Day By Day


  • NotYetInACamp


    FOOD to eat, er, DDQ to TEST

  • WayneM

    Did you realize there is legislation regarding diced cabbage concoctions? It’s called Cole’s Law…

    Thank you… Thank you very much…

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      (golf clap)

    • jackdeth72

      *Rim Shot*


      “Wayne’s here all week, folks….. Try the Brisket and Pulled Pork.
      Don’t forget to tip Our Lovely Wait Staff!”

      • GWB

        And don’t forget to set them upright again when you’re done.

    • Christopher Cole

      I had nothing to do with it.

  • John M.

    Sounds like one heckuva New Year’s Eve feast!

    They’re in the South, what about the traditional dinner of pork, black-eye peas, collards and cornbread? …washed down with the local (or your own) ‘shine…

    • Steve_1066

      My Daddy’s side insisted that you had black-eyed peas before the New Year for luck IN the New Year! My Mother’s side said that you ate them on the first day of that year for the luck! So we ate them on both days but it was a bit UNLUCKY to bite down on that Chili Pequin hidden in there, except for Dad who just smiled! Really, really miss those meals! Auld times, Auld Lang Syne!

    • Interventor

      While an old line Southron, I spent many years in the orient. Prefer their tradition, eat well at year’s end, eat well all year.

  • Bill G

    Well of course that’s what he’ll bring.
    He’s a slaw enforcement officer.

    • Corvette

      Plus one, too funny. Happy New Year to everybody here at DBD. Corvette

  • Grunt GI

    So tomorrow (31st) is my birthday. Looking forward to an awesome toon for New Years…looking forward to 2017.

    • Th3o

      Hope ya have a great one.

    • Bill M

      Happy B-Day!

    • JTC

      Grunt, Waited ’til right now to wish you a happy b-day since it now IS your b-day…and to you and all deplorables a happy healthy prosperous 2017!

    • Happy Birthday, DBD brother.

    • Treadhead 2/69

      My birthday as well. Family lore has it that when my father found out Mom could have induced labor on the 31st instead of be being born the next year, I was popped out as a tax deduction.

      • EagleRising

        Happy Birthday. Speed & Power!

    • JSStryker

      Happy Birthday!

    • Grunt GI

      Thanks everyone. Another tough birthday. My father, a great American who would have loved the DDQ, passed away on Dec 27, two years to the day that my daughter died. 🙁

      For the past month, DBD has been the only chuckle I have had many days. I am definitely ready for 2016 to be done.

      No DDQ on my birthday 🙁

      But my lovely bride is making my favorite dinner and then my favorite dessert. 🙂

      Keep the faith and keep fighting the good fight…we got the bastards on the run.

      • Off The Wall

        Have a happy birthday Grunt GI. Better days ahead. Enjoy the DDQ.

      • Hank R

        Condolences and wishes for a happy and healthy New Year GG. Sorry to hear of your losses–your situation does put my past year in the proper perspective.

        Best of the New Year to the others that hang out here also. God Bless,


      • JTC

        Damn. Best wishes for better days in ’17 and beyond, Grunt.

        I like the progression with your emoticons. That’s the spirit.

      • Grunt GI

        Ready for an awesome 2017.
        I know my Dad is in a better place with my daughter.
        Thanks for all the good wishes.
        Can’t wait to see what Chris has in store this year!!!

    • Pamela

      A Happy Birthday to you GG.
      and my condolences to you and your family.
      I’ll raise a glass for your Dad and for all the others not here.

      • Old Codger

        Happy Birthday from me, too, GG. My sister was born on the 31st.

        Sorry to hear about your daughter. We’re supposed to outlive our parents; not our offspring. We’re also not supposed to outlive our younger siblings. My Dad outlived two of his younger siblings and one of his offspring. I have outlived my younger brother and half expect to bury my son. Had a cancer scare with my Daughter, this year and was worried about whether she’d be here for Christmas.

        I will be glad to put 2016 behind me. Here’s HOPE-ing for a CHANGE for the better with someone not a prog in office.

  • eon

    Trying to think of a better way to send New Year’s than at the DDQ.



    Nope. Got nothin’ to beat it.

    Happy New Year, CM, and all.



  • Chris, why don’t you put a link up so we can easily vote for you at topwebcomics?
    ( Hint: it’s )
    You’re #447 now, I’ll bet if you had a link DBD would be in the top 100.
    We need more conservative webcomics!
    Mine is at 387 and trying. Yours belongs in the double digits.

    • Chris Muir

      Nah.The only audience I care about is here.

      • Kafiroon

        Happy New Year Chris, and God Bless You and Yours in the New Year!

