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  • Malatrope


  • NotYetInACamp

    Now I have a problem.
    With that definition how do I identify who won or lost the debate?

    Trump delivered. That I can say.

    • eon

      What Trump did or didn’t say a decade ago is less important than what Hillary has done for the last fifty years.

      But the elite’ will never admit that. After all, she hasn’t killed anybody they define as “important”.

      Note to spear-carriers for same; If Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and Chris Stevens haven’t convinced you that you are considered expendable by your godheads, you should seriously consider counseling for your self-destructive personality disorder.

      clear ether


      • Pamela

        I wonder if some of the drugs she is being given are to stop the dreams of the dead she’s responsible for. Haunt this Hilly!

    • JTC

      “With that definition how do I identify who won or lost the debate?”

      By that definition, the pussy one won.

      But Hillary kept on going…and going…

    • KenH

      Donnie stomped her face in with steel-plated spiked boots
      For a visual, please go to Drudge and admire the shot of Slick and the ‘lil Beastcunt. The look you get when you realize, your amusing little tape from 11 years ago aint working, AND the other guy has 4 of the women you raped in the front row.

      Suck It, SLICK

    • David M


      I hope your assessment is the majority assessment.

      My wife was listening to it in the other room, I had to go in there a couple times for something for my daughter, and just hearing hildabeast’s voice brought words from my past life as a USN Sailor to my lips, thank God I was not being recorded…

      I thought it was bad listening to ObaMao speak, but it is definitely even worse when Killery speaks. Grrr…

      We need Trump to have done well for those few insanely mudheaded whom have not chosen yet their vote. Unfortunately he is our only hope…

  • Tennessee Budd

    We are what we eat, or so I’ve been told.

    • noncom

      Yes….I’m not much of a man at all….

  • B Woodman

    Really!? Is that the best the DildoCrats can do for an “October Surprise”? Locker room talk (and that’s all it was, just talk. as opposed to Bill & Hellary’s ACTIONS against women). And twelve years old, at that?
    Trump’s only crime was being wired, mic’d, and recorded. But at that time, he was just a businessman, with no political aspirations.

    I doubt that there’s a MAN, or WOMAN, anywhere, in any time, who has not talked the sexual smack in the open privacy of the gym locker room environment. Ya think many of them will admit it? PPffffffttt.
    All the women in my extended family (Mormon, Utah) (no, I have only one wife) are going NUTS over this. I think they’re using it as an excuse to not vote for Trump, they never “liked” him much anyway, and would have voted for him reluctantly at best.
    Almost makes me want to retract history by 100 years and make sure women never got the right to vote. My apologies to all the WOMEN and LADIES of DBD, y’all are a breed apart.
    (mutter mutter fume sput sput. . .. )

    • Pamela

      There’s dirty talk and then there is talking dirty.
      All depends on who and when it is being done.
      Case in point. A co-worker came back from her honeymoon.
      She waylaid me in the kitchen at 5:30 am asking for help.
      How do you perform oral and not throw up.
      A few other female co-workers came in and asked the same thing.
      I ran through what to do and what not to do. There were lots of questions, jokes and laughter.
      What none of us knew was outside the kitchen a VP was listening.
      Later that morning he casually suggested any further “medical” advice be talked about in the ladies bathroom. First an only time I ever saw him blush. He did look at me like he had a question he wanted to ask but didn’t.

      Was Trump dirty talking or talking dirty? Or both.

      • JTC

        So you’re the go-to girl for questions about that fella Tio?

        • Pamela

          Why do you think I’ve been married for 37 years…

          • JTC

            Starting with the B’s, I’d say brains, beauty, buxom, bawdy, blind, and badass. And I’m sure I’ve left some out.

            Can’t even imagine what the F’s will bring (well I can but I won’t, gotta go pretend to work).

          • Pamela


            Good Sir, I thank you kindly but the beauty part, I’m the plain one in the family.

      • Malatrope

        So, how do you keep from throwing up? Inquiring heterosexual minds want to know!

        • Pamela

          1. Cleanliness is paramount. Soap and water clean.
          2. Do not use any smell good product.
          3. The Giver is in total control. Lie back and enjoy.
          4. Should be done with an empty/almost empty stomach.
          5. No more than two alcoholic drinks on board for both parties.
          6. Pacing is important. This is not a race.
          7. Use a combination of hands, lips, tongue and teeth.
          8. Don’t breathe in while swallowing. Air changes the viscosity of the ejaculate.
          9. Note to the Recipient. Do not try to give the Giver a tonsillectomy.
          10. Hands in the Giver’s hair is acceptable as are groaning, saying the 10,000 names of God.
          11. Always thank the Giver. Might be the last time you ever get any.

