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  • Vince

    The 1%manipulators come from all over. The results they have is always the same: The consolidation of the most powerful drug… raw power.

    RE Stalin, Mao, Hitler, et al.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Will Obama get USA into WW3 before the election.
      He is sure trying.
      They do not wish to release the power. And what better way to hide their crimes?

      • Kafiroon

        Syria. About as good excuse as Austria.

    • Russkies and Syrians pounding Aleppo have warned al-Qaida they should get outta town. What is the point of telling those who want to kill you to leave the target zone while you flatten the target?

      How long before we get dragged into that with no purpose other than to say ‘we were there, too’????

  • Interventor

    Jan recognizes her problem — the first step to wisdom.

  • Pamela

    Oh Jeez. I’ve flashed on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In.
    At least there was no ear blowing.

    Truth is a tough nut to swallow. Unless you’ve earned the money that makes you rich enough to be in the 1%, it’s not yours.

  • jackdeth72

    So….. Let’s gather up all of the moronic Trust Fund Babies and launch them towards the Sun!

    Or air drop them into Antarctica!

    • epilitimus

      Easier would be wall with one way turnstiles all the way around DC. That way they round themselves up and all we have to do is make sure all the phone lines only loopback to DC. They wouldn’t even notice as all they do is talk to one another anyway.

      Or since they are all about following rules we just put one way only signs at all the entrances, all pointing in.

      We could even put a large (say 10 sq. mi ) shredder in the middle of the city for anytime the whining gets too annoying.

      • markm

        They’re all about OTHERS following the rules, but they exempt themselves.

        • epilitimus

          true enough but the question is are they smart enough to realize that all the signs point the same direction πŸ™‚

        • B Woodman

          Laws for thee, but not for me.

    • Let them be the ones to “colonize” Mars. πŸ˜‰

      • JSStryker

        Doyou hate the martians that much? :0

        • Interventor

          Tars Tarakas will eliminate the problem.

        • Heinlein’s Old Ones, like Gekko, will just make them disappear.

    • Old Codger

      Are you certain that much garbage wouldn’t cause problems in the sun? And as for polluting the pristine Antarctic wilderness, how dare you! You trying to get penguins onto the endangered species list?

  • Polly Cy

    Jan may not be part of the personal wealth 1%, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a One Percenter. In her case, though, it’s that itty-bitty 1% of Progs who are willing to ask questions and then actually listen to the answers.

    PS – As a member of the coke-bottle lens brigade, I miss her little Ben Franklin glasses. Contacts or lasik?

    • Pamela

      Polly CY- as a fellow member of that brigade I’d like to know also.
      Glasses like bow ties are cool.
      Thank God for polycarbonate.
      I’m blind without and would have to feel my way.

      How many progs of any percentage could survive without another person’s $$$$ or abilities to get anything done?

      • Grunt GI

        Ummmm. Now visions of the naughty librarian who writes erotica on the side come to mind.

        I’ll be in my bunk


        • Pamela

          Did you take Vera with you…

      • NotYetInACamp

        – and would have to feel my way. –


        • Pamela

          Hmm interesting

          • Polly Cy

            Hmmm – and here all this time I’d been thinking it was my glasses that were to blame for seldom being asked out. I guess it was more likely that I lacked Jan’s other … assets. My parents tried me in contacts way back when they only came in the “hard” variety. They got tired of buying me new glasses when I’d get hit in the face with tennis balls and decided a change might be a good thing. (I was on the tennis team, and because my eyesight was so poor, I judged the speed and direction of an oncoming ball almost entirely on sound. I frequently judged wrong) But it turned out getting hit in the face wearing hard contacts was worse, so back to glasses I went.

          • Pamela


            I stuck with target practice.
            Which unnerved the guys and teachers.

  • B Woodman

    “Follow me.”
    Yes, ma’m, Sam. I’d follow that P’OT anywhere she wanted to lead me. Yum! And I’d be looking at and appreciating the engineering, the dynamics underneath that thin cotton dress. Imagination is wonderful.

    • GWB


      • eon

        Piece O’Tail. The apostrophe goes behind the “O”, actually.

        clear ether


        • PaulS

          A little Irish influence? πŸ™‚

          • B Woodman

            Only if I had some Bushmill or other fine sipping whisky (or is it whiskEy?).

  • That 1%, so few view reality as do we the plebes. But, is our anger the fact that we aren’t them?

    • eon

      No, it’s caused by their belief that we should aspire to be like them, even though we never can be.

      And that their “success” conclusively proves that they know what is best for everybody. So they should therefore be allowed to “manage” our lives for us “in the interest of the greater common good”. Which equals us shutting up and doing as we’re told by our “betters”.