      • John

        I knew your followers were far more numerous than those regularly voting for you on TWC, but I can also empathize with your concern about the Trolls who could find you by that route. It’s pretty obvious you could have a much greater following, both good and evil.

    • JTC

      There are other webcomics? Huh.

    • GWB

      I went and clicked through. 🙂

    • NotYetInACamp

      DBD is 408 now. 🙂
      I can’t see your number the way it is configured.

      • John

        Just past noon EST it was up to 377.
        The counter resets on the first of the month. If you want to make an impression everyone should hunt down DBD on Jan 1 and vote for sure, then keep voting every day. The high initial number may attract new readers.
        IIRC DBD once got enough TWC hits to put it well into the double digits, but that was dismissed as a hack job.

      • About 9-11k people come here each day.

        • Pamela

          If that many are coming daily, Travis better start making more Q

        • A little less nekkidness around here would cut that number way down prob’ly…

          • Pamela

            Does the less nekkidness include thigh hi stockings and stiletto heels?

          • JTC

            You are such a dirty girl.

            Keep it up keepin’ it up in ’17.


            Happy New Year, P.

          • Pamela

            To quote Jessica Rabbit “I’m just drawn that way”
            To quote me
            May we all at some point in our busy lives yield-yearn to make haste slowly

    • Fox2!

      Current status is 376, so some DBDers have been voting.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Y’all can click Petercat’s name and read his webcomic. I like it and you can also show him the favor, if you like it. 🙂

  • Saw a comment elsewhere: “Orange is the new black”.
    Can’t remember if they were talking fashion or presidents.
    Good either way, I guess.
    I need coffee. Where’s my IV rig?

    • Kafiroon

      Prison Uniforms!
      May they be spread about Liberally to our govt. “administration” and some ex-govt. types.

    • Interventor

      Orange as in prison jumpsuits.

      • That’s the one!

    • JTC

      Presidents, as in Trump and his hair vs. Bobo and his…oh, wait a minute, he’s not black and neither is his hair anymore. So yeah, prison PJ’s it is.

      • I think it was a skin-to-skin comparison.
        We’re now in our second president who is the result of overuse of a bottle. Donald is a result of his overuse of a bottle of fake tan.
        Barry is a result of his father’s overuse of a bottle of Mad Dog 20-20.
        I still need more coffee.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Could have been Steel Reserve. That might have been available in Hawaii then. That’s what the guys on the street often drink here. Inexpensive, hits them hard, and stays with them. Just ask them.
          They also can be great sources of information no one else has. And they are a much higher class of people than the Obamas and Bidens, and Pelosi’s and Reids, and RINOS, and so on.

  • Pamela

    Think Tucker likes to eat pie for dessert?
    After all that Q, he’s going to need something sweet.

    • JTC

      Who is serving? Nobody available at DDQ, but I hear there’s great pie at the Y

      • PaulS

        (Y) Mmmm, fixed.

  • Interventor

    Happy New Year to all!

  • Jim

    Cole’s Law (Mom’s recipe, which I made for her many times growing up…)

    Coarsely grated cabbage and carrots (about 2 whole carrots per head of cabbage)
    about 1 tsp salt and 2 tsp sugar per head cabbage, adjust to taste
    Salad dressing and condensed milk, about 3:1 ratio by volume, roughly 1 cup total per head of cabbage, adjust to consistency/taste
    Mix thoroughly….
    garnish with paprika

    • Polly Cy

      I breaded chicken and made the slaw at an extremely popular burger joint when I was a teenager. Our recipe was close to yours, assuming that “salad dressing” was Miracle Whip or something similar. We’d add a tsp or two of celery seed per head of cabbage. It gave it that little extra zing.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Tucker, you law dawg! Inviting yourself to DDQ for a free dinner under colander of slaw. Enjoy the hospitality.

    And to all’ya’all DBDers out there….I may say this more then once, but, I hope ya’all had a Happy Christmas, and I hope ya’all have a Merry (and safe) New Year. When we meet again, I’d rather see you then view you.

    • JSStryker

      Happy New Year to you too! I never go out on New Year’s Eve too many amateur drunks out there, even the professional drunks stay home o Mew year’s Eve.

  • jackdeth72

    Why am I getting a tickle in the back of neck telling me The Prodigal Sister, Skye is going to have bus fare a marathon ride to Texas and will show up soon?

    • Eeewww.

    • JSStryker

      Don’t even think that, please!

    • JTC

      OTOH, there’s Tuck’s pie. Prob’ly mincemeat by now. Eww.