          • Old Codger

            Heinlein had some interesting thoughts on #1 – for the receiver.

      • Perhaps, Pamela, you could refer to the following joke:

        Teacher: And what comes after 69, Johnny?
        Johnny: Mouthwash.
        Teacher: GET OUT!

        • Pamela

          Wrong answer. Johnny should have said : Start over

        • Old Codger

          Mouthwash? I don’t get. I grew a mustache partly as a “flavor savor”. And I kinda like the taste I leave in her mouth. (does that make me gay? 😉 )

          I agree with Pamela. Even if the little soldier isn’t ready my tongue sure is!

    • NotYetInACamp

      Melania supports her hot husband by wearing a hot pink Gucci outfit with a “Pussy Bow” as a feature.
      Melania Trump wore a bright pink silk crepe de chine top with a “pussy-bow,” and matching bottoms, to Sunday night’s debate.

      It means that Melania is all of the hot that Trump wants or needs, and she is the hot one.
      Further I leave to others to say.

      • B Woodman

        O-M-G! Yahoo interprets Melania’s outfit as a support for Clintoon? YHGTBFWM! Yahoo now truely lives up (or down) to the original definition of their name as written in the adventures of Gulliver.

  • Swansonic

    What did they spike her Geritol / Coumadin with? Her grin made Dopey the Drawf and Crazy Uncle Joe look reasoned and thoughtful by comparison….

    • Swansonic

      Dwarf – stooped fuummble fingers…..

  • I caught a few clips in the canteen at work, and The Donald seemed to do a damn fine job of rebutting and redirecting. What I don’t understand is why God has not seen fit to strike Hitlery dead out of the blue.

    • Malatrope

      You know how some monks walked around in the street in hair shirts, banging themselves in the face with boards? God has a sense of humor.

      • The 300

        Actually, they whipped themselves with whips. That board thing is pure Monty Python.

        • Malatrope

          I know, but it’s a good thing!

    • John Greer

      Life is a trial.
      We’re not in Heaven yet.

    • Why has God not seen fit to strike shrillary dead? That’s a good question.

      It would be far worse punishment if she had a massive stroke that left her paralyzed from the top of her scalp down, would it not?

      • Malatrope

        Well, that would leave her dead after her lungful of oxygen ran out, unless they keep a ventilator in the Scooby van.

        It would be fine if she just couldn’t direct either one of her eyes at all. Then she’d be out of the public square completely, and she’d be nauseous all the time.

        Of course, the way she drinks, she’s probably nauseous all the time anyways…

    • Malatrope

      Perhaps He wants to play with her first, like a cat with furry food.

  • Kafiroon

    I’m exceedingly glad that I was not drinking anything when I saw Sam’s come back. Could have choked myself on it, trying to save the computer.

    • Pamela

      I bet they thank God no one is using them as pussies.
      Using them yet anyway. Ewww

      • RegT

        I haven’t decided whether McConnell is a pedo or plays catcher for the likes of Obama and his ilk. Maybe both? Ryan’s a definite pussie, if not physically, and McCain talks dirty talk about all of us “non-elite” citizens – I’m quite certain he’s talked to his Demo buddies across the aisle about how hard and how often he has screwed us.

    • Cliff H

      I have to say, Kaf, sometimes Chris just NAILS it and this is one of those times.

      Pneumatic nail-gun on full auto.

      • Pamela

        The Equalizer. Best scene ever taking out a mobster.

        • Kafiroon

          I need to watch that again. I think the “nail’ that was first shown in the office and the “nail gun” reminds me more of the ’22’ type power shot rather than air. Either way is all good. Mine is handy in the shop. “Just in case.”

        • Oh, I liked the ending of ‘The Punisher’, where Travolta is dragged through a parking lot full of burning cars, tied to the bumper of his own limo. Fitting end for a ruthless mobster.

  • LifeofTheMind

    At this point I would support having 100,000 Arizone Republicans gather outside of John McCain’s house and ask him to resign from the Senate so the governor could appoint a replacement that could win the election for the Republican Party. He has placed himself in a box where it does not serve his state party or himself to remain as he is. However it is unfair to call John McCain a pussy. That he is not. The reason that he did not spend some evenings talking trash and grabbing p*ssy at Tailhook was that he was otherwise occupied getting tortured by barbarians.

    • TomZ

      The scandal happened in 1991. There was time for McCain to attend.

