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  • Malatrope

    They’ll make a capitalist out of her yet!

  • CB

    Off topic here but I’ll try to keep it short.

    I just sat here and watched Donald Trump apologize for words he said 10 years ago. His apology seemed sincere to me but a couple of Fox news commentators are spinning it negatively.

    I don’t know of any guy who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s that did not engage in locker room talk and I include myself in that. Some of the worst offenders I knew were Liberals and still are but now they pretend they were never like that.

    There is a lot more I’d love to say but I promised I’d keep it short.

    • NotYetInACamp

      That is an attitude and position that I always hated.

      I hate nuclear war with Russia much more.

      This sounds like one of his roasts.

      Better that we discuss the imminent nuclear exchange that Obama and NATO are maneuvering with Russia.
      Then the true war in Europe can begin. Then 60,000,000 more Muslims can stream in and nukes will have to be used to stop them.

      The head cleric of Iran, I believe, once said that 100,000,000 or more, or a third of the world population killed is not too much to pay, no price is too much to pay in order to bring back the Mahdi.

      Which is more important? Pussy chasing by a billionaire, or one third of the world population being intentionally killed?
      We get nuclear war with Hillary as a continuation of the Islamic plan for the USA and the world.

      • eon

        Keep in mind that the deep-ecos want 99% of the human race exterminated to reduce the “burden” of humanity to what they reckon as the “carrying capacity of Holy Mother Gaia”.

        As far as they’re concerned, there are too many people on Earth already, and they want to re-create the Garden of Eden, minus everyone but themselves and a couple of overseers and ten or so slaves for each of them.

        They regard the late Tom Clancy’s novel Rainbow Six not as a cautionary tale, but as a How To Book.

        On Islam’s part, the imams of the Twelver sect want all “Infidels” exterminated, Jews, Gentiles, non-Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, animists, agnostics, atheists, Socialists, Communists, Worshipers Of Super-Intelligent Shades Of The Color Blue, etc., etc.

        The cleric saying a hundred million dead was “not too high a price to pay” was referring to the number of the Faithful (true-believing Muslims) they are willing to sacrifice to achieve their goal. In short, they want one hundred million martyrs to their faith.

        This is why the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction will fail to deter Iran from using nuclear weapons once they acquire them. Unlike Pakistan, they have already gone full jihad on everybody else, including the rest of the Islamic world, whom they regard as having fallen from The True Faith.

        You cannot use the threat of death to deter someone who regards dying for their cause as the highest glory there is. Those who think otherwise learned nothing from the Battle of Okinawa in 1945.

        And even less from the history of Islam. And that of Western “progressivism”.

        clear ether



          Ever notice that of all those people who thint that there re too many people on earth, not one of them volunteers to leave.

          • eon

            P. J. O’Rourke made the same observation about Dr. Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb, one of the most over-rated books of the 20th Century.

            He referred to Ehrlich’s attitude as “Just Enough Of Me, Way Too Much Of You”. Which is typical of the entire “ecology” movement as well as tribalist cultures generally.

            Yes, “ecologists” are tribalists. In case all the drum-beating and chanting wasn’t a big enough indicator.

            clear ether


        • RegT

          Exactly, Eon. That is why I know that Obama _knowingly_ is assisting – not just allowing – Iran in developing nuclear weapons. He – and I’m sure Soros is directing him, since the slug has openly stated that destroying America is his “life’s work” – wants Iran to have these weapons because they know the government (not the people, per se) of Iran will indeed use them.

          Iran is perfectly willing to use enough weapons on Israel to completely destroy that small country (not much bigger than the state of Rhode Island, IIRC). It would only take four or five weapons to eradicate the populated areas of Israel, and the leaders of Iran will either bunker up or leave the country just prior to using those nuclear weapons. They certainly don’t care if Israel responds and kills off 90+% of the citizens of Iran (some of whom remember how Iran was modern and somewhat “free” before the mullahs took over).