      • Pamela

        He looks like more of a Bourbon Pecan man to me

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        I LOVE a good homemade minced meat pie…. I remember my g’mother keeping a small covered crock under the kitchen sink for the minced meat. Ummmmmmmm. The jar stuff is ok if you got nothing else, but………

  • Three weeks, y’all.And I’m having this thought as to why Ovomit, et al, aren’t in prison garb yet. But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this thought. *AHEM*

  • Treadhead 2/69

    I’ll be working Saturday night,making sure you all are safe. Only way I’d stay up to see the new year.

    • GWB

      Stay safe!

    • JSStryker

      Please stay safe.

    • JTC

      If that means you’re a LEO, best wishes for YOUR safety, may the new year bring a lot more of blue lives mattering.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Prayers for your safety. Never travel alone. Watch out for each other. And report back the next day to let us know you’re safe

  • Neil Frandsen

    Grin. Happy Birthday, to those who haz ’em today.
    Happy New Year’s Eve, to all here!
    A very Happy New Year, to all my ‘Yankee’ Cousins {some real ones, Granpa Pete was a Minnesota Dane}.
    Writing as a retired Seismic Surveyor, I also know that the Jan1st is gonna start soon, in Apia, Samoa…
    Where it is 11:15 PM, Saturday December 31, 2016, when it is 2:15 AM Saturday December 31, 2016, here in Lethbridge, Alberta…
    Happy New Year starts in about 45 minutes, from when I read the Apia, Samoa, Site!!!

    • JSStryker

      Interesting they are adding a leap second New year’s day.

      • Henry

        Thanks for reminding me of that. I have networking equipment that has a history of puking on leap seconds, so extra vigilance tonight.

  • Bill G

    Happy New Year to all!

  • Grape

    Panel 3 reminds us there are other things we’d like to sample – they stand out.

    Wish a lot, get a little. Best wishes for a great New Year.

  • Steve_1066

    I woke up at my usual 5:30am EST and realized that it was already too late to celebrate the complete 26 hours of the New Year 2017! First celebration is in the Line Islands Time (LINT) at +14 UTC. This has Kiribati-Christmas Island as its main land mass and it is due south of the Hawaii Islands which will wait 24 hours to celebrate that same rotation! Last ones to celebrate will be Midway Islands at UTC -11 although if anybody is at Baker or Howland Islands they wait another hour for 2017 at UTC -12!
    Wherever you are, my friends, have a happy and safe New Years!

  • Kindly But Weird Uncle Bob

    New to commenting here (although I’ve been reading, and APPRECIATING for some while). Don’t know if it’s usual to reply to the previous day’s comments, but John D Egbert asked some questions about SAA vs 1911.
    First, I have never seen a contest exactly like he asked about, but…Check out videos online of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) for some examples of fast and accurate shooting with single action 6 guns. They also have a class for 1911s, and often the same shooters compete in both.
    My own tastes run to DA revolvers for many events, but I also own and shoot semis- mostly 1911s, when the mood strikes me. I’m 69, severely arthritic, and don’t see real well, but using my S & W 627 8 shot I regularly finish ahead of 50 to 60% of the folks at some of the local club level tactical matches and speed shoots. Most of the folks shoot semis.
    Differences from holster to first hit are negligible, shot-to-shot splits are pretty even, and using full moon clips I can get 8 fresh ones in about as fast as the average single-stack shooter. Not bragging (well maybe a bit) but I’ve been doing it longer than most. The plastic high cap guns do have the advantage of needing to be fed less often, but it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t rely on all those extra rounds to get sloppy. Net times tend to be pretty similar.
    Moving to a self defense scenario, that sloppiness common to many semi shooters could well mean more collateral injuries to bystanders. I’m not a fan of that.

    • JTC

      Hats off, Uncle Bob. Just turned 62 and I quit comp shooting when I couldn’t see worth a fook anymore and could no longer hit for shit even if I could…pretty frustrating for someone who was state rated back in the day. Still good enough for gov or thug work (redundant) though.

      On your last point, my Daddy made sure my first .22 repeater when I was 12(got my first .22 at 8, a single shot knob-cock Marlin) was a Rem bolt, while the other boys were getting Win 290’s and Ruger 10/22’s. They could shoot faster but I could shoot better and no doubt learning to make each round count was the reason.

      Not sure how that transfers to the self-defense squirt guns though; I sold a crap-ton of Glocks and other 10-17 rounders over the years and as far as I know none of my buyers was ever tested in a real-world defense scenario so unknown if those extra rounds would be randomly dispersed; my sense is that they would not based on the type of customers I had, and that they would tend to be protectors of bystanders rather than a secondary threat.

      Welcome to this ragtag group of DBD Deplorables, especially as a gunnie and double especially as a wheelie fan!

