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  • I would have thought by now, there would have been a handful or cadre of heavily capable men, such as seals (active or retired) or mossad, who could take care of this Soros problem for the honor of the world. Some things must needs be handled outside of the corrupt laws.

  • I think the despised Putin could have easily handled this, but not our president Putrid.

    • Oh, please! Soros is an old gasbag. So much bile and spittle, and so little time left for him to control the world. He’s in his 80s and will definitely not live forever, no matter what he thinks.

      • eon

        Exactly the same problem Hillary has. Like Bill and Pelosi and the rest, she’s been playing “The Godfather Part IV/V/VI/VII”, etc. with her party for the last three decades, casually offing every potential successor because she has no intention of ever giving up power.

        Now she feels the Grim Reaper’s hand on her shoulder, and is pulling out all the stops to seize Absolute Power Forever in the belief that she can bargain with mortality that way.

        “Let me be Queen, and I will sacrifice a hecatomb to you!”

        As for Soros, he wants to succeed where his idol Hitler failed. It’s that simple. A world that is both Judenrein and Amerikarein.

        One of the first things a President Trump should do is have his naturalization status revoked, declare him PNG and kick him out of the U.S.

        clear ether


        • I think that’s far too nice, Eon. Revoke his citizenship on Planet Earth and send him to Europa. The geysers will keep him busy.

          • Then the Europans can party with him!
            USE THEM IN PEACE.”

          • Bunker Builder

            Just send him to one of the failed experiments in socialism, Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela…

          • We need a planet called Hell.

            One-way trip, no further contact. You’re on your own. Botany Bay, if you will, but arrivals only, no departures.

          • JSStryker

            Revoke his breathing permit.

  • Does Soros know anything at all about history? He’s such a dork!

    Scipio Africanus was the white Italian (Roman) general who laid siege to Carthage and defeated Hannibal Barco, ending the 2nd Punic War.

    The entire continent of Africa bears Scipio’s last name. Yes, Africa was named for a white man, a fella from Italy. Damned Italians leave their stuff everywhere, don’t they?

    Heeheehee!!! Dontcha just love how some people look stupider every time they think they’re being clever?

    • Interventor

      Wasn’t Scipio Africanus the Younger black?

        • Interventor

          Yes, that was the Elder.

          • Please don’t try to rewrite history.

            Scipio Africanus was the son of a patrician Roman family. He was NOT a black man. If anything, his family OWNED Nubian and Moorish slaves from the continent of Africa.

            Neither Scipio the Elder nor Scipio the Young were blacks. I don’t know why you would say such a thing.

            And since all the coins depicting Hannibal Barca’s likeness were collected and called to Rome and destroyed, there is no likeness of him available, nor any of the Barcid family, including Hamilcar, his father, and no bones or DNA to establish ethnicity of any kind. It is most likely that the Barcid family originated in what is now Lebanon and/or Phoenicia.

  • Grunt GI

    Yup. Too bad no ones paying attention cuz Trump says mean things.

    BTW love the facial expression on Naomi. All the characters have been getting that snarky look down. The facial expressions the last few days have been awesome.

    • Yes, but The Big They had to dig back – what? – 12 years? to find some more mean things he said.

      Desperation and greed make strange bedfellows.

      Anyone who is on the lower East Coast, I hope you are safe and dry.

      • Grunt GI

        Yea. Pretty much. Meanwhile all the really Important facts about Hillary and her puppet master go unmentioned.

        Very nice blog, BTW. I might start linking mine again shortly. I also blog about books a lot.

      • eon

        I think this is their Dan Rather moment. The thing is, I’m pretty sure they know it is exactly that.

        The objective was to give their RINO friends an excuse to bail- which they were champing at the bit to do anyway. Note their demands that their own party’s nominee withdraw, leaving Hillary to cruise to her Coronation unopposed.

        I don’t think Trump has lost any support from this. I do think a lot of people are finished with the GOP as a result, though.

        Expect a huge number of re-registrations from “R” to “I” after the first of the year.

        We can only take so many betrayals.

        clear ether


        • I think you may be on to something, Eon. It’s the same kind of scrambling, same odd silliness and doesn’t make any sense, especially when we haven’t been dependent on the news media for information for something like 20+ real years now.

          They know that their ship is taking on water and they have no raft. Oh, woe is them. The weeping! The wailing! The gnashing of teeth! They may be cast into the Outer Darkness, out near that extra planet (recently discovered) that takes several centuries to make a single orbit of the Sun.