      • nglitz

        The “scandal” happened in 1991. The Tailhook Association has been around since 1956 and is still thriving. It’s been a way for Navy pilots to share experiences and ways not to get killed. One of the annual meetings got out of hand. Google will tell you some of the various reports that were done.

  • JTC

    From that ye come, for that ye come, in that ye come, and that ye become.

    I’m good with that.

  • Calvin

    If people were honest and not afraid societal censor they would admit that many of us have talked the same way. That is not to say that any of it is true or close to being true. Many times it is the stuff of fantasy and nothing more. Machismo if you will in the locker room of who can come up with the best story. Not just limited to men or rich powerful men in the case of Trump. I recall my days in high school (memory music and a wavering vision)….it was 1977 and I was doing my thing in band. We were competing at the regionals and between performances I was catching up on my reading. I chose that day to sit in a corner near an empty stage were the view of me was blocked by the pulled curtain. My reading was interrupted by the arrival of the crème de la crème of the females at my school. They looked around, satisfied that they were alone, proceeded to go into detailed analysis of their boyfriends body parts and performances. Even the young girl Nancy who looked as pure as the wild driven snow was holding her on in this locker room talk session. Afterwards it was difficult to look them in the face (and their boyfriends as well) knowing what I knew.

    I did notice one photo from the debate where Hillary’s eyes just quite didn’t match up. Unfortunately, she was not called home at this time.

    • “Unfortunately, she was not called home at this time.”

      Um…wouldn’t you mean SENT home? }:)

      • Old Codger

        For Hilzabeast it’s not so much being “called home” as having the note coming due.

  • JTC

    You know what’s great? The talking heads immediately started saying after the debate how unfriendly and unbusinesslike it was in that the parties didn’t shake hands before the debate, and one said I don’t think they shook hands after, and the others says no they didn’t…they were ragging on DT.

    But they did shake hands after, and it was the Donald who extended his hand first. Businessman. Gentleman. Think they’ll correct their mistake? Right.

    • CB

      I did see him shake hands with her afterward. Then I heard Megyn Kelly and Juan Williams claim that he did not.

  • Tell me something: were any – ANY – of the real issues addressed, or was this just another bitch-slapping contest where no one had the sense to yell ‘What about Benghazi, Bitch’?

    • KenH

      Donnie did, in her face
      Just about every vile thing she did
      Plus, the little bit, about how she tried to be cute, about her investigation, and his response “You’d be in jail, if it was me…”
      The look of terror for a fleeting second was delicious
      If you think the screaming hyperventilating panic is bad now, wait till tomorrow. They will be unhinged. Their Master Plan, didn’t work
      So sorry

  • JTC

    Benghazi was covered by Trump, covered up by the bitch the same as all of the issues that DT raised and she avoided with “moderators” help.

    You might have been watching a rerun of the disastrous debate 1.0 because 2.0 was all business, all issues, and all Trump.

  • epilitimus

    The only thing this whole mess has accomplished is to demonstrate that the hypocrisy of modern “culture” knows no limits.

  • Blue Quasar

    Indeed the trash talkers are pussies.

    Unfortunately that won’t stop them from getting votes.

  • Bill G

    Donny Boy talked trash? WOW, THAT’S NEWS!
    Cankles has spent her married years covering up for a serial sexual predator? LOOK, SQUIRREL!
    Tangentially … I like to eat p***y, and I don’t want a c**k in any of my orifices. So why should I find it offensive if a woman has the same tastes as I do?

  • Grape

    Trash in, trash out.

    When you get some p***y, you are going to get the benefit of anything left behind by those who have been there before you…….and some of that sn!t is almost impossible to cure.

  • SteveH

    According to Drudge, a fly landed on HRC’s face.

    We should’ve sent in a drone to kill it.

    • Pamela

      How much Botox and other pharmaceuticals were given to her prior for her not to feel that fly crawling on her face?

      • Check out Westworld that just started on HBO. Episode 1 was about a week ago.

        Answers just about every robotic reference given here, and elsewhere, in the past. Especially the bit about the flies.

        • Pamela

          Grumps and Old Codger

          The only things I know about flies is they spread disease and need to be swatted. Think Hilly might be morphing into something along those lines with all the drugs she’s ingesting?

    • Old Codger

      Anybody seen “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”? If you understand all you need to about flies.

    • CB

      My wife said something to me about that fly and I blurted out ” Flys are attracted to shit so I’m not surprised at all.”

      • CB

        I meant to say “Flies” sorry about the mis-spelling!