          Hence, we do indeed need to stop Iran, or at the very least look the other way while Israel takes care of their very real problem. NOT threaten to shoot down Israel’s aircraft if they attack Iran, as Obama has threatened, several times.

    • JTC

      Note to DT: Answer every question with a question.

      There is no accusation or negative statement about you that cannot be countered 100 times in kind, or redirected to what matters, as NYIAC said. I was/am a pig? Look across the dinner table to see the definition of the term. I am snuggly with Pootie? You are his declared enemy and a PROVEN monger of war with him. I want to curtail the immigration that is overwhelming us with intent to conquer us? You want to double down on it for just those reasons. I promote the right of Americans to possess the weapons to defend themselves from those immigrants and your government? You want them disarmed to prevent it. I conceal my income derived from private business? You conceal many millions of OPM paid for access and donated to charity. You don’t trust my potential judgment? Yours is proven to be catastrophic in a third-tier position, imagine what you would do at the top.

      Etc. There is nothing you or your lamestream toadies can do or say that cannot be countered with, “same for you, and more of it” to put it in the schoolyard terms that you and they and your sheep can understand.

      But the understanding that matters, that every time some stupid diversion is unearthed and trotted out it is simply an attempt to evade your own responsibility and ineptitude and criminal intent, is being reinforced with the people that matter who can and I believe will retire you from the potential to destroy what is left of the American Republic.

  • JTC

    Glad you ain’t dead Chris.

    Jan has been questioning all the “signals” for a long time. And she sees real virtue played out every day.

    Her heart is in the right place; she wanted the lies of the elites to be true. But her mind and soul are in the right place too, with the family and friends and the life that shows her the real truth.

    I predict she’ll not only come around but be a powerful enemy to those who deceived her; hell hath no fury like a woman played.

  • Dienekes

    “Virtue?”… VIRTUE?! Such judgmental language in 2016 CE.

    Off to the reeducation camps with you.

  • Jan is coming around. I actually think she’s there, but doesn’t want to believe it.

  • Henry

    Why does Sam’s roof say NCSD?

    • Pamela

      National Coalition of STD Directors or maybe this:
      National Cyber Security Division

      Maybe it’s just a directive motif in the weathering on the roof.

      • Since it is Jan’s roof, perhaps it is pointing to her son, the “hacker”

  • S Hooks

    Checking in from southeastern North Carolina (just above Myrtle Beach, SC) here; we’re now in the bullseye for Matthew. It looks as if the eye will pass just south of me by mid-afternoon. Power is already blinking a little and tornadoes are popping up all over the place.

    The biggest threat is the 12-18 inches of rain we’re expecting. We’ve already had too much rain over the last several weeks and the water table is already saturated. This is reminiscent of Hurricane Floyd back in 1999 when we lost millions of trees in NC and SC. I had some beautiful timber on my farm I was planning to sell and Floyd put about half of it on the ground. The tree roots are already weakened again now, so I hope we won’t have a repeat of that at least.

    I doubt it’ll be that bad this time but there will probably be a lot of trees taking down power lines again. This biggest threat will be the flooding, and we’ll probably lose power by mid to late afternoon. It should all be over by Sunday morning.

    • JTC

      Prayers for you and yours as there were for me and mine.

    • NotYetInACamp

      May you all be well. Prayers.

  • Islam Hostis Humani Generis!

    • NotYetInACamp

      Good call.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Yesterday. October 7. Anniversary of another major battle against Islam invasions. Another major battle that saved Europe from further invasion.
      Our Lady of the Rosary, also known as Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, is a title of the Blessed Virgin Mary in relation to the Rosary. The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is on October 7, the anniversary of the decisive victory of the combined Christian fleet in 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto, defeating an Ottoman fleet off western Greece. It was formerly sometimes known as the Feast of Our Lady of Victory

      • Pamela

        It is said among the old ones at the bazaar’s edge,
        the desert is slow to give up her secrets.
        many journeyed into her depths
        searching for glorious treasure laden cities

        Some left quickly in the dark, seeking an escape
        to or from what, their scattered bones don’t say.
        an intrepid few sought a higher power or
        maybe an internal explanation of why.