      Any innocents who die as a result are written off as “necessary collateral damage”.

      They also have a tendency to eschew “tradition” in favor of exotic philosophies with pseudo-mystical justifications. As Heinlein said of gauging someone’s actual intelligence, one sure test of a member of the self-styled “enlightened elite'” is to ask them their opinion of astrology.

      They are attracted to mystical belief systems, the more “Eastern” the better, precisely because they are not part of the evolution of Western civilization, which they find inherently offensive even though they are the product of it.

      Eastern “mystical” belief systems are inherently autocratic ad indeterminate. All power rests with the few on top, who make decisions based on “feelings”. This is immensely attractive to egotists with few or no practical skills other than the manipulation of other people by virtue of the size of their stock portfolio.

      Contrary to pop psychology, it’s not about assuaging their “guilt” at being rich and powerful as the result of past oppression of “other” ethnic types.

      It’s their belief that Western civilization has progressed too far, with too many people having what should be the exclusive privileges of the elite’, like themselves. Including a voice in how things are done.

      No, they do not like democracy; they want feudalism back, with themselves as the nobility and everyone else as the serfs. Socialism is simply feudalism with a thin veneer of egalitarian rhetoric to conceal its innate savagery.

      As for their ecological obsessions, they want to return to the Garden of Eden but somehow still have all their toys. They just don’t want to share any of it with anyone else.

      I believe this is at the heart of their hatred of Donald Trump. They fawned over him, worshiped him, and emulated him as long as he shared their beliefs. Which he did, make no mistake about it.

      Then, being a rational sort, he looked at the results and realized that the world they wanted to create, and still want to create, is “unsustainable”. But not in their cherished “ecological” sense; in the sense that the society they wish to force us to become must inevitably destroy itself in an orgy of “righteous rectification”.

      Whether Islamists, “deep ecologists”, or “egalitarianists” (the latter very typical of progressives), the “terrible simplifiers” are loose upon the world again, and that never ends well.

      In more concrete terms, he sees the likes of The One and Hillary claiming the mantle of Lincoln, when they are really pursuing the goals of Jefferson Davis. Eternal slavery for those they define as “deplorable”, and eternal worship of those like themselves.

      I suspect he simply took Lincoln’s aphorism about “a house divided against itself” to heart.

      In doing so, he angered the “dividers”, the elite’, because he has in their minds betrayed them. Thus, their almost unreasoning hatred of him is as a former member of The Ruling Class who has now become a traitor to “his” class.

      So no, we’re not angry at the elite’ because we’re not like them. We just wish they’d tend to their own affairs and leave us to tend to ours.

      Unfortunately, they think that “tending to their own affairs” means them tending to ours in the way they demand that we live.

      That never ends well. For anyone. See the Peloponnesian War.

      clear ether


      • Kafiroon

        Good analysis. I cannot help but think of Hillary’s “deplorables” and then the French Revolution. Some day the peons revolt.

      • JTC

        Beautifully written, and quite accurate.

        Short version: “Reality Bites”, so “Do You Believe in Magic”?

        You probably ascribe way too much complicated thought process to all concerned…elites simply want all the power/money and do the peacock signal to get the masses behind them who only care about “where is my free shit?”. Trump is defined as Live and Learn, with a massive amount of ego and hubris mixed in to believe he can debunk the magic and share what he has learned.

        Then there’s us; the 47% who like Trump have seen quite enough of Oz and smoke and mirrors, and need someone like DT with (hopefully earnest) desire and ability to expose and kill it.

        And finally, the 6% I reference downthread who will ultimately decide the path and the future.

      • Pamela

        The self anointed “Salvation is found only through US” are all on the A Ark.
        They’re just not practical and are the type of people that would ignore the sign “Please Don’t Tease Buttercup”.
        Buttercup being the same breed and uncut as Senior Tabasco.

        • Swansonic

          And I am sure they did not bring a telephone sanitizer along….


    • Old Codger

      “That 1%, so few view reality as do we the plebes. “

      I suspect that is so because they do not INHABIT the exact same reality we do. None of them have ever been in the unemployment line. Or worried where their next meal/mortgage payment/Dr’s visit was going to come from. The 1%-ers consider the paltry sums we peed-ons earn mere pocket change or petty cash. No wonder they can believe so strongly in socialism. They are the ones who in the Soviet Union would have had dachas and driven fancy cars and shopped in exclusive stores chock full of western goods.

  • And it would appear Sam is about to sort her shit. Will it stick?

  • Dave

    Now that’s funny…


    I’m confused a bit.
    Does this mean the 1% in wealth (common usage)
    Or a 1% of manipulators?
    Or are you saying that the two groups are the same?