  • TheOriginalMexicanBob

    When it comes to grabbing pussies, the Hidebeast is far more accomplished than most any man. She’s a lifelong carpet muncher…even Bill says so and he’s an addict for it. In fact…being a pussy aficionado is probably the only thing Hillary and I have in common.

    • So which is it? Is Shrills a carpetmunching carpetbagger? Or a carpetbagging carpetmuncher? Or is the answer YES!

  • Dread

    I finally figured out where they found a studio audience of undecided voters. After the debate did anyone see them getting back on the little yellow short bus? Undecided? REALLY?

  • WayneM

    It’s incredible how many Trump-haters used the bravado-filled tape as an excuse to virtue-signal about how they’ve never, ever said or heard anything so offensive in their entire lives. And if you ask them how they justify ignoring Slick Willie’s proclivities, they puff about how it’s the Hildabeast running for office, not Bill.

  • Muzzle Blast

    Trump … no flies on him.

  • It is so much fun reading this crews comments. Well done, y’all.

  • JIMV

    The ‘pussies’ are the republicans who are running away and hiding. It is a replay of when the GOP ran and hid when the dems attacked Bush under the ‘Bush Lied’ canard.

  • Are y’all forgetting that when the tapes were made
    trump was a demorat..

    • Pamela

      The plot thickens.

      Unlike that hideous kinky mess Bill made on that little blue dress.

  • JTC

    I got in three quickies as things were wrapping up last night and before Chris switched over; Trump scored big on scotus and ended comparing the bitch to the zombie/machine she is…HE IS LISTENING!

    “JTC October 9, 2016, 10:31 pm
    Right now Trump is being asked what he wants in a scotus justice.
    Hope he says one like we just lost.

    JTC October 9, 2016, 10:32 pm
    Yes! that’s exactly what he did! “In the mold of Scalia” And talking about the Constitution and 2A!

    JTC October 9, 2016, 10:46 pm
    You know what? That was pretty damn good. And you know why? I think DT and his campaign paid attention to what was being said right here and forums like this.

    And what does Trump respect about the bitch? She keeps on going, just like that eveready rabbit…a MACHINE! He read today’s toon!”

    That boy keeps dancing with his constituents what brung him this far and he just might have a chance. Proud of him.

    • Malatrope

      Hate to mention it, but he’s been saying that pretty much ever since Scalia died unexpectedly. At least, it was unexpected to us peons.

      But I’m sure his staff scans a lot of social media, including comments.

  • JTC

    On the subject of immigration last night, much was made about banning muslim immigration being a war on a religion and blaming them all for the jihad against infidels. So let’s forget all that for a moment and focus just on the monetary and mechanical aspects.

    There’s a great piece that I read but couldn’t figure out how to link it so I reprinted it to my old dead blog and linked that…worth a read.

    • NotYetInACamp

      See. He really looks OK, contrary to any other assertions various parties have made. 🙂

      • JTC

        Party of one; you know what they say about assertions.

        And looks are deceiving. :[

    • NotYetInACamp

      Good article. It is worth the read.

      Logical. Facts. People here can understand. Can the average Democrat understand.? I do not think that the average Democrat can break their Progressive brainwashing.

  • How accurate is the news in reporting people oozing away from Trump today? Is that mostly lamestream media’s wishful thinking?

    Look, the cow is not going to give an inch on anything. She thinks she’s teflon, impervious to everything, but she and that skank she’s married to forget one teensy-weensy thing: her health is questionable at best, and she has NO CONTROL over when the Giant Fickle Finger of Fate will yank her into oblivion by the back of her hair lacquer-plastered head.

    I do know someone who has sworn on her ass that she will not vote this time, period, all because of Trump’s trash talk from – what?- 12 years ago? She thinks HE’s a sexual predator, and even if you remind her about Monica under the desk giving Slick Willie a blowjob while he was on the phone with the Secretary of State, and Congress was TWO EFFING VOTES shy of getting him impeached, she still thinks Trump is worse than having the Clintons back in the White House.

    They are desperate now. I personally expect the bullying and vile trash crap to get worse right up to election days. Much worse… and I don’t care. These personal attacks have nothing to do with the real issues. They are a distraction, the kind a stage magician uses in a trick. I think the so-called polls are being warped the moment the surveys are taken.

    If I have to, I’ll vote for myself or my cat Bedeliah, or even my damned car, but no matter what I will vote.

    • Pamela


      Kick butt. Take names. Make them squeal like pigs to slaughter.
      Somewhere there are tapes with her doing things that for anyone else prison time would be already be in the process of being served.