        We went out in search of sanctuary.
        Away from prying eyes and tongues,
        in the comfort of the drift sands shift,
        now being roused by temporal change.

        Fasting, contemplation and denial of flesh
        obtained relief in the quiet sands, until the death cries
        caused us to saddle our mounts, once more riding out,
        for some hungers are never truly sated.

        Any remaining Templar descendants need to get off top dead center and mount up.

        • NotYetInACamp

          At the Gates of Vienna and at Lepanto, smaller Christian forces defeated larger Muslim forces that were supposed to and were expected to win.
          There are more factors than numbers and expectations such as those, and by whom.

          • Kafiroon

            It also pays to not march up from below sea level to take on Salah al-Din at Hittin in a hot, dusty land. I can just picture those poor bastards tongues hanging out as the horse mounted troops swept downhill on them. Our western world leaders act far more like that stupid shiite Reginald of Chatillion. I am afraid for our country in the consequences.

    • KathyP

      Defines Hillary now, doesn’t it.

      • NotYetInACamp


  • Pamela

    Two Billion Dollars. Jan turned it down. How many people would?

    Hilly would do anything, including giving lap dances, to get that kid of cash.

    So maybe earning it by honest labor is more important than a handout.
    The results are happy well adjusted children secure in the knowledge they are loved and safe.

    • epilitimus

      For her to do a lap dance implies there is someone willing to have her anywhere near their lap. Personally even if they offered me the $2B it would not be enough for me to be so willing, even if she was dressed in a Burkha.

      • Pamela

        You wave enough money in front of some people and they will do just about anything. For the waver of the money it would be about her debasing herself to get it. At least the lap dancers know the score going into the transaction.

      • Merle

        Actually, it makes a difference WHO wears the burka! 🙂

    • Old Codger

      $2 Billion to let Hildabeast give me a lap dance?
      X conditions first:
      1. I start off with 4 boilermakers –DOUBLES!
      2. Then I follow the boilermakers with 6 Harvey Wallbangers made from Ever Clear instead of Vodka.
      3. She is in a full-on burqha – the kind that would let Sadaam board a plane travelling as a woman.
      4. I am in a full body, highest level of isolation hazmat suit.
      5. And last but not least, the $2Bil is AFTER ALL TAXES!

      • Pamela

        So I take it Sloe Comfortable Screws Up Against the Wall are not on the list of self administered anesthesia?

        Thinking about it, I remembered that Bill allegedly gave her a dose of Syph that was not diagnosed and treated for a while.

        Lap Dance-bad idea. might catch something.

  • Ozymandias

    The Hildebeast doing a lap dance.. where can I buy enough brain bleach to erase that image?

    • Oligonicella

      $2B will buy a LOT of booze. Enough of that and you might forget it happened. Or at least convince yourself.

  • Old Codger

    WWWWWAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY back in 87 (88?) I was working/living in the Rio Grande Valley here in Texas in a group foster home. There was a hurricane (big one; cat 4 IMS) barreling in that all the computer models agreed had Brownsville dead center in its crosshairs. Since we were only 30 miles or so and pretty much in the predicted inland path, we packed up the kids from 6 different “cottages” (10-12 kids/cottage) and convoyed to central Texas. Wound up in Pleasanton. Meanwile, the storm took a hard left, went onshore well south of where the Children’s Home was and the home only got a few inches of rain. Then the storm made a hard right and made a beeline for (you guessed it) Central Texas including Pleasanton. We go PLASTERED! Rain in excess of 12 inches and multiple tornadoes spawned – including an EF-1 less than half a mile from where my wife, daughter and I were staying.

    Bottom line? Ya never know. If it’s your time, you’re going. If it ain’t, you ain’t.

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