

  • jackdeth72

    Borrow a few pages from FACs and Bird Dogs.

    Smoke Grenades and WP Marker Rockets will bring the law from all around!…. Return fire will hold them down.

    Just saying.

  • Bill G

    Probably hoping Obola will come up with some last-minute ploy, and if they’re here then it would apply to them

  • noncom

    Mini skirts and boots….hell yes….uh, what were we talking about?….

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I presume that ‘Toly’s flying the chopper, and Naomi’s riding shotgun. And the “dawgs” are herding the “grabbers” and coyote.
    Is there a booby trap involved? A nice, large, very deep hole where other critters have already fallen in, and are now upset, hungry, and mean?

    • WayneM

      You mean like the sarlacc of the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tattooine? Perhaps while some fall in, the beautiful princess can use the distraction to wreck havok. RIP Princess Leia…

  • Chris Muir

    ‘Coyotes’ is the slang of those who bring in illegals.

    • JTC

      Hence the referenced “direct and social costs” and “scalps” for pelts. And they ain’t limited to the southern border. The terminology and methods may differ but the results for said illegals and for us are the same. Here in teh fla they used to drop of a hundred or so in dinghies a mile offshore; some might make it while the others were chum but the ‘yotes got paid upfront. Another particularly nasty method was filling up a shipping container and hope that somebody in the offload yard heard ’em banging on the walls…sometimes they did and sometimes they didn’t; I once talked about the latter with a security guard at the Lauderdale port, according to him a hundred bodies in a steel box for several days in 90 degree fla sun has unpleasant results for the finders and the “found”.

      More recently, let’s say in the last eight years or so, the ones that can afford it just fly or ship in with faked docs and never leave, with the knowledge that when they are eventually discovered they will find “sanctuary”. Does that make the Zero and co. coyotes? I mean they certainly do it for “pay”, but they have a much darker agenda than the mex border variety. No, I can think of much better and more graphic descriptions for them.

  • NotYetInACamp

    It has taken so much damage to survive the Coyote in chief who is still occupying the white house. I hope he knows that all faithful Americans will have a license on him should he try something really and extraordinarily stupid in these last few days. He is still stuffing regulations and cayoating them across the border in extreme numbers and including many of his his fellow jihads, but, he has no right to start a war now that the American people oppose and that no matter if Congress gave him some truly meaningless discretion, beyond that war attempts will result in his becoming …… figure it out Obyevil. You still can use the sweet words of good and peace to justify your actions, but that will make any evil that much more condemned.

    Peace in Islam means ending opposition. Submission to Muslims what they define as peace.

    I can hear the four legged kind near me most every night. They got the neighbors cat. We have what the coyote in the white house brough running about about in the nearby larger settlements. Anyone who is part of Islam is only loyal to Islam. Much Islamic scholarship states that their true loyalty is only to the umma.
    Mexico has instructed its people to invade the USA which its schools teach is Mexican land for the most part. Invaders never gain any rights when they invade in such a manner, by international law. That is why the UN has declared the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem with the Western Wall to be an Islamic shrine. One reasoning is that all who worship one god preceding Islam were Muslim, so the conclude that Islam is predominant over history, and that all such shrines, such as Jewish shrines, are Islamic shrines and holy places that must be controlled by Islam. That includes East Jerusalem. That is what the UN now does with its large Muslim voting bloc.

    • John

      “Peace in Islam means ending opposition. Submission to Muslims (is) what they define as peace.”
      I think it truly apropos that Islam has proven to be a corrupt attempt at making a religion, in that the highest body count run up by the Islamist Murder Cults is composed of Muslims. Proof that “submission” will not result in peace but instead War Eternal.
      If you want proof that the angel Mohammad met in the cave was Satan rather than who he claimed to be, here is the plan for creating Hell on Earth.

      • John

        I suppose one could admire the Devil for his success. :/

        • Pamela

          I think Lucifer would take exception in being compared to that sluttering cluster fuck of a miserable failure. Mr. “Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out” is a ponce poseur.

      • Kafiroon

        Hang on. I and others are betting the SOB coyote and Lurch declare a Phakestian State before he reluctantly is forced out of the White House

    • eon

      I’m expecting this “policy” to die a quick death after 20 Jan. It won’t survive either court challenge (no due process) or the new Secretary of Health & Human Services.

      To say nothing of Senate or House review.

      As to SSA trying to enforce it, that would likely fall under the provisions of the Hatch Act of 1939, i.e. using Federal employees to achieve purely political goals.

      Not that that has stopped The One up to now.

      clear ether


      • Pamela

        Karma needs to pay him a visit about 1:00 pm 01/20/2017.
        It needs to be creative, with an “Oh Crap that’s just nasty I need mind bleach” aspect to the gift.

        • V328

          LOL! Good one Pamela… Something like the melting Nazis from “Raiders of the Ark”

          • Pamela

            That’s too tidy for him

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Damn it! I can’t find it! I swear I read it this morning, but I can’t find it again!
        Something to the effect that Teh Donald has a document, all typed up, carried around in a separate folder, ready to sign the minute after he’s sworn in on January 20th, to the effect (not a quote): “All Executive Orders dated between 20 January 2009 and 20 January 2017, as signed by Barack H Obama, are null and void and no longer in effect.”
        Apparently Teh Won has gotten wind of this document, and is causing him all kinds of shit fits.

        Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. ANd even if it’s not, it makes for a great morale booster.

    • That does not apply to Social Security retirement income recipients. SSI is supplemental security income paid to disabled and low-income elderly people. It is paid by the US Treasury, and does not come from the Social Security trust fund. Basically, it’s welfare, and unless I’m mistaken it is a form of fraud as it violates a constitutional amendment, the one about due process. It designates SSI recipients as mental defectives without any oversight. That’s what the Nazis did, remember?

      HOWEVER – it’s an executive order and any and ALL of that moron’s attempts to defraud Americans this way, through EOs, can and should be revoked by Trump’s administration. This idiotic attempt to declare an entire population group – the poor and disabled – as ‘MENTAL DEFECTIVES’ generated 91,000 angry responses.

      Keep that in front of people and it will go down the toilet along with a lot of the other shit he’s cranked out.

  • Mort

    Re: many of recent comments…..

    Sharia Law center opening at Yale Law school.

    • V328

      And also Re: many of recent comments and news postings…

      “Legacy = Irrelevant”

      Like a turd that won’t flush…oh and while on the way out the door…don’t forget Russia…

      “Thanks Obama!”

  • NotYetInACamp

    Did Obama just close two Russian Embassy administrative buildings? Effective Friday sometime. That is serious. like Obama wants to start something, if he already hasn’t.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Those invaders have inconvenienced and taken the lives of US citizens. There is no karma or moral ground lost in all of them and their foreign citizen children being inconvenienced by leaving for good.

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