      • NotYetInACamp

        Each new commentor adds to all of us.
        I got my first .22 rifle when I was 9. A Remington w 10 round magazine.
        My mother deep sixed the bolt when one of my oldest brother’s friends, who was supposed to be responsible and whose father had many weapons so he had “trained” hm, almost shot me when my oldest brother brought it out to let that older person check it out. I was screaming that it was loaded after they had loaded the magazine and I had followed the progression, and he said it was not. Another brother grabbed it as the idiot was in the process of aiming it at me and saying that it was not loaded. After a scene the rifle was taken outside and shot into the ground. That would not have made for a Happy New Year. The protagonist’s father likely still has a number of great hunting shotguns, rifles, and pistols buried somewhere on what used to be their land in Cuba. At least Fidel, a personal friend and enemy of that father, will never get them.
        I prefer wheel for everyday, but if things get dicey all over, the large capacity magazine carriers will emerge.

    • Ozymandias

      My crown-jewel in my collection is the S&W model 27 that I bought in 1977, right after I turned 21. I’ve always loved heavy, large-framed revolvers. That said, I also have a Kimber custom classic which shoots like a dream.. nice, big holes right where you want them. Who could ask for more? Like you, I’ve been following DBD for a long time, but rarely comment.

  • GWB

    Happy New Year to Chris and all the DbDers!

  • Arkelk

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

    (And please God, may it be better than 2016.)

  • Jay W. Gradinger

    Relatively new to commenting here,, just a few in the past week or so, but I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and success in all of your endeavors.

    By the way Chris, I love Sam’s profile in the last panel!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Happy New Year here and everywhere.

  • Mort

    Also new to commenting here, and really appreciate
    Chris`s work, and all the Deplorables.

    Happy New Year to all, and I hope everything stays
    under control in ‘Times Square’.

    Can hardly wait for the 20th.

  • John

    I realize that there is no accounting for taste, but I discovered something that might interest some here.
    I always regarded black eyed peas and collards as a kind of torture to start the New Year.
    Then I discovered soy sauce.
    The transformation, at least for me, is both radical and enjoyable. Now I can’t get enough. (Particularly since I learned to make my mother’s corn bread.)

  • Kafiroon

    Happy New Year to All. Since we just had a Memorable Christmas Birthday, Happy Birthday, to all that have them around here.
    May we All have a Much Better 2017 than 2016.

  • WayneM

    Now everyone remember to lift your left leg up as the clock strikes midnight so you start the New Year off on the right foot.

  • If we’re going to talk about food, I have 15-bean soup simmering on the stovetop. The secret ingredients are Grandma Maude’s Southern Seasoning and Mrs. Dash Garlic-Herb (lots of pepper in that one), plus a really good smoked ham. (Couldn’t get a hambone this time.) Making cornbread for supper, made a batch of chocolate chip cookies last night, and have really tart apples waiting. Good simple food, easy to fix.

    I wish everyone a prosperous (if possible) and happy New Year, and remember that Vlad Putin did NOT expel any US people when he could have this weekend. Who is the smarter? The dumbf–k soon to leave the White House? Or the ex-KGB colonel over in the Kremlin?

    I think it’s going to be a very good year, possibly a lot of changes and surprises so don’t take anything for granted. In fact, I think it’s going to be several very good years ahead of us.

    Happy New Year!

  • Ol' Tanker

    Happy New Year, Chris. Looking forward to a very happy DDQ 2017

  • Shotgun15, RVN/CH 'Lightning6" DSDS

    Happy Birthday Grunt GI, et al 12/31sters.
    Condolences for your Dad and Daughter.
    I understand.
    My Son has been gone 8 years this past Christmas Day.
    Happy New Year – and May The Lord grant us a much better one in 2017.
    (FYI, for Army types: The Lord is Lightening7 . . 🙂

    • Grunt GI

      Heh. Thanks much.

      Happy New Year to you.

  • Henry

    I’m thinking that as long as the ladies are in uniform for this party, they might get the ticket reduced for bad behavior.

  • KenA

    Happy New Year to all y’all!

  • Michael A Crawford

    Let us not misunderstand the legacy being left to us by outgoing President Obama. The real Obama legacy that he will leave/has left behind is:

    • A Republican President
    • A Republican Vice President
    • Republican control of the Senate
    • Republican control of the House
    • Republican control of 31 state houses
    • A majority of Republican governors… 36 of 50
    • Republican control of a majority of county governments
    • Republican control of a majority of city governments
    • Now THAT is “Hope and Change.”
    • He did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves. Thank you Mr. Obama!
    Happy New Year one and all! (Long time reader/1st time commentor.)

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