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  • Kafiroon

    Javier: Ignore your dad on this one. You will Never figure them out.
    Their minds work in dark, mysterious ways. Save your sanity.

    • Kafiroon

      Ignore mom’s advice too. That way lies madness.

    • I think that was the point. There’s nothing that he can’t figure out now. But when he hits 13 and tries to figure women out, fail!

      • noncom

        “Women and cats will do what they want, and men and dogs will just have to get used to it”….

        • John D. Egbert

          Once again the master, Robert A. Heinlein (writing in The Notebooks of Lazarus Long), has hit the nail directly and completely.

    • MasterDiver

      Javie, that’s an inscruitable Males have been trying to unscrew since the dawn of time. Three billion years and we are still confounded. Thirty-five years of marriage, and when my wife swings her hips THAT way, I am transfixed. Your time would be better spent perfecting the Dean Drive.

      Zar Belk!

  • CuriousB

    They are certainly unfathomable. However, apparently, Einstein was quite the ladies man.

    • John

      And married his cousin.

      • I guess after shopping around, he went with the familiar.

  • Grunt GI

    HAHAHA, not even an NSA super computer to decrypt women.
    Damon got that one right…13 or 53 it makes no difference…

    • Bill M

      Any guy who says he has figured out women is lying. It is Number One on the list of impossible tasks.

      • Chris, you may want to moderate this. A old Cherokee once told me that all women are the same. You hold them upside down they all look the same. You stand them on their feet, they all act the same. My experience, he was probably wrong.

  • Pamela

    Oh lord. When my son was 10, I found out that the girls at school hung around with him. Seems they liked the fact he was polite, didn’t make fun of them, and had dimples when he smiled. I let him know that if a girl showed up at the door with a baby belly asking for him, I would cut it off. A rather harsh way to have a discussion about birth control, exercising personal discretion and his fiscal future. To date, he is the only one from his group of friends and schoolmates that did not get married too young or is paying child support for out-of-wedlock

    • eon

      The girls liked to “hang out” with me, as well, until the inevitable ostracism at the beginning of puberty.

      Nothing untoward ever happened. Probably because I’d read everything from Kinsey to Freud to Krafft-Ebing to “the Sexual Relations of Mankind” by the time I was five.

      Yes, as Jane said of Daria, I was a twisted little cruller. Probably explains why I ended up as a crime lab geek.

      When there’s no mystery in it, it mainly becomes a matter of mechanics.

      clear ether


      • JTC


        As Damon has just said, there are things that no amount of intelligence and book learning can explain. There is no mystery in it? It is a matter of mechanics? Dude. Those authors don’t know any more than Javier -or any other man who has not allowed himself the experience- about the true workings of human sexuality and relationships, IYKWIMAITYD.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Everything is fine and logical until a lovely sweet intelligent thing walks up and almost casually rips your heart out. That was the most pain I ever felt in my life.
        Another friend said that I needed a different doctor.
        It aint nothing until it is real.
        Hell if I know what happened.
        I do know that I am human and have human feelings. I do know what was intended to happen. I would say supposed to happen, but that gets back to the mysteries and puzzles aspect. I did not get the Zuzu petals.

      • Pamela


        A Crime Lab Geek! I was dating a Cop who took me to see an autopsy one time thinking he would get lucky. NOT! He didn’t realize I had a scholarship to medical school and wanted to be a geneticist.

    • doc

      sounds like you were explicitly clear about expectations, and consequences (and apparently effectively so too)

    • Old Codger

      “paying child support for out-of-wedlock”

      I didn’t know they still did that. I figured they just got on welfare like all the other r-type females.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Child support is a new for of control of the population.
        I represented several men in the matter.
        One guy that did not pay his bill when i got him off an unjustified aggravated assault charge later got totally screwed on child support. too freaking bad for him. He paid much more than the law demanded, precisely because he showed himself as the jerk that he was. The aggravated assault is a good story. ‘fled to the police station’ is in the report. But he still is a jerk.

      • Pamela

        Old Codger

        The above referenced son now represents men in paternity and child support cases. He is at a loss that none of them used common sense in prevention.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Give Javier a foundation of basics and common sense. Be available to answer any and all questions when they arise (and they will), no matter how “embarrassing” those questions may seem to be.
    Keep an eye on him, and maintain an interest in everything he does, and who he does it with.
    Ask questions. Provide answers.
    He’s smart and bright, just needs to be pointed in the right direction and gently guided (not “gelded”).

