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  • Barack Obama kicks out 35 Russian diplomats:…
    The Russians should just reserve rooms for them in Trump Tower, so it will be easy for them to return in three weeks.
    Donald could invite them. It would take Obama’s government more than three weeks to just find them, much less deport them.

    • EagleRising

      NYC is a sanctuary city. Break in place, smoke em if you got em.

      • rickn8or

        What a dilemma that would be for diBlasio!

    • eon

      Russia in return throws out 35 of our intel people. It would make more sense for them to throw out 35 of our credentialed diplomats.

      Considering the types that The One, The Bitch, and Lurch have been sending there for the last eight years, that would probably remove the single biggest ISIS intel gathering cell in Russia at one go.

      clear ether


  • JTC

    Cuba. I heart irony.

    • JTC

      That was in reply to Petercat…

      • JTC – You know a lot. Let me ask you-
        Was I supposed to scream “FIRST!” and do a little dance this time?
        My most memorable “first time” wasn’t really all that impressive…
        Thank God my wife and I got a lot of practice.

        • JTC

          I know some stuff and fake the rest, in this case I don’t know about the screaming and dancing (seems a little untoward) but I do know that your sanctuary irony was better than my Cuba irony and they go great together for much the same reason, but I fooked up (learned that term from you I think) the reply. I can see the sweet Bobo* tears though as he realizes he did both of those scenarios to himself.

          With you on the other first time too…memorable absolutely, impressive, not so much. Had to do with Burt Reynolds on the drive-in screen, my Mom’s ’69 Fury III, and 16-yr old um, enthusiasm.

          *Don’t know why that term for zippy never caught on; it is/was used for low–quality or fake as in fake dope etc., and growing up in the South, we used it for white folks who pretended to be black; perfect for him.

          Anyway, you are first and best in this thread; be proud.

          • Kafiroon

            Thank God we do not have a bunch of juveniles hollering “first” on this site.

  • JTC

    Pootie and Assad called a cease-fire today.

    Will Zero:

    1. Claim credit for brokering it.


    2. Have his “rebels” break it.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I believe they said that the Trump administration was welcome into the discussion as of the evening of January 20, 2017.

      • RooftopVoter

        NYAC, seems as if the rest of the world has ignored the 1/20/17 memo….. Like a boss, Trump is already working it.

    • eon

      3. Both.

      clear ether


      • NotYetInACamp

        Correct as to all of the above.

        He is honoring not sitting down at the table. But when everyone speaks, he is one making comments as himself and as his opinions when he will have such power. If anyonedesires to hear them, so be it.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Heh. Com’on Sheriff Tucker. Go with the humor. You know the DD is on your side. They just don’t have to rigorously keep and enforce all the laws that you do.

  • Vince

    Home home on the Range… where the dear little cantaloupe play. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word because a .50 Barretts in play.

    • Bill G

      I imagine the Sheriff is just making it clear that he’s not fooled.
      He doesn’t seem upset.

  • JTC

    Just another piece of ag equipment, a range-finder.

    It’s right at home finding a range of about a mile.

  • The nice thing about west/southwest Texas is that it is genuinely wide open spaces. It sure is pretty country. I was born down there. Maybe I should move back, down near Alpine or some place like that. The dark sky policy for the observatory brings in amateur astronomers, too.

  • BeijaFlor

    I get this special piquant “thrill down my leg” when I think of Sam sighting-in a 50-cal Barrett, down her Home On The Range.

    • RooftopVoter

      That would depend on which side of the range you happen to be on. “Thrill down my leg” could just as easily be “spill down my leg”.

      I call Shotgun on Sam’s side…….. 😉

      • BeijaFlor

        Definitely her side … Zed willing.

    • Old Codger

      One of the sexiest pictures I ever saw was Mythbusters’ Kari Byron (AKA the Geek Goddess) in textbook prone position firing one of Ronnie Barrett’s pretty noise makers. DAMN!!! Did she ever look hot!