          Oh, well. Cubs are ahead of the Giants at this moment in Time.

          • Bill G

            Their ship is in deep trouble and that’s why they are so desperate about getting the Hildabeast elected at this moment; she can alter SCOTUS for decades to come as well as signing off on massive immigration/nationalization/voter registration to cement a permanent democrat majority.

        • David M

          I changed mine to I a couple years ago.

          I’ve been saying that the GOP was dead (due to Progressives infecting and derailing them) for some time.

          We need a true Constitutionalist party, I’d call it the Scalia party, to rise up from the ashes of the no longer Grand old party…

          • JSStryker

            I became an independent 20 years ago when I realized there was no difference between an “R” and a “D” in Washington.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Wall. The wall. What wall? 🙂

  • JTC

    That’s a big list…but War and Peace might have been a more apropos simile.

    Regardless, all those rich fucks are going to be majorly pissed when she can’t deliver the goods, or bads rather.

    Today I visited son in Palm Beach to check out minor storm damage at his store and his diamond/gold refinery broker was there…a giant goofy looking Jew who was as radical of a Bill Clinton supporter as you could find, as was all of his family and all of their New Yahk transplant acquaintances. None of them gave a rat’s ass about Slicks sexcapades even as a sitting prez.

    But they have seen Hillzabeast Clinton actively selling out their tiny homeland outpost to her muzbro affiliates and handlers…they hate that bitch. And none of them give a rat’s ass about Trumpsters crass cadly ways, as he said that behavior is irrelevant to the interests of Israel and her people.

    Those stupid fuckers have lost the South Florida Jews, one of the most rock solid liberal blocks in America for as long as I’ve been paying attention. How many more of their historical constituencies have they sacrificed and/or alienated in the name of Mo? More of the cascade, let us hope it is enough.

  • The Donald scares the absolute beJeezus out of the “Titanic” crowd. There are “republicans” supporting Hitlery over Trump. WTF? These are the ones to vote the hell out. Good thing I still remember my old “skill set” quite well.

    • Pamela

      There is no disavowing of any of this with the “Who me” look on her face.

    • JTC

      That is a strategy that has worked great before, the “republican” nominees of ’08 and ’12 were products more of the prog machine than any legitimate nominating process.

      But, go to the well once too often, bitches, and help create a monster that will kill and consume you (pray to God and hope to die).

      That explains their shock with each of what they thought would be the final nail in the Trump coffin and why any and every sordid tidbit that can be dredged up and lied about continues now, and also why the rinos who are shared shitless that their comfy deal with the dims is threatened are doubling down on their terrified screams for DT to abdicate the nom. Starting with that smarmy little bastard who disinvited Trump to “his” event the other day and got his ass handed to him by the people in attendance, they have ALL got to go.

      May this tidal wave (no longer just a cascade) drown them all!

  • Gunner

    Do NOT! forget that 80% of Congress is up for reelection this November. Vote out the Far Leftwing Extremist Fringe Kooks and the RINOS. Put em out on the street. They have had generations to screw this nation up..time to remove them from office. Because if they are not removed..the Second American Revolution is not far backstage..and if it gets rolling…all bets are off for ANY leftwinger in the US. Just saying….

    • You got that right!

    • NotYetInACamp

      The ballot is the weapon currently at hand.

    • By putting them back on the street, I assume you mean K street. They never go any farther than that. Of course, then we will know where they are when rounding them up for the camps.

  • Badger

    Chris, nice sequence. (check sp for ‘Sturmabteilung’)

    • V328

      Was trying to figure that one out. So it’s “Storm Department”? I figured Chris was going after Sturmtruppen…basically all the same meaning.

  • Unca Walt

    Headline in today’s Ultra-Left Palm Beach Post shouts that Trump is losing GOP’s because of his eeevil talking about wimmin.

    There has never been a word about rape-enabler Hillary: Both her husband’s rapes (and the Lolita Express), and the laughing about getting the rapist who left the raped and beaten the 12-year old into a coma off with a lawyerly trick…

    Nor has there been a mention of why a GI is in jail for far, far less of a breach of national security than the Beast’s… which, from this day forward, leaves the USA wide open.

    Any GI can now just point to a picture of Hillary and say, “I din mean it.” <– Said GI (by legal precedent) must now be completely exonerated.

    • Pamela

      Unca Walt

      I think there are more than two rapes notched on Bill’s headboard.
      If all of the women he assaulted came forward, there would be more standing there than at Hilly’s rallies. Those same women would be able to testify how she threatened them and their loved ones.