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    And Jan, you’re lookin’ a little TOO hot in that last frame. Put it away and save it for Damon. Don’t turn into a prude, but there ARE limits. Just don’t fall out of them.

    • Pat*

      I was thinking the same thing as you. Are Sam, Jan, and Naomi setting the example they want to set for the next generation – that men should expect every woman to have large breasts, which must be falling out of her shirt/dress/work uniform, and every woman should let her breasts fall out of her clothes (and she *must* get breast enhancement surgery if she isn’t naturally large-breasted)?

      • NotYetInACamp

        Whatever they are is just fine. Like these lovely ample women, and the lovely itty bitty ones. They are part of a whole.
        As to hot, situations define what should be. Not enough info for me to come to any conclusions.
        I do like hot.

        • Pamela


          You need to start a clothing line for women.
          I want Jan’s dress.

      • PaulS

        Is that ONE question?

        Then yes.

        Now lighten up, Francis.

        • pool dog


  • Vince

    Good advice. I talked about making steers out of young bulls.

  • I started my exploration into the mystery of females around 50 years ago. Yes, when I had only recently turned double digit. Before I grew fur and got a deeper voice. And I still find myself flummoxed to this day.

  • Southpaw

    Einstein went to his grave struggling to find a Unified Field Theory, tying together the four fundamental forces of physics. It is notable that he didn’t even bother to figure out women. Science has its limits.

    • Pamela

      Didn’t Marylin Monroe have Einstein’s picture on her piano…
      Or is that just an urban myth.
      If not, maybe he did figure out at least one woman.

      • Interventor

        She did. Rumor of a short term affair after his wife passed away.

  • mort

    After exhaustive years of research, scientists have
    discovered what makes women happy……nothing.

    • Interventor

      Women desire two things. Everything and, they just changed their minds.

  • Majer

    I am convinced that it is neither disease or old age that kills a Man,But the fact that they have finally figured out women and it’s the shock that kills them.

  • JTC

    What comes naturally to the average is ironically most difficult for the gifted.

    Prodigy meets puberty.

    Mentality is overwhelmed by physicality. Intelligence, wit, and understanding made secondary, almost irrelevant, by growth, strength, and virility. It is God’s plan, to ensure propogation and survival of the fittest.

    But it is temporary. By post-secondary age most females begin to understand that she and the world require thought and logic and reason in lieu of beating up geeks or catching a ball in order to survive and prosper.

    Some men are lucky enough to be naturally imbued with both, and are spared the heart-breakingly, seemingly insurmountable process of one’s body growing into the maturity of one’s mind . But not most. Javier has a good chance at that, both genetically and environmentally, though that is no guarantee. Best wishes to him.

    The key is surviving the process, bearing out the very accurate truism that what does not kill us will make us stronger. On the world stage it is obvious that those who struggled and coped make the best citizens and leaders. And the same is true in microcosm for us all. Most are able to make the transition; some do not, but there is a place and a role for all. God’s plan works.

    And that is the key.

  • canuck49

    What is this genuinely stupid idea that all (over 150 million in the USA alone) women can be reduced to a few traits, and when those traits are mastered one can define all women under them.
    What a bunch of collectivist bullshit! As to the question of “what do women want?” there is only one answer: To be treated as equals. In all other ways you must ask yourself; what does this woman want and the answer will be different for each and every one of them. That is what makes them so wonderful.
    I discovered what one particular woman wanted, married her and stayed with her for 43 years. Good luck to you young man because women are not puzzles but are individuals and must be treated as such.

  • Canuck49

    Oh, and by the way, the exact same rules apply to men so good luck and good hunting girls.


    • JTC

      Only problem with your mini-rant is that it is totally and completely wrong.

      It’s not a matter of reductionist theory but natural (God’s) law…Talk about your collectivist bullshit, men and women are decidedly NOT equal…they are brilliantly and beautifully different.

      Of course every one is a unique individual, that’s what separates the top of the chain primates from the lesser (self-determination vs. instinct). There’s God’s hand again.