    • JSStryker


  • AlexJ

    OT – hope all who are in the path of Hurricane Matthew are safe & come through this deluge unscathed!

  • Grape

    I would gladly take 1% of either of those ladies – preferably cowgirl style. Saddle up!

  • Unca Walt

    A comment for alla youse on the Hurricane… Unca wuz standing outside at 2AM at the time my house was in the edge of the eyewall:

    Breezy, blustery… that is ALL. Din’ even knock a branch offa any of my pine trees. NOTHIN’.

    I mean: Not even as bad as a normal summer thunderstorm… except there wasn’t even any thunder.

    TINS, Pilgrims.

    The elephant labored mightily, and brought forth a mouse.


  • WayneM

    It’s a funny coincidence… or it is?

    The 1% thing nowadays comes out of the Occupy movements made loud noises about being the 99% of society in a somewhat successful attempt to build animosity against the rich. The lamestream media railed about how that 1% controls a disproportionate amount of resources and so forth.

    In a kind of bizarre coincidence, the assorted outlaw motorcycle gangs proudly refer to themselves as being the 1%ers… This reference is generally traced back to the 1947 riot at Hollister California when an American Motorcycle Association sanctioned 4th of July event went awry. Although the riot itself wasn’t that big of a deal, the trope of bikers taking over a town and running rampant was created. In response, the AMA issued a statement saying 99% of bikers were law-abiding citizens.

    The members of outlaw motorcycle gangs, those who choose to ignore social contract, government and the rule of law, wear a patch on their “colours” indicating they are 1%-ers.

    • Pamela

      Is that what the 1% means?
      That explains a few things. I worked with a man who had a 1% tattoo.
      I walked in one of the offices on him at 5:30 am changing clothes for a meeting. Great body art and I asked about the 1% as it appeared to be out of place. Closest time I ever came to what could be called mutual sexual harassment.

  • Big Al

    SE West Palm Beach unscathed! Appears worst is north. Thanks for Best Wishes and Prayers to all

  • JTC

    Son in Palm Beach Gardens just w. of I-95 never lost power, just some rain and a little bluster, as UncaWalt says less impact than the regular summer storms…anti-climactic in a very good way. And needless to say even less impact here in Sebring. Thanks be to God and for all of the prayers to Him.

    A little further north in Ft. Pierce where Mom and sister are, also not much damage but the whole region is without power, and of course this thing ain’t done as it skirts on up through Chris’ area, Daytona, and Jax where my nephew with new wife and baby are, so keep those prayers coming. And of course as I said before the Matt Bastard is planning a loop around to take another shot, hopefully and prayerfully with similar impotent results.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I saw a couple (man and woman -dam PC. ruined the language) evacuating from West Palm beach who had run into a ditch while stopping to ask directions about a mile from my house. I came back around and gave them a tow company number as my truck is not 4WD. I got a socialist government provide rest area map out of my truck and gave it to them, including the route they needed to take to get where they were. Water started coming into the floor of the car. Then a gentleman with a 4WD dually came and offered help. I provided them my tow chain at their risk, if only to get it out of the water and not necessarily up the side of the road. That worked. Then a neighbor I did not know stopped. A kid in his twenties in a raised 4WD Jeep with big off road tires. He hooked up to the front of the the dually. The tow chain and web were tightened and then there was an even greater slip sliding away and then up the side of the wet grass on the road to get back to drivable surface.
      I got to watch two guys do a good deed using my tow chain. It was a good day. I am sure the cats in their travel cages would and did appreciate the event. There was no real wind that broke through the oak tree cover and micro environment around the property. A non event as far as myself and some people in a trailer on my property were concerned. I hope that Chris can say close to that. Prayers for all effected by Matthew and Hillary, of which Hillary has the intentional evil in actions. Hillary also keeps coming back with intentions to harm.

      • JTC

        “…two guys do a good deed…”

        Three. And not just for the tow, but for the genuine offer of help and a trailer to me and to Chris and I imagine to anyone fortunate enough to make your acquaintance. Good man. Real man. Thank you.

      • Pamela

        There are men and then there is the Good Man.
        *looks at NYIAC over glasses*

        • JTC

          Oh shit boy, that blind liberry babe is COMIN’ for you!

          Hint to BLB as you “feel your way”…NYIAC is pudgy, semi-bald, has a ‘stache and stubbly goatee, and is hung like a horse*.

          Yeah I know, road to hell…’specially in this case. Pay no attention to the muffled male screams in the other room.

          *(gelding, but with “good intentions”. Yeah I know, road to hell and all that…’specially in this case. ).