  • There’s an old saying about not messing with someone who has nothing left to lose and no reason to live.
    Doesn’t apply to Barry, he’s only halfway there. Of course, he’s still married to Michelle/Michael, so maybe more than halfway.
    But we are seeing what happens when a… person, for want of a better word… in a position of power has nothing left to lose. They become the most free person imaginable.
    Being President was everything to Obama. Without that status, that power, he is nothing and nobody, and he knows it. All alone in his bubble.
    That’s why he is trashing this nation before he leaves, why he wants to stick around after Jan 21st and snipe.
    A desperate attempt to remain relevant, to still be someone.
    The inauguration should be legally moved to Nov 8. If the incoming President needs help with the transition, let the outgoing stick around for two weeks. Max.
    Limit the damage.

    • eon

      More like, his stereotypical progressive lust for destruction has finally overcome what little common sense the halfwit had.

      He may believe that by bringing us to the brink of war, he’s simultaneously pleasing the Red Chinese, giving the Islamists a thrill up their (third) leg, and getting us close to the point where there will be a domestic Incident that allows him to declare martial law, mobilize his armed-up Federal agencies for a nationwide gun grab, and then declare the election null and void and stay in power.

      Yes, it’s all ridiculous. But he’s shown no evidence of ever realizing that the entire United States isn’t simply Chicago writ large.

      And he’s a delusional narcissist who’s been living in a dream reality in his head all his life.

      Giving someone like that political power is rather like handing a drunk the keys to a distillery. Things do not end well.

      clear ether


      • Jay W. Gradinger

        “living in a dream reality in his head”, I prefer “living in a world untouched by reality”.

        • MasterDiver

          As with Adam on Mythbusters: “He rejects our reality and substitutes his own”!

          Zar Belk!

      • PaulS

        More like keys to a liquor store, distilleries require work.

      • Kafiroon

        Like all progs, he has not thought through his desires and dreams to the actual realities of the consequences of his actions.

        • John

          And not only never has, but never will.
          The Progressive mindset is a product of personal prosperity divorcing them from that nasty thing called reality.
          And they do it because we let them, unfortunately.

  • Pamela

    Tucker, sweetie, you better take that back. Those are nice puppies and they will even roll over and let you scritch their bellies if you ask nice and sweet like…

    As to the .50 cal, I bet your gun is …oh, I better not go there.

    • jackdeth72

      The Barrett .50 Caliber Magazine Fed Rifle….
      When you care enough to send the very best!

      From half a mile away. Or better.

      Also works well shooting through engine blocks and stopping cars, trucks, buses and other”Soft Targets” dead in their tracks.

    • jackdeth72

      Regarding Javier’s “Puppies”:

      As George Of The Jungle often said of his Elephant, Shep:

      “He’s just a great big peanut loving puppy!”

      • Pamela

        That’s true and at least they don’t want to crawl in bed on a cold night.

  • Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Pete231

    The problem with the long range .50cal is one must compensate for the earth’s rotation due to the low(!) velocity. Now, the .416 cal. doesn’t experience that issue. Stand j.ketchup kerry out about 1,000 meters and watch him jump when the rounds start coming in. Yeah, that’s the ticket…..

    • jim

      Kerry didn’t learn wnough in his first war zone to make that worthwhile.

      Besides, the botox would mute his reactions.

    • jackdeth72

      “My!…. What Great Big Honking Mosquitoes They Have Around Here!”

      Carlos Hathcock didn’t worry about the Earth’s rotation when using a Ma Deuce on a Tripod and a Spotting scope when taking out a Vietnamese messenger on a bicycle at better better than a quarter mile.

      • eon

        Hathcock used it because it was set up. At 440 yards (~400meters), a .308 or .30-06 could have easily gotten the job done.



        • RooftopVoter

          Yup, much as I respect Hathcock, his stuff was primitive compared to what we shoot today. His miracle shots have become stuff a Sophomore does.

          I think the current miracle shots are out in the 4,800 Yard range by the crazy Fins. ( .408 Cheytec )

    • PaulS


  • Bill

    With a 50 caliber Barrett varmint rifle there’s not a whole lot left to pick up

    • Henry

      Depends on the varmint.

      • John

        A clean kill on an antelope requires some energy at range.

  • Bill G

    Grin and Barrett.

  • Bill G

    Looking at the Sheriff’s holster (not his gun) it seems to have a curved grip.
    Is he carrying a revolver instead of a double-stacked semi-auto?

    • eon

      I carried a .357 Colt Lawman snub for quite a while after “Wonder-Nines” became de riguer.