    • NotYetInACamp

      But they are also maneuvering to remove intent from finding people, corporations, whatever guilty of discrimination. So that just because there is a racial disparity against any “protected” class, that is all the proof needed to show discrimination. Liability for remedies who them be imposed on the “guilty” parties.
      Sanity has left the nation. Evil is still growing. This election must be won to stop the DOJ, and all others of that ilk.
      Intent can be used as a defense for Hillary, and not be used as a defense against alleged discrimination. That is their world. And it can be used however the totalitarians want to use it against their enemies. Selective law enforcement will continue.

    • The 300

      Right now the media is pushing the idea that Trump must be punished for TALKING smack about doing the things that Bill Clinton actually DID and got away with.

    • Arkelk

      Unca Walt, I have been thinking about the different punishments for mishandling classified information. The sailor got punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Separate from, although related to, civil laws. The Clinton precedent would only apply to the non-uniformed part of the government.

  • Unca Walt

    I fear for our America. It has become horribly corrupt. [/John Wayne OFF]

  • Pamela

    Yo Damon. Might want to put the following on Javier’s to-do list if you are of a mind. Start shifting most of Shinola’s money elsewhere, and not in T-Bonds. Those are a bad bet.

    Now as to Donald. How long has the man been a horn-dog? Probably since he got his first stiffy I’m betting. Locker room talk needs to stay where it belongs.
    I’m sure there are some videos floating around where Hilly has let loose on various subjects. Topics that will make Donald sound like a Choirboy. That tape of Donald’s is mild when compared to some of the conversations women have regarding men which are had on a daily basis.

  • WayneM

    This election has plumbed the depths like none other in my lifetime.

    I’m Canadian but we tend to be aware of American politics since it has a marked influence on our economy. A friend of mine (a Jewish MD) was posting anti-Trump stuff. Someone responded by comparing Trump’s actions to Nazi propaganda. I replied asking why they cheapened the Holocaust with such mundane comparisons. Both declined such was the case and to “prove” their case, reiterated the same comparison. Because circular logic.

  • Spin Drift

    Wasn’t Bedford Falls in “It’s a Wonderful Life” based on Bedford NY? Oh, the irony it stings.


  • JTC

    “…never been in the driver’s seat.”

    If that POS had spent less time in the cockpit maybe he’d have had a chance to drive. But I don’t think he ever wanted that; he was and is content to have coasted along getting his jollies under the desk and taking credit for the amazing (but ultimately wasted) turnaround engineered by RR. I don’t think things will go as smoothly and enjoyable for him as first husband…he as much as anyone had better watch his back in that scenario.

    • Well, yes – he has had a triple bypass, you know, but that’s always a temp job on the cardiac environment. He still has heart disease. And I have said and will continue to say it, she’s only running to get his ass back in the White House running things and boinking interns.

      So think about this for a moment. Really ponder it. She gets elected (gag). He’s the Man Behind the Curtain. Her health issues are at least as bad as his. She has a stroke or some other side effect of overuse of steroids and diazepam and whatever other crap she’s been taking. But it isn’t just a stroke, it’s a cranial embolism. (See the movie ‘Dave’ for reference.)
      But JUST ahead of this, Williepete has a massive coronary that puts him six feet under, and Kaine, the inept ventriloquist’s dummy has to step up to the plate.

      Trump has Pence, who does have his act together.

      Just think about it for a minute.

      • JTC

        Hard to ponder a non-sequitur, Delilah; Slick reverting to yanking his wank and staying away from the serious levers under a Hillz potus would beat (heh) having her at the controls, but of course there’s no Ronnie legacy for him to coast on this time, quite the opposite coming in behind Zippy.

        Irrelevant though in any case as he would be as impotent (heh again!) this time as before while she wreaks the damage and chaos that she has so yearned to inflict for lo these 25 years, which is why she’ll not let him near the big chair and chose that little kewpie as her vice, no threat to her power.

        And know this; even a deathly ill bitchbeast can do catastrophic and permanent damage in less than a year as you can bet the pressure for scotus retirements would allow her to stack the bench to control our descent into statist and worldist control and destruction…and/or all-out war.

        Think about that for more than a minute to realize the malice and willful cataclysm that even a moment under the thumb of this heretofore frustrated mistress of evil would incur.

      • I t would be worse than mere all-out war, JTC, but I do believe she’d get there and drop in her tracks within a week. Just my opinion.