    • NotYetInACamp

      So. Your friend supports women’s genitals being removed. Hillary’s chief aide’s mother is one of, if not the, leading advocates of removal of women’s genitals.
      It’s a Muslim thing. We wouldn’t understand. That person also was one of the founders of The Muslim Sisterhood.
      So your friend wants another at least million people in the USA demanding these practices continue and that Sharia Law be imposed on the kuffar USA.

      Women were there claiming that William Jefferson Clinton had raped them, and that Hillary had been in control of shutting them up.

      Trump accepts that No Means No.

      Bill Clinton has acted that No means that he rapes you. Bill liked to bite their lip to control them while he raped them.

      Her conscience.

      • Pamela

        That practice is sick, twisted and down right criminal.
        The only thing it tells me is the men of that belief system are incapable in pleasuring Women, and use that procedure to hide their short comings and incompetence.
        Besides, they are messing with God’s handiwork and will suffer for it.
        The Big Guy takes a really dim view and I see mass sterility and impotence being visited upon them.

        • Malatrope

          Well, they’ve already got mass inbreeding, and that’s not working out too well for them (yay).

    • Well, there is something else. My friend’s parents emigrated from the USSR when it collapsed in 1989. She was 7 years old. I did not ask her to ask her parents, who live near her, what the punishment was if they did not vote in the national elections. What was the punishment under Nikita Krushchev? Was it as bad as it was under Joseph Stalin?

      I may ask her in the near future, however.

      I want to open her eyes to what things COULD be like if she does not get that what her parents and she escaped from, when she was a very young child, may be what happens here.

      That alone is enough reason to go and vote.

    • JTC

      For anyone moving from Trump to Clinton due to Trump’s boorish behavior over a decade ago and without regard to the Clintons’ capital criminal behavior, “oozing away” is an apt metaphor, and good riddance.

      But for your friend or any who attempt at objective judgment and genuine concern for truth and justice, have them read the story at the link I left above, and then to follow it to its source and the writings and history of David Horowitz, found of the D.H. Freedom Centre.

      If anyone can read of the growth, education, and transition of a radical leftist with Communist parentage to one of the most outspoken advocates of conservatism and academic freedom in the world today without arriving at grave misgivings and doubts of everything the progressive/muslim (redundant) movement is and stands for, and most especially the willing agents of that movement in the guise of those like the Clintons, then they are either agents of that agenda themselves or so brainwashed that they are a lost cause.

      If you don’t think your friend fits that mold, then ask her, beg her, to take an hour to delve into some of the most unpleasant but irrefutable evidence of traitors to America and freedom that we have seen in our lifetime, and then decide if personal BS trash talk trumps it.

  • NotYetInACamp

    And an English view on a pussy.

    “Are You Being Served?: The Junior (#7.1)” (1979)
    Mrs. Betty Slocombe: I’ve got to get home: if my pussy isn’t attended to by eight o’clock, I shall be stroking it for the rest of the evening to calm it down!

  • NotYetInACamp

    With apologies to good humor. Somebody stop me.
    “Are You Being Served?: Take-Over (#5.5)” (1977)
    [In the canteen, everyone is reading the want ads, afraid that they’re all about to get fired and concerned that they can’t find suitable positions elsewhere]
    Miss Shirley Brahms: What we really want is one of them millionaires who’s looking for a young girl Friday.
    Mr. Dick Lucas: Yeah. Or in Mrs. Slocombe’s case, an old girl Saturday.
    Mrs. Betty Slocombe: [Annoyed] Of course, there is one vacancy that requires to be filled: between Mr. Lucas’s ears.
    Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries: Never mind, Mrs. Slocombe. You can always fall back on your hobby.
    Mrs. Betty Slocombe: Mr. Humphries, to what are you inferring?
    Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries: Well, you can open a pet shop.
    Mr. Dick Lucas: Yeah! You can have a flashing light outside, saying: “If your pussy’s in the mood / Have it clipped and then shampooed.”

    I feel better about all of this already. I’m out of my field. Leave it to the professionals. 🙂

  • NotYetInACamp

    God help me. I could not resist.

    “Are You Being Served?: Closed Circuit (#8.6)” (1981)
    Mrs. Slocombe: [on the phone] Hello, is that Mr. Akbar? Mrs Slocombe here, your next-door neighbour. I wonder, would you do me a little favour? Would you go to my front door, bend down, look through the letter-box, and if you can see my pussy, would you drop a sardine on the mat?

    • Oh, I do remember that episode, NYIAC. I nearly fell out of my chair, laughing over it.

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