      There’s a certain philosophy which holds that five or six almost-certain shots beats anything up to sixteen “maybes”. Especially if each one has enough kinetic energy to bring down a deer, let alone a two-footed “problem”.

      clear ether


      • Unca Walt

        I agree. My father taught me seventy years ago that the first shot is ten times more important that the second, and the second is ten times more important than the third.

        I found that to be true all the way down the line.

    • JTC

      And esoterically speaking, is there any comparison of finely machined blue/stainless/case-hardened steel to molded plastic of any brand/cost/capacity? And have you ever seen any of the former where the maker felt the need to slather it in camo, earth-brown, or pink? There’s a reason for that.

      Yes there’s a reason too that the fantastic plastics dominate…they are ultra-efficient projectile delivery machines. But for me, aesthetics and ergonomics are critical components. Yeah, I’m a wheelie guy. And FWIW, I prefer a sweet old walnut Remmie -or even a Ruger Ranch- to any AR platform.

      Fudd? Luddite? A little bit.

      • Pamela

        There are two reasons I like my S&W .357 with the six inch barrel.
        1st is the stopping power.
        2nd is I can use the wood grip to put a beat down on a bad guy should the need arise.

        • Kafiroon

          Oh Yeah! My favorite sweet heart! Highway Patrolman model.

          • Pamela

            I got mine in 1979 and have kept it close ever since.
            Came in handy one night when some guy was trying to come in through a window. I don’t know what shocked him more. Me in a state of total undress or me with Baby pointed right at him center mass from 6 feet away. He took off right after that and I called the Cops.

        • JTC

          Miz P, at first “blush” your comment seems to lack the romance.

          But then again, with discussion of warm six inch barrels, stopping power, gripping wood and beat downs there is more innuendo than you can shake a dick at, I mean shake a stick at dammit, so while I don’t know about the romance, does seem like funs but we were talkin about guns…no, not THOSE guns dammit! 😉

          • Pamela


            Darlin’ you do know how to sweet talk a woman. 😉
            It’s all about grip and how it feels against skin.

            Your wife is one lucky Lady

      • eon

        The major reason that autos of the polymer-frame school dominate is purely $$$. An all-steel revolver, single-action or double-action, is a PITA to machine and requires a large amount of hand-fitting, all of which drives the cost up.

        Forty-plus years ago, Jan Stevenson had this to say on the subject;

        Regardless of the cartridges they chamber, and frankly the preceding was mostly pipe whistling, guns themselves will change considerably within the next few years. Handguns cannot continue to be manufactured as they now are and still wear a bearable price tag. Ruger’s Security Six, for example, is almost totally investment cast in an effort to hold machining costs to a minimum. The investment casting process itself, however, is expensive, and the extremely tight tolerances a double-action revolver demands make machining certain engagements almost unavoidable.

        Colt has taken a different approach with their Mark III series, which uses compressed powder-metal components for the mechanism. The frame and cylinder, however, still require lavish machining, not to mention the barrel on the Mark III Trooper. In the final analysis, it is doubtful if double-action revolvers can be made both well and cheaply.

        Automatic pistols can be. A self-loader can be designed for manufacture from metal stampings and screw machine parts at a quarter the price of current weapons, and equal them on every point save aesthetics.
        The handguns of the future, then, will be thrown together from metal castings, stampings, and sinterings, and injection-molded plastic parts. Machinable plastics will also likely see more and more use. Good automatics can be made this way. Good revolvers cannot. In all
        probability, the high quality revolver will become a plaything for the idle rich.

        -Stevenson, Pistols, Revolvers, & Ammunition, Bonanza Press, 1972. Chap. 8, “The Handgun of the Future”, pp. 261-62.

        Well, the future is here, folks. If you want a high-quality revolver, either get ready to take out a second mortgage or buy a Taurus. (That one just requires a hefty credit-card payment.)

        It’s not “profiteering”, it’s the inevitable “logic of the marketplace”. In firearms terms, a S&W M&P 9mm is a Chevy Impala, but the S&W M29 is a Cadillac El Dorado.

        You wouldn’t expect to buy a new El Dorado for an Impala’s price, even as a fleet sale. Same principle.

        clear ether


        • RooftopVoter

          The great equalizer today that wasn’t really available back then is CNC technology.

          We can carve just about anything you like down to the tenth of a thousandth in nothing flat today.