  • nadadhimmi

    There is a growing consideration of Americans defying the Junta. If Exec orders are issued to come for the Powder and Ball, it will come down to; are the FBI and DHS willing to kill Americans to obey an illegal Executive order? Sadly, many will. If that happens, all bets are off.

    • ‘willing to kill Americans’????

      So you weren’t alive in 1989 when that monster Ceaușescu was dragged off to jail, then into court, tried and executed with his wife? The crowds filled the streets the day the Soviet Union was dissolved, and screamed for his death.

      It’s almost that bad in Venezuela now. Maduro is not just under fire, he is hated.

      These parasites all have a lifespan. Sometimes, the end of it is not a pretty thing. Robespierre met the same fate he had handed everyon he hated.

  • Pamela

    Hilly has berated and demeaned all of the women Bill went after.
    So here is a question for her.
    If all these women are liars and never has sex, consensual and non-consensual, with him, does that include you?

  • KenH

    This Nazi puke should have been killed in 1945

    • NotYetInACamp

      it is amazing the evil that has come from the good deed that a Roman catholic family did in Budapest, Hungary when they took in the Jewish boy to protect him from the Nazi invaders. The Hungarian government also did the good deed of some of its members providing true and valid false documents that were valid Hungarian documents. Those documents concealed George as one of the Roman Catholic family’s children.

      That so much evil has come from those good acts is staggering.

  • I have never understood what is so damned special about the Clintons that the Democrats have worked so hard for them. It’s got to be a lot more than just knowing where the bodies are buried.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The Clinton’s do the work of their masters. The Clinton’s follow orders and are rewarded for doing so.
      Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton both were absent at parts unknown away from their press during their primary battles in 2008. At the meeting named after the Bilderberg Hotel ( Build-A-Burgers for the comically inclined) Hillary was given the word that the clean well spoken guy was getting the nomination and that she needed to bow out. During the week after that meeting, Hillary backed down as she was instructed.
      There are various levels of power and evil in the world.
      Yet there was no press reports on any of that.
      The existence of the “Bilderbergs” is now admitted in the Main Stream Controlled Press. They are concerned people meeting they say, or something like that. The meetings existence was not admitted for over 50 years.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Trump did not get the Bilderbergers nod or approval, or anything except hate, dismay, and a desires to destroy him.

    • The Clintons? They are whores. They do what they’re told, including roll over on their backs, and get paid for it. The Bilderbergers will back anyone they think they can control. They think that money buys power, an intangible, and they look for power-sluts and power-whores like the Clintons.

      I went back through my journal to find something in the ‘recent’ past. 2009, the House of Reps passed legislation making NOT buying Obamacare a criminal offense with a 5-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine. I do not remember if that actually went through but it was the most appalling thing I’ve ever seen. It was H.R. 3962. The democraps dictating your life to you.

      Remember this when you go to vote.

  • V328

    WRT Soros…unfortunately as Yoda said “No there is another…” There’s a son. Who just as demented as his old man.

    “Remember the days when you can talk this openly in a barber shop…without the thought PC police coming after your head.”

  • anonymitty

    The word the author wants is “Sturmabteilung”, not “Sturmbateilung”.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Gloves off. Stand and fight. Truth wins.

    • Pamela

      Piss me off. See what happens.
      It never turns out well for the other side.

    • JTC

      It may come to that.

      One on one and hand to hand.

      So be it.

      • Merle

        Not hand to hand, unless I have run out of ammo! 🙂

  • JTC

    Donny, are you listening?

    They all say, be contrite and remorseful tonight.

    Fuck them.

    There is nothing they can say or ask that cannot be redirected with a question of far greater degree and import.

    Answer every question and accusation with a question or accusation.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I so agree.

  • JTC

    So who is debating Trump, the bitch on the stage or the ones at the table?

    • NotYetInACamp

      The globalists need Hillary for their conquest.

      Hundreds of trillions are at stake.

      Us deplorable ones and irredeemable ones must win. Humanity is at stake.

  • JTC

    Right now Trump is being asked what he wants in a scotus justice.

    Hope he says one like we just lost.

    • JTC

      Yes! that’s exactly what he did! And talking about the Constitution and 2A!

  • JTC

    You know what? That was pretty damn good. And you know why? I think DT and his campaign paid attention to what was being said right here and forums like this.

    And what does Trump respect about the bitch? She keeps on going, just like that eveready rabbit…a MACHINE! He read today’s toon!

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