          • Pamela


            I’m blind only without my glasses and see the quality of the inner person no matter what their outward appearance might be. I like and enjoy the company of people with varied life experiences.
            At least he isn’t in the class of a whale in the reproductive department.

          • JTC

            Oh, not blind? Guess that description of me ain’t gonna work then…

          • Pamela


            I’ve seen your picture from your blog.
            I promise to keep my hands to myself.
            Don’t want your Lady pissed at me.

          • JTC

            Vision is over-rated.

            That NYIAC dude has a full bushy head of NON GRAY hair!

            Bitter? A little.

            Good call on the little Georgia Girl though . Fear is a powerful demotivator. πŸ˜‰

  • JTC

    As to the 1% only applying to progs with self-made millions/billions, what that means in effect is that there is no 1%…they are the 0%, bit fat Zeroes, which seems mightily appropriate considering their current demigod.

    Even that other 1%, the bad-ass bikers? These days, posers mostly days. Accountants and esq’s play-acting on the weekends.

    The %’ers that matter are the 47% that Romney referenced (about the only thing he was right about), our 47%, and most importantly the other 6% who are going to determine the path forward to the New Republic of America, or backward to feudalism, class warfare, economic chaos, and ultimate destruction of TWAWKI.

  • Interventor

    Now, the Koch Bros. were shown to be another facet of Soros.

  • Solaratov

    No matter what they present as their ostensible affiliation….they are all connected to each in their own party. And we are not allowed admission.

    • Pamela

      Maybe it’s time we crash their party…into the abyss of no return with all their good intentions.

      β€œMost of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.”
      ― T.S. Eliot

      β€œWhen I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”
      ― Mahatma Gandhi

      Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.”
      ― Baltasar GraciΓ‘n, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

      β€œThe only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
      ― Edmund Burke

      β€œEvil isn’t the real threat to the world. Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against Stupid. That might actually make a difference.”
      ― Jim Butcher, Vignette

      • Ozymandias

        I love the Edmund Burke quote. It is all too true.

  • ‘Two or three weeks ago Leonid F. Illyiehev, the Soviet propaganda boss, made a rather plaintive speech to the young writers of Moscow. Please, he said, in effect, there are other subjects besides “the camps” to write about.’….

    ‘….Who are the other prisoners? One is a Soviet Navy captain. His misfortune was that a British admiral sent him a Christmas present. One man is a Baptist. His crime? Being a Baptist. A youngster took a pail of milk to some Ukrainian outlaws–and drew a 25-year sentence. In every labor gang of 20 to 30 men there are at least five or six “spies.” There is even one “genuine spy” in the camp, a Moldavian who actually worked for the Germans. One man was drummed out of the Red Army as the son of a kulak or rich peasant. Later, the officers who drummed him out were shot in the purge.’

    New York Times – Books January 22, 1963 – One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

    In their imaginations, they become the ruling elite. They forget that the ruling elite were the first to be purged. A grave containing the bodies of eight Russian Army officers was recently found and excavated. They were executed under Stalin, just for being who they were – the elites.

    And our own samples of that lot? They should tremble in their beds at night. Their own vanity and self-absorption blinds them. They can’t bear to look at themselves in the mirror, probably because they’ll see what they really are – corrupt to the core.

    Just remember, they are as mortal as ice cubes in the summer sun. Stalin and Pol Pot are both dead.

    • Pamela

      And the road to hell has always been paved with good intentions.
      Time to issue one way tickets?

    • Their blind vanity will do them in, all by itself.

  • JTC

    No update…hope CM is good, his area got nailed pretty good.

    Prob’ly just a power outage. Keep sending prayers up though.

  • NotYetInACamp

    There is now a new strip.

    One Day in the Life of Ivan Desinovich is an excellent book. I first read it in college.

    And now that JTC mentions it, my description is opposite πŸ™‚ of his, except in a few crucial areas such as awareness of the world and intelligence.
    Being good looking has been such a burden. (sigh) Truly it has. So has the ability to sometimes see what is going on. Charlatans DO NOT like someone wising up the marks.

  • Dienekes

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    ― Edmund Burke

    About 30 years ago a rather nasty “religious” cult with Clintonesque ways created a lot of misery for people in Wasco Co. Oregon. (Google “Rajneeshees” and “Antelope Oregon”)

    There is a monument on the Courthouse lawn in The Dalles, OR of an antelope and the Burke quotation on a plaque with it. A similar plaque is on the postoffice flagpole in the small town of Antelope. As a “player” in the affair I was asked for my suggestion of a suitable inscription and it was accepted.

    It seems as if we will have to gather the clans against evil again…

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