      Protect and provide…nurse and nurture. There is often great truth in simplicity and there is a lot of it in that little homily. Women are indeed puzzles; THAT and the delightful, infuriating process of figuring that chemistry out and how those pieces fit, is what makes them, and the male/female human continuum, wonderful.

      Leftists in most of their guises would have us ignore or try to evolve away that and all of His immutable laws, explaining a great deal of the problems of the world along with their abject failure to remake it in THEIR image, instead of God’s.

  • Chris Muir

    Be polite here,Canuck.Your “As to the question of “what do women want?” there is only one answer: To be treated as equals”….this is a collectivist extrapolation by definition in and of itself. Some women want a dominant man. Some do not. Hence the individuality. Be polite or be gone.

    • JTC

      Sorry Chris, missed yours before posting mine. And you said what I did but more succinctly…brevity is not my strong suit as you might have noticed. 😉

    • Oh, how did I miss this one???

      What do women want, Canuck? Well, good manners and thoughtfulness are always welcome, but arrogance is not.

      • Pamela

        I want extra innings on top of a happily ever after.

  • Interventor

    Just watched Lurch give his speech. While morphing into Goebbels.

    • JTC

      “Kerry Rebukes Israel”

      Headline from the NYT no less; paper of record in the stronghold of the largest Jewish population in the western world. And the rag supports it, along with this little jewel: The Obama-ordered UN vote is an “effort to save Israel from “the most extreme elements” in its own government.”

      Impotent petulant bitch couldn’t save his own “extreme element” ass from rebuke and removal, and this is a transparent slap at Trump and his Middle Eastern brother from another mother…nothing matters to him but revenge and furthering the goals of his muzzie brethren.

      I haven’t checked but I would bet that similar editorial support comes from the radical leftist Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post, representing the home territory of an even greater per-capita Jewish population than NYC.

      If this is not finally enough to move the historically hardline leftists within the Jewish community into line with those who seek to defend Israel’s very existence and stop the advance of the powers that would eliminate it and take over the world, then the lessons of the holocaust have been lost and its effects will be repeated, on a much grander scale.

      • eon

        What it means is that in the waning days of leftist hegemony, the left in America has dropped all pretense about who THEIR friends and enemies are.

        They hate us. They hate our friends. They hate Western civilization. And they really hate Israel for being a beach-head of same “contaminating” the Mystical, Enlightened East (TM).

        Mr. Netanyahu is basically nodding and telling all his domestic opponents “I told you so”. and those opponents are standing around like they’ve been hit by lightning because they have now lost their last pretense of legitimacy in taking the Palestinian side.

        Lurch, Hillary, and The One have pretty much torpedoed the American and European left’s credibility in the “peace process” for the next few decades, at least.

        It will be interesting to read the op-ed pages of the NYT, etc., for the next few weeks as they try to “explain” that what The One & Co. did wasn’t what it looked like, and that they really have this brilliant and subtly-nuanced plan the rest of us are too stupid to comprehend.

        As Dr. Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

        And sometimes somebody says something stupid because they really are just that stupid.

        clear ether


        • JTC

          “…the waning days of leftist hegemony…”

          I really like the sound and thought of that.

          But I dunno. The current crop of heads may have shot their wad, but I’m afraid the much bigger wad behind them, representing and supporting the Yoooge worldwide push for domination, ain’t done yet. Their success or failure hinges on the success or failure of you, me, deplorables everywhere, and the unholy alliances the cascade has engendered.

          Prayers that as you say, leftists and the enlightenment they worship are indeed dying of revolt and starvation for recruits.

          • JTC

            Oh, and as for Sigmund, remember he never met Willie Jeff.

          • Well, then, we’ll just have to work that much harder to be the dominant force in the world, JTC.

            This SJW crap is about 6 years old. That’s the same mental age as the leftie hegemony. (I like that phrase, too.) The Howlings are rapidly losing their audience because they have no connection to the Real World. That’s the world that you and I live in, where it’s okay to want to be a Disney Princess.

            Before too long, they will become the caricatures they’ve been aiming toward. Denial of reality is their mental disorder. Pity, isn’t it?

    • Pamela

      What in the world is wrong with her! No safety glasses and where is her spotter. Lack of proper attire on top of it.

      Besides, my hair in longer and curly.

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