          Revolvers that are 10X more accurate with no hand fitting at all are cheese today.

          You just gotta convince a Mfg. to make them.

  • Kindly But Weird Uncle Bob

    Long-time competitive shooter- IPSC, ICORE, Steel Challenge, etc. A good person with a modern revolver set up to use full moon clips can easily get off 12 well aimed shots in 10 seconds- more if using a 7 or 8 shot revolver. Starting out with the wheelgun WILL teach you discipline to not spray and pray. And they are not ammo sensitive, don’t depend on magazines that are prone to problems.

    • John D. Egbert

      Just curious, but have you ever heard of a race between a SAA and a M1911; to wit: Start at high port (off hand at the belt), hammer down on an empty chamber. Who gets the first shot off accurately; the second; third; etc.? My thought is the SAA gets first shot, probably second and possibly third. After that it’s all 1911 all the time.

      Have also heard/read that a good hand with a SAA can get his sixth shot off less than three seconds after after the fifth, considering that the ONLY way to safely carry said Peacemaker is five rounds in and hammer down on the empty chamber. Truth or myth?

      • Hank R

        But why would one have the hammer down on an empty chamber with a 1911? Just for the game, or is there supposed to be a real-world parallel? I still prefer wheel guns, but migrated to semis for (most) concealed carry a few years ago.

  • Mort

    Tucker shure looks like Burt Reynolds about 30 years ago.

    • Pamela

      Is that BRAT in Chief going to be on the dais when Trump is administered the Oath of Office? Or will he be adding to the ever growing list of “I’m being a stupid prick” EO and EA? Trump needs to see if there are some gotcha items that will kick in at a later date.

    • Henry

      I thought the Dems reached new heights of petty when Clinton’s outgoing drones removed all the Ws from the White House keyboards. Given the current clutch of jackals in residence, Trump had better have the carpeting scanned for anti-personnel mines before moving in.

      • Pamela

        The Clinton dweebs left the White House a la a fraternity row party down hardy get drunk stoned puking all over TRASHED.

    • NotYetInACamp

      If we look to the economy we can see that in a different way.
      Complete control of the slaves can also be obtained by taking ever bit of the cash flow stream of a government body and commit it to decades long debt obligations. That prevents the populous from having any major say in where their money is spent. Chices are reduced. People are controlled by the money flow.

      Also look at the Economic hit Man for further use of that. Look at monetized parking sopaces in cities sold to multinationals. look at toll roads sold as to income to multinationals.

      JFK sent a banker and Savings and Loan expert to Chile, that was the father of a family friend of mine and fellow law student, to help Chile set up Savings and Loans in a good manner. That is one reason why Chile had some semblance of economic stability for a while. “They” still got Chile, but it took longer. Countries around the world have been enslaved by loans. GS enslaved Greece recently with the derivatives that helped it lie its way into the Euro and spend money like Greeks that they never intended to pay back. the EU said that you are our bishes now, slaves.
      that was also in the day when JJFK could stay in the Fontainbleau Hotel on Miami Beach and then she was introduced to him in the BOOM BOOM ROOM by her father. That lesser felt need for security was how people felt back then.

  • JIMV

    Great series! Clever and interesting.

  • Interventor

    Traditionally, the VP gives his speech. Then, new VP is sworn in and gives a speech. Then, president gives a speech. Then, new president is sworn in and gives his speech. Then, the parade. Old VP and president escorted to WH to watch on TV.

  • “agricultural survey and ground sampling equipment”

    soo..seismic charges, dropped by drones?

  • Mort

    Baroma is like a rat in the bottom of a cage, running around,
    saying “What can I do?” “What can I do?” “Putin has totally
    dismissed me as the leader of the US, people I used to count
    on no longer support me”…”I know!” the big celebration for ‘New
    Years Eve’ is tomorrow… if there were a problem big enough
    I could declare ‘Martial Law’ and stop the illegal Trump take over.
    I may even have to cause it to happen.

    Well hopefully ‘Maddog’ and all, have already seen this scenario
    and if necessary, will be able to subvert, back to America.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I would expect so.
      Did they not have a baby watch on Nixon also?

      So Michelle’s supposed only adult in the room is now on “Baby watch.”

      It has a slightly different meaning than when the redrumous Scientologists use it.

  • NotYetInACamp

    It does not ave to be a Barrett.

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